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Guest Grand Slam

**Old SWF Stats Thread**

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Guest Grand Slam

Well here it is one and all. Post away!! And since I am still at ringside (and I have a post here regardless...


Edit: Stats changed 6-1-2002 to reflect status as a retiree and new status as an announcer. Just remember, he is retired now, but he hasn't forgotten anything...


SmarkBoards Name: Grand Slam

AIM: Mulkiathe

Wrestlers Name: "Grand Slam" Mark Stevens (Retired)

Nickname: The Heavy Hitter,

Height: 6'6

Weight: 296 lbs.

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Age: 33

Face/Heel: Mega-Face

Stable: Midnight Carnival (Once a Carnie, always a Carnie.)

Tag Partner (optional): None, retired

Ring Escort: None, retired

Weapon(s): Baseball Bat (or two), occasionally even the Spark Model Hardcore Special Bat (a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and able to be set on fire). As an announcer, will use the chair he is sitting on if he has to.

Quotes: "And that, my friends, is a d*mn promise."

"Step up to the plate Junior, and find out why they call me the Heavy Hitter!"


Looks: Red hair cut pretty short and a little spikey on top (like Taker's new cut), blue eyes, close-cropped full red beard, fair skin. He is built well, actually getting a little bigger across the chest and in his arms since he retired because of increased time to just work out.


Street Clothes: Wears black jeans, gym shoes, a gray t-shirt that reads MVP on the front, a baseball cap (different MLB teams or the Midnight Carnival logo) and a varsity jacket with his last name on the back over the number 25.


Ring attire: Black calf high boots with shin guards (similar to Jericho or X-Pac), Black tights with either a red or blue design on the legs, a black and gray suede varsity jacket with "Grand Slam" on the back (which he removes before the start of the match) and red or blue (depending on the tights) wristbands. In matches he will be wearing a knee brace on his left knee and an elbow pad on his right arm.


Announcing attire: Dark (Black, grey or navy blue, usually pinstriped) suit, shiny black shoes, a dark colored or white pinstriped dress shirt, and a flashy tie, usually with a baseball motif. Tie tack is a baseball bat with a diamond set in where the logo would be (Gift from the Louisville Slugger company). He wears glasses and a baseball cap (of either a local MLB team or the Midnight Carnival) under the headset. At the end of the show, he throws his cap to the crowd.


Ring Entrance: Music: "Born Bad" - The Gone Jackals

Then the lights go out... several seconds of hushed silence cause the crowd to become restless... they are clapping, talking, shouting, waving signs, waiting for whatever is about to happen...


The crowd, simply put, explodes!

The crack of a bat and the roar of the crowd announce Grand Slam!! It quickly fades into the opening bass of "Born Bad" by the Gone Jackals. The SmarkTron lights up with baseball highlights mixed with big spots from Grand Slam's matches while flashing the words "Grand Slam", "The Heavy Hitter" and "Midnight Carnival". The various multicolored lights flash in time with the rhythmic bass of the song until the first guitar riff when the arena is flooded with bright white light!! Red and white pyro explodes at the top of the entrance ramp!! When the smoke clears and everyone can see again, "Grand Slam" Mark Stevens is standing underneath the SmarkTron!!! The crowd erupts in even more cheers for the Heavy Hitter!!!


Funyon: ::Makes announcement::


As Funyon makes his announcement, Grand Slam runs down to the ring quickly, waving at the fans the whole way!! And they are going nuts!! Tonight, as the camera zooms in, he is wearing a (Fill in either the local MLB team or a Midnight Carnival) baseball cap!! When the crowd sees this, they cheer even louder, nearly drowning out "Born Bad"!! Grand Slam steps into the ring over the top rope and heads to a corner. Stevens climbs to the second turnbuckle, looks at the crowd, then pumps his right fist into the air several times, firing the crowd up even more and causing a flurry of flashbulbs to pop, illuminating the ring like a strobe-light!! Before dropping back to the mat, Grand Slam flings his cap out to the crowd, giving some lucky fan a unique souvenir from the IGNWF!!!


Tag/Stable Entrance: The arena lights fade into blackness as a soft female voice whispers, “Midnight Carnival.” The IGNTron flashes blazing white in time with the opening beats of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Love Rollercoaster” as the Carnival’s anthem pumps through the arena, revealing with each flash thin black lettering that reads “Step Right Up.” As the guitar part drops in, three blue laser lights trace the arena, all stemming from the same point in the middle of the entrance ramp. As the words “rollercoaster of love” echo through the arena for the first time, the laser lights flare out into a blue haze across the entrance ramp as the members of the Midnight Carnival step out from behind the curtain. As the refrain arrives for the first time, the arena plunges back into darkness just as purple strobe lights tear through the house and the blue laser lights spiral wildly, illuminating the members of the Midnight Carnival in funky, staccato bursts. The IGNTron video plays, flashing half-second clips of classic maneuvers from the Carnival’s members. They make their way to the ring, and get down to the business at hand.



Strength: 8 (Has been working out heavily since he retired to stay in shape)

Speed: 2 (Has increased his muscle mass, but his mobility has suffered)

Vitality: 3 (Has lost a little of his wind since retiring, nothing can match wrestling four times a week for cardio.)

Charisma: 7 (Loved by fans everywhere. Pops the crowd without trying.)


Style: Technical, Power. However, when angry, can brawl with the best of them.


Signature moves:

The "Grand Slam" - a face-first Full Nelson Slam

The "Double Play" - I hit the full nelson sit-out atomic drop, then maintain full nelson as I stand up and hit the "Grand Slam"

Full Nelson Sit-out Atomic Drop (Bubba Bomb)

The Figure Four Leglock

Falling Neckbreaker

Sidewalk Slam

Snap Suplex

Belly-to-Belly Suplex

Moonsault (top rope)



German Suplex

Knife-edge chops


Un-common moves:

Flying Cross-Body


Big Boot

Running DDT

Northern Lights Suplex

"Super" kick (similar to but not nearly as cool as HBK's finisher)

Russian Leg Sweep


Vertical Suplex

Superplex (off top rope)


Rare moves:

Flying Elbow (top rope)



Inverted DDT

Leg Drop

Tilt-a-Whirl Powerslam

Underhook Leg Trap (Neck submission)

Stalling Brainbuster


Back Mounted Chinlock (Camel Clutch)



The Walk Off - A Pedigree, signaled by waving my right arm over my head in the baseball signal for "Home Run"


The Seventh Inning Stretch - A Standing Octopus Stretch, signaled by holding both arms over my head, my left hand showing four fingers and my right showing three.

Edited by Grand Slam

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Guest Crowe

Edit 19/07/03 - Added two nicknames, updated entrance, added biography and updated SWF Record.

Edit 26/07/03 - Removed one signature move and one rare move. Both due to non-use.




Smarks Board Name: Crowe

Wrestlers Name: Crow

Nickname: Antichrist Superstar, Antichristian Phenomenon, Gothic Warrior, Gothic Avian

Real Name: Markus Cirillo

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 231 pounds



- Adelaide, Australia


- Anchorage, Alaska

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None at the moment.

Ring Escort: Dante Crane

Weapon(s): Cigarette, Cigarette Lighter, Glass Light Tubes, Singapore Cane

Quote: "Victim." "Victims... aren't we all?"






- White Male.

- Long black hair, past shoulders.

- A well-defined, muscular build. Imagine a more properly proportioned Jerry Lynn build.

- Numerous scars are present on back, resulting from many previous wrestling encounters in the SJL where glass was utilised.

- Large scale tattoo of a crow with spread wings on upper back - ala, right wing spreads over to the right shoulder, and left wing spreads over to the left shoulder. Small tattoo of the Grim Reaper on right arm tricep and a small tattoo of an inverted cross on left breast.

- Fingernails are now long. Approximate length is 7mm long off the tip of the finger.


While Wrestling:

- Hair is always wet through and never tied up.

- Is topless in the ring, show casing scars and tattoos, and not to mention, sexy physique for the ladies.

- Will on occasion, wear a black button up shirt to the ring. This usually only occurs when wounds on back/chest/arms are not completely healed and/or stitches are present. The shirt acts as a security blank, if you will.

- Wears normal full length black pants. No patterns or other colours present.

- If ever wearing a title, always slung over the right shoulder. Wearing the belt around the waist just isn't Crow's style.


Promos, Instances Outside The Ring:

- Always wear a black button up shirt that can be made of any fabric yet never has any patterns of different colours on it.

- Wears the same normal black pants he wears whilst wrestling.

- Is usually smoking a cigarette.



Ring Entrance:


We fall to darkness and Dimmu Borgir's "Burn In Hell" begins to softly omit from the speakers. However, it soon changes...




Flames explode up and across the staging as the song explodes into a much heavier guitar riff! The crowd roars in approval as a spotlight turns on and focuses directly on the stage...


...revealing Crow, the Antichrist Superstar, standing on the ramp amidst the flames, with his arms spread in the crucifix pose. Standing solemnly in the background, is ‘Sick Boy’ Dante Crane. The riff tempo slows and black metal vocals take over...


“Welcome to the abandoned land...

Come on in child, take my hand...

There is no work of play...

Only one bill to pay...”


As the music pumps through the arena, Crow lights a cigarette and with Dante Crane beside him, begins to walk down the ramp.


"There's just five words to say...

As you go down... *BONG*

Down... *BONG*

Down... *BONG*"







Funyon rises and booms, "Coming down the aisle, hailing from Anchorage Alaska! Standing at SIX feet TWO inches and weighing TWO hundred and THIRTY one pounds, accompanied by Dante Crane, he is none other than the Antichrist Superstar... this is... CCCCRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!"


Crow strides up the steel steps, casually smoking his cigarette as he climbs through the ropes and into the ring. ‘Sick Boy’ Dante Crane however, walks around and places himself near the commentary position. The Gothic Warrior leans against his corner, smoking, while he waits for his opponent...


(If Crow is the second man out, he'll come out already smoking and stub his cigarette against the ring post before climbing through the ropes. Feel free to modify this entrance if it works with storyline, match or angle.)





Strength: 4

Crow has good strength for his size and can surprise the bigger blokes on the occasion. A man of 265 pounds is the maximum weight he can lift up in the Natural Born Chaos suplex. He is, however, able to hit a basic snap suplex on opponents up to 280 (and possibly a little more).


Speed: 5

A relatively fast mover in the ring, the Antichrist Superstar can run circles around larger 'victims' and can keep with the smaller 'victims' for a little while, but they will always out speed him. He is able to perform various modifications of the moonsault.


Vitality: 6

Crow is one tough motherfucker and he has the reputation to boot. His numerous hardcore encounters in ICW and in the SJL proved he is damn resilient and can take a ferocious beating, yet still kick out. He will go down to a finisher and tap out, unless specified otherwise.


Charisma: 5

A great speaker as evidenced in the SJL, the Antichristian Phenomenon has the confidence and the 'look' that the crowd loves. The ladies and stoners make up for a large part of Crow's fan base, since he's got sex appeal and is a large advocate of marijuana use.





It has been widely recognised that the Antichrist Superstar wrestles best in the hardcore environment and whilst inside the squared circle, he adheres to his reputation that the SJL had assisted him in gathering, as a gutsy fighter. This label though, does not mean Crow is a merely a brawler, on the contrary, in actuality he is accomplished in the sport of wrestling and showcases this by competing against opponents using his unique style. The style consists of an array of strikes (roundhouse kicks, knife-edge chops, thrusting claws etc) combined with semi-technical wrestling moves (dragon screw, judo moves, submissions etc), speedy/high flying moves (DDTs, moonsaults, dropkicks etc) and a variety of suplexes (German, Natural Born Chaos etc). Crow's matches tend to start off at a relatively fast pace, with strikes and moves like arm drags, hip tosses and dropkicks, amongst other moves being utilised. Though, on the occasion, if the opponent calls for it, he will participate in a fistfight, basic lock up or a test of strength. But all in all, it depends on his opponent. More often than not, tactics involving use of the ropes and/or hardcore tactics are soon employed to slow down his opponent, so high impact and high-risk moves can be performed. Depending on the circumstance, the Antichrist Superstar may also apply psychology to a various body part and work on it, thus allowing for a submission to be locked on. Please note that in any situation outside the ring, Crow is sure to excel or at least gain back the advantage unless the attack upon him is consistent.



Signature moves:



The victim is on their back. The attacker holds up the victim's legs and steps in between them. The attacker crosses the victim's legs around the leg that they put through, and holds them in place with their arms. The attacker then steps over, turning the victim over on their stomach. The attacker leans/crouches back to apply pressure. This is the primary submission finisher and is used when psychology is focused on leg and/or back.


Figure Four Leg Lock

The victim is on their back, the attacker grabs one leg and bends it sideways behind one of the attacker's own legs and on top of the victim's other leg, forming a "4" with the victim's legs. The attacker holds the victim's straight leg, falls backwards to the mat and secures the victim's bent leg in place by placing their free leg on top of the ankle of the victim's bent leg. This is the secondary submission finisher and is used when psychology is focused on the leg.


Das Wunder Kick (Roundhouse Kick)

A stiff Tajiri-esque roundhouse kick. The attacker kicks with one leg while pivioting 90 degrees on the other. The attack can be directed at the knee, midsection or head and also it can be done to a sitting opponent to the back. The top of the attacker's foot is the contact point for this kick. Occasionally done repeatedly, and can be possible knock out if kick is direct and connects with the face.


Top Rope Somersault Senton

The attacker climbs the turnbuckle so that his back is facing the crowd. He then jumps off the turnbuckle, performs a 270 degree front flip over the victim and lands back first on them. This move can also be performed onto a standing victim and can be performed in a number of ways, for example... whilst running, via springboard, from the apron... basically anything you can think of.


Murderous DDT

The attacker sits on the top turnbuckle and grabs the victim's head, applying a front face lock. From there, the attacker jumps off the buckles, swings around one side of the victim's body and drives the victim's head into the mat. Or, the attacker jumps off the ropes and then applies the swinging DDT. This variation can be performed off the apron to the outside as well.


Moonsault Variations

The attacker jumps onto the second/third ring rope, performs a 270 degree back flip with arms spread in the crucifix position and lands stomach first on the lying victim. This move can also be performed onto a standing victim. Crow van perform any variation of this move, for example... Asai Moonsault, Quebrada Moonsault, Twisting Corkscrew Moonsault etc.


Northern Lights Suplex

The attacker stands face to face with the victim. The attacker locks their arms around the waist of the victim and lifts the straight up, the attacker falls back and drops the victim on their back. In the bridged version, the attacker commonly sticks their head under the arm of the victim prior to doing the suplex and bridging the move for the pin.


Claw Swipe

The attacker forms a claw with his hand and lashes out at his opponent’s face/head/chest/back/arms/legs - scratching them and usually drawing blood. Can be performed in either a downward or upward thrust.


Knife Edged Chop

The attacker strikes the victim with the outer part of their hand, the pinky finger side. This attack can be done to a variety of locations on the victim's body.



Common moves:


Arm Drag

Chin Breaker


Drop Toe Hold

Dropkick (Standing, Running, Top Rope)

Dragon Screw Leg Whip

German Suplex (Usually bridged)

Hip Toss

La Majistral Cradle

Leg Drop (Standing, Running, Top Rope)

Leg Related Psych Moves


Russian Leg Sweep (Onto Rail Sometimes)

Shin Breaker

Snap Suplex

Various Body Presses (Running, Top Rope, Apron)


This section is tedious, so any basic wrestling move.



Rare moves:


Spider German Suplex (Top Rope German Suplex)

The attacker locks their legs on the ropes and hangs onto the buckles as they do the move. The attacker stands behind the victim and applies a waistlock. The attacker lifts the victim up and falls backwards, dropping the victim on their shoulders/neck/upper back. If the attacker releases the victim at the height of their lift, this often becomes a "Release German Suplex". However, most times the attacker keeps the waistlock applied and bridges for the pin. Only used when the opportunity presents itself, ie not very often.


My Last Serenade (Rider Kick)

The victim is on the outside, whilst the attacker is in the ring. The attacker ascends to the top turnbuckle and then jumps in the air and kicks the victim with both their feet. The attack can be focuses on the victim's head, chest, stomach, back or legs. This move only happens once in a blue moon, more specifically, it’s only used in big matches... ala Number One Contendership/Title matches.





Natural Born Chaos (Jumping Brainbuster Suplex)

The attacker applies a front face lock on the victim and throws the victim's near arm across their shoulders. The attacker grabs the victim's tights and lifts them straight up in the air so they are upside down. The attacker then jumps in the air, kicks his legs out and falls onto his back, causing the victim to fall straight down on their head at a neck-breaking angle. Preferred finisher.




Failure to comply will result in death and loss of penis.


Evenflow Moonsault

The attacker climbs the turnbuckle so that he is looking out into the crowd. The attacker then jumps off the turnbuckle with arms in crucifix pose, performs a two hundred and seventy-degree back flip and lands stomach first on the lying victim. This move can also be performed onto a standing victim.





Just a few small ‘nitpicky’ things that I’d like you all to keep in mind when writing Crow in a match or promo. Firstly, he will never, under any circumstances, be scared of his opponent or try to back down/beg off wrestlers, no matter how bigger or stronger they may be. Secondly, the Antichristian Phenomenon is an instinctive wrestler and does whatever is needed to win. This can be using psychology on a specific limb, focussing on an opponent’s weak spot or even cheating. With a heel history at the beginning of his SJL career, he is by no means above cheating or messing with his opponent’s mind, even though he is an extremely over babyface. Crow will play and taunt to the crowd on the occasion during his matches (usually during a time of known advantage), but he is not overly concerned with them, he still concentrates on winning the match. Finally, Crow has developed a reputation for bumping one hell of a lot, even willingly taking huge bumps that could hurt him badly. He loves to bleed and when the circumstance calls for it, he will bleed a copious amount... and of course, let’s not forget that the former SJL World Champion has an affection for glass bumps.





Born in the Flinders Public Hospital in Adelaide, Australia on the 27th of October 1980, Markus Adam Cirillo, more commonly known as Crow, had a very normal upbringing. He was born into a very casual family of nuclear structure, meaning he had a mother and a father, plus a brother. Up until the age of thirteen, when puberty hit, Markus was a well behaved and polite young boy, who was nice to all and loved by many. This all changed when the desire for sex kicked in, it was at this point Crow abandoned the ‘good boy’ image and became a ‘bad boy’, an image which he still holds onto until this day. Markus was expelled from five different schools during his secondary education, four of which were related to drug possession and being under the influence of drugs in class. The other was for hospitalising four peers during a school yard brawl. And you know what? Whilst a lot of the guys disliked him, the women absolutely adored him and did almost anything to get his affection. However, his parents were not so fond of him (you know, cause they’re his parents!) and regularly grounded him and scolded him for his drug taking ways, but this of course, did not stop Crow, as he always managed to sneak out to go party.


