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  1. clean rob

    OAO Vengeance PPV Thread

    WWE Title: John Cena © vs. Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton vs. King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley Do Or Die for the World Heavyweight Title: Edge © vs. Batista ECW World Title Match: Chris Benoit vs. CM Punk Intercontinental Title Match: Santino Marella © vs. Umaga US Title Match: MVP © vs. Ric Flair World Tag Team Championship: Cade and Murdoch © vs. The Hardy Boyz Cruiserweight Championship Match: Chavo Guerrero © vs. Jimmy Wang Yang Womens Title: Melina © vs. Candice Michelle
  2. clean rob

    Aries the center of a media controversy

    Sorry if absolutely everyone and their mother knows this, but what is a spinal tap? I've never heard that term used in wrestling discussions before.
  3. clean rob

    King of the Ring 2006

    Meh, a 16 man tourny would have been so much better. Still, the obvious result is for either Lashley or Finlay to take the win. Probably Lashley. Angle d. Orton .......................... > Angle d. Booker Booker d. Hardy ...................................................... > Finlay/Lashley d. Angle Finlay d. Benoit .......................... > Finlay/Lashley Lashley d. Henry Having one of those two defeat Angle gives them a big rub in what should be a decent match. I can't believe some people are saying that Angle/Benoit in the final is likely - neither of them would gain anything from a KOTR win.
  4. clean rob

    Smackdown Spoilers

    What with MNM vs. Kendrick/London, Burchill vs. Regal, Orton vs. Mysterio, and JBL vs. Benoit, I will definitely not be missing this Smackdown - sounds like it could be their best effort in ages. I'm also pleased that KOTR is coming back - but does this mean that it will be a SD brand-specific PPV? Because IMO Smackdown is already doing a pretty good job with its midcard - it's Raw that's failing to elevate people. Still, at least this year there is actually quite a few credible contenders for the KOTR title.
  5. clean rob

    The biggest name to hit ROH yet.

    No need to bother - Kobashi lost the belt to Riko early in '05 (March I think) and the Joe match wasn't till October.
  6. clean rob

    Royal Rumble Game 2006

    Five point questions: 1) The winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble will be: Rey Mysterio. He's the only credible face really. 2) Who will be the "Ironman" of the 2006 Royal Rumble? Orton, going nearly all the way only to be pipped at the post by Rey. 3) Who will last the shortest amount of time in the ring? Sylvan. Patterson isn't booking the Rumble anymore, right? 4) Who will get the most eliminations? (If there is a tie, you get your points) Lashley, including at least one big name. 5) Who will be the last man eliminated? Orton. 6) Will the winner be from Smackdown or Raw? SD. Three point questions...pick the man who will be in the Royal Rumble the LATEST (not who lasts the longest) out of the two choices below: 7) Viscera or Orlando Jordan 8) JBL or Shawn Michaels 9) Matt Hardy or Shelton Benjamin 10) Bobby Lashley or Kane 11) Chris Benoit or HHH 12) Chavo Guerrero or Rey Mysterio 13) Rob Van Dam or The Boogeyman 14) Randy Orton or Booker T 15) Chris Masters or Carlito 16) Johnny Nitro or Joey Mercury One point questions: 17) Who will draw #'s 1-4? (One point for each correct person) HBK, Benoit, Orton, Booker T 18) Who will be the last four men in the ring? (One point for each correct person) Rey, Orton, HHH, Kane. 19) Who will be the last RAW superstar eliminated? HHH. 20) Who will be the last Smackdown superstar eliminated? Orton. 21) Who will draw #'s 27-30 (One point for each correct person) Kane, HHH, Viscera, Flair. 22) True or False: We will see a Boogeyman/Undertaker showdown False. 23) True or False: We will see a surprise return sometime during the Rumble False. 24) True or False: Somebody in the Rumble match will blade False. 25) True or False: Vince McMahon will interfere in the Rumble True. TIEBREAKER QUESTION: Give the exact time this year's Rumble match will last: 58:41
  7. clean rob

