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  1. Frankie Williams

    Another big endeavor

    Umaga. Stay tuned.
  2. Frankie Williams

    WWE Releases Mr. Kennedy

    It was only a matter of time............time.
  3. Frankie Williams

    Who gave the Best/Worst promo

    Ton Zenk was hideous.
  4. Frankie Williams

    WWE 24/7 Classics OnDemand General Discussion

    Anyone else only get 3 matches for Cyber Sunday?
  5. Frankie Williams

    24/7 Shorties

    A guy named Tyler Mane. He never worked for Vince. He was in WCW in 1989 as Woman's bodyguard for a short time, then disappeared to Puerto Rico and Japan before coming back in 1993 as Big Sky. His second run was just as short as the first one and he retired from wrestling in 1996 to pursue acting. His highest-profile role was Sabretooth in 2000's X-Men, a role that was originally meant for Kevin Nash but he couldn't take because of WCW conflicts. He pretty much sucked as a wrestler. He plays Michael Meyers in the Rob Zombie Halloween movies.
  6. Frankie Williams

    Tazz has left WWE?

    Thats weird timing. Whos gonna call Mania with JR?
  7. Frankie Williams

    Possible Big Roster trade

    What am I missing here?
  8. Frankie Williams

    Christian's Re-debut in WWE has occurred!

    Im sorry but is VInce out of his mind? ECW??? Did you hear the "reaction" from Grisham and Stryker?
  9. Frankie Williams

    Radio WWF

    Back in 1993 Vince tinkered with have a couple ppv's broadcasted on "radio". The only ones I can recall were Summer Slam and the Survivor Series. Anyone ever listen to them, if so, where and how was it?
  10. Frankie Williams

    Who is your wrestling hero and have you ever met him?

    This is so funny because back in 2001 I was sitting in the passenger seat of my then girlfriends car driving to Brooklyn on the belt parkway. All of a sudden this beat up BMW pulls up next to us in the center lane, and Mick Foley is driving. I happen to have Foley is Good with me so I roll down the window and get his attention. He then rolls down HIS window and asks me to enjoy the book and gave me his thumbs up.
  11. Frankie Williams

    MSG 1/23/84

    Yeah, it was always fun going to one of those shows and having a Tony Garea match end the night.
  12. Frankie Williams

    MSG 1/23/84

    I love that quote. I remember Monsoon saying that during a Bret Hart/SD Jones match at the Garden in 1986. The show was quite enjoyable and you could tell that it was a special night. Its a shame that the Garden has become just another arena. I read Scott Keiths write up of the show before I watched it and was curious as to why the Hogan match wasnt the last match of the night, then I kinda figured that it was so they could have whatever celebratory interviews they had and to announce the Hogan/Orndorff match for the next month before the show was over.
  13. Frankie Williams

    World Champions biggest attendance drawn...

    Thats the biggest laugh I got all day. The Garden holds about 25000. I was at that show it was no where NEAR sold out.
  14. Frankie Williams

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    Looks like Al Madril Thats Joe LeDuc
  15. Frankie Williams

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    Thats actually Mike Awesome, not the Undertaker.