At the age of sixteen, Markus found a new passion in his life, other than drugs, and this was the sport of professional wrestling. Becoming an avid fan of such federations like the WWF, WCW and ECW, he could no longer sit down and just watch this sport... he had to become a part of it. It was at this point, on his seventeenth birthday, his life changed forever. For the first time in his life, Crow stepped into a professional wrestling ring and participated in a group training session. The second the session ended, his mind was made up and it could not be changed, this is what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to be a professional wrestler. Everyday from then onwards, he put himself through intense physical training and once a week, he would go to wrestling training. Mark Adam was a prodigy, and his trainer, Australian wrestling legend Christopher Basso, realised this and began working with him exclusively twice a week. The training went very well and as time passed, Crow began to grasp that he possessed an uncanny ability to absorb copious amounts of punishment and still be able to retain his senses. Soon, Christopher Basso offered Mark a contract for his wrestling federation, the Australian Wrestling Syndicate (AWS), without a second thought, it was signed.


From there on in, Crow began to wrestle shows bi-weekly and this helped in the effort to tone down his attitude and behavioural problems. Basso saw the recklessness in the young man and taught him some valuable lessons about life, which Markus at the time thought were harsh, but in the end, he benefited greatly from them. However, Chris Basso could not get his student away from drugs, and this problem stuck with Crow and it eventually became a problem, as will be revealed later on. For trivia buffs, it was during his stay at the AWS that Markus got dubbed the nickname ‘The Antichrist Superstar’, due to his strong Anti-Christian beliefs. After a few months with the federation, he met two foreign wrestlers that he would become great friends with, and these two men were ‘Ad Van Dam’ Adam Livingston and ‘Dante Crane’ Dante Lucretia. It was with these two that the Antichrist Superstar would become closest with, especially with Adam, and after a year in the AWS, the three decided to begin their own wrestling federation. The problem was though, they did not have the adequate funds to support such a business venture, and thus, they stayed with the AWS and each got part time jobs.


Three years had passed and Crow was now twenty, and combined together, the three men had enough money to start their own wrestling organisation. And so, Interactive Championship Wrestling (ICW) was born and held its first shows. There was a medium size roster of twenty workers, but despite the small size, the organisation always managed to leave the fans happy, providing good storylines and some fantastic wrestling matches. The popularity of the product grew larger with each show and even garnered some of the IGNWF’s talent, El Luchadore Magnifico and Jamie Drazon, for numerous shows. Eventually, the first Pay Per View event was held in Sydney, Australia. It was a successful show which saw the tag team titles initiated in an epic match between the team of Ad Van Dam and Crow defeat the team of Inferno and Dead Pool. The International title was also initiated in a great match between Dante Crane and Dark Lightning. But two weeks later, a tragedy occurred, Adam Livingston was found murdered in his flat. He was found by Mark Adam, and after this it was revealed that both Mark and Adam were heroin addicts. Crow’s drug problem had reached its peak and unfortunately it took Adam with it. This discovery led to Dante Crane quitting ICW and shunning Crow, vowing to never forgive him for what he did. Interactive Championship Wrestling eventually died, the workload was far too much for the Antichrist Superstar to handle alone and wrestlers were leaving left and right. Markus Cirillo abandoned his love for wrestling and went into hiding...


A year passed and Crow emerged from the shadows and with the help and encouragement of Magnifico and Drazon, he started wrestling again. The IGNWF had changed its name and moved home base, now calling itself the SWF. With the new management of The Suicide King at the reins and after many talks, Drazon finally landed the Antichrist Superstar an ‘audition’ with SWF. The dark match was against a fellow auditioner ‘Technical Perfection’ Christopher Card, and was wrestled before the airing of a SJL Crimson. Needless to say, Crow impressed the SJL bookers and most importantly Grand Slam Mark Stevens, he was then, immediately signed. Markus Cirillo’s career in the SWF officially started on the 9th of January, 2003 on SJL Crimson where he debuted against the man he wrestled in the dark match prior. It was a loss, but fortunately, losses are not what Crow had many of in his SJL career, as he was booked for success, and before being bumped, he could lay claim to being the (arguably) Greatest SJL World Champion in history after holding it for 52 days and defending it successfully six times.


Prior to his bumping to the big leagues, the SWF, Crow received a phone call from someone he had not heard from for a very long time. This was Dante Crane, ringing and asking to make amends, for he was in a bit of strife. Old friends will never stay enemies, and the two men forgave one another, more importantly Dante forgave Markus for the whole heroin episode. Crow was officially bumped on the 22nd of June, 2003 and debuted in Fatal Fiveway at the 13th Hour Pay Per View event. Dante Crane is now Crow’s right hand man and escorts him to the ring regularly, but his full potential and his in-ring skills are yet to be seen...



SWF Record2/0/3 (Win/Loss/No Shows)


22/06/03 – SWF 13th Hour – NS – Crow vs Beezel vs Renegade vs Johnny Dangerous vs Stryke – #1 Contendership Fatal Fiveway for ICTV

28/06/03 – SWF Storm – NS – Crow vs Frost – Straight Singles

02/07/03 – SWF Lockdown – NS* – Crow vs Xero vs Va’aiga - #1 Contendership for US

07/07/03 – SWF Smarkdown – W1 – Crow vs Johnny Dangerous – #1 Contendership for US

16/07/03 – SWF Lockdown – W2 – Crow vs Janus – Straight Singles


NS* Jay Dawg took my place in this match up and this was agreed on by all match parties, counting as a no show anyhow.

W1 Match was cancelled and turned into a promo, number one contendership was waived, but still counted as a win.

W2 Co-written match with predetermined no contest outcome, counted as a win.



SJL Record: 18/4/5 (Win/Loss/No Shows)


09/01/03 - SJL Crimson - NS - Crow vs Chris Card - Straight Singles Match

14/01/03 - SJL Metal - W - Crow vs Mike Van Siclen vs Leon Sharpe vs Spike Jenkins - Battle Royal

19/01/03 - SJL Wrath - W - Crow vs Mike Van Siclen - Straight Singles Match

26/01/03 - SJL Malice In Wonderland - W1 - Crow, Chris Card vs Disciples Of Discord - Tag Team Tables Match

30/01/03 - SJL Crimson - W - Crow vs Insane Luchador - Hardcore World Title Tournament Match

04/02/03 - SJL Metal - NS - Crow, Insane Luchador, Spike Jenkins vs Dace Night, Matt Myers - Handicap Match

09/02/03 - SJL Wrath - W - Crow vs Spike Jenkins vs Insane Luchador - Ball Crawl Match

13/02/03 - SJL Crimson - L - Crow vs Janus - Smirnoff Match

18/02/03 - SJL Metal - W - Crow vs Christian Blackwell - Straight Singles Match

23/02/03 - SJL Wrath - NS - Crow vs Mike Van Siclen - Border Run Match

27/02/03 - SJL Crimson - W - Crow vs Matt Myers - Perfect Challenge Match

04/03/03 - SJL Metal - W - Crow vs Aecas - Straight Singles Match

09/03/03 - SJL Wrath - L - Crow vs Dace Night - #1 Contendership for World

18/03/03 - SJL Metal - NS - Crow vs Va'aiga vs Spike Jenkins - Lost At Sea II

01/04/03 - SJL Metal - L - Crow vs Sean Atlas vs Tryst - #1 Contendership for World

10/04/03 - SJL Crimson - W - Crow vs Va'aiga - #1 Contendership Match for World

15/04/03 - SJL Metal - W - Crow, Spike Jenkins vs Va'aiga, Tryst - Tag Team Match

20/04/03 - SJL Wrath - NS - Crow vs Tryst - Ladder Match

24/04/03 - SJL Crimson - W - Crow vs Sean Atlas© vs Christian Blackwell - Three Way 3 Minute Elimination Match for World

29/04/03 - SJL Bringin' The Funk! - W3 - Crow© vs Sean Atlas - Hell In A Cell for World

08/05/03 - SJL Crimson - W - Crow© vs Manson - 2 Out Of 3 Falls for World

13/05/03 - SJL Metal - W - Crow© vs Va'aiga - Chairshot Match for World

22/05/03 - SJL Crimson - W - Crow© vs Viktor Tarakanov - Vodka Shot Match for World

27/05/03 - SJL Metal - W - Crow© vs David Blazenwing - Glass Ceiling Match

01/06/03 - SJL Wrath - W - Crow© vs Va'aiga - Straight Singles Match for World

10/06/03 - SJL Metal - W - Crow© vs Va'aiga - Duelling Promo Contract Signing

15/06/03 - SJL Wrath - L - Crow© vs Va’aiga - No Escape Cage Match for World


W1 Co-write with Chris Card, counted as a win.

W2 Co-write with Va'aiga, counted as a win.

W3 Co-write with Sean Atlas, counted as a win.



Career Highlights:


1x SJL World Heavyweight Champion - 52 days (24/04/03 - 15/06/03)

2x SJL Superstar Of The Month - January and April 2003

Edited by Crowe

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31st July 2003: Changes In Rare/Signature Moves, Moved to New Stat Thread


Smarks Board Name: janusd

Wrestlers Name: Janus

Height: 7'2''

Weight: 350lbs

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Age: 30

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Tag Team: Thoth

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Anything that comes to hand. If there's no rules, he tends to bring the Equalizer (a black, barbed-wire cricket bat)

Quotes: "Confident. Cocky. Lazy. Dead."

"You WILL feel my Rage Unleashed!"



Looks - Ring Attire


Janus always wears a pair of black boots and long black leather pants. His body is proportinately muscled for his seven foot frame, and on his hands he also has a pair of black fingerless gloves. He has long, shoulder-length white hair, that occasionally gets in his face. His green eyes are covered now, apparently with a pair of bright red contacts, making his eyes appear to glow. A small goatee graces his face, and a trio of long scars slashing across his chest completes his appearance.


Looks - Backstage


While backstage, Janus wears his usual black pants and boots, but drops the gloves and goes barehanded. He wears a deep purple shirt, that has a picture of him Rage Unleashing someone on the front. It's usually covered by his latest clothing addition - an ankle length white trenchcoat that matches his hair. On occasion, he will tie his long hair back behind his head to give himself a more dignified, but still monsterous appearance.


Face Entrance


The lights go out, and a spotlight settles on the stage as the gentle opening riffs of "As Darkness Falls" plays across the arena. The Smarktron shows a solitary figure standing in a room, looking out the window - occasionally changing angle. As the gentle riff turns heavy, lightning strikes outside the window to reveal Janus' face, yelling soundlessly along with the "ALLLLLLLLLLLL RIIIIIIIIIIGHT!" of the song. He steps out into the spotlight and walks towards the ring as the Smarktron flashes his name in a deep green colour, then switches through some of the devastating moves he's done so far in his career. He climbs into the ring from the apron and lifts his arms in victory, then waits for the match to begin...


Heel Entrance


Suddenly, the arena is plunged into darkness, and the crowd alternates between cheers and whoos into the darkness as the Smarktron shows an image of a young man, with his hair recently dyed white. As the strains of Fear Factory's "Resurrection" echo through the arena, cracks slowly begin to weave through the image, and blue pyros start fountaining up on either side of the ramp. Before Funyon can speak, the voice of Burton C. Bell carries through the arena.


"Consumed with memories...

That preceded today...

Given a chance to bereave..

Life that's slipping AWAAAAAAAAAAAY!!"


As the heavy riffs roar out of the speakers, the crack-riddled image explodes into fragments, revealing the face of Janus as he is now, with a scowl on his face. His name flashes up in green text, and it proceeds to play clips of some of his more brutal spots - interspersed with flashes of his name and "Magnificent Seven", as the giant steps out onto the rampway, lit only by a spotlight as Funyon lifts up his microphone.


>Funyon Stuff<


Janus stalks down to the ring, each set of blue pyros going out as he walks past them. Flexing his muscles, he climbs up onto the ropes and looks around the darkened arena before climbing into the ring and thrusting his arms into the air....and with a loud explosion, a pillar of blue fire explodes from each turnbuckle simultaneously as the lights come back on.


Tag/Stable Entrance


The arena goes quiet as the Smarktron shows nothing but a pure white backdrop, with blood dripping down it into what looks like a mirror. The lights on the stage, in the rafters, everywhere, begin to increase in intensity, obscuring all but the Smarktron. A voice begins to sing in soft Japanese.


"Senketsu ni somaro mirai no toki

Hageshiku modaeru honnou..."


The blood almost completely fills the mirror on the Smarktron, and the beat of the song begins to pick up. Through the haze of blinding light, two silhouettes can be seen walking towards the ring - one small man dwarfed by a giant. Nothing but their black silhouettes can be seen, until the mirror on the Smarktron abruptly shatters.




And the lights return to normal except the ones around the ramp and ring, surrounding the forms of Janus and Thoth in a white haze as they stalked down the ramp side by side to the sound of Malice Mizer's "Beast of Blood". The Smarktron displays their most devastating moves and matches, as Funyon lifts his microphone.




Climbing up into the ring, still surrounded by the white haze, Janus and Thoth turn their heads to look around at the crowd, until finally the light dies down to something manageable and "Beast of Blood" fades out...





Strength: 9 (Can throw almost anyone around with terrifying ease. Get into his weight range and it's not that easy, but he can still do it)

Speed: 2 (He's no turbo-man. He relies on his power and resilience to see things through)

Vitality: 7 (Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Hit him with all you have and he'll keep coming back. Especially if you let him rest)

Charisma: 2 (He's good looking, for a seven footer. Just not the most motivated speaker. Actions speak louder than words)





Signature Moves


Chokeslam (commonly leads right into a blatant choke)

"Eternal Twilight" - Implant DDT

Full Nelson Suplex

"Knuckle Bomb" - basically a full powered, not-faked, pissed off megapunch to the face or body. Knockout blow to the head, or serious muscle cramps if he goes for the body.

High-Angle Spinebuster

The Gore

"Hell Crush" - Arm-Capture Bearhug (He wraps his arms around their torso, pinning their arms by their sides, and attempts to just flat-out crush their ribcage)



Common Moves


Single Arm DDT

Inverted Atomic Drop

Pendulum Backbreaker

Big Boot

"Chaos Theory" - Gorilla Press Slam

Whirl Sideslam

Death Valley Driver

Full Nelson Drop

Shoulder Breaker (Laws of Janus Physics #1 - this move is always attempted as a crossbody/moonsault on standing Janus counter)

Standing Legdrop

Basic Head/Neck/Torso Submissions

Sit-Down Powerbomb (Laws of Janus Physics #2 - this move is always attempted as a hurricanrana counter)


Rare Moves


During a #1 Contender/Title match, or big feuds, these become a little more common.


Frog Splash


"Darkness Falls" - Tombstone Piledriver from the top rope

(After his European Title match, Janus noted that this move was very difficult to set up, and thus this has become a 'move of convienence', to be done if his opponent sits him on the top rope...you get the idea.)




"Rage Unleashed" - Vertical Suplex into Sit-Out Tombstone Piledriver

(Janus hoists them up into a vertical suplex, and then drops them into the Tombstone Piledriver, sitting out and pulverising their skull into the ground.)


"Dark Bomb" - High-Angle Last Ride Powerbomb. (Janus tucks their head between his legs, and signals by slashing both hands across his throat. He then lifts them up onto his shoulders, elevates them into the air ala the Last Ride, but when he slams them down, the impact is entirely on their head and neck.)




Silent and taciturn, when enraged Janus is a force to be reckoned with. Despite being seven feet tall and packed with muscle, the Hell Machine has a sharp mind, with a killer instinct to match. He's very smart, but unfortunately he has the worst thing an intelligent person could have - an incredible temper. He's prone to snapping at the least provocation.


All signature and rare moves can be match finishers if executed at the right time or onto something like a chair or concrete.




Janus had been on and off the wrestling scene several times in his career. Only the important points really stand out for him. A Sydney-born Australian, he learned soon enough that his size as he grew could be used to defend himself - not once did he ever bully people. He turned this into a skill, even learning some amateur wrestling during his high school days. He graduated and immediatley sought out a wrestling school, because the amateur stuff he had learned had whetted his interest - that and some part of him liked the concept of being a 'good guy' on TV.


While he'd shown impressive talent, Janus had never gotten around much. He only got into two feds, both which had gone under sometime after his arrival, although not due to his presence. In both, his concept of being a 'good guy' was taken away as he was made to act as a heel. He found it interesting, but still preferred to be a face. Something happened though, something Janus didn't tell anyone.


His tenure as a heel became more and more serious. He became more taciturn and aggressive in the ring. In his first fed, his career ended after he planted both the Dudleyz through tables with his stiff stiff stiff Dark Bomb. The second federation only egged on his aggressiveness and seemingly disturbed behaviour by putting him a "Ministry" type group. The federation saw it as a gimmick, but the group was very serious with their dark and gothic style. Something about it disturbed Janus, and after that fed went under, he left the wrestling scene for a while, although he did keep in touch for a short while with the "Ministry" leader.


Some time later, Janus resurfaced on the wrestling scene, and went through several small indy feds to get rid of his ring rust. The only change was that he made very clear his lack of desire to be a heel. Then the Smarks scouter found him, and his test match was deemed a success, and Janus joined the ranks of the SJL. The seven foot, silent 'good guy' made his impact by working his way through the ranks, even capturing the European title off the long-reigning champion Ejiro Fasaki. However, Fasaki reminded the giant that just because one is a bad guy, does not mean one is evil.


Following a loss to Ejiro and his Magnificent Seven partner Fugue, Janus received the respect of the champion, and his words that night seem to have struck something in the giant. This was proven on the show before the first SJL Pay-Per-View, as Janus stormed out after the Ejiro/Fugue and Johnny/Wildchild match to beat the hell out of the two WDN members, and thus showing his alignment with the Magnificent Seven. Janus has also broken fellow M-7 member Ejiro Fasaki's record for holding the European Title, before jobbing it to the up and coming Chris Card in order to continue his hunt for bigger and better things - the SJL World Title.


After losing in an upset to Mike Van Siclen at the climax of the former World Title Tournament - which turned into him versus Mike due to the slacking off of other superstars, Janus attacked his following matches with a vengeance, no-selling alcohol to win a Smirnoff Showdown with Crow, and beating the hell out of Dace to get another shot at the SJL World Title.


And on SJL Crimson, 27th February, Janus delivered a top-rope "Rage Unleashed" screwdriver to Mike Van Siclen in order to seal his victory and become the SJL World Champion. He lost the title to Mike in a "Caged Fury" Match two shows later, much to his chagrin.


On SJL Crimson, March 13th, Janus wrestled his final SJL match. After that, he was bumped to the SWF, slated to appear against Mike Van Siclen once more at From the Fire....and destroying his opponent in that match. He has since found his niche in wrestling as a partner with Fugue, in the Magnificent Seven tag team "Instruments of Destruction."


After an average win-loss record since being bumped, Janus made a mark on SWF Lockdown, April 9th, where he beat out Johnny Dangerous and Mike Van Siclen in a three-way match for the Hardcore Gamer's Championship, which had been vacated since Janus had assaulted the previous holder, the Wildchild.