    Armageddon Predictions

    Match predictions: Orton vs. Taker (HIAC) Orton must win. He's also really going to need to work his socks off in this match in order to give him some impetus going into the WM run. Batista/Rey vs. Kane/Show Batista/Rey to win, otherwise the top of the card has too many heels going over. Plus Batista needs some revenge. MNM vs. Mexicools Now that it's non-title, I see MNM winning. Mexicools vs. Batista/Rey would be kind of odd. Booker vs. Benoit Benoit, obviously. Lashley vs. Burchill/Regal Lashley, also obviously. JBL vs. Hardy Hardy needs to quit and go to TNA/ROH now his schtick with Edge is finished. JBL wins. Kash vs. Juvi Kash seems to be getting a mild push...but I still think Juvi will retain. The quality of the HIAC will really make or break this show, cause everything else looks likely to be decent but nothing more.
  8. clean rob

    Why X division is not good at all...

    Not necessarily. You can still tell a story while doing a lot of different moves. Depending on the crowd and the backstory to the match, maybe you shouln't use too many different moves, or alternatively maybe you should. The art lies in gauging how best to suck the audience into the story you're trying to tell. ...or a powerbomb, or a chokeslam, or a pedigree, or a diamond cutter, or a hundred other moves in pro wrestling that are clearly choreographed to anyone with a sense of reality. If you're going to take umbridge at one implausible move in wrestling, then you might as well go for the whole lot. You quite clearly can, as I've seen it happen many a time. You just shouldn't, as it's no-selling, something that is just as widespread (if not more so) outside of the X-division than within it. The concept being what, exactly?
  9. clean rob

    Big news for British TNA fans

    Fucking sweet. I heart TWC.
  10. clean rob

    TNA Year end Awards.

    Finisher of the Year: Canadian Destroyer Knockout of the Year: Gail Kim X Division Star of the Year: Samoa Joe Tag Team of the Year: Naturals Who To Watch in 2006: Christian Cage Memorable Moment of the Year: Hardy's crazy swanton Match of the Year: Styles/Daniels/Joe (Unbreakable) Feud Of The Year: Abyss/Sabu Mr. TNA MVP 2005: AJ Styles
  11. clean rob

    Why X division is not good at all...

    As far as I'm aware, a 'smart mark' means someone who enjoys wrestling (a mark) but has at least a basic grasp of how the business side of pro wrestling works e.g. that the matches are predetermined, certain wrestlers are booked in specific ways to make them look good etc. etc. That's it. It's got nothing to do with what company or style you prefer. I still enjoy WWE and watch it nearly every week - more than TNA. But that's got nothing to do with it. Although I'm quite sure many people on the internet do bash the WWE just because it's the big corporate commercial machine etc., that in itself does not make them 'smart marks'. There's nothing 'new wave' about crappy storytelling and crappy psychology. There have been matches like that as far back as I can remember (which is only as far as the mid 80s, but still...you see my point.) One of the fakest moves in pro wrestling... Yes, it is the number one fakest move in pro wrestling - in joint first with the irish whip, the sunset flip, the vertical suplex, the 'up and over', the hurracanrana, the moonsault, the press slam, yadda yadda yadda. Like I said, you have to suspend your disbelief for an awful lot of moves considered 'realistic' within the confines of a pro wrestling match - they work because wrestling has it's own set of 'reality rules' - that's why stuff tlike the CD works within a match. Defenitly not... Care to expand on that? I remember watching Hogan matches as a child where he would fight some big, mean looking guy who would end up getting pinned after being punched a few times, kicked once and legdropped once. Even when i was very young this seemed kind of pathetic - most guys in films I had seen needed to be beaten up a lot more than that before they lost. IMO, it makes wrestlers look tougher when they take more moves before getting beaten. That way the wrestlers are put over as being difficult to pin rather than the moves themselves being able to beat anybody. a) I never watched WCW, but I'm sure very few people ever claimed Kidman was more than a decent-good worker. b) I still remember Billy Kidman. So do you actually!
  12. clean rob

    Why X division is not good at all...

