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  1. frisco

    Genesis X Comment thread

    I take full credit I write a silly post like that and I inspire a Smart Marks reunion. I should have done something like this for the Beatles when I had the chance! Silly or not, if it somehow generates some interest and get this place running again than that's a good thing.
  2. frisco

    The last laugh

    I got a chuckle out of it. In all honesty though, I do really miss this fed. The truth be told, you guys were the most intense I've ever been involved with. There were some guys here who were very talented writers, some very consistant assholes. All in all it was fun.
  3. Candace drops by, looks over now dead fed, and snickers. Glances at her collection of world championship title belts ( 5) and hall of trophies ( 3) then reminises on the shitty treatment she got on her debut in the SWF. Stops by the grave, takes a little tinkle on it, then leaves. Then spots another mouse and feeds it to her cat.
  4. frisco

    TBK released

    Kendrick is nothing special. It amazes me that people build this guy up as the next HBK or whatever. I had a pretty good feeling he was on the way out when he went on his recent losing streak--getting crushed by Jerry Lawler is never a sign of future World championship reigns. He was a small guy in big guy infatuated WWE. He might do better in TNA, but I doubt he'll be a headliner.
  5. frisco

    OAO One Night Stand

    Did you just call Melina and Candace Michelle unattractive? Well then if you're a dude you simply have to be Liberache-like Gay. If you're a girl you're probably one of those jealous as hell types because you look like Rosie Odonnel of something. Sorry to all the Smarks here, but the main reason i'd watch the show is for the pudding match. I could give two shits about Cena Khali...I don't want to see 65 year old (or whatever his age is) Vinnie Mac---the new King of extreme---wrestling LAshley who would in reality kill him in 5 seconds---or just about any other match on the card. This is probably the weakest PPV line up i've seen in a while, but the idea of Melina and Candace in bikini's rolling around in pudding at least gets my attention. I'll pick up the DVD next month primarily for that match. I won't pay $50 for this on PPV.
  6. frisco

    Toxx gets married

    Congrats. 7 and a half years? Well then it's about damn time.
  7. frisco

    Imus Remarks

    Black people have nappy hair. Its a fact. Al Sharpton probably has the nappiest hair on the planet. Is Imus a racist because of what he said? Possibly. Is Al Sharpton a racist because he worked as hard as he did to keep a Jewish store from opening in a blackneighborhood? Absolitely. Sharpton had those kids tried and convicted for raping that black exotic dancer...yet now they she admits she lied he still hasn't apologized for all the things he said about them. If Imus is a racist Sharpton is a bigger one---yet he keeps his job. PC sucks.
  8. frisco

    Mark Henry injured at SNME

    It's too bad that a lot of people are taking these shots at Mark Henry. The man gets a serious, career threatening injury and people are calling him a peice of shit. Anyone who posts something like that is an asshole who is not worthy of the "smark" nickname that consider their birthright. Henry has been a very solid heel for Smackdown as of late. He broke his knee cap in half and tore the Patella tendon completely off the bone. He's facing an 8 month rehab and shitheads show their class by blasting the guy. Dinks!
  9. I don't like the new law. I tend to oppose big government, and that is exactly what this law is all about. Governent sticking their noses in peoples personal lives.
  10. frisco

    Spirit Squad

    I think the whole idea with the Spirit squad is for them to be annoying as hell. It's typical cheap WWE heat building 101...if your really annoying people will pay to see you get your ass kicked. Now whats more annoying that a group of gay frat boys (there...I said it first) with air horns? The WWE isn't looking long term with these guys, they'll keep them around until they get boring then they will break up the group. Are they good or bad? good. The reason they are good is because they are drawing attention to the WWE. The mere fact that there is a threat here discussing their merits is proof that they are at least doing an effective job of getting our attention.
  11. frisco

    Is it time to End The Split

    I think the brand split will probably end. As stated it makes more sense for WWE vs ECW anyway. I always thought the whole idea of two WWE world champions was bull. What I thik will happen is ECW will open its doors, and a few stars from RAW and Smackdown will head off to ECW again (RVD, Tazz and maybe a few others). WWE will reunite to take on the threat of ECW...probably another invasion angle...and things should hopefully get back to normal.
  12. frisco

    Official Judgement Day Thread

    Just saw the PPV, and I thought it was pretty solid. I called in sick from work tonight, opting instead for a comfortibe seat in front of my 42" Plasma TV and the wrestling PPV. I can't say I regret the decision too much. Enjoyable card with quite a few surprisingly decent matches. I expected the Khali vs Taker match to blow, and it was actually fairly decent. Khali still can't wrestle for shit, but he's so damn big and menacing he at might not have too. I have to say I think his finisher--a stupid chop to the head--is about the lamest finisher I ever saw. But it was good to see Taker job clean. I mean Taker is clearly at the end of his road, so why not job him to put other people over? Enough people have done as much to put him over in the past. Angle and Henry was probably the worst match of the night, and even then it was fairly ok. I have to complain about count out finishes in PPV's though...thats just lame. People don't pay $35 for count outs. Bad night for my girl Melina. Hopefully she'll show up at RAW. Splitting up MNM was a terrible decision on WWE's part.
  13. frisco

    Official Judgement Day Thread

    It's not perverted to want to see girls in revealing clothing. Last time I checked that was normal male heterosexual behavior. The pervert remark was in response to downloading porn. Still fairly normal guy stuff, but I always find it kind of slimy lurking in the shadows watching porn on my computer. I'm not quite that bad.
  14. frisco

    Official Judgement Day Thread

    Wrong and semi-wrong. Melina's okay looking, Jillian looks like some sort of cyborg with implants with those eyes of hers. Neither of them are decent wrestlers, unless you go by the WWE women's standards, i.e low standards. Download some porn, it'll be cheaper. I knew someone out there agreed with me. Jillian is NOT hot at all. Jillian ain't bad looking. The best thing about her is she can actually WRESTLE. It's one thing to look great in a match, but it also helps if you can wrestle a bit. Candace Michelle looks good...but she ain't to skilled in the ring. I think Melina is a whole lot more than "Okay" looking. And I don't download internet porn. I like looking at girls for sure, but i'm not a perv. Besides if I get a virus on my computer and have to send it for repairs I won't exactly be saving money.
  15. frisco

    Official Judgement Day Thread

    Well outside of Benoit and Finley the only real match I'm looking foreward to is Melina and Jillian. I mean two hot babes interests me a whole hell of a lot than anything involving the great Khali (AKA Giant Gonzales 2) or Mark freakin' Henry. Benoit and Finley should be an awesome match up. Booker T and Lashley should be pretty good. But i'm really sick of Lashleys hold "Quiet man" gimmic. They should of built him up as this unstoppable monster...not Mr. Nice guy. MNM vs London and Kendrick are not impressed with. I like MNM because they're...IMO...a whole hell of a lot more entertaining to watch. London and Kendrick are like 6 year olds on Jolt, bounce around all the time and have about as much energy as the spirit squad, but ultimately I find them boring...and a little annoying. JBL will beat Rey...hell that already made Rey look like a stumble bum the last 2 weeks on Smackdown. He'll definitely drop the belt to JBL, then go off for surgery. WTF is the WWE thinking on having its champion loose in clean pin falls two weeks in a row? Gregory Helms vs Super Crazy might be a decent match, but at the same time I can't help but feel its not a PPV worthy match up. Melina and Jillian are both really hot AND decent wrestlers. The match itself might not be the second coming of Finley vs Benoit, but for damn sure I'll enjoy oggling the babes. I just hope they wear revealing clothing.