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  1. I'll criticize "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" all I want. It was decent at best and if I want to watch a movie like that then I'll put in post-"Pink Flamingos" John Waters.* At least Antonio Banderas was good in it. *-I'll never want to watch a movie like that.
  2. One of my latest short films, "They Came From Above the Sea," has been chosen as an official selection to screen at the St. Louis International Film Festival in November.
  3. Should make for a somewhat more interesting field of nominees. The more fan-favorite Dark Knight type movies have a much better chance of getting a nomination now.
  4. I disagree. This DOES have the potential to change who wins best picture, becuase it spreads the votes thinner. If the votes split enough, an upset win is entirely possible.
  5. Ravenbomb

    ECW/SmackDown! Spoilers - 7/10

    CM Punk mocking someone for drug use? Awesome!
  6. Some years, even recent years, there have been 5 or so movies that were nomination worthy that weren't nominated. Or there could be some filler nominees like The Reader was this year. The press conference did say that there could be a documentary or animated film that gets a Best Picture nomination, though.
  7. Ravenbomb

    The Nigger topic

    ...is that an ad for a blackface costume that doesn't include the blackface?
  8. Ravenbomb

    But you can't emphasize beef

    YEESS! They're even better when you're DEAD!
  9. Ravenbomb

    Who would you like to see in WWE

  10. Ravenbomb

    But you can't emphasize beef

    Full of country goodness and green peaness. Wait, that's terrible. I quit...
  11. I like it. And I like that Norm MacDonald was a guest so early into the run.
  12. Ravenbomb

    Dog rapes baby

    He grew up to be Michael Vick.
  13. Ravenbomb

    Kinds of matches you wish they'd bring back

    Put me on the list for Wargames and 2/3 Falls matches.
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  15. Ravenbomb


    Good on Sawyer for finally beating Jack down.
  16. Ravenbomb

    House Season 5

    Well...I certainly didn't expect THAT ending.
  17. Ravenbomb


    I liked the episode where the show should've ended with season 6.
  18. My latest movie won some awards! I just got back from the festival, it got Best Ensemble Cast, Best Comedy, and Audience Choice! *elation*
  19. Ravenbomb

    House Season 5

    Probably one of my favorite episodes. "Are you okay with this?" "I paid 50 bucks for this!"
  20. Ravenbomb

    Gay Wrestlers

    The Raven/Sandman shoot gave the impression that he was at least a little into the ladies.
  21. Ravenbomb

    American Idol Season 8

    This season has just been so boring. Even Quentin Tarantino couldn't get me to watch, and I was looking forward to that particular theme anyways. Oh well, I guess I'll give it a shot next season, cause at this point only Lambert completely flaming out and going on stage in full drag singing Scissor Sisters songs could get me to watch. Or Normund Gentle.
  22. I can only assume that the people making the show have the Adult Swim peoples' mothers held hostage at harpoon point or have WMDs ready to go off the second their show is cancelled, because that is the worst thing ever put on TV.
  23. Ravenbomb

    Red Dwarf Returns!

    Neat. I kind of fell out of the series so I've only seen the first couple of seasons/series, though I did watch a few later ones on Netflix and really liked the Ourobouros episode.
  24. Ravenbomb

    NOES re-make casting updates