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  1. -DeN-

    Street Fighter IV announced...

    @AndrewTS: Tier List~! Top: The MadCatz Tournament Edition and Hori Real Arcade Pro are both legit sticks. The former was way oversold and just about the only way to get one is the old ebay gouge, but last I heard the HRAP is still gettable. Not Top: The MadCatz Standard Edition would probably be a step above the $50-60 Horis if not for the fact that a signifigant number of people who have them are reporting all kinds of defects. My friend has had one of those little Hori EXs for a long time and while not my cup of tea, at least it works.
  2. -DeN-

    Campaign 2008

    This is a good day. On top of everything else, Question 2 is getting passed to the left hand side here in Mass: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3-NmzS5L30
  3. -DeN-

    One and Only Star Wars Geekiness Thread

    Ok, just watched this/these. I liked it. Ahsoka, while having no place being in this shit--is too cute to get mad at. Lots of old-school references if you pay attention, Ventress is a sex machine--and the return of Jar Jar! OMG I've gotta whack right nao~!
  4. -DeN-

    One and Only Star Wars Geekiness Thread

    ...So this CW shit debuts on the Cartoon Network tonight. I'm going to record it. Then watch it.
  5. -DeN-


    I corrected the ground loop by getting a 3-prong to 2-prong adaptor. Cable, VCR/DVD, XBox 360 work fine, but I get input lag from the Wii (even when set to 480p and hooked w/HD cables). Stoopid Nintendo. Have to push the HD set to the side and hook up this tiny tube tv in order to play correctly. Kind of a hassle.
  6. -DeN-


    Hey ppls. Tad off-topic, but maybe someone can help or at least point me in the right direction. The exciting subject: Possible ground loop(?) Long story short, just bought a crappy '26 Dynex. Not because I wanted to upgrade (my roomate has the whole theater shit going on downstairs), but b/c my old tube joint folded (literally) and died. So I bring this thing home and... a) Plug it into the same slot on the surge protector as it's predecessor b) Connect the same yellow vid wire (all audio goes through a receiver) Then Wham: Hum city, like some War of the Worlds shit; or more accurately for anyone who's used a turntable--like the ground is out. I'll not bore you with the specifics of my setup, but I can move the vid wire to any number of things and the TV will work fine. The trouble is coming from the Sony VCR/DVD Combo (yes, I have one of these), but it wasn't an issue yesterday. Only difference between then and now is that the new TV uses a 3-Prong Plug, whereas my old one didn't. Tried moving it all around (different surge protectors/outlets) to no avail. So here's the thing: I mainly use this setup for recording games (via VCR and the Bedazzler), so I kinda need to keep the VCR in the mix. What am I supposed to do? Near as I can tell from Googling, some type of transformer applied to something or other may help, but to be honest it's a bit beyond me. //Long story short
  7. -DeN-


    Saw you on there today, so I guess you've got it worked out. What was the problem?
  8. -DeN-

    Wii Numbers

    I remember you from WDI. Add me in your Kart shit. Mii: Problem Code: 1719-3692-6927 Putting you on right now.
  9. -DeN-

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

  10. -DeN-

    George Carlin dead

    "Didn't the first guy who wore a sombrero realize it was completely impractical when eating pussy?" Eating pussy is giving head to girls, in case you didn't know barron.
  11. -DeN-

    George Carlin dead

    Direct me to the proper place.
  12. -DeN-

    George Carlin dead

    And shut up about Larry the Cable Guy and Dane Cook or whoever the fuck. Are you fucking stupid, or is crafting retarted paragraphs a hobby? You could do it on your own time.
  13. -DeN-

    George Carlin dead

    "I hope reincarnation is a fact so I can come back and fuck teenagers again." I wish he didn't die.
  14. -DeN-

    Wii Numbers

    Kart Code: 1719-3692-6927
  15. If you are stern enough to crawl over to your cpu station, you might just have more posts in you.