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The frayed remains...

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Hawk 34



The frayed remains of a lost friendship


Last night, I was doing more of the usual (tsm’ing, watching AI and doing some school-work). I got a phone call around 9:30 from my old friend, Natalie. Let me explain this girl to you, she’s the ultimate attention needing, steal all the spotlight person. She’s incredibly beautiful as well, which only fuels her selfish and vain propensity.


We became friends, I believe my senior year. She was a junior, and we met through normal circumstances. I was a part of the speech team at school (pretty good at it as well). I had been asked to go to the monthly drama club meeting and infiltrate and recruit. I did a good job and that was how I met her. For 3 years, we were pretty good friends. Best friends, at times. Then she finally graduated high school and promptly moved away to Ohio University. It was over last summer; while we weren’t really talking to each other that I became very close friends with her former best friend (imagine the usual teen-age drama bullshit and that is your explanation for their hatred towards each other).


So, she finally finds out about my relationship with that girl and this greatly pisses her off. I argued that, “why do you care? You left the last 3 months and left me standing here in the doorway, crying” (in regards to my break-up, which I described in an early entry) and that the other girl was actually there for support and that I consider her not just my lover(not at this moment) but my best friend. So, Natalie decides to call me a traitor. Which was hilarious, to say the least when she actually celebrated that my girlfriend had cheated on me (she has always hated my gf’s because I would give them my attention and not her).


Anyways, we drifted away from each other. Reduced to aim convo once every three weeks and I was hardly missing her.


On Sunday morning she imed me and told me that she got drunk and her friend fucked her and now she thinks she’s pregnant.


Let me, point out the irony here. Through the course of our friendship, she constantly praised the importance of abstinence and often condemned me for having sexual relationships. So, for her to piss that away because she got drunk was fittingly perfect.


Anyways, I had other stuff to worry about (things I can’t even begin to explain to a bunch of relatively speaking, strangers). I told her “don’t panic, you probably aren’t pregnant”. So last night, she im’s me again bitching about how she thinks she’s pregnant and I go “There’s nothing I can do about it. You did it, that’s why you shouldn’t have sex if you aren’t mature enough to handle the potential consequences”.


She went off on a long rant about how I’m a jerk and how I’m selfish and stuff like this. I explained to her, what was going on with my life and how monumental it is (it involves a family member) and she straight out said “I don’t give a fuck about that. You have any idea how big this thing is here? Do you?”.


I responded “you are insane” and she goes on another rant about how she hates me and that I haven’t been there for her. Funny, I seem to recall her leaving right away without even a goodbye.


The point of this is…


Where the fuck did my friends go? I never had a huge group of friends but I had my own little circle and we were really close. 2 years removed from HS and I probably only keep in real good touch with one person. I keep in better touch with my ex’s, even the one who betrayed me then I do with my actual “friends”. I always heard from my parents that you won’t always be friends with them, but I figured it’d last at least through college. It’s just another depressing aspect of growing up, I suppose.


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That's why I don't plan on making "friends" in college. And yes, I can't wait for her to actully be preggers even if not now but sooner or later.


She is, in no way ready for that and way to stupid to think she can raise the kid. Don't get me wrong, she is smart and beautiful and could get any guy she wants but she lacks the emotional stability to handle a child.

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I engage or hang with, on a regular basis, about 2 friends from HS. I've got about 4-5 other friends from HS who I see maybe once or twice a year, if that. Everyone is different. I find a lot of people who drift away from friends, post HS. Didn't do the college thing, but my wife did and she didn't really find too many people she'd call actual friends. She found a lot of people who are of acquaintance status, but for actual friends, college didn't provide many.



None of this will probrably help you. As far as ex's, you handle them better than I. I don't do well dealing with the ex's.

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I have that all beat. I have ZERO friends left from high school. Though I don't mind, because they haven't changed while I have, so it's not the same dynamic anymore.


As for the chick, just let her be stupid. Her kid will punish her for the rest of her life as it is.

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