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  1. Turbo Lion

    Apparently, I Suck

    Hey guys, Apologies for disappearing for the last month or so. My wife and I are still displaced because of the heat issue. Long story short - basically our landlord eventually figured out that it would cost him 3,000 to replace the unit or go cheap and install baseboard heaters. He chose cheap The bad news was he couldn't do it alone. The good news is he finally found some help. We should be back home this week. In the mean time, we've been crashing with friends and I've been working on pre-production for a short film. Between lack of internet and a major redirect of creative energy I haven't been around. BUT, I'm hoping to pop back up in time to do something huge for Anglemania. Just wanted to check in. SP
  2. Turbo Lion

    Things that Amuse or Please You

    My short film is actually coming together. A welcome change of pace after a lot of false starts over the last few years.
  3. Turbo Lion

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    Our heat has been out for a MONTH. Can't bitch at the landlord because he's actually been hoofing trying to get it done, but the dude he hired has been dicking around while my wife and I stay with friends when it dips into the 20's. We came home one morning to find the water in the toilet bowl frozen solid. In a job market like this, why the FUCK would you not get right on every job that came your way? And why fuck around with people when its cold?
  4. Turbo Lion

    Battlestar Galactica

    Great episode. It was good to see everyone stepping back into who they are supposed to be after being so broken down by everything. Lee and Starbuck running through the halls with guns, Adama and Tigh being... well, Adam and Tigh. What are these people thinking? Though the preview for next week is troublesome. You think they'll really do what its indicating?
  5. Turbo Lion


    Guys, I'm sorry. Our heat's still out and we've been trying to deal with that and staying with friends. I'll try to get caught up this week.
  6. Turbo Lion

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    I hate this fucking state. South Carolina is reportedly refusing help. I guess these stupid asses can't accept help from the Northern Aggressors. When I lose my (State) Job, I'll be sure to thank them.
  7. Turbo Lion

    Does Rourke Being at WM Cheapen "The Wrestler"?

    If Vince doesn't like the movie in the first place he'd probably love to cheapen it.
  8. Turbo Lion


    Yeah, our heat's been out. I'll try to get it in today or tonight. Thanks!
  9. Turbo Lion

    Global Warming: the Thread

    No, I don't. Trends are measured by taking measurments over time. Saying one year out of 100 is too small of a sample to disprove the 100 previous years worth of measurements showing a trend. The temperature goes up and down, but overall it goes up more than it goes down. That's why you have to look at it over a long period of time, not just the last 12 or 24 months. The 200 years before that doesn't take the spread of industrialization and burning of fossil fuels that occurred in the 20th century into consideration. I understand trends. And what you're saying here is exactly why we need measurements from well before industrialization. What kinds of fluctuations does the planet undergo on the large scale? We know it's had massive swings before. I think the thing people are missing here is that I'm not saying Global Warming is wrong. Merely that its diagnosis is based on incomplete data, so I'm hesitant to totally embrace it. Which doesn't lead to me dismissing the need to take better care of the planet in any way - I still fully support that and have never spoken against it here. Functionally, I'm not pushing against the grain at all. I'm merely saying that, personally, objectively, I can't outright embrace man-made greenhouse emissions as the major cause right now because the comparative data is incomplete; we don't understand how the climate changes on a broad scale (and if you think 100 years is a broad scale, man, what?). That's all I'm saying. The bizarre way everyone pushes for everyone to fully buy into it is... not objective at least and cult-like at worst. It's a fad theory. Not because of its internal consistency but because of the way it is received and pushed. It's a good theory in and of itself, but hardly as conclusive as its believers would have everyone believe. Though I am glad it has resulted in an awareness that we need to pursue better sources of energy. All I've said here is that it doesn't and can't obtain enough comparative data to be truly conclusive. We need to pay attention to everything the Earth is doing, not just one thing.
  10. Turbo Lion

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    There was a pretty convincing argument by some Harvard economist when this first started about letting the Banks solve their problems organically, with the strong buying out the weak. I'm no economist, but that's stuck with me throughout what's happened since.
  11. Turbo Lion

    Battlestar Galactica

    Apologies. Didn't think about it.
  12. Turbo Lion

    Global Warming: the Thread

    And what about the 200 years before that? See? My favorite part is that I'm not even saying global warming is wrong. I'm also not saying we shouldn't take steps to pursue clean, renewable energy. All I'm saying is that it's a theory based on data with a serious deficit. It's a theory based on incomplete information. There is evidence, whether we like it or not, that suggests alternate theories. I find it fascinating that we have so latched on to something that we have lost objectivity with it.
  13. Turbo Lion

    TSM Wrestling Spotlight: The Big Show

    I met him once. He's a cool guy. I remember the time he came out dressed like vintage Hogan, using "Real American". That was magic.
  14. Turbo Lion

    Battlestar Galactica

    Gaeta's dead. So is Zarek. It's downright foolish to fuck around with Adama like this.
  15. Turbo Lion

    Global Warming: the Thread

    http://epw.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?Fus...fe-9e32747616f9 You can hear lots of things. Doesn't make them conclusive, accurate, reliable or true. Interesting stuff. Not conclusive, but interesting data is out there. Eric, I'm surprised at you. Defending theories with a lack of critical data. Science, man. There's a reason there's a method.