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10/10: Difficulty Getting The Artists Right

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6:30 p.m.


• So I was never a huge AMG fan, although "P-Funk" has got to be one of my all-time favorite tracks because it used polka music used in this brief selection (still trying to find it on YouTube, but click here for an audio sample). However, what makes this great isn't the song, but rather the video and the comments that followed. Someone got served.



-- nice shit rip the great easy e


-- nice video


-- i luv this song


-- this is amg!!!


-- Good song, but not EAZY-E, check your facts. This is AMG, check wikipedia fool.


-- this aint eazy-e punk! its AMG


-- Dude this is eight ball and AMG who did this track, not eazy e


-- this is not easy e it is AMG you dumb fuck.


-- We al do know that's not Eazy E Rappin, right? RIGHT?!?!?! It's AMG From Quiks crew......Might want to change the title.


-- You stupid? It's not Eazy E, It's AMG, why do you think it's eazy e?


-- thats dj quik


-- You do realize this isn't an Easy-E song right? It's AMG, that's why he mentions DJ Quik. AMG is the artist. I love Easy-E tho, but you put up a song that aint even Easy-E's...uhh...ya. -w-


-- good ass song classic


-- AMG does this song.


-- Nice but its AMG


-- This song is by AMG, not Eazy-E.


-- Great song from AMG - not Eazy E.


-- was Eazy e really a part of AMG?


-- hi there love this song!


-- dude it's not eazy-e song...is by AMG..


-- its amg retard


-- man! only 3 comments that didn`t mensioned that it`s not eazy rappin


-- thats amg wit dj quick u fucken [email protected]#!#!#[email protected]#!# haha and u made all pictures of eazy e hahaha mental bitchhhhhhhhhhhhh


-- i love and my bitch ass mom better have my money


-- AMG


-- What the hell, This is AMG not Eazy-E! It's from the album "Bitch Betta Have My Money"


-- AMG not Eazy E

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