Janus lost the title to the newcomer Beezel soon after. After a series of attempts to take his title back, which failed, the Hell Machine finally cornered Beezel in a steel cage match at the SWF Battleground PPV, absolutely brutalising his smaller opponent and walking out victorious. Right after this match he appeared to go insane, and a familiar figure to many stalled his assault - Nathaniel Kibagami.


In the aftermath of Battleground, Janus destroyed Dace Night while defending his HCG Title, but the High Priest of Horrorcore came back to haunt the giant by taking the HCG Title in a three-way match with Jaw Dawg. Robbed of his defending gold, Janus has turned his full attention to the problem of Nathaniel Kibagami.


What lies in the future for Janus is uncertain, but as far as he is concerned, the SWF is his home. He appears to have entirely walked off the brink of madness, becoming an almost psychotic force of power, with a deadly mind behind it. At 13th Hour, his ties to Kibagami and the Clan were revealed, and he along with Thoth destroyed the man formerly known as Silent before leaving together. Forming an alliance with Thoth, the Hell Machine then turned his eyes towards a threat from the past...


...a former friend, the Antichrist Superstar. After goading the monster by speaking his 'real name', Crow made Janus take up his challenge of a Best of Five match. Where this will go, and what this means for the SWF...remains to be seen.

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Guest Suicide King

Kliq 4 Life.



Smarkboard name: Suicide King

Wrestlers Name: the Suicide King (Nicknames include the King of Hearts, the Gambling Man, and the Heartbreaker)

Height: 6 ft tall.

Weight: 224 lbs

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Heel (take Shawn Michaels/DDP/Million Dollar Man... cowardly, desperate, vain, cunning, willing to do anything to win Memphis heel. Will beg for his life. Is intelligent.)

Stable: None

Tag Partner (optional): None at this time

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): the Ace of Clubs, a black wooden baseball bat

Quote: "That, you can bet on."

"Don't you know that a King always beats a Jackass?"

"Are you a gambling man?"


ring attire: Very much like Jerry Lynn, but slightly more clean-cut. Pretty boy, black vest, no shirt, long blond hair, short chin beard. Black tights with images of bright red broken hearts all over them. Tattoo of (you guessed it) the King of Hearts on his right shoulder. Black boots on his feet.

actual person: Built like a gymnast, prefers to wear polo shirts and jeans outside of the ring, normally with his overcoat. Wears hair untied out of the ring.


Ring Entrance: The arena goes dark as the voice of Ozzy Ozborne screams out, "ALL ABOARD!! AH HAH HAH HAH!!" The stage suddenly explodes as a wall of crimson pyro shoots skyward, deafening and blinding those closest. When the pyro finishes the wailing guitar chords of Ozzy Ozborne's "Crazy Train" pick up in volume and the Suicide King is revealed, posing cockily as the crowds pours their derision on him (save for the few sparse cheers from desperate women). Smirking in disdain he makes his way down to the ring, strutting like he is the single greatest thing since sliced bread. Making his way to ringside, he jumps up to stand on the ring apron and moves provocatively between the ropes. Once inside the ring the Suicide King circles the ropes, making sure that everyone in attendance gets a good, long look at the most talented, entertaining, and handsome man in wrestling today. The men swear, the women squeal, and the SWF collects another fortune in merchandising... the Suicide King casually brushes the hair out of his eyes and waits for his unworthy opponent.



Strength: 3

Speed: 5

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 7


Style: Small striker/grappler. Is craven and cunning, cocky and vain. Bad at tapping submissions, ok at chokeout submissions..


Signature moves:

10) Low Blow

9) "Heartbreaker" shotei (palm strike to opponent's chest, staggers them and knocks the breath out of them long enough to get off a big move)

8) Dropkick

7) Diving Reverse DDT

6) Reverse DDT onto knee

5) Hurricanrana

4) Top rope Superfly Splash

3) Dragon Sleeper, standing or kneeling

2) Superkick

1) Drop Toe Hold (often into the ropes or turnbuckle)


[The moves that make your wrestler famous. Most of the things people have in there top 10 can be considered signature moves]


Un-common moves:

1) Pumphandle Drop/Backbreaker

2) Falling Arm Breaker (not that silly over-the-shoulder one)

3) Eye Gouge/Thumb to the Eye

4) Bulldog

5) Missile Dropkick

6) Arm Wrench and Ax Kick to Shoulder/Straight Sidekick to Armpit

7) Irish Whip to High Knee (like HHH's)

8) Concealed foreign object shot (you know, roll of quarters in the tights, that sort of thing)

[The more mundane stuff that your character might use. This is outside of scoop slams, clotheslines, etc, but could include the more stylised suplex’s and the like]


Rare moves:

1) Pumphandle Low Blow

2) Fujiwara Armbar Takedown

3) Suicide Plancha

4) Tornado Bulldog, corner-assisted

5) Kneelift to Bulldog

6) Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker (only able to do it to cruiserweights)

7) Victory Roll

8) Springboard Hangman (jump on ropes, grab opponent's head on way down, snap it off ropes, land outside)

[The moves your guy might use every once in a blue moon. He’s capable of them perhaps, but might not fit his style, or he may only go up against people he can use these moves on once in awhile]




1. (Favorite and preferred) Jokers Wild: Half Nelson Forward Russian Leg Sweep. For example, I stand to my opponent's left, take his left arm and pull it out with my left arm, put his right arm up in a half nelson with my right arm, and then sweep him forward face first into the ground. For my worst enemies only, once on the ground I maintain the half nelson and place the opponent's free arm in a leg scissors, then reach my free arm across his throat, creating a leg scissor kataha-jime (Tazzmission). Very nasty submission move that is maintained until chokeout... call it the Suicide Squeeze. Not like you'll ever write it though, since it always wins.


Psychology: Generally just goes out there with a plan, a backup plan, and three or four backup backup plans just in case. Prefers to win by cheating rather than skill, as in his mind that is the best way to show his superiority. Should he be dragged kicking and screaming into an actual wrestling match though he will focus on quick strikes and grapples to wear down his opponent. Often he will target the neck or shoulder specifically to set up his finishers.


Background: Guess who's in charge now? The Suicide King has made the next logical step as a power behind the scenes and taken the position of Commissioner of the SWF. He generally prefers to bribe others with whatever is available to do his dirty work, but he makes sure to keep in shape in case any of these idiots decide to try him on for size. After all, he is the only man who could take Thugg to school like forced bussing. No price is too high and no sin too great if it means the King stays on his throne, in comfort, and grinning all the way to the bank.

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Guest Muzz

Smart Marks Board Name: Muzz

Name: Andrew Blackwell

Nicknames: The Sacred One, Sacred (Call him that as often as you like in matches and the like)

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 228 Pounds

Hometown: Adelaide, Australia

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Heel with a slight, slight god complex, the reason people dislike him.

Stable: The Andrew Blackwell Experiment (One man Stable, Like the old days)

Ring Escort: None

Preferred Weapon(s): Steel chair, his old friend.


- Quotes and Catchphrases:


‘Nobody Expects Sacred’s Inquisition.’


Stay Tuned for more...


- Look: Black hair, reaching down to about his neck around his head, with longer bangs at the front. Bluish-Green piercing eyes, but tired and weary features are prominent, with black rings under his eyes. He also has a Dragon tattoo stretching from just below his shoulder, down the side of his arm and to his elbow.


Ring wear consists of a tight white dress shirt (without sleeves, shirt cutting off around the middle of his upper arms), black dress pants, belt and black leather shoes. Blackwell also has black fingerless gloves, and outside of the ring wears reddish tinted lens metal sunglasses, and normal ‘formal’ wear, a very classy fellow in most respects. If some people question his taste, he simply asks them, “What, am I not ‘normal’?”


- Ring Entrance:


Music: Lycia - Tainted, which you can download here


Very atmospheric, creepy. A slow soft bass beat in the background.


Added Effects:


The television pictures begins to flutter, becoming fuzzy, and this continues while Andrew Blackwell’s voice is heard…



“There is nothing wrong with your television set… Do not attempt to adjust the picture…”



“I will control the horizontal. I will control the vertical.”



“I am controlling transmission…”



The picture returns to normal shortly after. Before Andrew Blackwell walks out, the lights recede, not into complete darkness, but very near to, and his music begins to play, softly, at the same time. Spotlights situated to the side of the ramp way, all along the side turn on Blackwell and follow him as he walks slowly before getting to ringside.


- Stats:


Strength: 4


Speed: 4


Charisma: 6


Vitality: 6


- Style: Takes his style from many different sources. His combination of high flying, athletic offence and confining submission moves make him a well-rounded wrestler, with little unique traits that stick out. One thing that does though is his ring smarts. Blackwell is a consummate ring general, and can stoop to any tactics to prevail over his opponents, gained over years of experience in the SWF.


Psychology plays an important role in his game plan, as does mind games. His psychology is Puro-like, either focusing on a body part the whole match, or just to build to a bigger move or get him back in the match if he’s behind.


- Notes: After is failed suicide attempt, Andrew Blackwell left wrestling to pursue a normal life which is friends encouraged him to do after the loss of his wife and the afore mentioned suicide attempt. Finding a normal life of pencil pushing irritating and just damn frustrating and pointless, Blackwell planned a return to wrestling, discovering his brother, Christian, had taken heed of his plea to join the Smarks Junior League and had become the European Champion. Sacred tried to turn his brother into him, a non-caring vigilante of sorts, trying to take his feelings away and to just stop caring. Andrew found that his brother was a unique and beautiful soul who shouldn’t be encouraged to change, but Sacred did little to change his own ways as he makes his return to professional wrestling, the death of his wife behind him and a new urge to reach the top of the sport and to solidify his place in the Hall of Fame, a honour he continues to decline until he hears each and every wrestler in the SWF say he truly deserves.


- Writer notes:


Andrew Blackwell is driven by many things. One thing he desires most is to become one of the best ever, to have his name remembered in future generations, and he desires all that would come with that, money, glory and power.


Power may be something he strives more secretly to have, because he sees that with power, people will be more ‘inclined’ to listen to his message.


‘The Message’ he brings is his philosophy of sorts. Blackwell lives a relaxed life, not following any strict training regime (Although he stays in shape, no more than he has to though), and enjoying things in life. His peers can aggravate him in they claim to fight in the SWF because it is their ‘fate’, or ‘destiny’, things that Sacred does not believe in, after his wife’s death especially. Blackwell desires that people follow his philosophy, as he despises how society has become, with the domination of the media in every day life, in the way people live their lives. He believes in his cause so much that he will do anything to make people see his way, such is his hate for modern society. He wants people to say what they mean, to do what they want, something that modern society has taken away, and in some ways, Blackwell sees himself as a wiser being than most, and his god complex has grown from that.


Who knows what he will do next... but he will always fight, do whatever it takes to win, to be the best, because he wants to be the best, to live the high life.


- Signature Moves:


Cross Armed German Suplex (Wtih Bridge or Not, you decide)

Shotgun AKA Suplex to Stunner

‘Spanish Inquisition’ (Booker T’s Book End, used mostly out of desperation)

‘Superman 3’ Triple Jump Moonsault (Hit immediately after a hard hitting move, can sometimes get the pin all by itself so its no throwaway move.)

Ankle Scissors (From an Irish whip or top rope position, yo.)

Various Limb Trapping/Stomping Moves (Taking an opponent’s arm and leg and say, trapping it between his legs, Sacred jumps into the air and falls back down, squishing flesh and bone, nasty.)

Tilt-a-Whirl Slam/Backbreaker/Gutbuster (Tilt-a-Whirl from an Irish whip into a slam, backbreaker, or the reverse, the opponent landing gut first on Blackwell’s knee.)

‘Kamikaze’ Super Spear (A move Sacred has possessed all his career, used to buy himself some time, catch an opponent in an awkward position or to work on the opponents ribs in spectacular fashion.)

Forearm blows + Flying and Running Forearm Smash (Forearm blows done instead of right hands, and Flying forearm done instead of clotheslines. Uniqueness!)

Knife Edge Chops

Leg Roll Clutch (Opponent on back, face same way as them, put legs around their waist, turn over and drag them over, then bridge back for the pin)

Spin Kick (ALA Booker T)

Kidou Clutch Pin

"A Fair Judgement" Strangle Hold Gamma

Cross STF /w Double Chickenwing

"For My Fallen Angel" Lyger Bomb

R.K.O (Running Diamond Cutter, Orton's Version)

"Deprogrammer" Upright Figure Four


- Common Moves


Elementary Grapple moves such as Arm drag, hip toss etc.

Elementary Submission holds like a hammerlock, arm bar, leg lock etc.

Backbreaker, Gutbuster etc. (Elementary moves that work an opponents body part.)

Bow and Arrow Backbreaker

German Suplex (Can be hit from seemingly anywhere at anytime, also includes the cross armed variety and can be bridged for the pin)

Chickenwing Facelock

Hurricanrana (Also into pin)

Leg Lariat (Almost done more than the flying forearm)

Diving Reverse DDT (An old favourite, also done into a backbreaker)

Flipping Dropkick

Sickle Hold AKA Inverted Indian Death Lock /w Inverted Chinlock

Chickenwing Facelock


- Rare Moves


Modified Kabel Naria AKA Elevated Surfboard /w Reverse Face Lock

Inverted Pyramid Driver

Springboard Cruel Fate

Tilt-a-Whirl Tombstone




- The Cruel Fate


Sacred’s time honoured finisher. Blackwell grabs his opponent in a front face lock position, puts his left over * over * the top of the opponents and hooks it underneath. Then with the opponent in this position, Blackwell lifts his left leg into the air and in the blink of an eye, swings it back the same time he falls forward in a front face DDT of sorts. So the move starts out in a Tiger Neck Chancre, but except for the leg going backwards and swinging forwards, it is raised forwards and flung backwards, falling forward in the process.


- Narcosynthesis


A tribute to his brother, Christian, who used this move as his finisher. The Narcosynthesis is the Cattle Mutilation Submission hold used by American Dragon. First Sacred grabs his opponent from behind, chickenwinging BOTH his arms and pushing his opponent around the ring, trying to get him flat n his face. If that is successful, Blackwell then flips over the top of his opponent and into a bridged position, pulling back on his arms in the Chickenwing position. His brother Christian is well known for using a chair in this move, pushing his opponent into it before putting on the bridge.


Sacred doesn't use this move as often as the Cruel Fate, and isn't as proficient at it as his brother is, so that makes it a tad easier for people to counter.

Edited by Muzz

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Guest Dace59

31st July, first post in the new thread


Smarks Board Name: Dace59

Wrestlers Name: Dace 'Horrorcore' Night

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 252 lbs

Hometown: Birmingham, England, UK

Lives: Tampa Bay, Florida

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Tweener Face

Stable: Unholy Trinity

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Chairs, lightbulbs, tables, thumbtacks, barbed wire, any ultraviolent weapon there is. This includes the Weedwhacker! (save it for big matches though people)


"It's only a weedwhacker, it won't hurt"

"Would you like that with one breaken neck or two?"

Taunt: The Metal Horns (\m/ pinky and index out, throws it a lot)



Well built, but not bulging with muscles or the effects of roids. Has pale white skin.

Short spiked black hair with metallic red and dark purple tips. Grey/red eyes.

Has a huge mess of perminat scars on his face since Janus Knuckle Bombed him with woodern splinters from a table.



Plain black wrestling boots. Black tights, with red and sliver fire/spike patterns running down each leg, the word "Dace" is written on the back in spiky lettering.

A black short sleeve slogan T-shirt like "Protected By Satan", "Ultraviolent Christraper" etc (see below), or the Anti M7 one. An Inverted Crucifix necklace, which he removes before the match.


Outside of the ring, wears black jeans and various t shirts. And generally his girlfriend on his arm (She's not a wrestler, or under SWF contrant in any way or form, so no one can touch or use her.)

T shirts include Black and Death Metal ones like Emperor and Death, various gothic images and paterns, dragons, T shirts of wrestling allies/friends (Va'aiga, Danny Williams, Aecas, The Extreme Solution), and AJPW, ECW and any Hardcore feds. Also Horrorcore shirts, like "This is Horrorcore" "Team Horrorcore 666" "Weedwhacker Lovin!" and all that.


Ring Entrance:

The lights fade out and a burst of black smoke goes up, covering the entrance way. "Justifiable Homicide" by Dying Fetus kicks in, as the ramp is lit by red and purple lights, which follow him down as he walks out and to the ring. Climbs into the ring, and throws the horns to the crowd.

His entrance video starts off as a black screen which shatters like glass to so red fillterd clicks of his head dropping and heating on people. Oh, and lots of him slicing Spike Jenkins to bits.


Tag Entrance:

Smoke billows out from the entrance why, lit red by the gateway lights as red lasers shine across the entrance area, creating a mesh of light.




Davidian by Machinehead starts up and as a blast of Pyro fires off. Red strobe lights light the passage up the ramp. Dace/Danny/Va'aiga step through the laser mesh out of the smoke and stride up the ramp into the ring. Va'aiga/Danny/Dace salute the fans before the climb into the ring.





Strength: 8 (Very hard hitting and can shift almost anyone. Can even throw Janus with effort.)

Speed: 3 (Just so he can run to hit the Yakuza Kick)

Vitality: 8 (He's Ultraviolent, so he's never going down easily. No sells at times.)

Charisma: 1 (I can't write promos, so it saves him talking too much. Gets over with his actions.)


Style: Power/Technical, with brawling and heavy ultraviolent undetones. So AJPW with some violence.


For all moves "/" separates different names/terms for the same moves, so most will know what they are.

[] breakets surround gimmick names and () breakets surround general notes.


Signature moves:

Elbow Smashes (Misawa stlye, uses them instead of punches)

Yakuza Kick (This move is over, it's even more stiff)

Front Face Lock Choke/Front Neck Lock

Sheer Drop Brainbuster (A Neck Drop)


Powerbomb (Relase, Pin, Sitout or Highangle)

German Suplex (Dangerous, Release or Bridged)

Dragon Suplex

Sitout Electric Chair Slam (Sit opp on shoulders so they are facing the same way, then throw forwards so they land on back bewteen legs.)


Common moves:

Release/Slam Spinebuster (Faarooq style)

Backdrop Suplex


Knee strikes


Figure Four Sleeper

Northern Lights Suplex (Bridged for the pin)

Sitout Reverse Suplex (Lift as suplex then slam chest/face first between legs)

Standing Knee Drops

Sleeper Hold


Snap Suplex

Double Leg Takedown



Boston Crab



Rare moves:

Danny's/Va'aiga's Big Sig and Finishing Moves.

