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10/9: Cat On The Run

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8:30 p.m.


• Saturday night when Mrs. kkk came home from work at 11:15 p.m. Max got out and hasn’t returned. Little bastard. He’s shown up a few times on the porch looking for food but bolted when we opened the front door. I really don’t care if he comes back, but the better half is in hysterics. I just find it funny that the laziest cat I have ever seen decided to live outside (during the summer he was out on the porch for 10-15 minutes, came in and slept in front of an AC vent for several hours). Of course, Mrs. kkk has seen him twice since Saturday because we are putting out food for him in the hopes that we can snag this little fucker. Of course, like all welfare programs, this is attracting the other strays in the neighborhood, which is a bit of a surprise because I didn’t realize how many outside cats there were in this place. The house across from us has been abandoned for years, and I guess stray kitties have squatted there for year. Wonderful. I’ll say this, though. Our female Dessa hasn’t been this happy in YEARS.

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I've never had a pet run off/run away permanently or really for a long length of time. I did, however, once believe that a cat of ours had runaway. That's what my parents told me. I found out years later that the cat had in fact been struck by a car and killed. I guess it was better to spare me that. I would have been scarred for life....although watching such things as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and various other sick violent movies as a kid didn't mess me up so I suppose I could've handled it.

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When I was a kid my old man told me my grandma's dog was taken out to a farm to run around. Little did I realize he went to the vet to take a dirt nap. Shrug.


An update to my missing cat. We're getting a cage trap from Mrs. kkk's friend today to put out on the porch. Of course, when I came home said friend had a message on the answering machine asking to call her. Something tells me the cage plan will be put on hold.





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That sucks, I hope you get him back. Our cat WANTS to be an outdoor cat, but we don't let it, so inside he's just a sit at the back door and whiney cat. But better that than a lost/dead cat.

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