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  1. iamsherm

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    I was only half paying attention, but the William Regal testimonial seemed a bit ... off. I think I've read in the past that he lives in Atlanta as well.
  2. iamsherm

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    I'd imagine the news organizations are triple-checking their sources given the company's track record.
  3. iamsherm

    OAO Monday Night Raw Thread- June 11, 2007

    I loved how Brisco was holding coffee. Reminded me of the skits where he and Patterson offered to grab him a cup.
  4. iamsherm

    Mr. Kennedy.....injured

    How does that work? My presumption is that Czech intended it to imply in spite of a lack of talent ... but I might be wrong. That's what I presumed as well, but how would he know if he's talented (or not) if he hasn't seen him?
  5. iamsherm

    Mr. Kennedy.....injured

    How does that work?
  6. iamsherm

    The OAO Raw Thread - Dec/5th/05

    I've never really been a fan of the Elimination Chamber, but he really shouldn't use the reaction tonight as a indicator of what the buyrates will be like for New Year's Revolution. Bischoff made it clear that the Elimination Chamber was his baby and thus the crowd was torn on how they should react.
  7. iamsherm

    72 band names

    Maybe the gold dude represents Outkast?
  8. iamsherm

    72 band names

    I thought it might be the Spice Girls?
  9. iamsherm

    Eddy Guerrero passes away

    You know, in situations like these, WWE.com should really remove the "headlines" on the other side of the "Eddie Guerrero: 1967-2005" graphic. Candice Michelle's Playboy spread and some arbitrary top 25 list seem pretty irrelevant at this point.
  10. iamsherm

    Smackdown! Spoilers

    I agree. However, to say one is more grating than the other simply because people are showing their affection is asinine.
  11. iamsherm

    Smackdown! Spoilers

    Yes. God forbid people enjoy what they're watching.
  12. iamsherm

    HUGE Maven news

    I'm pretty sure Steve Harwell is the frontman of Smashmouth. No idea who Andrea Lowell is.
  13. iamsherm

    The OAO Raw Thread for 8/29/05

    Was there ever any resolution in that Big Show-Masters feud? Or did they just concede that Masters defeating Show with the Masterlock was too far-fetched?
  14. iamsherm

    The OAO Raw Thread for 8/29/05

    I think they've been doing that for the past 4 or 5 years now.