Crippler Cross Face

Top Rope Splash (Very rare)



Crucifix Powerbomb to Seated Neckbreaker [Black Nova] (Lift up for a Crucifix Powerbomb and throw opp backwards, catching them and landing in a Seated Neckbreaker. Primary Finisher)


Double Arm High Angle DDT [Defenestration] (As Double Underhook DDT, but lift opp into air, and drop onto head at 45 Degree angle. Secondary Finisher)


Vertical Sheer Drop Thunder Fire Powerbomb [Dark Star Driver] (Gut wrench opp up over one shoulder, and powerbomb bomb down, TOTALLY vertical. Big Death Finisher)


Tag Team Moves:

Double Elbow Smashes

Double Yakuza Kicks

Sandwhich Double Spears

Double Fujiwara

Double Jujigatame


Running Elbow Smash / Yakuza Kick Assisted German Suplex (Nail the strike as the victim is being Germaned for that little extra snap)


Sitout Electric Chair Slam / Diving Enzui-Lariat


Tag Finishers:

Kneeling Powerbomb (Dace) w/ Diving Elbow Smash (Danny) (Dace sets the victim up for a Powerbomb, then Danny dives off the tap and Eblows the victim in their face as Dace drops to his knees with a Powerbomb)


Decapitator (Inverted Powerbomb from Va'aiga with Axe Kick from Dace)




Is an 8 year vetern, and has 5 years of amture experience.

As the stats say, he doesn't punch, uses mainly Elbow Smashes or the other listed strikes.

At times will just shrugg of small, weaker moves, and level the opp with a big stiff Elbow or Lariat.

Can chain wrestle and counter at least as well as anyone else. (Read, has all my move knowledge)

If the Ref is down, Dace will NOT check on him, and will just conintue to pound the hell out of his opponent.

If he has a submission on, and no one is around to call it, he will keep the hold on, and WONT let go, until something breaks, or the ref makes a call.

Doesn't take cockey chances, and would rather just drop you on your neck or head a few more times.

Has an ultravoilent past, and when he gets the chances, he will be one sick monkey.

Horrorcore - A Wildchild invention, read Dace Night vs Spike Jenkins - Damnation In A Box - SJL Malice In Wonder Land 26th Jan, 2003. Have a sick bucket ready.




Born and bred in local Brum, a highly intelligent child, and the most educated in his area. His best friend , Scott Rage, got into the wrestling business at 14, and soon got Dace invloved as well when he was 16. Both men managed to wrestle through college and univeristy, putting on some of the greatest UK shows ever seen, either with or against each other.

Dace helped Rage to prefect the Callidonian Safe Maker, a Firemans Carry to Kryptonite Krunch, and still uses in UK shows. After Univeristy, Scott when out to Japan as a buisness major and a wreslter.

Dace headed west to America as an electronics expert and wrestler.

Never had any major injury in his life. He is heavily influced by music tastes of the black north, and the wrestling styles of the East, even including some of Scott Rage's work.

He doesnt keep much contact with his family, but does with some of his oldest and closest friend. Never the most charismatic guy, but always smart and friendly.

Wrestling is some sort of kick and expression he cant get else where for him.

He has also wrestled amture since he was 19, and still does, but it's not reflected in major parts of his style. Not any Kurt Angle, be he can still take it to the mat, in both styles.

Edited by Dace59

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Guest Kibagami

Smarks Board Name: Kibagami

Wrestlers Name: Nathaniel Kibagami

Nicknames: Silent, The Silent One

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 268 lbs.

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Age: 31

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): The steel-tipped cane is back…fear it.


Looks: Kibagami’s hair is back to its original black – it reaches just below his shoulders, and is usually tied back in a ponytail to keep it out of his eyes. He’s frighteningly well-muscled – whether he’s using steroids or not is anyone’s guess. He comes to the ring shirtless, proudly displaying his numerous tattoos, the newest of which is his former ring name, “Silent”, inked in gothic lettering just above his breastbone. There is an ankh on his right forearm, a number of Chinese characters on either side of his neck, and across his shoulder blades are the words, “No Salvation” – a reminder of his days with the Clan. Nathan’s wrists are taped, and he wears white full-length tights with black ankhs printed on either side, as well as a pair of generic white wrestling boots. Backstage, he can be found wearing very plain white clothes, his hair tied back. He’s usually watching tapes or getting ready for a match.


Ring Entrance: Fog begins to billow up from unseen holes in the entrance ramp as the first haunting notes of Nevermore’s “The River Dragon Has Come” echo through the arena. The SmarksTron shows Kibagami, back facing the camera, in a simple wooden chair, just as the audience is lulled into a false sense of security by the soothing music…




Every light in the arena – the house lights, the spotlights near the entrance ramp, even the picture on the SmarksTron – suddenly flares, blinding white, as the distortion kicks in and the music begins to pound through the speakers. The picture on the SmarksTron is replaced with the familiar burning ankh…


Today, the warning came in the flood…


Kibagami comes through the curtains and the fog as the vocals begin, and the lights are finally reduced to their usual level. The Silent One briskly makes his way to the ring, ignoring the fans’ cheers completely as the music surges forward. He slides into the ring, rolls to his feet, and walks to the nearest turnbuckle. Kibagami climbs to the top rope and poses in the crucifix position until the music dies down, at which point he hops back off the top rope and turns to face his opponent or await his entrance.



Strength: 6 (Nathan’s gotten back into ring shape, and he’s bulked up a lot. He can throw a VERY nasty suplex now, and his kicks are potential knockout blows if delivered correctly.)

Speed: 4 (He takes it slow and steady in the ring, but his reaction time is excellent, and his kicks are fast as hell. A few aerial moves are possible, but rarely attempted.)

Vitality: 8 (Nobody’s quite sure what happened, and they certainly don't know how, but Kibagami’s tolerance for pain seems to have increased dramatically. Some things he doesn’t even seem to feel – shades of the original Silent persona, maybe. In any case, he can once again take a beating and come back for more.)

Charisma: 2 (Kibagami doesn’t talk much anymore; he’ll be as curt as possible in promos, unless he has something particularly important to say. He can be quite verbose if the situation calls for it, but it’s very, very rare.)


Style: Kibagami’s style is a unique fusion of high-impact maneuvers and submission work, coupled with devastating striking ability. The Silent One believes that the best defense is a good offense.


Game Plan: Nathan’s standard plan of attack is to wear an opponent down with hard-hitting maneuvers, kick them in the face a couple times if they start to gather momentum, and finish them with either the Rough Redemption or the folding powerbomb, depending on his mood. However, when faced someone with a noticeable physical advantage of some kind (Frost, or Wildchild – someone with exceptional strength or speed) or someone he considers an equal (Thoth, the late great Edwin MacPhisto), Kibagami elects to play the ground game and wait for his opponent to make a mistake he can capitalize on. For situations where he needs a quick win, he’ll attempt to hook the triangle choke repeatedly, or he’ll go for Flesh Into Gear if he thinks he’s got a reasonable chance of hitting it. Attacks on his neck make him very angry, and he’ll pull out the Demonstar at a moment’s notice if he’s had a bad day.




-Front Hammerlock Suplex


-Dragon DDT: A reverse DDT with a Dragon Sleeper applied. The Dragon Sleeper is sometimes maintained.

-Downshifter Suplex: Front Chancre Suplex

-Exploder Suplex

-Shining Wizard

-High-angle folding powerbomb with pin. Alternate finisher. © Toshiaki Kawada, 1995. All rights reserved.

-Triangle Choke Hold (Nathan’s primary submission, and a legitimate one at that.)

-Half Belly-to-Belly Suplex

-Burning Lariat


Common moves:


Knee strikes: Kibagami will usually pepper his opponent with knee strikes in any sort of lockup.

Snap suplex

Elbow strikes

Kick combos: Nathaniel will string together three or four kicks to swing the momentum of a match back in his direction if the opponent takes control for too long.

Springing sidekick

Dropkicks to the knee or face

Fujiwara Armbar

Ippon Seionage (An over-the-shoulder judo throw.)

Yakuza Kick

Basic takedowns: Fireman’s carry/Fireman’s carry cradle, single-leg takedown to half-crab, arm drag to armbar, headlock takedown, arm screw to short-arm scissors.


Rare moves:


Year of the Dragon: Firebird Splash. The rarest of the rare.

Chasing the Dragon: rolling Dragon suplexes (2-4).

Dragon’s Talons: Dragon Clutch. Stylish submission finisher for PPV.

Riot of the Blood: Thoth’s spinning tombstone piledriver.

The Encore Cross: Edwin MacPhisto’s old finisher. Spike backslide.


Finishers: (appearing in order of frequency)


Rough Redemption II: A 270-degree powerbomb, starting from the height of a regular backdrop. Refer to SD4’s Spinning Powerbomb 3 for a visual. Kibagami’s preferred finisher.

Flesh Into Gear: Springboard Diamond Dust. Used on opponents who are either too large for the Rough Redemption or who have consistently evaded the triangle choke.

Demonstar Driver: Stylized J-Driller. Broke Kibagami’s neck once, and retired Chris Raynor when employed by the Crown Prince of Flash and Panache. You will show respect. From the hospital.



Notes: Kibagami’s major weakness is his neck, but he’s very adept at defending it, and he won’t hesitate to murderdeathkill his opponent with the Demonstar Driver to prevent injury to himself. He's actually taken to carrying a black marker in his boot to mark the spot he intends to Demonstar his opponent -- his reasoning is that everybody and their mother knows what it is and what it means, and there's virtually no way to apply it unless the opponent has been beaten to a pulp, so why not do it in the most stylish fashion possible?


It takes a very calm, collected wrestler to do any real damage to Kibagami’s neck – a ring technician like Judge Mental or Tom Flesher comes to mind, or perhaps someone with a large strength advantage and the patience to use it, like Frost. Anyone else would do better to just hit as hard and fast as they can and hope it’s enough. This is for two reasons: one, to further a long-term storyline, and two, to prevent every match Kibagami’s involved in from deteriorating into “Opponent works the neck, Kibagami comes back, repeat.”


Kibagami mainly keeps to himself backstage, only interacting with the front office or other workers when he feels it’s necessary. He travels to and from shows by himself whenever possible. If you’d like to use him in a promo, please PM me first – Kibagami doesn’t talk to very many people, and he almost never speaks at length, so I’d like to establish a point to the encounter so Kibagami can cut right to it using as few words as possible.

Edited by Kibagami

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Smarks Board Name: Rawknight

Wrestlers Name: Va'aiga

Real Name: Va'aiga Tuipulotu

Nicknames: The Maori Badass

Height: 6'8

Weight: 290

Hometown: Rotorua, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Age: 30

Face/Heel: Face (though DAMN tweenery at times, and a Heel in Australia!)

Stable: The Unholy Trinity (w/ Dace Night & Deathwish Danny Williams)

Ring Escort: None

Weapons: Va'aiga uses weapons, but doesn't bring any with him

Quotes: "Turn up, KICK ASS!", "BOO-YAH!"


Looks: Va'aiga has a shaved head, leaving a little at the front unshaved. Va'aiga's wears white wrist and hand tape, across the palm of the hand and wrapped 1/3 of the way up the forearm, black wrestling tights with red Maori patterns on them and black boots. Va'aiga's arms are covered in ta Moko (Maori Tattoos) from shoulder to wrist. The whole effect of Va’aiga’s look should be enough to make cowardly bitchy cheating heels WET THEMSELVES. Or at least beg off a bit. Va’aiga is an intimidating man.



Ring Entrance:


The arena drops to darkness, as Va'aiga's shadow appears in the entranceway, dressed in his hooded training top with the hood down. The bassline of "Bring The Pain" by Method Man starts up and red strobe lights pierce the darkness of the entrance ramp as Va'aiga begins his slow walk to the ring, throwing a few phantom jabs on the way. The Smarktron shows images of Va'aiga shadow boxing and posing, cut with some of his biggest in ring hits - Maori Dropping Jay Dawg onto a flaming section of canvas, flattening Ejiro with a Lariat, Camel Clutching Jay Dawg with a bent golf club, Maori Dropping CIA through the windshield of the Mag 7 limo, smashing Crow with a chair, staring off with Janus, holding up both the Tag and Hardcore Gamers belts after the tag title win, hitting the Decapitator on Ejiro with Dace Night... Inside the ring Va'aiga rolls down his hood and raises his fists to the crowd, then takes off his top and throws it to a ring assistant before firing off the Maori hand sign.




Strength: 7 (Va’aiga can throw ANYONE around. His lariats and tackles can knock anyone off their feet pretty much too!)

Speed: 3 (To quote someone (Judge I think) Va’aiga is capable of moving VERY quickly… in a straight line. Complicated stuff like climbing the ropes and that happen very slowly.)

Vitality: 7 (If you even THINK about firing off a chop or slap at Va’aiga, be prepared to get your head taken off with a lariat. These are things Maoris just don’t sell. Va’aiga can delay sell All Japan style, and being from the Pacific Islands he has an unusually hard head!)

Charisma: 3 (Va'aiga isn’t going to win the Nobel Prize for literature. He’s more a simple threats and swearing kind of guy)


Style: Va’aiga is a pure and simple power wrestler. It’s not that Va’aiga doesn’t know how to work an opponents weaknesses carefully and pick subtle and diverse tactics, it’s just not his STYLE. His style is more throwing people around and shouting “BOO-YAH!” very loudly.


Signature moves:


BIG Lariat

No sell and Lariat

Punch combo: Left cross, left cross, left cross, kiss the fist, BIG right hook

- The crowd can call along with this (ONE! TWO! THREE! ooooooOOOOOAAAAHBOO-YAH!)

Southern Lights Bomb

Running Shoulder Tackle (His hot tag clear out move)

Running Tackle from behind

High Angle Bodyslam and Taunt

Release Powerbomb and Taunt

Flapjack and Taunt


Common moves:


Lots of kicks and punches

Yakuza Kick


Side Russian Leg Sweep

Reverse Russian Leg Sweep

Boston Crab

Camel Clutch

Shoulder Backbreaker Hold

Abdominal Stretch


Backdrop Suplex

Exploder Suplex

Tiger Suplex

Release Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex

Release German Suplex

Side Belly to Belly Suplex


Falcon Arrow


Rare moves:


Frog Splash

- needs a Maori Drop to set up

Slingshot Plancha

- only in big tag matches, and it's NOT pretty

Va’aiga Stinger (Arm Trap Burning Hammer)

- New Special Occasion Head Drop finisher! Block it from your mind, it isn’t getting used by you unless you’re jobbing to me!




Maori Drop (Jumping Fall Forward Slam WITH AUTHORITY!)

- The Maori Drop alone is a guaranteed two count and a set up for something bigger. Any variation on a Maori Drop is a legit finisher (the Running Maori Drop is the most common, but Spinning, Chokeslam, and Super Maori Drop have all been seen and all have won matches)


Pacific Stretch (Inverted DDT to Dragon Sleeper w/ Body Scissors)

- This is Va’aiga’s submission finisher if he ever needs one. Which isn’t very often.


Tag Signature Move:


Knee Clip/Spear

- It's spears from both sides at once. Pancaketastic.


Tag Finisher:


The Decapitator (Inverted Powerbomb/Axe Kick)

- Va'aiga is always the Inverted Powerbomb half.


Notes: Va'aiga is, as one commentator described him, Violence at its Finest. Trained as a King's Road style wrestler Va'iga will, under normal circummstances, start with a flurry of strikes, move on to sumbissions and stretching before finishing with his range of power moves. However Va'aiga has a tendency to totally lose his cool, grab for foreign objects and get himself DQd for the sake of some extra violence. If beaten in some way that doesn't KO him (e.g. flash cradles) Va'aiga will tend to flip out and destroy his opponent until restrained. If Va'aiga cheats, he cheats very blatantly. Va'a'iga is also not afraid to beat on refs if THEY annoy him. After big moves Va'aiga will often stop and shout to the crowd, "BOO-YAH!", "C'MON!" and other equally short and to the point stuff.


Bio: Turn Up, Kick Ass. Va'aiga is violence personified. Unsubtle, short tempered, mean, nasty and incredibly vindictive - and the fans LOVE it - Va'aiga Tuipulotu has been kicking ass in his native New Zealand, Japan and the US for 6 long hard years now. Trained by Chris Vaikona and refined by Shoji Tanaka, Va'aiga has a sound grasp of pychology as well as a sound grasp of the psychotic. Va'aiga began as part of the Commonwealth of Wrestlers stable, but soon left for the US and began teaming with his friend Va'a as the Haka Boyz, winning many accolades and championships, as well as earning a reputation for unbridled violence.


As a singles wrestler Va'aiga has won a handful of singles titles, mainly in the field of Deathmatches, but has never wanted to be classed as a hardcore wresler, just an extremely tough one. Va'aiga has fought, however, in some famed gimmick matches, notably the Shark Tank Match (Steel Cage suspended above the ring) and the infamous Office deathmatch, smashing up the office of the Hardcore commissioner of his federation in a brutal title defense. The last time Va'aiga was seen on US TV he Maori Dropped 7 people in a night long rampage, including three for the president of his federation, resulting in his prompt firing from the company. A deadly enemy, and sometimes a deadly ally, Va'aiga is nevertheless a great wrestler and a man to be respected.


In the SJL Va'aiga got a reputation for being a determined winner and a VERY bad loser, frequently detroying locker rooms, sercurity staff, referees or whatever in cathartic rages to soothe himself. Va'aiga proved himself an outstanding wrestler in a memorable #1 contender match against Tryst and in his final, desperate win in a steel cage against Crow with his Career on the line and as he enters the SWF he already has an alliance with Dace Night and Danny Williams in the Unholy Trinity.

Edited by Rawknight

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Guest The Superstar

Smarks Board Name:

The Superstar


Wrestlers Name:







299 lbs.



Studio 3B








Ring Escort:

Vicky Black AND the Studio Audience~!



The usual.



Answers/Questions to Quiz’s answers/questions.



A large version of Chevy Chase. During matches, wears black dress pants and a purple dress shirt with a “Show” nametag.


Ring Entrance:

Ring Entrance: Rod Roddy’s voice blares over the loudspeakers: “Show! Come on down!” In the ring, Vicky Black turns over the name “Show” on a green sparkle Wheel-of-Fortune board as Crystal Waters’ “Come On Down” begins, and a pair of sliding doors open to reveal Quiz! He steps out and onto the ramp, a microphone in his hand as he walks down the ramp, smiling broadly and flashing his pearly whites as he speaks.


“Tonight’s question is who is getting their ass kicked… and I do believe the answer is (your name here)! SURVEY SAYS!”


Vicky Black turns over (your name here) on the board, as Show throws the microphone away, sliding into the ring and posing as he waits for the match to begin.


Tag Entrance: Rod Roddy’s voice blares over the loudspeakers: “Quiz! Show! Come on down!” Vicky Black turns over the words “Double Jeopardy” on the Wheel-of-Fortune board as “Come On Down” by Crystal Waters begins to play, a pair of sliding doors opening to reveal Quiz and Show! The two both have microphones, Quiz dressed tonight in a black suit with a (insert color here) tie! Quiz raises his and speaks.


“Welcome to tonight’s show! We have two contestants in the studio tonight, and their names are (insert names here)! Show, the answer is: The thing that all of these beautiful people in (insert city here) are going to see tonight!”


Show, with the crowd yelling behind him: “WHAT IS AN ASS KICKING!”


“You are correct, sir!”