    Indeed, it's virtually word for word what Raven says. You haven't come up with much yourself, have you? Anyway, let's go through your post... You should try DVDR. And a grammar refresher course. If you aren't a self-proclaimed smart mark, who on this board is? This is all true. However, for you to pinpoint the X division as the only place where guys don't know how to work this formula correctly is ludicrous. Like Hogan, Rock et al? IMO, the business looks more fake when a guy starts no-selling punches or not pinning a guy when your spinebuster puts them out for 20+ seconds than when say, Petey Williams does a Canadian Destroyer. Pro wrestling has its own set of rules within its self-contained reality, where irish whips work and going to the top rope to do a move isn't really really stupid. What makes the business look fake is when these rules get broken, not when a lot of moves are performed during a match. Would you say WM3 made Steamboat and Savage look fake and inefficient because they did more than five moves each? As for the whole 'looking weak' argument, that's swings and roundabouts. Doesn't it make the guys look weak when they get pinned after taking just a few moves? [ They're both important. The moves are there to build the emotions around and to get a crowd response, hence why heels tend to use slow methodical moves (crowd: boo!) and faces tend to use quick, exciting flashy moves (crowd: yay! that guy is good!). To use a rough analogy, an actor needs to emote to elicit a response from an audience, and it is this that will really allow them to connect, but their words and actions are important too, otherwise they're just standing there emoting. None at all? This type of hyperbole won't win you any arguments after the age of 5. Are some of those elements lacking in many X Division matches? Certainly - and in plenty of other matches too. However, I have yet to see a single X-Dic match with none of those elements at all. There already are guys doing better and more spectacular moves. And even you still remember Styles, Joe et al. No, I don't think you are. I'm not so sure.
  13. clean rob

    The RAW thread 12/12/05

    Could it be more obvious who's going to win? I could see Flair/Angle (and just possibly Show/HBK) potentially going either way, but yeah apart from that those all seem to be a foregone conclusion.
  14. clean rob

    WWE Year End/Best Stuff 2005

    Wrestler of the Year Shawn Michaels. He's put on good-great matches throughout the year, mostly carrying them. Did virtually all the work both in the ring and promo-wise during his program with Hogan. Probably the best pure babyface in WWE at the moment. Honorable mentions: Angle, Eddie, Rey. Feud of the Year HHH/Batista, for the first half of the feud alone. Match of the Year Angle/Michaels @ WM21 Honorable mention: Edge/Hardy @ Unforgiven Best Brawler When he incorporates it into his matches, Angle. Best High Flier Shelton, only him and Rey have done any notable high flying this year really. Benjamin gets the nod for his beautiful somersault dive. Best Tag Team MNM Most Underrated Orton. He's a pretty good worker right now IMO, and still half the net is calling him utter shit. Most Overrated Lashley at the moment. Best Promos Christian. The fact that he's won over so many with so few promos and not a great deal of good matches speaks volumes about how good some those promos earlier this year were. His delivery and facial expressions have been priceless all year. Best PPV WM21. Worst PPV Outside of Hardy/Edge, Unforgiven was totally forgettable.
  15. clean rob

    OAO Taboo Tuesday Voting Thread

    I actually like the concept behind Taboo Tuesday with the voting and all, but I'm really disappointed in how shoddily the gimmick is being used. Out of all those voting choices, 4 have utterly predictable outcomes (WWE title, tag titles, street fight, cage) and 2 are pretty unimportant in the sense that the match will be barely affected by the outcome, if at all (divas/foley). The only result I'm interested in seeing is the edge/masters vs. SD choice as there's quite a few reasonable options there. If this is how TT is going to be every year, I think I'd rather never see it again and we just get the extra build for SurSer, which is a shame as I think the PPV concept had some legs.