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Evan Bourne injured

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While Sydal is out they should have Paul London try to become Rey's new best pal in a really creepy, stalker-esque way. Then when Sydal comes back London flips on him.


Meh, I just want to see London do something. If they can push Kendrick and Sydal...

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Writer: Hey Vince, how bout we write Paul London into a storyline in lieu of Sydal being out?


McMahon: Who?


Writer: Sorry, I meant Evan Bourne.


McMahon: I know that dipshit, I'm talking about this Paul London fella. Is he the kid Patterson called to do the dark match job to D-Lo Brown?


Writer: Of course not. You know London. We had him teaming with Brian Kendrick for a couple years.


McMahon: Hmmmm, doesn't ring a bell.


Writer: Well, he shares many of the same attributes as Bourne.


McMahon: What the hell, I'm a man of the times, let's do it. Send the kid in.


Writer: C'mon in Paul (London enters McMahon's office)


McMahon: I've heard a lot of good things about you kiddo. Get ready for the push of your life, *McMahon cackle*


(London smiles joyously at this news)



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I kinda screwed up what I meant about injuries or suspensions, I didn't just mean new guys but I typed just new guys because Bourne was on my mind. But I really just meant in general.


Some examples I can't think of off the top of my head are:


Kennedy's injury during his money in the bank storyline


D.H Smith looked like he had something going for a second then he got suspended


Regal after KOTR


Undertaker after Mania 23


Jeff Hardy every time he gets close to maybe getting the title lol


RVD with the Ohio incident


and of course Evan Bourne


I'm sure there's many more examples out there over the past few years but I can't remember right now.



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Kennedy's had at least 3 or so times where he could have been pushed pretty hard, but he either gets injured or fails a wellness test. When he came back from his first injury, was when I had enough of him. When he debuted in late 05, I thought he was something cool and different, but when he came back from injury and had that horrible U.S. title push, I realized that he had no actual mic skills, and wasn't a good worker at all.

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Courtesy of PWI:



by Mike Johnson @ 11:33 AM on 11/11/2008


The word among wrestlers currently on the UK tour is that Evan Bourne won't be required to have surgery on his ankle and is hoping to be back in the ring as soon as doctors will clear him.



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