Vicky Black reveals the words “Ass Kicking” on the board in the ring as Quiz and Show enter, both of them posing for the crowd before settling down to get ready for their match.




Strength: 7 – Can manhandle anyone below 250 pounds, and can hold his own extremely well against other heavyweights.

Speed: 4 – Usually lumbers around, and cruiserweights will run circles around him, but when the time comes, he can react quickly.

Vitality: 6 – A regular big man, so it’ll take a lot from the smaller wrestlers to put him down. He can kick out of the occasional finisher, but only on rare occasions.

Charisma: 3 – Obviously the less-charismatic of Double Jeopardy. A fun-loving guy, but mostly relies on Quiz for speaking.



Power/grapple based, while maintaining a WWE-ish style with lots of posing thrown in. He uses big moves, but enjoys the actual "Wrestling" aspect of, well, wrestling.


Signature moves:


“Showcase Showdown” - A sheer drop Angle Slam (while bringing the opponent down with an angle slam, Charlie simply drops them on their head). Strong enough to be a finisher in some cases, but usually just sets up a finisher.


“Grand Prize” Gut Buster - A gut buster (Charlie has opponent in fireman's carry, and then drops the opponent's stomach across his knee).


“Lovely Parting Gift” – STO. Used to stop momentum in most cases, as it can come out of nowhere.


“Physical Challenge” - Indian Deathlock. Obviously only busted out if the legs have been worked over.


”Body Language” Bearhug – Show’s favorite submission, has been known to ignite “Boring” chants. Used as a big wear-down move to showcase his strength.


”Password Plus” - Running Elbow Smash – Not Danny Williams-level, but enough to knock someone down and daze them momentarily.


“The Big Bet” – An Atomic Drop/Inverted Atomic Drop combo.


Chain-wrestling – While Show wasn’t an official amateur wrestler, he knows his stuff and can ride an inexperienced wrestler. However, if it’s someone like Mak Francis or Tom Flesher, he’ll have some difficulty.


“Lose a Turn” – An Airplane Spin, Show usually completes in the range of 5-10 rotations.


“Winning Spin” – The one and only Giant Swing; like the airplane spin, usually has about 5-10 rotations.


Common moves:


Short-arm clothesline

Pendulum Backbreaker

Yakuza Kick

Side belly-to-belly suplex

Body scissors

Hanging vertical suplex

Backdrop suplex

High knee (a la HHH)

Clubbing blow to the back

Gutwrench Suplex

Full Nelson Slam

Pumphandle Powerslam

Double-handed choke toss


Rare moves:


“Price Is Right” Piledriver – Matthews grabs the opponent in Boston Crab position, and then cinches them up, so their head is between his legs. He then proceeds to sit out, driving them into the mat. VERY vicious, nearly lethal, rarely used.


Release German Suplex






Final Answer – Pumphandle Fire Thunder Driver. Show’s primary finisher, this is set up like a pumphandle slam, but once the opponent is over his shoulder, Show drops into a sitting position, driving their head to the mat.


$64,000 Question – Running Death Valley Driver. Show has the opponent on his shoulders and runs forward, before falling to the side and dropping them head first onto the mat.


Tag Team Moves/Finishers:

“Falling From the Aggro Crag” – Show gets the opponent in an Electric Chair Drop position, and Quiz hits him with an elevated “Lightning Round”


“Think Fast” – Show powerbombs the opponent, and as he comes down Quiz springboards off the ropes, nailing the opponent as soon as he hits the mat with a “Hollywood Squaresault” that leads right into a cover.


“Double Dare” – The opponent is down on the mat. Show whips Quiz into the ropes, giving him a back body drop on the way back. Quiz does the flip in midair and lands on the opponent back-first.


“Don’t Press Your Luck” – Show presses the opponent into the air with a Military Press, and Quiz catches him with a Famouser off the top rope as Show presses him. This move is signaled by Show yelling out “No Whammy!”


Notes: Never uses closed-fist punches. He usually sticks with kicks, elbows, knife-edge chops, and forearm shots. While he’s not a full-on Memphis style heel, Show will resort to cheating in some instances, whether it’s double teaming or using a weapon. Not a very ANGRY heel, and he doesn’t take things very seriously.

Edited by The Superstar

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Guest Goodear

Smarks Board Name: Goodear

Wrestlers Name: Ejiro Fasaki

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 188 lbs.

Hometown: Sarasota, Florida

Age: 27

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: Magnificent 7

Tag Team: Justice and Rule (with Judge Hearford)

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Ejiro has taken to packing a chain somewhere on his person recently in the classic Jerry Lawler style. He's also become much more adept at using the ring and the area around it for full effect by exposing turnbuckles, choking with tag ropes, and pulling back the padding on the floor to use the concrete underneath. If it's around the ring, its fair game.




"I'm better than you and I can prove it."


Looks: Ejiro is an Asian American of Japanese decent, with mid length black hair with some spare strands that fall down into his eyes on occasion. He is built for stamina without a great deal of muscle mass on display. He has a tattoo of a rising phoenix on his left shoulder blade. Most of the time, he'll come to the ring with a Justice and Rule football jersey either Red on Black, Black on Red, or Red on White with corresponding wrestling shorts with a "7" crossing the entire thing from front to back with the tail of the seven coming down the inside of one leg. He also wears a heavy elbow pad on his right "screaming elbow" arm.


Ring Entrance (singles):


Please Stand for the playing of our National Anthem




As your SWF United States Champion, Ejiro Fasaki has suddenly become patriotic (mostly to be annoying) and comes out to a classic rendition of the Starspangled Banner. On special occasions, he might even have a singer actually in the ring for the process. Coming down the aisle, Fasaki will bother everyone who isn't standing or still wearing a baseball cap. Fasaki will also usually cut an itty bitty promo before the match just as a general order of being obnoxious.




Strength: 3 - Ejiro isn't going to be able to match up in a power match up unless he's facing someone on the lower end of the strength scale. He's going to be sticking and moving and trying to wear down his opponents instead of charging them head on.


Speed: 5 - Fasaki is fast compared to larger men, but isn't going to be able to keep pace with the quickest of cruiserweights. He certainly can go to the top rope, but isn't going to be pulling out Dragonrana's anytime soon.


Vitality: 8 - Fasaki can get beaten pillar to post all night long and come back for more. He doesn't mind getting hit and actually revels in his ability to get dropped on his head and continue to fight his way back again and again and again.


Charisma: 4 - Having spent the last few months in front of the camera, Ejiro is slowly starting to develop a personality thats generally annoying towards the fan base and getting him a pretty healthy set of boos. For the most part, he's a guy who feels surperior to everyone but doesn't feel appreciated by the front office.




Fasaki has modified his style to reflect a more viscous attitude since tagging up with Hearford and having to change his game to be an effective partner. Now dealing a lot less with standard submission holds (since they can be broken up before they have a chance to be truly effective), Fasaki has taken on a bit more brawling to his game while using a great deal of heel tactics to wear an opponent down for extended periods. But Ejiro still seems to take quite the beating each and every night and spends a whole lot of time getting tossed around the ring taking bumps.


Signature moves:

1) Screaming Elbow (reverse roaring elbow - Ejiro also uses normal elbow strikes, but the screaming elbow is his primary knock out weapon if it comes to that)

2) Fasaki fuser (similar to the Marty Jannetty variation of the rocker dropper, Ejiro uses a wrist lock in order to throw a leg over his opponent, but instead of coming down on the head, Ejiro puts his leg over his foe's shoulder and drives it into the mat)

3) Rings of Saturn double armbar

4) Enziguri

5) Running knee to the face

6) Lionsault

7) STO (leg trip sweep)

8) Reverse Fisherman's Suplex (Let me know if this one isn't clear. Basically its set up like a backdrop suplex but Ejiro folds the opponent up a lot more and links his hands together into a cradle before whipping the opponent back onto his head into a nasty pinning combination)


Common moves:

1) Fujiwara armbar

2) cross armbreaker

3) armbar slam

4) straddling armbar

5) knee drop (often before dropping the knee, Ejiro will pull down his kneepad to his shin in order to expose the bone and do a little more damage)

6) wrist lock (he uses this a lot in transition)

7) spin heel kick

8) reverse neckbreaker

9) bossman straddle

10) kicks to the arm

11) spinning neckbreaker

12) Hennig necksnap

13) snap suplex

14) side backbreaker

15) piledriver

16) dropkick


Rare moves:

1) Ejirocution (Silced Bread #2)

2) orange crush powerbomb (only for use against fellow lightweights under 235 pounds)



1) Ejirocation (a double arm piledriver ala Kid Kash's money maker)

2) Cobra crossface (using the basic position of the crippler crossface by grapevining an arm, Ejiro locks on a cobra clutch and leans back for the submission attempt)



Tag Team Moves (in Justice and Rule):

1) Rule of Law (A combination German Spider Suplex from the top from Judge and a flying driving elbow from Ejiro ... Tom Freakin Flesher didn't kick out of this.)

1) Overruled - Power Drill (With Judge Mental holding the opponent in position for a powerbomb, Ejiro snags the opponent in position for a reverse DDT. Then, as Judge tosses the legs of the opponent off to one side, Ejiro spins the man into mat with an elevated Testdrive/Last Rights/Roll of The Dice)

2) Gavel Bang - Problem Solver (Ejiro flapjack into a Judge DDT ... think the 3D except with a DDT)


Notes and Stuff:


Ejiro Fasaki should basically should be written personality complex as having a huge inferiority complex where he completely feels inadequite compared to those around him but acts like he's the second coming of Lou Thez. He's resentful towards those people that were born with bigger bodies, better physical tools, and even individuals that are more comfortable talking than Fasaki is. Basically this manifests as Ejiro trying to make it sound like mat wrestling the only pure way to actually wrestle since that is where Ejiro's strengths actually are. You might actually feel sorry for him if he wasn't such a pecker head.

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Guest WrestlingDeacon

Smarks Board Name: WrestlingDeacon

Wrestler’s Name: Frost (close friends may call him R.J., don't call him this unless I tell you you can. At this time only TNT and LDP are allowed.)

Nickname: The Iceman from Iceland, The Velvet Hammer

Height: 6 ft. 7 in.

Weight: 296 lbs.

Hometown: Reykjavik, Iceland

Age: 28

Face/Heel: ass kicking face

Stable: None

Partners: None (will only tag with TNT or LDP at this time)

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): a good pane of glass every now and then

Quote: “I warn you to be wary of the Touch of Frost or you shall face the consequences of an Early Winter.”

"You've got a one way ticket on the job train."

"I'm going to fold your ass sideways and cram you in the hurt locker."

Calls people he doesn't like "Face" in a derogatory fashion.

He'll never say it, but fans might have signs that read, "Frost is party!"


Looks: Frost is a very physically intimidating monster with a broad, chiseled physique. He has closely cropped snow-white hair and piercing blue eyes. Three thick, wide scars run diagonally from his right shoulder to just below his ribcage on his chest, the aftermath of a polar bear attack during one of his many runs in the desolate tundra outside of Reykjavik. He wears dark blue, full length wrestling tights with silver flecks and white, standard wrestling boots to the ring.


Ring Entrance: Silverish pyro explodes from the rafters as “Snowblind” by Black Sabbath starts on the sound system. A pale blue spotlight bathes the entrance stage and what appears to be snow flutters down from above onto the stage. Frost walks out from behind the curtain as the lyrics start to a huge pop. He’ll hold up one arm, fist clenched, to the crowd to signify the cheering and then starts a slow purposeful stride to the ring. He has a Frost Brand Cigar clenched in his teeth. Upon reaching the ring he’ll drop the cigar to the floor and grind it out with the heel of his boot. If he’s facing someone he really hates, he’ll flick the cigar at them while it’s still lit to pop the crowd again.




Strength: 8 (anyone up to 350 lbs. is not a problem for him to put power moves on, after that it starts getting a little tougher. If you weigh under 215 lbs., he's just going to toss you around like a rag doll)


Speed: 4 (he prefers a slow methodical pace in the ring, but has quick reflexes and is capable of quick bursts of speed. It's not unheard of for him to dodge a move or hit a move out of nowhere on a quick high flyer, but he's not doing it the whole match.)


Vitality: 5 (You will not be able to wear him out in under ten minutes, say 3500 words, and he won't be really winded and tired until around the 30 minute mark, say 6000 words. Could get through an iron match if need be and don't forget that this man trains in the Icelandic winter.)


Charisma: 3 (Monster face in the Kane mode. Fans react to him out of instinct and hatred for the men he’s facing. He will occaisonally play to crowds to get them riled up.)


Style: He is a pure power wrestler with some light technical skill he can use if he has too, but he usually chooses not too. Frost is methodical and calculating in the ring with occasional bursts of deceptive quickness and agility for his size. He has also incorporated a few other moves outside of his basic base of power wrestling (top rope clothesline, sharpshooter) to keep opponents off guard. He fares best against power wrestlers with lesser attributes than he possesses, mat based grapplers and those who are considered “all-around” wrestlers. Although it is rare for Frost to go up against someone who can match or better his size and strength, those who can are capable of beating Frost with a taste of his own medicine as Frost is too stubborn to alter his basic attack. Lighter, aerial based wrestlers can also trouble Frost with their speed and unorthodox style. He is a Goliath that can be slain.


Game Plan: Frost will use his strength to gain an early advantage in matches by hitting oppenents with big powers moves and stiff opening strikes (punches, clotheslines, whips, kicks, etc.) From their he generally likes to work on the neck and back of his opponents, but will take advantage of an existing injury or something he considers a weak point. Will move back to big power moves toward the end game of a match to fully wear his opponent out and set up the Early Winter. Will make a pin without resorting to the finisher, also consider the Ice Pick and choke slam as alternative finishers.


Signature moves: (in order of most likely use in a match, but can be done anytime)

1) Airplane spin slam (followed by a spinning legdrop)

2) Irish whip into inverted DDT: Frost whips his opponent into the turnbuckles or other barrier chest first. He catches them under the neck on the bounce out and drops them to the mat with an inverted DDT.

3) Icelandic Backbreaker (hanging body vice)

4) Rock ‘n Roll the Dice (aka roll the dice or test drive, swinging inverted neckbreaker, but with most of the bump being taken on the nape of the neck rather than flat on the back)

5) Touch of Frost (heart punch-setup for the Early Winter)

6) Snow Plow (aka northern lights bomb, a body slam side piledriver)

7) Snow Blind (face first wheelbarrow powerbomb)



Common moves:

1) Hands of Stone: Frost is a former amatuer boxer and knows how to throw a punch. Every punch is uber stiff and he will work a combo in if possible. Hooks, uppercuts, jabs and boxing footwork will be used early on to soften up opponents. Think 80's Mike Tyson.

2) Barrel Roll Slam (Razor Ramon’s modified fall away slam, most often used as a flying cross body counter)

3) Gorilla press slam

4) Face first drop to the turnbuckle (aka, Snake Eyes)

5) Tilt-a-whirl slam

6) Swinging neckbreaker

7) Gut wrench suplex

8) German suplex

9) Standing spinebuster

10) Brain buster suplex

11) Half Nelson bulldog

12) Slingshot suplex

13) Back breaker

14) Face breaker

15) Cobra clutch slam

16) Icelandic leg sweep (Face first Russian legsweep from Cobra clutch)

17) Hell Freezes Over: Back by popular demand. It's the stiffest fucking lariat you've ever seen. Would make Bradshaw say, "Damn, now that's a clothesline." Can be done straight, spinning, or short arm. 450 Marty Jannetty flip sell is appreciated.

18) Spinning Gordbuster (face first suplex)


Rare moves:

1) top rope clothesline

2) Hammer Jammer (sharpshooter)

3) tombstone piledriver

4) top rope superplex

5) TFDB-Tom Flesher is a Douche Bag: Double handed spinning chokeslam off the top rope. Only to be used in extreme, high profile situations. Like the blowoff match to a big feud on a ppv. Primarily to be used against Tom Flesher.



1) the Early Winter (Double underhook, sit down powerbomb where he holds on for the pin)

2) Cobra clutch

3) Choke Slam


Notes: Frost is a quiet loner with no need for a manager, partner or second at ring side. He has very few friends in life and likes it that way. He has a low, throaty speaking style that is both menacing and eloquent. He speaks fluent English with only a mild European accent. Frost realizes the power of words in psyching out his opponents and always chooses what he says carefully for maxim impact. He is intelligent and observant, but pride and egotism often makes him shortsighted both in and out of the squared circle. He fears no one and does not like mind games, although he is more than capable of playing them on others and will if he sees it to his advantage. With his recent face turn, Frost is more introspective and well mannered than he has been in the past. Sometimes coming off like a Zen master.


Extra Note: Frost has his own line of SWF sponsored cigars and Icelandic tacos. The line of Frost brand products grows by the hour.


Bio: Born Robert Jackson Frost on January 9th 1975, the coldest recorded day in Icelandic history at 47 degrees below zero. His father, a sailor, was lost at sea when Frost was 3 and the kind love of his mother was then tempered with the steely edge of his grandfather. His grandfather began training Frost for a boxing career that never reached fruition at the tender age of eight, focusing on an exercising and training regime centered on working in the frozen outdoors.


Frost took up amateur wrestling when he entered high school and used his size and strength to dominate the heavyweight division. He attended college at the prestigious University of Oslo in Norway. He was kicked off of the wrestling team there in his freshman year due to his increasingly brutal style that abandoned amateur technique for a more power based professional attack. He spent his remaining college years pursuing such diverse hobbies as chess, literature, weightlifting and taxidermy (Frost has said that the dead animals “speak” to him). His obvious intelligence and diligent work ethic allowed him to earn a masters degree in philosophy in only five years.


He returned to Iceland where he entered the professional scene there and quickly rose to the top of the sport. Then current Icelandic champion and living legend, Peter “Iceberg” Nordstrom, picked the rookie Frost to be his tag team partner in a feud with the Icelandic tag team champs, the Silver Eagles. The two were triumphant against the Eagles’ and took their titles. The Eagles’ valet, Falcon, was seen on numerous occasions talking to Frost after this. She convinced Frost that Nordstrom was holding him back from taking his rightful place as the heavyweight champion and Frost turned on his partner in a rematch with the Eagles.


This led to a match between Nordstrom and Frost. Frost not only beat Peter, but severely injured his back as well. Nordstrom was able to regain his title when he returned from his injury, but Frost won a second rematch and ended Nordstrom’s career by re-injuring the champ’s spinal column. Frost was then barred from Icelandic wrestling two months after this and stripped of his title due to malicious and conscious injury of other grapplers. While this sanctioning has seemingly calmed him in the ring, it is evident that his violent temper could resurface at any time.


Since joining SJL: Frost quickly established himself as the premiere big man in the league racking up impressive victories over most of the SJL low carders. He came out on the good end of feuds with the now departed Vanguard and T-Bone (the latter collimating in the SJL’s first Window Pain match that ended with T-Bone taking a tombstone piledriver from the top of the ladder to a pane of glass set up on the floor). From there, Frost was firmly entrenched in the mid-card and began a single minded, obsessive quest for the European title. He viewed the belt as his birthright and felt that he was the only person in the SJL worthy enough to hold it. He finally received his shot against Deathwish Danny Williams and won in a brutal match with a surprise Early Winter. Frost held onto the belt with an iron grip and his love of the title could only be matched with his new found feelings for Sydney Sky. After much romancing, Sky finally fell in love with the brute and the two have embarked on a relationship.


