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  1. I'm only going to be concerned if I hear about Miley Cyrus getting green slimed during an episode of Hannah Montana.
  2. River City Rocker

    "Macho Man" Randy Savage DVD talk

    There's some decent matches picked for the Savage DVD. My only complaint is not including the cage match with Savage and Adrian Adonis versus Tito Santana and Bruno Sammartino. The last time I saw it was on a really old Coliseum Video tape of nothing but cage matches, and it was really, really good. Maybe they're sitting on that one for a second steel cage match DVD, or less likely, a Santana collection.
  3. River City Rocker

    Verne Gagne suspected in death investigation

    "...therefore, other than my comments, there will be no mention of Mr. Gagne tonight..."
  4. River City Rocker

    New house on the market

    "There'll be no mention of Mr. Benoit tonight. Can we give you some more time to think about buying this one?"
  5. River City Rocker

    Scott Walker Thread

    The Drift was a blind buy for me. It's a killer record, and scary as hell, too. It's hard to believe Scott Walker went from "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" to what he's doing today.
  6. River City Rocker

    Let's Talk About...No Holds Barred

    I will never forget the two sentence review that No Holds Barred got in my (at the time) local newspaper after its opening weekend:
  7. River City Rocker

    Guys on the way out

    Remember Ron Garvin leaving Crockett Promotions not too long after his heel turn in 1988? Didn't they run an angle where Dusty Rhodes claimed that he found and beat the hell out of Garvin in a bar to explain Garvin suddenly leaving the NWA before they could book the blow off match between him and Dusty?
  8. River City Rocker

    The Sonics' Pending Move

    I'm against the move, mostly because I never considered Oklahoma City a first choice for an expansion team, or a relocated one. Aren't there a few other cities out west that sound like a more attractive market for a new or established team? Las Vegas? San Diego? Hell, either Kansas City or St. Louis? Keep the Sonics in Seattle.
  9. River City Rocker

    Cosby to release a best seller?

    I don't think this project will sell anywhere near as well as his run of several platinum selling comedy records from the 1960s, if that's what Cosby was secretly hoping for. It's kind of like the jazz records he's released where he didn't play a note on them, but he still took full credit for everything.
  10. River City Rocker

    Whats the first pay per view you saw live?

    The first PPV I ordered was WCW's Bash at the Beach in 1996. Yes, the whole "Who's the third man?" mystery finally got me to order a show instead of just waiting to find out on Monday evening. The only PPV I attended was ECW's Anarchy Rulz in 1999. I only lived about 30 minutes from Villa Park at the time, and I had always wanted to see ECW live, so it was a can't miss event.
  11. River City Rocker

    I haven't thought about this since 1996.

    Ah, I remember that. I first saw it in the third grade in 1985, so it goes back even further than what some of you have talked about. If I remember correctly, it didn't really mean anything, aside from that it looked cool to most kids, and it was relatively simple to draw on your notebooks.
  12. River City Rocker

    Oldschool's Music Thread!

    That's also a really lousy Santana compilation, to boot.
  13. River City Rocker

    The OAO Mystery Science Theater 3000 Thread

    *bump!* I ordered the standalone disc of The Giant Gila Monster from Rhino on February 12th, because I decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to buy Volume 10.2 just for one replacement disc. So far, all I've gotten are two emails telling me the same thing: the DVD has "not yet arrived", but I've seen several copies of Volume 10.2 on the shelves at Best Buy or Barnes & Noble. I'm starting to wonder if it really would've been easier to just buy that collection again just for one movie. I remember Rhino being pretty slow to respond to fan requests to replace The Killer Shrews from an earlier set after it became known that the original release was sent out with about 90 seconds of footage accidentally deleted from the show. With that said, I wonder how Shout Factory would handle any situations like that, once they start releasing MST3K product...
  14. I get it, but it could be argued that WWE jumped that shark a long, long, LONG time ago.