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  1. Positively Kanyon

    Street Fighter IV announced...

    I agree 100%, the 360 pad is absolute fucking shit... I need to get my hands on one of those Mad Catz pads up on Play Asia that haven't been released yet. But other than that, I am loving the game and it looks brilliant playing it on a 40" Sony Bravia. The arcade machine I had been playing on made it look a bit fuzzy (It was a 37" Samsung) but playing it at home it looks crisp and sharp. I not ashamed to admit that I love the intro song... IN-DES-STUCT-ABLE!
  2. Positively Kanyon

    Mel Gibson Unenthusiatic About Lethal Weapon 5

    No way you're dissing Joss Ackland's awesome South African accent... And clearly, the best line/scene in Lethal Weapon 2 is Danny Glover & Joe Pesci going into the Consulate, using the diversion of 'My friend wants to emigrate to South Africa' schtick!
  3. Positively Kanyon

    Battlestar Galactica

    I think Leoben looking shit scared and running away from Starbuck was probably my freakout moment of the episode. This guy has been going on about prophecies and destinies for who knows how long, and when he saw the (supposed) dead body of Starbuck, he's probably thought to himself 'Oh shit, everything I thought I knew/believed has just flown out the window!" and just bolted. Ellen as the fifth? Meh, not feeling it. Bit of a letdown in my opinion. If she is the fifth, I'm glad it's out of the way early and they can concentrate on actually explaining this mess of events that's going on. Earth was populated by Cylons, nice little twist. Best show on television.
  4. Positively Kanyon

    Street Fighter IV announced...

    We've got a test machine here in Brisbane, Australia (don't ask me why) and I've been going to play it on my lunch breaks from work (It's in an arcade in the city, very convenient) and needless to say this game kicks so much ass. The art style/graphics are just simply beautiful... And the gameplay is top notch, can't wait to play this at home, with an arcade stick that's for sure.
  5. Positively Kanyon

    Facebook or MySpace?

    Definitely Facebook... For someone like me that has OCD it's neatness (I keep it application free) is an absolute godsend! MySpace shits me off to no end. There's no standardisation and everything is just all over the place. And the constant spam just pisses me off to no end! In saying that... I have just actually de-activated my Facebook account. It's too addictive! Going to take a break from it for a while.
  6. Positively Kanyon

    Battlestar Galactica

    I was thinking the exact same thing as well, brilliant opening and I'm saying to myself "There goes the budget!" Really good episode... Favourite parts were definitely the opening battle and surprisingly, Baltar's "enlightenment" when the guy had him by the throat. Really good character moment. My hatred for Laura Roslin continues though... Is she really just an idiot? Season 4 FTW!
  7. Positively Kanyon

    South Park: Season 12

    Butters is a god!
  8. Positively Kanyon

    The Best Sports Movie of All Time

    No love for Youngblood?
  9. Positively Kanyon


    Anyone heard this yet? It's the 25th anniversary of the release of Michael Jackson's Thriller, with new material remixed by will.i.am and other artists. Some pretty good remixes of the classic MJ songs... Definitely like 'The Girl Is Mine 2008' and glad it's being released as a single. I'd say I prefer it over the original. Fergie has completely fucked up Beat It though... Who's bright idea was that?
  10. Positively Kanyon


    It's a shame there's rumours that this show is going to be cancelled after episode 13... It's very rare something to see something this fresh on television. I think the unfair comparisons to Quantum Leap didn't help. Will definately get this one on DVD.
  11. Positively Kanyon


    He jobbed twice to Van Damme... Once in Bloodsport and again in Double Impact. Van Damme was the fucking man back in the day. I would have love to have seen a REAL sequel to Bloodsport.
  12. Positively Kanyon


    FUCK YEAH! I fucking love that movie... The nut punch is the greatest move I have ever seen.
  13. Positively Kanyon


    Flight Of The Navigator... Brilliant movie.
  14. Positively Kanyon

    South Park: Season 11

    Butters absolutely cracked me up in this episode!
  15. Positively Kanyon


    That phonecall was pretty cool... Interesting to see where they take it.