Since joining SWF: Charter member of the Magnificent 7. Formed a fairly succesful tag team with Mag 7 team member TNT known as Chilly Chilly Bang Bang. Participant in the first ever SWF War Games. Won the tag belts off of Edwin MacPhisto and Chris Raynor with TNT. Frost then entered into a feud with Ash Ketchum when he was determined to be the prime candidate for running him over with a car, but his first stab at redemption, a match in which Frost was handcuffed, ended with Ketchum being busted wide open with a set of industrial strength bolt cutters. After defeating the makeshift team of Xero and Danny Williams in a bomb shelter match at Apocalypse, Ash partnered with Xero in an attempt to wrestle the tag belts away from Chilly Chilly Bang Bang and continue his feud with the Icelandic Iceman. Although the team lost a tag match at Genesis, Ash did wrestle the Hardcore title away from Frost the following month at Dissention in the first (and hopefully last) Stash the Ash match. The team of Chilly Chilly Bang Bang lost the tag titles shortly before this to the Bermani Cross Wizards, followed by TNT taking a sabbatical from active duty. Frost then briefly feuded with CIA after he defeated Midnight Carnival stable leader, El Luchadore Magnifico, in a non-title match through interference from Sacred. Frost shot to the top of the SWF upon the new year, first winning the ICTV title from Orochi and then reclaiming the tag titles with Mag 7 leader Tom Flesher. Frost and Flesher were at odds for a long time with everything finally coming to a head at From the Fire when the pair lost the tag belts to stable mates Justice and Rule. Earlier in the night Frost lost the ICTV title to the returning Neilsen of the Jungle, but the grappler gave the belt back to Frost saying that he didn’t want it. These events led Frost to examine his life more closely and he decided to both vacate the ICTV title and quit the Mag 7, thereby turning face for the first time in the SWF. Frost then pursued revenge on Tom Flesher, being thwarted by him and the Mag 7 at every turn. After losing a triple threat against Flesher, which included TNT, at Battleground, Frost entered a deeply depressed funk. Commissioner Suicide King sent Longdogger Pete to Frost to help him regain his 'eye of the tiger' and they formed a loose tag team. After losing a title shot against Justice and Rule at 13th Hour Frost is now looking to rejoin the single ranks with new fire and hopefully finally seek vengeance on Tom Flesher at Ground Zero.

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Guest Space_Cowboy

There'll be a major overhaul of these stats following Ground Zero, until then these will do.


Stryke’s Stats Template V6.1


Smarks Board Name: Space_Cowboy

Wrestlers Name: Stryke

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 219lbs

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Primarily a steel chair, though will use anything he can get his hands on.

Quote: None




Stryke has the build of an average sized wrestler, with decently tanned skin and shortish brown hair. In the ring he wears white baggy pants (similar to the Hardy Boys or 3 Count) which have Stryke written down the left leg in jagged dark blue lettering, with standard street shoes.


Ring Entrance


The lights go out as LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” starts up, a huge wall of blue and silver pyro spraying up all across the stage. The lights return on the ramp as the sparks and smoke clears, revealing Stryke standing at the top of the stage. Blue and white spotlights dance over the stands as Stryke is greeted with a hostile response from the crowd, but Stryke pays little attention to the boos raining down on him as he quickly moves to the ring, Funyon starting his spiel.


::Funyon stuff here::


Stryke quickly slides into the ring, moving to the nearest corner and hopping up onto the 2nd turnbuckle, raising his arm to the crowd with an arrogant smirk on his face, drawing more feelings of dislike from the crowd. Stryke then drops back to the ring and concentrates on the match at hand.




Strength: 3 [Average strength, will have trouble with larger opponents]

Speed: 7 [Quite fast paced in the ring, has no qualms about undertaking some high risk antics]

Vitality: 6 [Time away from the ring has reduced Stryke’s stamina & endurance a bit, but he can still take a hell of a beating before going down]

Charisma: 4 [Comfortable on the mic when the need arises, but gets over more on his in-ring performances]




Wrestles a fast paced style, utilising his suicidal nature and affinity for high-risk moves, though also has decent strength and technical wrestling ability to back it up. Also enjoys the hardcore style, he definitely isn’t afraid to put his body on the line to get the win. In short, there's little he won't do in order to come out on top, Stryke definately won't lose any sleep over cheating or any other underhanded tactics.


Signature moves


* Broken Arrow: A Rock Bottom across the Knee. Stryke sets the opponent for a Rock Bottom, but as he lifts them he extends his knee out, bringing the opponent down back-first across his knee in a backbreaker-esque move instead of slamming them to the mat.

* Showstopper: Press Slam to Samoan Drop. Catching an opponent coming off the ropes, Stryke presses them up into the air, before catching them on his shoulders and quickly slamming them down in a Samoan Drop. The opponents momentum allows him to execute this move on opponents larger than Stryke.

* Spinning Backdrop Suplex: Stryke lifts the opponent for a standard backdrop suplex, but spins around as he’s executing the move before swiftly dropping down, the opponent crashing back-first to the mat.

* Sleeper Drop: Stryke locks on a sleeper hold, before dropping down, snapping the opponent’s head to the mat.

* Pumphandle Backbreaker: From a pumphandle position Stryke lifts the opponent up parallel to the mat, before slamming them back down across Stryke’s extended knee in a backbreaker.

* Torture Rack Backbreaker: Stryke lifts the opponent up onto his shoulders in a Torture Rack/Burning Hammer type position, before dropping to his knees, essentially giving the opponent a backbreaker across Stryke’s back/shoulders.

* Frogsplash Crossbody: With the opponent standing in the ring, Stryke comes off the top turnbuckle, performing a frogsplash before hitting into the opponent with a crossbody, taking them down to the canvas and usually staying on top for the cover.

* Moonsault to Reverse DDT: From the top rope with the opponent standing, Stryke moonsaults back towards them, landing behind/beside them as Stryke catches them around their neck as he lands on his feet, before dropping down with a hard reverse DDT.

* Top Rope Hurricanrana: Stryke quickly runs up the turnbuckle, getting to the top and jumping back towards a standing opponent, landing on their shoulders and snapping them down in a hurricanrana.


Common moves


* Backbreaker

* Gutbuster

* European Uppercut

* DDT: Pretty much any way a DDT can be done, Stryke will do it.

* Dropkick: Regular, springboard, missile, whatever the occasion calls for.

* Superkick

* Sit-out Front Suplex

* Vertical Suplex

* Overhead Release Belly to Belly Suplex

* German Suplex

* Hurricanrana

* Moonsault

* Suicide Dive

* Elbow Drop: Regular, top rope, whatever.

* Leg Drop: Regular, top rope, whatever.

* Bulldog

* Any other basic moves or holds.


Rare moves


* Sunset Flip Powerbomb: If both men find themselves on the top turnbuckle or some other elevated point, Stryke sometimes will try one of these, sunset flipping over the opponent and sending them to the mat with a hard powerbomb.

* Super Hurricanrana: Another move that'll only occur if the opponent is on the top turnbuckle. With the opponent standing on the top, Stryke will jump up and get his legs around the opponents head, falling back with a big hurricanrana, the force of the opponents head greeting the mat from that height often enough for the pin, provided Stryke isn't wiped out from the move himself.

* One-Man Conchairto: With a chair in each hand, Stryke brings them together, sandwiching the opponents head between them. Only in hardcore or no-DQ situations obviously.

* Edge of Oblivion: A forward-somersault Van Terminator, Kid Kash does it sometimes. With the opponent down against one turnbuckle, Stryke ascends an adjacent turnbuckle before diving towards the opponent, somersaulting forward before landing a hard dropkick to the opponent’s head/chest. Depending on the match it will usually involve a chair or other weapon.

* Breakdown: A one-man version of Joel and Jose Maximo’s Spanish Fly. With the opponent sitting on the top turnbuckle facing into the ring, Stryke climbs up and stands on the top rope, grabbing the opponent in a rock bottom position. Stryke then moonsaults back into the ring still holding the opponent, the opponent flipping over with Stryke and landing in a rock bottom. If you're familiar with Frankie Kazarian, this is his Flux Capacitator move.




* All Time High: A Frogsplash, concentrating on connecting with maximum impact rather than getting big air on the move. Finisher strength, but could be kicked out of.

* Event Horizon: A Liontamer/Walls of Jericho. Stryke stands up and pulls back hard in the move, applying maximum pressure to the back/neck of the opponent.






* Entered the IGNJL and found success early in career, quickly capturing the TV Title and a week later defeating World Champion The Boston Strangler for the European Title, holding both titles at once.

* As an increasingly popular face Stryke lost (read:no-showed to job) both titles in the following two weeks, but had moved up to main event level to make up for it.

* Longdogger Pete captures the World Title by defeating The Boston Strangler and Ash Ketchum, but afterwards Stryke and Mafia (now Manson) beat both XF9 members down, Stryke turning heel and solidifying himself as a main eventer.

* Stryke came very close to capturing the World Title twice to start 2002, but both times fell just short (read:jobbed or no-showed).

* Stryke receives a one-night only call up to the IGNWF, participating in the 2002 Clusterfuck Battle Royal, won by Mark Stevens.

* Back in the JL, forms the stable Havoc with Renegade and World Champion Annie Eclectic, with Mafia joining later. Stryke also falls into a spiral of losing (read:no-showing), becoming not much more than a jobber to the stars.

* Feuds with XF9 leader Low Brass for a while, culminating in a Stairway to Hell match with Stryke's career on the line. Stryke tastes defeat (read:jobs) and is gone from the JL. For a few months at least.

(Fun fact: this was the last match ever posted on the IGN boards before the move to TheSmarks. At least I’m pretty sure it was. Checking would require effort though, so fuck that.)




* A number of months after being sent packing, Stryke worms his way back into the JL due to a technicality resulting from the crosser from IGNJL to SJL, immediately targeting new World Champion Erek Taylor.

* Stryke and Erek feud over the next month or so, winning best JL Feud at the 2nd Annual SWF Awards show. Numerous matches and confrontations all lead to the Absolution PPV, Stryke coming out on top in the end as he wins the World Title in a 45 Minute Iron Man match. Both men get bumped to the SWF and Stryke forfeits the belt.




* In his debut at Defiance, Stryke defeats Longdogger Pete to win the Hardcore Gamers Championship.

* Over the next month Stryke doesn’t do much, other than defend his title quite a bit.

* At the next PPV Crossfire, Stryke faces a mystery opponent who turns out to be Ash Ketchum, losing the Hardcore Title. But a week later Stryke beats Ash in a Pole Match and gets the title back, and all is right with the world.

* Stryke also teams up with the returning Chris Wilson, riding Wilson’s coattails right into the uppercard and regular main events. They win the tag belts from Sacred and Jay Dawg, and at Snake Eyes found the Magnificent Seven.

* At the same PPV Stryke loses the hardcore belt to Ketchum again, and in the following weeks loses the tag belts to Edwin and Raynor. Stryke floats around directionless for a while, no-showing a bunch before quitting out of the blue.

* Oh, and Stryke also returns late in 2002, but as a crappy face, losing (read:no-showing) even more than usual, though still finds the time to lose to Ash on PPV again. Stryke caps off a terrible comeback by no-showing a little more and quitting just after Clusterfuck. The less said about this return the better.

* Oh yeah, Stryke also got $20,000 from the Suicide King due to eliminating Xstasy from the Clusterfuck battle royal, all of which he spent on porn and throwback jerseys.

* Now Stryke has returned once again, and he's been infinitly more successful than his last return attempt, winning a five-way match at 13th Hour before claiming the ICTV Title from Danny Williams the following show.

* Of course in typical Stryke fashion he sinks back into losing (read:no-showing), losing the belt to Beezel after only 9 days. He's also set his sights on Longdogger Pete, interrupting LDP's retirement announcement with a chair shot, and the hatred between the two continues to build to this day.

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Guest Chuck Woolery

Smarks Board Name: Chuck Woolery

Wrestlers Name: Quiz

Height: 5’10

Weight: 189 lbs

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Age: Late twenties, early thirties, nobody's quite sure.

Face/Heel: Heel

Tag Team: He tags in Double Jeopardy, but nobody quite knows who his partner is.

Stable: None

Ring Escort: Vicky Black and the Studio Audience

Favorite Gimmick Matches:

“Hollywood Squares” Match: A match performed on the set of Hollywood Squares.

“American Gladiators” Match: A match performed on the American Gladiators set.

Weapon(s): Anything wackily game show related. This is easy. Think podiums and the like.

Quote: “Is that your final answer?”

Anything said in the form of the answer (which Show usually answers in the form of a question.)


Looks: Quiz has short hair, dyed jet-black. He has a clean-shaven face, and wears a tacky sequined suit in the ring with a black bow tie. He wears black pants as well, and black dress shoes. He wears glasses (non-prescription) to the ring, and will take them off before a match.


Ring Entrance: Rod Roddy’s voice blares over the loudspeakers: “Quiz! Come on down!” In the ring, Vicky Black turns over the name “Quiz” on a green sparkle Wheel-of-Fortune board as Crystal Waters’ “Come On Down” begins, and a pair of sliding doors open to reveal Quiz! He steps out and onto the ramp, tonight wearing a (insert color here) tie! He has a microphone in his hand as he walks down the ramp, smiling broadly and flashing his pearly whites as he speaks.


“Welcome to tonight’s show! We have one contestant tonight, and his name is (your name here)! This is what will happen to (your name here)!”


The crowd roars back: “WHAT IS AN ASS KICKING!”


“You are correct, sirs!”


Vicky Black, in the ring, reveals the words “Ass Kicking” on the Wheel-of-Fortune board as Quiz walks up the ring steps and into the ring, waving to the crowd before getting prepped for his match.


Tag Entrance: Rod Roddy’s voice blares over the loudspeakers: “Quiz! Show! Come on down!” Vicky Black turns over the words “Double Jeopardy” on the Wheel-of-Fortune board as “Come On Down” by Crystal Waters begins to play, a pair of sliding doors opening to reveal Quiz and Show! The two both have microphones, Quiz dressed tonight in a black suit with a (insert color here) tie! Quiz raises his and speaks.


“Welcome to tonight’s show! We have two contestants in the studio tonight, and their names are (insert names here)! Show, the answer is: The thing that all of these beautiful people in (insert city here) are going to see tonight!”


Show, with the crowd yelling behind him: “WHAT IS AN ASS KICKING!”


“You are correct, sir!”


Vicky Black reveals the words “Ass Kicking” on the board in the ring as Quiz and Show enter, both of them posing for the crowd before settling down to get ready for their match.




Strength: 3 – Just enough to be able to lift someone of his own size, and to hit the Fast Money Round at the end of a long match.

Speed: 8 – Quiz can keep a fast pace up all night long!

Vitality: 3 – Quiz can stick around for a while, and can kick out of the occasional finisher.

Charisma: 6 – Quiz has a lot of charisma and can cut a hell of a promo.


Style: Technical/High Flying. He can work a Benoit-style match, but often opts not to, instead working a spot-spot-spot style similar to Rob Van Dam’s now.


Signature moves

“Lightning Round” – Flipping Neckbreaker

“Card Shark Stretch” – Elevated Surfboard, Quiz’s signature submission. Can finish a match if set up properly throughout.

“American Idol” Bomb – Swanton Bomb

“Quiz Show Combo” – In the corner, Quiz gives the opponent a slap across the face with his left hand, then a forearm with the right, a lift chin and chop, lift chin and chop, and he finishes the combination with a backflip out of the corner that turns into a Moonsault Kick

“Wink Martindale” Moonsault – Springboard Moonsault

Springboard Crossbody

Moonsault Kick


Common moves




Running Senton

Standing Moonsault

Drop Toe Hold


Dragon Screw

Missile Dropkick


Roundhouse Kick

Reversal/striking notes: (Quiz will reverse Irish whips with a roll, followed by a dropkick to the chest. Also, Quiz will use slaps, forearms, and kicks instead of straight punches, leaning heavily towards the first to get over his heelishness.)


Rare moves

Shooting Star Knee Drop

Shooting Star Splash



“Survivor Driver” – Quiz’s preferred finisher, a Hiptoss Piledriver. As stated above, he can usually hit this at the end of a match.


“Potpourri for 450” Splash – 450* Splash, Quiz’s this-move-can-finish-a-match-but-doesn’t-usually finisher.


Tag Team Moves/Finishers:

“Falling From the Aggro Crag” – Show gets the opponent in an Electric Chair Drop position, and Quiz hits him with an elevated “Lightning Round”


“Think Fast” – Show powerbombs the opponent, and as he comes down Quiz springboards off the ropes, nailing the opponent as soon as he hits the mat with a “Hollywood Squaresault” that leads right into a cover.


“Double Dare” – The opponent is down on the mat. Show whips Quiz into the ropes, giving him a back body drop on the way back. Quiz does the flip in midair and lands on the opponent back-first.


“Don’t Press Your Luck” – Show presses the opponent into the air with a Military Press, and Quiz catches him with a Famouser off the top rope as Show presses him. This move is signaled by Show yelling out “No Whammy!”



Notes: Quiz’s promos are always in the form of a game show. There’s a note for you.


Also, Quiz backstage is always filmed with a studio audience. In fact, that’s why all of his promos end in “Quiz (and Show) are filmed in front of a live studio audience.” Because they’re definitely not a dead studio audience… oh the hilarity.

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Guest Ash Ketchum

SmarkBoards Name: Ash Ketchum

Wrestler’s Name: “The King of Nightmares” Michael Craven

Nicknames: The Gulf Coast Hurricane, The Chimera

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: 280 lbs.

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Somewhat Cocky, Intelligent Heel (kind of like Chris Wilson)

Stable: None

Ring Escorts: None

Weapon(s): ANYTHING not tied down. He’s begun to show preferences to the good ol’ steel chair, though.


- “You may love me... you may hate me... but you will all bow before me!!!”

- “Your devastation is at hand.”

- “Prepare yourselves!” (used to finish off a promo if used)

- “Everyone has their own worst nightmare. After today, you will know yours.”

- “Hail to the king, baby!!!”

- Twists on catchphrases new and old. Craven doesn’t do this a lot, but when he does, there’s a purpose behind it.




-Physical Characteristics: His hair is now a short-spiked brown, and his blue eyes are back now that he no longer wears the color-changing contacts. His build resembles that of The Rock: Muscular, but not TOO muscular.


-Out of the ring: Out of the ring, he wears normal street clothes or expensive shit, like the Rock’s old days.


