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Don't know anything about them beyond seeing them in the EWR game.


Bruce Pritchard


I hated Brother Love, and not the way you're meant to. The worst half of the Pritchard brothers.


Dave Lagana


Not impressed with his 'work'. Seems more focused on being a yes-man to Stephanie.


Brian Gewirtz


Super Dweeb.


Shane Helms


Helms is a great talent hidden beneath a silly gimmick that will at least ensure his continued employment due to merch sales. Career-wise, his best days are behind him because of that.


Shannon Moore


Moore is a great flyer, but he lacks the foundation to back it up into being a good all-round worker.


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Bryan Danielson/American Dragon

Danielson is a great wrestler, who has probably peaked as far as his career goes. He doesn't have the size and physique that could get him into WWE, nor can he talk the way they want their wrestlers to talk. If he did a Kidman and juiced himself up to pack on the mass then he might get a look in, but then he'd become Danielson-lite, because he'd have too much mass and it would drag him down. For whatever reason, New Japan seem to have given up on Danielson, even though he seemed to be getting a push of sorts last year. TNA have shown no real interest in him for a while, which in turn means WWE haven't, because there was an edict out to sign him if TNA were interested in him. Danielson has probably gone as far as he will go in terms of career, which is good news for those who like to watch Danielson work at his best, but not good news for his bank account.

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Bam Bam Bigelow


In his prime, Bigelow was really good worker who put in the effort. It’s a shame that Bigelow has turned into a complete asshole and become a total mark for himself.


Can you please expand on this? He seemed like he was a pretty down to Earth guy every time I've seen or read something about him. Thanks.


Not sure if you missed it when it was originally posted, but I was just curious when or how he turned into a complete asshole. Thanks.

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Bam Bam Bigelow


In his prime, Bigelow was really good worker who put in the effort. It’s a shame that Bigelow has turned into a complete asshole and become a total mark for himself.


Can you please expand on this? He seemed like he was a pretty down to Earth guy every time I've seen or read something about him. Thanks.


Not sure if you missed it when it was originally posted, but I was just curious when or how he turned into a complete asshole. Thanks.

There was a charity show back in 2002 for some kids, at the old ECW Arena I think, and one of the matches was Bigelow against Taiyo Kea of All Japan. The finish was meant to be Kea winning clean, but Bigelow refused. The show got held up while they were arguing about it, and Vampiro wound up stepping in and agreeing to do the job so they could get on with things.

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Ugh. It's as if some of these guys don't realize that they get paid regardless of the outcome. What did Bam Bam think would happen?


"Oh what's that, Bigelow did a job to Kea last month? Like hell he's being booked on this show."



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Amazing Red




Masahiro Chono


In his prime a great worker, Chono is still a great heel. Just a shame his booking doesn't seem to match his talent inside the ring.


Aja Kong


Ouch! Aja was my favorite wrestler in AJW. She would kick your ass and make you love it.


WWE Women's Division


They have a Women's Division?

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Hayabusa was a great flyer, but he lacked a lot in the way of psychology and matwork, so he needed to be in against great worker to have a truly great match. It could be done, though, as he and Jinsei Shinzaki had an excellent match against Toshiaki Kawada and Akira Taue in All Japan at the end of 1997.


Mr. Gannosuke


Not the best of workers, but a great heel.

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Samoa Joe


Joe is a great worker, who can really project the image of being a legitimate badass. He knows how to give his opponent enough so that people don't lose interest, but not so much that he doesn't lose his aura.


Mike Awesome


Awesome is a very limited worker, who has to be in with someone really special to be in anything good, with his best work being in weapon orientated brawls that allow his weaknesses to be hidden.


Arn Anderson


Arn was one of the great talkers of all time, and was a great tag team wrestler as well.


Andre The Giant


Andre was a great draw in his prime, but that is misleading in a way, because he only drew great because he never stayed in a territory for very long. Had he stayed around, and this proven when he became a WWF mainstay, his drawing power fell, because most of it was based on the novelty of seeing Andre for the first time.


Steve Williams


Williams was a really good, very hard worker in his prime, and was part of some legendary battles in All Japan. It's good to see he's still able to be part of the business after his battle with cancer.


Eddie Guerrero


Eddie has great charisma, and is one of the best all-round performers in WWE. It's a shame that he couldn't handle the pressures of being WWE Champion, because he really could have sparked off something special.


Chavo Guerrero Jr.


Chavo is a good worker, and can be part of some great matches with someone who can help him along. His current gimmick is death, but it isn't like he was going to get anywhere in WWE.


Ron Simmons


Ron was an ok worker, and was definitely the better half of APA.

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Kevin Nash smile.gif

I was hoping someone would ask this one...


Kevin Nash


Kevin Nash is human fucking scum, and is one of the lowest forms of life to ever infest the wrestling business. This talentless piece of fucking shit only got over thanks to leeching off of far more talented or charismatic people, and because of Vince McMahon’s fetish with trying to create the next Hulk Hogan. Nash was never any good in the ring, possessing six moves at most, though that was bumped up to seven if you include slicking back his hair, and eight if you include tearing his quad from walking. Nash was the lowest drawing WWF champion of all time, and with good reason, because he couldn’t draw flies, which is a surprise because he’s the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever seen not called Triple H. He couldn’t make it on his own talent, because Nash having to make it on his own talent would be like asking a quadriplegic drowning in the ocean to make it to safety by swimming. When in WCW, he managed to latch onto one of the biggest money drawing angles of all time and actually was part of something that drew, but let’s be honest here; just about any WWF personality put in that position and booked like supermen would have gotten over. Nash’s reign in WCW was lowlighted by his beyond inept booking reign, that saw this egotistical fucker book himself to be the first man to pin Goldberg which was a major part in WCW falling from its lofty perch, and was done purely to inflate his already huge ego, and eight days later he and Hulk Hogan figuratively jacked each other off in the ring to put the final nail in the coffin of a company that would take almost two years to finally die.


