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Smartly Pretty

Let's get to know naiwf

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The sports folder is basically made up of three groups: New Yorkers, Bostonians, and transplants from New York and Boston. There are a few peripheral groups, but by and large the entire folder sounds a lot like two drunk guys yelling "Fack you!" at a bar. It occurred to me right after telling naiwf to fuck off (without using an exclamation mark by the way...I was pretty proud of that paragraph rhetorically) that I know more about down blankets than I know about naif (note: i do not know what a down blanket is).


So what do we know...


-He posts in the sports folder with a Yankees themed avatar. I don't know that he likes sports, just that he gives a shit.

-He's New York focused. Could be from the area, might not be. Might be a Met fan, but I'm not sure, never really has anything good to say about them.

-Unpronounceable username.


So let's get to know naiwf. Tell us the stories in your life.

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I pronounce it Na-waif.


Na-waif seems like a pretty okay guy. I generally judge people by whether or not I would bother clicking on a thread if I saw that they had posted in it, and I usually will with naiwf. In fact, I'd wager to say that he's one of the better Sports folder posters here.

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Uncanny. I thought I was the only one that would have pronounced it Na-waif. Hmm.


Isn't he the guy that worked on a cruise ship and was going to bang the big titted girl but didn't and his life has gone downhill ever since?

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Got acquainted with him when I was overseeing the all-time wrestling roster draft. Check out his talent pool and the locale:


12. naiwf

Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY

Sting (12)

Edge & Christian (25)

Chris Benoit (48)

Barry Windham (61)

Batista (84)

MNM (Mercury & Nitro) (97)

The APA (119)

Jeff Jarrett (132)

Antonio Inoki (155)

Giant Baba (168)

2 Cold Scorpio (188)

Psicosis (200)

Super Crazy (225)

The Sandman (239)

Danny Doring & Roadkill (261)

Kid Kash (275)

Lita (298)

Victoria (309)

Mr. Fuji and Professor Tanaka (332)

The Naturals (Stevens & Douglas) (344)

Ayako Hamada (369)

Doug Basham (383)

Fabi Apache (401)

Melina (416)

Damaja (433)

Chyna (442)

Essa Rios (471)

Cryme Tyme (484)

The Miz (506)

Woman (518)

Shannon Moore (537)

The Black Family (Cuervo, Scoria & Ozz) (551)

Los Barrio Boys (Alan, Billy Boy & Decniss) (584)

Sarah Stock (616)

Bart Gunn (638)

Lance Hoyt (647)

Vickie Guerrero (670)

The Black Family (Manson, Espiritu and Chessman) (685)

Lord Steven Regal (136)*


He drafted Chris Benoit and Woman. Which is why he is a terrific guy.

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Guest Vitamin X
I pronounce it nay-f. The w is silent.


Same here. Kind of sounds like "Narf!" like what Pinky from Pinky & The Brain always said, but instead it's "Nayf!".

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Guest Czech please!

Nay W.F.


He's a guy who has strong opinions about the New York Mets and the Democratic Party, as indicated by his posts. However, I've never seen him post about himself or any of his foibles or quirks to kind of take the piss out of himself, so instead of being an Endearingly Eccentric Asswipe like most people at TSM, he's just sort of anonymous and vaguely unpleasant. If I didn't have those threads about elementary school and stuff where I say things like "one time in 1st grade I ruined an entire video presentation because I was idly grabbing my crotch the whole time," nobody here would like me at all, and even then it doesn't make much of a difference.

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I don't know why he would look at it and then not tell us a little bit about himself, unless he's really shy or something. Should we give him some points of interest? Wife/girlfriend? Age? Interesting stories from childhood? Special skills? Occupation? Senior quote in high school?

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Since someone PM'ed me, I'll share the following.


I do hate Marvin's idiotic ramblings, the Yankees, the city of Philadelphia, LeBron James, the Republican Party, collagen bloated lips, and most Christians (even though I am one).


I'm an Economics major which is about as useful as being an Art History major right now in terms of short term career prospects. I don't talk about myself/ask people about themselves online because I don't really care to make friends I'll never talk to in person. I am unpleasant to people I don't respect because I've lived in NYC my entire life and that's just how everyone is in this area. I don't however speak with a Brooklyn accent because I'm not from Brooklyn, Italian, or a practicing member of the evergrowing douchebag subculture around here.


There ya go.

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