-In the ring: He wears a metallic black wrestling singlet, about mid-thigh length or slightly longer, with a life-like flame pattern rising from the bottom to about the hip of the singlet and wrap around the leg. A golden crown has been added on the side of each leg. Two silver chains cross the flames, forming an “X” across the flames on each side of his legs. He has black kneepads and elbowpads. The word “Craven” is scrawled across the back of the singlet, near his waist, in blood red Old English letters. He has a fingerless glove/forearm wristband, which looks like a seamless combo of RVD’s fingerless gloves and Matt Hardy’s forearm-length wristbands. The glove part is red, which fuses perfectly into the metallic black wristband’s flame pattern at the wrist. His boots look like this, but with more orange and yellow in the flames. He does have his Bono-style glasses with him as well, but now, they are tinted red. He also has several other costumes, but he saves those for special shows, such as PPVs.


-Cutting A Promo When He’s Not Wrestling: Craven is equipped with a “$500 shirt”, like the Rock used to wear all the time before he stopped wearing them, a pair of dress pants, sunglasses, and black shoes. Or, if his promo takes place right before or after a match, he’ll be in his wrestling gear.


-Tattoos: Craven has two. One on his right bicep: A small, unique combination of a blue star for the USA and a red maple leaf for Canada, split down the middle with a curved line like a ying-yang’s; the other is on the left bicep, a ornate black rose and cross logo. Six names encircle the tattoo: “Owen” (For Owen Hart, duh, who is Mike’s late cousin), “Davey” (For Davey Boy Smith, also a member of the Hart family, and therefore, a relative of the Craven family), “Brian” (for Brian Pillman, a close friend of Craven’s), “Rick” (For Rick Rude, yet another friend of the Craven family), “Andre” (Of course, for Andre The Giant, of whom Craven’s father was a good friend of and of whom Craven himself has great respect for), and the latest addition, “Curt” (for Curt Henning, a good friend of Mike, as well as his father during his WWF days)


Ring Entrance:


The lights cut out, the crowd begins to boo like crazy while a cursor pops up on the SmarkTron, which seems to be in DOS mode. Keystrokes can be heard in the background as someone types:




This is followed by the distinctive sound of the Enter key being hit. Popping up is the following short list.


Directory of C:\SWF\Superstars


(What follows is a list of .exe files, each one representing a different SWF superstar, usually using a nickname, but the file KingOfNightmares.exe is always somewhere on that list.












The typing continues on as whoever is typing this in types in:


C:\>Run "KingOfNightmares.exe"


The typer hits Enter again, but the screen stays, instead, the little cursor beginning to flash very brightly and rapidly for several seconds before...




A huge blast of blue and white pyro kicks up, the smoke lingering on stage for quite some time. Strobe lights pulse to the beat of the guitar and drums in the background as Saliva’s “King of My World” kicks in while the crowd really begins to raise their boos louder. As the first words kick in, the strobes cut out, a single, blinding light shines from the entryway, piercing through the smoke. The light illuminates the figure of The King of Nightmares himself, Craven’s body shadowing most of his front side. He stops to look at the fans, and quickly, he spins around twice, finishing by pointing to himself as the crowd begins to boo so loud, it hurts. Holding his pose for a second, he releases as the chorus ends for the first time, walking down to the ring. The lights are now a deep blue, Craven focused solely on the match at this point as some of the Craven Section fans bow down to him.


*Funyon says stuff here*


He enters the ring by hopping over the top rope, title around his waist if he has it, landing on his feet. He climbs the turnbuckle closest to the crowd, opening his arms wide and soaking in the crowd’s response, a chorus of heavy boos except for The Craven Section, as a white spotlight shines down upon him, casting shadows across his face. Mike then hops off the turnbuckle, walks across the ring to another turnbuckle, climbs this, and repeats the whole thing before he hops down, turning to stare at his opponent, a smile on his face.





Strength: 5

Speed: 6

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 3


Style: A technical wrestler with (though somewhat limited) aerial abilities. Craven’s focus is on wearing his opponent down and decimating him with power moves and some holds once that has been accomplished. Can perform well in almost any type of match that can be thrown at him. He’s not super-strong or fast, but he combines his strength and speed into sheer force, making him seem and look stronger than he is. This also increases his overall power, making him tougher to stop and harder to predict.


Signature moves:

1.) The Craven Driver (Samoan Driver - In hardcore matches, The Craven Driver is sometimes hit onto the ring bell or a steel chair, sometimes ending the match, but causing his opponent to bleed. This may also be used as an alternate finisher.)

2.) Red Fusion (Full Nelson Front Slam- Mike stands behind his opponent. He places both his arms under their arms and locks them behind their neck. Mike lifts them in the air. Once they reach the apex, Mike pushes down forward and releases the hold, dropping the opponent down with great force face/chest first into the mat.)

3.) Electric Chair Drop

4.) Five-Star Frog Splash (Same as RVD’s version, but with more height and a little less distance. Powerful enough to be a finisher, but not usually used as one)

5.) High Power Forearm Smash (A supercharged forearm smash where Craven draws his arm back like a shortstop scopping up a grounder and throwing it to first before he draws his hand close to his head and drives his forearm into the head of the opponent with amazing force that slams them hard into the mat. You’re not gonna get right back up after this... that is, if this doesn’t knock out you out cold. Most likely not enough for a three-count alone, though.)

6.) Inverted DDT

7.) Craven Kick (Mike knees his opponent in the gut and does a jumping scissors kick to the back of their neck, a la Booker T.)

8.) Gorilla Press Slam (Goldberg-style)

9.) Full Nelson Bulldog

10.) Craven Clutch (Guillotine Choke)


Common moves:

1.) Flipping Neckbreakers from anywhere... and I mean ANYWHERE

2.) Multiple Rib Breaker

3.) Crossface Hold

4.) Chokeslam (Done Hurricane-style. For those under 6'9", 300 pounds)

5.) Reverse Suplex

6.) Flap Jack

7.) Missile Dropkick

8.) Fisherman’s Suplex

9.) Sitdown Jawbreaker

10.) Drop Toe Hold

11.) DDT (done Rock-style)

12.) Sickle Hold

13.) German Suplex

14.) Enziguri

15.) Corner Shoulder Thrusts

16.) Roll of the Dice

17.) Basic Submissions That Focus On The Head/Neck/Body:

-Camel Clutch


-Sleeper Holds, and so on... you get my drift.

18.) Evil Heelish Moves, including:

-Eddie Guererro’s Spinning Boot Scrape

-Jericho’s Cocky Pin

-Grabbing The Tights While Executing A Roll-Up Pin

-Using the ropes to choke people

-Low blows, eye rakes... you get the point by now.

19.) Various Basics And Fundamentals:

-Simple armbars



-Roll-up pins

-Leg Takedowns

-Scoop Slams

-Snapmares, etc.: The stuff every wrestler learns.


Rare moves:

1.) Spear/Gore

2.) Running Powerbomb

3.) Leg Drops From Everywhere

4.) Backdrop Driver

5.) The Chimera Suplex (A German suplex into two Dragon suplexes, all done rolling from one into another. There’s no Tiger in there anymore, so now it flows faster. The rarest move in Mike Craven’s aresnal.)




1. Kingdom Come (Main Finisher, Big Aerial Move)

- A Shooting Star Knee Drop. Similar to a Shooting Star Press, but Mike rotates himself around an extra 45-90 degrees, impacting the opponent’s chest with his knees. If he hits at the right angle, can land on top to floatover into a pin. And if he’s feeling particularly nasty, and/or he hates the opponent enough, he’ll drop his knee not on their chest, but across their throat. Ask Triple H how a knee to the throat can fuck you up pretty bad.


2. Gulf Coast Crunch (Back-up Finisher, Heavy-Duty Power Move)

- An F5 Neckbreaker or Stunner. Same set up as Lesnar’s F5, but Mike positions his opponent the opposite way, so their head is on Mike’s left shoulder instead of his right. He winds up, twisting his body clockwise as far as it can go. Then, he uncoil and launches his opponent into the move, rotating them around like Lesnar, but the opponent follws the same path as the F5 across Mike’s back. Craven then grabs him around the head and drops down, slamming the opponent’s head and/or neck on his right shoulder.This is supposed to look and feel devastating, so please, no KICKOUTS. Thank you. :)


3. Nightmare Helix (Submission Finisher)

-A Double Knee Lock with a Dragon Sleeper. Craven crosses the opponent’s legs at the ankles, holding them in place with one foot. He then drops to one knee, grabbing the opponent in a dragon sleeper, and pulls back, forcing the opponent’s back into Craven’s knee.



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Guest Drew_K

Smarks Board Name: Drew_K

Wrestlers Name: 'C.I.A.', Canadian Intelligence Agent

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 245

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Age: 27

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: Midnight Carnival (Sole Remaining Member)

Ring Escort: National Pride

Weapon(s): Hockey Stick, Curling Stone


LOOKS: Standing a few inches above 6 feet tall, C.I.A is clearly in impeccable shape, looking to have gained just a bit of weight while he was away, and possibly a slight increase in strength, as well. C.I.A. comes to the ring wearing a full bodysuit, half white, half black, split up the middle. Positioned right on his lower chest is the image of a maple leaf, colored bright red on the white side of his outfit, solid white on the black half. The arms of the outfit are also colored to match the maple leaf.. He dons a mask as well, a maple leaf wrapping around the front of his face, coloured to match the rest of his outfit, and succesfully hiding his identity, while still allowing allowing his shoulder length blond hair and short cropped facial hair to be seen. Finally, outside of the ring, and on his way down the entrance ramp, C.I.A. will always wear an open front team Canada hoodie, much like the Team Angle ones, only pattermed just like the Team Canada jackets from the last winter games.


TAG/STABLE OUTFIT: If CIA is wrestling for some carnie related reason (Highly unlikely at this point), he will wear a 'Midnight Carnival: The Rollercoaster still rides' T-shirt over his bodysuit instead of a hoodie, shirt designed with pictures of former Carnies all over the front and back.


RING ENTRANCE: The lights in the arena fade to almost nothing, and the intro to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Can't stop" begin to issue forth from the speakers. As the beat climbs, small strobes of light begin flashing at various point along the stage in time with the drum backbeat. These strobes slowly get brighter, until they suddenly are replaced by very small bursts of pyro along the stage, also in time with the backbeat. These pyro get bigger, as the beat approaches a crescendo, finally culminating in two large explosions of pyro that occur right around center stage, just as the guitar riff shifts in to replace the drums. CIA rises up from below the stage at this point, coming up into the center of a small cloud of smoke that has been formed between the two explosions of pyro,raising both arms and pointing out towards the fans as he begins to make his way down the aisle, Smarktron displaying CIA's face in front of a waving Canadian flag, as well as various shots of CIA smirking in the direction of the camera, and one or two clips of CIA's greatest in ring moments.


(If you just need to pop a crowd, or want CIA's appearance to be very sudden, just start the song at the first line, 'Can't stop, addicted to the shindig', cut the pyro, and have CIA rush out from wherever.)


TAG/STABLE ENTRANCE: The arena lights fade into blackness as a soft female voice whispers, "Midnight Carnival." The SmarkTron flashes blazing white in time with the opening beats of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Love Rollercoaster" as the Carnival's anthem pumps through the arena, revealing with each flash thin black lettering that reads "Step Right Up." As the guitar part drops in, three blue laser lights trace the arena, all stemming from the same point in the middle of the entrance ramp. As the words "rollercoaster of love" echo through the arena for the first time, the laser lights flare out into a blue haze across the entrance ramp as the members of the Midnight Carnival step out from behind the curtain. As the refrain arrives for the first time, the arena plunges back into darkness just as purple strobe lights tear through the house and the blue laser lights spiral wildly, illuminating the members of the Midnight Carnival in funky, staccato bursts. The SmarkTron video plays, flashing half-second clips of classic maneuvers from the Carnival's members. They make their way to the ring, and get down to the business at hand.




Strength: 4 Strong enough to do most moves that aren't big power, but not exceptionally strong in any way.

Speed: 4 Can move around the ring,and do the occasional top rope move. No tope suicida's from C.I.A.

Vitality: 6 C.I.A.'s time away fromt he ring seems to have done nothing to take away from his ability to take a pounding in the ring. If anything, he's gotten better at it. Will take a brutal beating, on occasion, and will even kick out of a finisher, once in a while.

Charisma: 6 C.I.A. Talks a good deal less, but he still knows how to draw a crowd into his match, and work the mic for maximum effect, if he wants. Will occasionally go back into his ways of having as much fun on the mic as possible, but usually focuses on entertaining IN the ring, now.


STYLE: Crowd Pleaser/North American Middleweight. What should I put to help you out here? Well, hmm..... Watch an match from Davey Boy Smith, back when he was tagging with Dynamite, then watch a Chris Kanyon match, and C.I.A.'s somewhere in between. But feel free to adapt the style slightly if it helps out your match. I'm willing to take criticism, and would prefer you write the best match possible before getting your characterization of my character JUST right.


GAME PLAN: C.I.A. will use his speed to outrun the slowest of opponents, and his strength to overpower the weakest. Just about anyone else, CIA will use his ability to take a beating, and use all his opportunities to focus upon some body part of his opponent, both to disable their offense, and to set up for his final, big moves. Having a good knowledge of maneuvers, this can be any body part, as is neccessary, but will usually be the chest and neck, to set up for either of his primary finishers.


Signature moves:

Release German Suplex - C.I.A. Will use this maneuver to set up his 'Air Canada' finisher.

Slingshot senton Atomico - When coming in from the outside to attack a downed opponent, C.I.A. will launch himself up over the ropes using this maneuver, flipping forward and crashing down on his foe.

Front Facelock/Jumping DDT - CIA will lock his opponents in a front facelock in an attempt to stretch the neck, head and shoulders, wrenching up hard on the hold. If it seems like an opponent is ready to break free, or C.I.A. wants to transition to a new move, he will make a quick half hearted leap, throwing his weight back and driving his opponent's head into the canvas.

Bionic Elbow - This move will cap off C.I.A.'s popular 'Dance, Drink, and Drop' routine, popularized during his JL run against Mak Francis. When an opponent is stunned, C.I.A. will do a bit of silly dancing, then tip his arm and head back, as if guzzling an imaginary bottle of beer. Finally, CIA will swing his elbow down on the forehead of his opponent. Huge showboat move.

Roaring Elbow - Setting up the powerful elbow to the face with two swift strikes to the cheek or jaw area, C.I.A. Will often use this maneuver out of a lockup, or to break a front hold.

Release Belly to Back Suplex - C.I.A. will snap this on quickly, and execute crisply, if he should ever find himself behind his opponent, and not running.

Michinoku Driver 2 Beta- C.I.A. will use this maneuver for swift damage, and to follow up his dragon sleeper, hoisting his opponent into the air as if for a suplex, and, holding them for just a few seconds, drop them down to the mat between his legs, sitting out.


Common moves:

Knee to the Midsection

Dragon Sleeper

Hard Corner Whip




Sunset Flip

Forearm Shots



Low Dropkick

Spinning heel kick

Second Rope Knee To The Face

Spinning Gutbuster

Crucifix Pin



Rare moves:

Pumphandle Slam - C.I.A. Will only use this move against a smaller opponent, to take advantage of his size.

Running Powerbomb - Out of desperation, C.I.A. MAY use this move to counter an opponent, pulling them forth off the top rope. Even then, he'll usually use something else instead. Will occasionally set this move up, if he needs to take the energy out of a large, or physically dominant opponent.



Air Canada-Beginning as a moonsault, C.I.A. performs a quarter twist in mid flight, landing on his opponent with a Macho Man Elbow. One of the very few high flying moves the Canadian ever uses, but to compensate, he executes it almost perfectly.


Via Rail - The execution of this move has changed slightly, CIA now using a full nelson setup, just like Chris Wilson's Platinum Nightmare, then into a reverse side russian leg sweep. This move could be on tap almost anytime in a match, and C.I.A. will use all his strength and weight to power the maneuver, only using it if he feels he needs lots of damage, quick. This move won't always close out a match, but it certainly is capable of doing so.



Bio: C.I.A. made his SJL debut to much hype, quickly wowing crowds with his impressive interview skills and crisp, effective in ring manner.Quickly rising through the ranks of the SJL, the quirky Canadian misstepped somewhat in the midcards, finally settling into his game as he reached the SJL's peak, capturing the SJL world heavyweight title in most impressive fashion. This kicked off a long period of dominance and a remarkably memorable fued with Mak Francis and the SWO, culmninating in a series of matchups most critics feel maintained a struggling SJL for months, never failing to entertain the crowds at any show around the country. Looking prepped and ready, C.I.A. finally got his big shot, ascending to the SWF with a brutal 2/3 falls matchup against his long time rival, Mak Francis, which he ended up losing, but not before claiming both a pinfall and an uncounted submission over the man he had, to this point, failed to cleanly defeat in the center of the ring. Coming off this impressive showing, C.I.A. was granted membership int he then failing Midnight Carnival, and would go on to be responsible for a number of highly enjoyed developments in the long standing stable.


Unfortunately, none of these developments involved winning matches, as CIA seemed to settle right back into his SJL midcard ways, netting constant victories in matches where nothing was on the line, and even the occasional big win over an important opponent in an unexpected situation, but failing to capture a title, or deliver in any of his big match/title opportunities even though many felt he was a viable contender for almost any title in the league when he was on his game. As this continued, the Canadian Superstar seemed to settle into a slow malaise, losing more, and entertaining less, rarely bringing the goods in the ring, and seeming to collapse professionally along with the Midnight Carnival, which at this point sunk in membership and victories till he became the proverbial last man standing. Most notably before leaving, C.I.A. fueded with Frost, achieving a few victories in his old impressive fashion, before dropping the final match-ups to the iceman and fading from the SWF entirely, taking the Midnight Carnival name with him.


Until now, the rollercoaster of love has sat silent, the pranks have gone unsprung, and the days when fans could eagerly anticipate the fun-loving ways and awe inspiring promos of the Carnies have been nothing but memories. But C.I.A. is back, he's fired up, and he's ready to bring himself back to the ring, for the fans, and let the Carnival begin again, with one very unique Canadian manning the controls. Will he find success in his next run in the SWF, perhaps even finally net himself a title? Will the Carnival ride strong once more under his leadership?


Let's find out......

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Smarks Board Name: Atlas

Wrestlers Name: Sean Atlas


Height: 6'3"

Weight: 240

Hometown: Supposedly Chicago, Illinois. Read the Bio for more info.

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Heel, leaning towards tweener. Has a small but loyal following.

Stable: Magnificent Seven right now.

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): He's used ladders, tack filled light bulb tubes, a bat with nails driven through it, and a chainsaw... Go wild.

Quote: "It must make life unbearable for a man, to think as I did."

"A casual stroll through the insane asylum shows that faith does not prove anything."

"To you I'm an atheist; to God, I'm the Loyal Opposition."


Looks: The important thing is that Sean Atlas always wears a mask. It covers his entire face, and the area across the eyes is a black strip. Everything, including the black, is made of white leather. He's got on white pants, usually with some kind of design on them. Shirtless on top, but he's got a few scars on his back from previous matches. There's also a tattoo on his left shoulder of the letters "MS" creatively drawn, impaled with a dagger, all over an outline of the globe. White wrist tape and black boots with white laces accessorize the rest.