This nauseating pile of puke managed to smooth talk Vince McMahon into paying him $750,000 for two years which saw Nash wrestle maybe three matches in the first year, and he injured himself in two of them, though it was one of those injuries that gave us the highlight of Nash’s lousy career as he managed to tear a muscle simply by walking, which I will openly admit to laughing my ass off at.


Nash’s streak of being lousy fucking scum and a totally worthless human being even saw him rip off the fans at one of the Brian Pillman Memorial Shows, when he said he would pay $25,000 to the Brian Pillman fund if Missy Hyatt would take her top off. Missy would only go down to her bra because there were kids there, but Nash said he would make the $25,000 donation anyway. And then this piece of shit refused to pay up, making some bogus bullshit claim that he didn’t know if all the money was going to actually go the fund, and the fund never saw one cent of the donation that Nash said he would make.


Kevin Nash is a lousy human being, a terrible wrestler, he has no redeeming features whatsoever, and the day he dies is the day I hire a marching band to play at his graveside while I drink a six-pack of beer and spend the night pissing on his grave.


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Shawn Michaels


Shawn Michaels is the single most overrated wrestler of the modern era. Shawn Michaels is a great performer, though his ego prevents him from being called an all-time great, but as a wrestler Shawn was below average at best.


If we’re going to talk about Shawn, let’s do it one part at a time:


Mic Work: If Shawn is able, or decides, to be his real prick self, he has great delivery and can really get some great heat with the crowd. The problem is that Shawn is usually in the babyface position, and as such his interviews are not that good, and they certainly don’t have the impact that his heel interviews have. Another problem is that even if Shawn is the babyface, and it could be because Vince says he can or Shawn simply decides he wants to, Shawn has a tendency to be a bit of a smart ass, and in a way that shows up the heel, and not the right way. That isn’t what a babyface is meant to do, and nobody who does that, either because they don’t know better, or in Shawn’s case because they’re just being a prick, can be called an all-time great, or even a great, really.


Repertoire Shawn’s range of moves was decent, but decent was about it. That’s not really a knock on Shawn, because Shawn’s strengths were not his wide range of moves, but we’re being honest here. A vast repertoire isn’t necessarily a requirement to be an all-time great, though you need to be able to make up for a limited repertoire, and Shawn had the capability to do that.


Psychology: For the most part, Shawn’s psychology and timing is really good. He knows how to make a stiff look good, and he knows how to make the most of a limited opponent. However, Shawn’s ego can get the better of him a lot of the times, and he does stuff that is totally out of place and makes no sense other than a blatant attempt to steal the spotlight when the spotlight should be on something else, whether it is the match because it’s still building, or whatever. An example of this would be the WM XX main event, where Shawn did a moonsault off the top rope onto Benoit and Hunter only two or three minutes into the match. It was too big a move too soon, and it took too much attention away from the match as a whole, and put too much of it on Shawn. It was also a bad move to do because you’re meant to save the bigger moves and dives for later in the match and actually build to them, not just pull them out because you can and you feel like it.


Selling Shawn could sell his ass off when he felt like it, but he had a horrible tendency to stop selling when it came time to make his comeback. Shawn would sell great when he was getting the heat, and I won’t deny that, but when Shawn made his comeback, with few exceptions, he would be bouncing and prancing around the ring like he was perfectly fine, and no-sold everything that had been done to him up to that point. This wasn’t a babyface showing fire or fighting through the pain, like some have tried to claim; this was complete no-selling. He didn’t wince, limp, grab at an injured body part or do anything that would tell you he was in pain or had just taken a beating. Take a look at his recent PPV match with Chris Masters. When Shawn made his comeback, apart from a two-minute Masterlock spot, he stopped selling everything that Masters had done to him. Even in the post-match, Shawn was parading around and smiling, and he wasn’t even selling a wince or a grimace from the supposed beating he had just taken.


Another problem where Shawn’s ego came to the front was his Summerslam match with Hogan. Shawn took some of the most contrived, theatrical and over-the-top bumps, and he totally killed whatever suspense or drama was meant to be getting built. Shawn was so intent on sating his ego and letting everyone know, not that many needed to be told, that Shawn was carrying Hogan, that he took some stupid and completely nonsensical bumps. Witness Hogan ramming Shawn’s head into the turnbuckle, and Shawn hitting a rolling senton off of it. That was completely stupid, pathetic and so totally unnecessary, and was just another example of Shawn letting his infamously huge ego get in the way of business.



Overall: Is Shawn a great performer? Yes. Is Shawn a great wrestler? No. Not even close. Does he have talent? Yes. Is Shawn an all-time great? No.


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Wow.... these shoots should be a regular feature on the splash page, since teke doesn't do the shoot interviews anymore...


The Road Warriors


Barry Windham

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