Ring Entrance: In a darkened arena filled with the anxious murmurs of a hostile crowd, the opening notes to Heaven's a Lie by Lacuna Coil chime in, carefully played by a piano while a background of electric guitars slowly builds. The SmarkTron displays Sean's Crucifix Entrance from his SWF debut, while a blinding white light shining from beneath the ramp grating flashes in accordance with the music. Then, as the guitars grow, the song comes to a climax and just before the expected heavy beass drums blast the roof off...




A colossal explosion goes off on the stage, leaving behind a thick plume of smoke. The light from underneath the stage illuminates the haze as Heaven's a Lie enters its first verse. inside the thick clous of white smoke, the silhouette of a man appears, slowly walking out with his head held low. One he steps out into plain sight, Sean Atlas looks up at the multitude of spectators, judging them with the dark, beady eyes underneath his mask. He walks down the ramp, focused on the match at hand while Funyon introduces him to the locals...



“Currently making his way to the ring, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 240 pounds... SEEEEAAAANNNN ATLAS!”


Continue as needed...




Strength: 7 (Well built, very storng. Has found a nice equilibrium as far as conditioning. Think Benoit with a bit of O'Haire thrown in.)

Speed: 5 (Very quick and agile, can often evade attacks from all but the speediest of opponents.)

Vitality: 5 (Good enough for ironman or clusterfuck, but needs a bit of luck to actually win one)

Charisma: 3 (Not overly charismatic, but speaks well enough to convey emotion believably.)


Style: Atlas' wrestling is more of a technical style than any other. He uses plenty of stylised Suplexes, in addition to some striking moves, concentrating on the legs. Most of the suplexes and takedowns used are executed from behind, showing that Sean will attack an opponent when he's not looking. Unless it makes sense to, he'll usually stay away from working a certain body part, choosing instead to pummel the opponent with high impact suplexes. He has proven himself more than capable in a hardcore environment, as demostrated in his late SJL days. Tends to work well with others, showing an ability to wrestle in tag team matches, but prefers to work on his own, relying on no one but himself.


Signature moves:

- Leg Capture Suplex (Done after catching opponent's leg after a kick. While holding the leg, Atlas puts on a face lock and flips over into a Suplex)

- Katahajime Suplex (Taz-Plex; Often done during or just before the victim escapes the Katahajime Choke)

- Wheelbarrow Suplex (Sometimes flips opponent over onto face ala flipover German)

- Tequila Sunrise (Belly to Back Half Nelson and Chicken Wing Suplex)

- Straightjacket Suplex (Belly to Back Crossed Arms Suplex)

- Texas Cloverleaf (Sean debuted the move at 13th Hour, then decided to keep it as a regular.

- Immaculate Neckbreaker (Arm Trap Shoulder Neck Breaker)

- Six Point Star Splash (Not exactly a five star, or a frog splash, but hey, he tried.)

- Stepover Legdrop (Opponent is doubled over, their arm stretched out to the side. Atlas steps over it, arm between his legs, facing away from the body. He flips forward, catching the opponent with his legs on the way, carrying them over onto their back. A pin can follow.)

- Cruise Kick (Performed when opponent catches Sean's leg after a kick. Instead of an Enzuguri, Atlas jumps and does a backflip, kicking the opponent in the face. Done rarely, and Sean will not always land back on his feet, especially if it's late in the match)



Common moves:

- German Suplex (Release, Rolling, Bridged, Flipover)

- Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex

- Stretch Suplex (Pumphandle Suplex)

- Sweep Spinebuster (ala The Rock)

- Russian Leg Sweep

- Full Nelson Forward Russian Leg Sweep

- DDT (Normal, Reverse, Single Arm)

- Chops

- Leapfrog

- Thesz Press

- Spear (To the gut, back, legs, etc)

- Superkick

- Dragon Screw Legwhip

- Side Leg Trip (STO)

- Unreleased Irish Whip

- Rear Leg Takedown (the thing Angle does when he pulls your feet out from behind you)

- Baseball Slide (Often after recieving an Irish Whip)

- Kicks (Specifically to the knees, sometimes the midsection.)

- Jacknife Hold (Bridging Double Leg Pickup Pin)

- School Boy/Inside Cradle


Rare moves:

- Spinal Tap(Backdrop/Vertebreaker. When placed in a standing headlock, double arm DDT or other similar maneuver, Atlas typically counters out, hitting something between your regular back body drop and a vertebreaker. Thus, the Spinal Tap)

- Short Fuse (3/4 Facelock Bulldog into Inverted Facelock DDT. Pops the crowd huge. Atlas lands on his chest for the Inverted DDT. Often covers right after. Used very rarely.)

- Sharpshooter (Used as an alternate to the Katahajime when working the back/legs instead of the neck.)

- Belly-to-Belly Piledriver (Doesn't like attacking the neck this way, but will do it if necesarry. Uses only this variation)

- Knife Through The Heart (From the apron, he'll slingshot himself onto the top rope, not in the corner but in the middle of the rope (if it's late in the match he'll just climb to the top one) then dive and hit an elbow drop into the chest. This one is the rarest of the rare, used mostly for flair.)




- The Saint's Demise (Jumping Death Valley Driver)

- Katahajime Choke (Modified Tazzmission, applied with either arm.)

- Angel's Punishment (Cruifix Powerbomb DDT. Starts from a Crucifix position like the Razor's Edge, then flips the opponent forward and turns it into a DDT. Vertical position of opponent upon landing changes based on size. Used very sparingly and WILL finish off a match.)



Notes: To those writing matches against Atlas, never remove his mask. The mask stays on, period. If you try though, please do it VERY rarely. I don't want people going for the mask in every match. When someone does try, it'll just anger him further. Sometimes, the anger will cause a DQ, but it doesn't make him fearful. Again, please don't have him lose the mask. Not even if his face is covered with hands.


During the Mask vs Mask Angle with beezel, some of te above rules can be bent, but mostly by myself of Mr. B. If you feel like writing major mask-related stuff, let me know in advance.


Bio: Sean Atlas started out as a prick when he first came into the SJL. He was a bastard heel, and berated people for their religious beliefs. He even refused to speak to Ben Hardy until Ben took his cross off when interviewing him. Soon after, however, segments started airing about his past. One in new York, where he was distraught after recieving a poor crowd reacion, and one in Chicago that revealed his time spend at a mental institution.


Many of his promos out of the ring and out of the arena are done without the mask, but his face is never shown. He benefits from this, because fans never come up to him, asking for an autograph or anything. It allows him total anonymity out of the ring, even to fellow wrestlers. To hide his face and identity, he books his own flights and hotel rooms, so that even management doesn't find out. Hearing some of the sacreligios speeches he often makes, hiding his face benefits him greatly. Though he is identifiable by the tattoo of "MS" on his shoulder, he makes sure to hide it when not wearing the mask.


The main reason he's wrestling isn't known, but one can deduce, from past promos, that he's here because no other venue provides him with such a great audience on such a regular basis. He can spread his message to a great amount of people more efficiently. It helps that he is incredibly fit, physically. He also talks about a wrestling past, with a different organization, and mentions underachieving there. This is becoming a more prominent part of his character. Many factors seem to act as motivation for Sean Atlas.



Final SJL Record: 12-3-2 (W-L-Cowrites)


02.04.03 - W - SJL Metal - Sean Atlas vs Omega Storm vs Aecas (triple Threat Debut Match)

02.09.03 - W - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Aecas (Euro #1 Contendership)

02.14.03 - W - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Chris Card (European Title Match)

02.18.03 - W - SJL Metal - Sean Atlas vs Aecas (European Title Match)

02.23.03 - W - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Spike Jenkins vs Matt Myers (Cruiser-Triple Threat)

02.27.03 - L - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Spike Jenkins (Singles Match)

03.04.03 - W - SJL Metal - Sean Atlas vs Thor (Singles Match)

03.09.03 - W - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Manson (European Title Defense)

03.13.03 - W - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Spike Jenkins (European Title Defense Submission Match)

03.23.03 - L - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Tryst (European Title Defense Match)

03.27.03 - W - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Dace Night (Pinfall vs Submission Match)

04.01.03 - W - SJL Metal - Sean Atlas vs Crow vs Tryst (World #1 Contendership)

04.06.03 - W* - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Spike Jenkins (Dace on Commentary)

04.10.03 - W - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Dace Night (Barbed Wire Deathmatch for World Title)

04.20.03 - CWW** - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Va'aiga & Spike Jenkins (Handicap)

04.24.03 - L - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Crow vs Christian Blackwell (Three Minute Three Way World Title Defense)

04.29.03 - CWL*** - SJL Bringing' The Funk - Sean Atlas vs Crow (Hell in a Cell World Title Match)


* Winning match, Atlas attacking Spike with Dace's belt caused the DQ.

** Co-written with Va'aiga, Spike using a chair caused the DQ.

*** Co-written with Crow. Last Match in the SJL.



SWF Track Record: Last Updated July 31, 2003


05.04.03 - L - SWF Battleground - Sean Atlas vs Dace Night (Number One Contendership for US or HGC Title)

05.09.03 - W - SWF Storm - Sean Atlas vs Mike Van Siclen vs Johnny Dangerous (Number One Contendership for US Title)

05.14.03 - W - SWF Lockdown - Sean Atlas vs Longdogger Pete (Singles)

05.19.03 - NSL - SWF Smarkdown - Sean Atlas vs Michael Craven (Singles US Title)

05.23.03 - W - SWF Storm - Sean Atlas vs Beezel (Singles)

05.28.03 - W - SWF Lockdown - Sean Atlas vs Wildchild (No-DQ)

06.02.03 - TL* - SWF Smarkdown - Sean Atlas & Michael Craven vs Frost & Longdogger Pete (Tag)

06.11.03 - CW - SWF Lockdown - Sean Atlas vs Nathaniel Kibagami (Singles)

06.16.03 - W - SWF Smarkdown - Sean Atlas & Janus vs Mike Van Siclen & Nathan Kibagami (Tag)

06.22.03 - W - SWF 13th Hour - Sean Atlas vs Mike Van Siclen (Caged Fury)

06.27.03 - (NC)** - SWF Storm - Ten Man Battle Royal.

07.02.03 - W - SWF Lockdown - Sean Atlas vs Frost (Singles)

07.16.03 - W - SWF Lockdown - Sean Atlas vs Longdogger Pete (Singles)

07.21.03 - CWW*** - SWF Smarkdown - Sean Atlas vs Beezel vs Kibagami vs Stryke (ICTV #1 Cont. Gauntlet)

07.30.03 - NSL - SWF Storm - Sean Atlas vs CIA (Singles, Beezel on Commentary) (NS, L. CIA's Match)


* Tag Match, written separately. Counted as a Co-write

** Ten Man Batle Royal, won by Thoth. Not counted due to No Show and extremely low chances of even winning the fucker.

*** Co-write with Kibs. Wrote 85% of match. Counts as a win, dammit.

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Guest Thoth


Smark Boards Name: Thoth

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 245 lbs.

Hometown: Aechiba, Japan

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Tag Partner: Janus

Ring Escort: None

Weapon: None, but if he uses one, preferably the kendo stick.


Looks: Thoth has changed his looks to be a little more American. His ring attire is the same, but in interviews and backstage, he wears a sharp business suit. His hair is a little neater, too. In any case: He has red hair, and wrestlers shirtless. No arm or wristbands. He has red strap-pants like Iori Yagami, that is to say, they are connected by a cloth strap at the knees. He’s a little more chiseled than he used to be.


Ring Entrance: KMFDM’s “Go to Hell” plays, the drum beats signalling red strobe lights to flash through the arena. Thoth comes out, wearing whatever attire is appropriate for the situation. He holds his anger in check these days, walking to the ring with dignity. He sneers and smiles wickedly at his opponent, his flashiness from former days gone.


Quotes: None that aren’t cliche


Strength: 5

Speed: 4

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 6


Style: Thoth is back to his old style, albeit with a bit more charisma. He knows how to work the crowd a bit better, and can get them into a match better than he used to be able to.


Signature Moves:

Knee to the back of the head: Running off the ropes, Thoth drives his knee in the back of a sitting opponent’s head. Often uses the Snap Mare to get the opponent in a sitting position

Flipping Arm Drag: His opponent off the ropes, Thoth hooks his foe's arm in his own and arm drags him with such force that Thoth ends up on the mat, stomach-first.

Northern Lights Suplex

Downward Spiral

Knee Drop off the Top Rope

Pump-Handle Suplex: Starts as a Pump-Handle slam, but Thoth lets his opponent go past his shoulder and turns it into an inverted suplex.

Guillotine Face Driver (aka Fameasser)

Double-Arm DDT

High Leg Clothesline

Float-over Snap Suplex

Reverse Enzuigiri


Uncommon Moves:

Thrust Uppercut: Thoth blocks his opponent's punch, and thrusts his other hand under the opponent's chin.

Over-the-shoulder Back Body Drop

Snap Mare

Drop Toe Hold into Front Chancery (also drop toe hold into ring ropes)Grab the opponent and throw him under the bottom rope into the ring post: This has no name, and it’s performed like it sounds. Lance Storm did this to Edge (or Christian, hell, I can’t remember) at InVasion.

Flying Cross Body (Done off of an Irish Whip)

Running Front Knee in the Corner (Opponent dazed in corner. Thoth runs straight, hops, and sticks a knee out. Oof!)


Rare Moves:

Frog Splash

Reverse Ace Crusher: Thoth faces his opponent when his shoulder meets his foe's face.

Roundhouse Kick to the face

Mexican Surfboard into Dragon Sleeper: Thoth doesn’t normally use submission holds, but if he’s placed in a position where they are necessary (Submissions-only match, Iron-man match), this is the hold he will use. Locks the guy in a Mexican Surfboard, lets go of the arms, and locks on the Dragon Sleeper. Looks like it hurts.





(Primary)Riot of the Blood (Cradle Tombstone Piledriver)

(Secondary)Scum Gale: Thoth can now use the Scum Gale from other positions, suck as Springboard... and... well, be creative! Here’s the old description I ued when it was top rope only, you can apply this to other situations (You’ll see why Springboard is a logical choice):


His opponent dazed, facing the center of the ring, and Thoth on that same corner on the turnbuckle, facing the crowd. In other words, both men are facing away from each other. He flips over, grabs his opponent’s head while upside-down, and drives it into the mat with a sit-down facebuster (ala X-Factor). Will only use on people he cannot connect Piercing Light with on due to size... however, I once used the Scum Gale in a match on two people at once: Be creative.


Notes: Thoth also knows a limited amount of a style of Karate called Kyokugen. If using Kyokugen Karate, which he will probably only use against another martial artist, he usually assumes Tiger Stance. In this stance, Thoth brings his right arm close to his body, palm facing upward, while his left arm is extended as far as it can go, palm facing downward. Usually he will only use Kyokugen against another martial artist.


Bio: Well, Thoth came back. Surprise, surprise. He came back... aww hell, read the damn promo on 13th hour. It explains everything.

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Smarks Board Name: Astro101

Wrestlers Name: Xcalibur

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 236 2/5 lbs.

Hometown: Houston, TX

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Heel, but with a cult following

Weapon: Louisville Slugger, but only in extreme cases and special events. Other than that, he’ll just use a steel chair or whatever’s around for an equalizer.

Quote: “You are staring at the magnificence that is I, the man who reigns supreme in the ring, the one and only, yours truly...Xcaliber!


Looks: Outside the ring, he’s a handsome Vietnamese guy who usually gels his hair. He wears some sort of expensive suit, Armani with silk tie usually, to show off his wealth. In the ring, he has his choice of gear. One is short black tights with gold trim and a large white X on the sides. The other is long loose white tights with “Xcalibur” written in gray down the sides. Either way, he will come down in some type of Houston sports jersey on supporting his town. He then throws it into the crowd and smiles at the way people are racing to get his jersey, enjoying his popularity.


Ring Entrance:“Stupid Girl” by Cold plays up as a gold shower of pyro falls down from the ceiling. Xcalibur walks through it and just heads towards the ring. He only smirks when he thinks he's outsmarted someone. Other than that, he's focused in the ring.









Style: A technical guy that isn’t afraid to do high risk maneuvers when needed. Ok on the brawling side if he matches up, but can equalize with a few weapons if he needs help. He really sucks at hardcore matches, so he’ll try to get his opponent in the ring and execute some wrestling moves.


Signature moves:


1. Houston Hurricane: Randy Orton’s Overdrive (The setup to Xcaliber’s Revenge. See Finishers)


2. 450BS or 450 Backward Splash: With the opponent on the ground parallel to the ropes, he does a double springboard (from inside the ring) finishing off with a 450 splash. The move is done so that it is a 450 splash, only Xcalibur propels backwards onto the opponent instead of forward.


3. The Triple Crown: 3 snap suplexes in a row


4. The Sword’s Plunge: A slingshot 450 leg drop


5. Side Gutwrench Powerbomb


6. Running dropkick to an opponent while he’s trapped in the corner


Common moves:


1. Powerbomb to backbreaker

2. Moonsault

3. Reverse neckbreaker

4. Vertical suplex

5. Spear

6. Fisherman’s suplex

7. Chops

8. Dropkick to the knees

9. Enziguri

10. Hurricanrana

11. Sleeperhold

12. Headscissors

13. Hangman's Noose Neckbreaker

14. Drop toe hold

15. Catapult


Rare moves:


1. Chokeslam

2. Bearhug

3. Body Press




Air: Xcalibur’s Revenge (Shooting Star Legdrop) (Uses Houston Hurricane as setup)

Impact: Rated X (Spinning sit down Pedigree/Christopher Daniel’s “Angel’s Wings”)

Submission: Untimely Xecution (Dragon Sleeper) (Rarely used)


Notes: He is smart enough to know when odds against him and backs down when necessary but tries to be cool about it with a smile. His demeanor is dark (not Raven dark, but Sean O’Haire pre-Piper dark) and is fluent on the mic. Very cocky.

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Guest Coffin Surfer

Smarks Board Name: Coffin Surfer

Wrestlers Name: Danny Williams

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 243 lbs.

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: Unholy Trinity(leader)

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: None


Looks: Williams is a tan Caucasian. His thick hair is now dyed black, and is grown out around shoulder length now. His hair is parted in the middle and his bangs are rather long, running down his face and covering his eyes. He is short, bulky, and wide. Most of his body weight is in his chest, shoulders, and arms. He is ripped like a professional body builder(obvious roid abuser) except his abs are rather undefined when compared to the rest of his body.


Williams wears black wrestling tights with a redish firey outline(see sig) of a triangle starting at his belt line and ending near the top of his legs on each side. He also wears red pull on kicking boots with black shin guard in front.


Ring Entrance: The gentle melodies of In Flame’s “Jester’s Dance” dances it's way out of the loud speakers, igniting the cheers of the crowd. The vocal members of the audience begin to chant "DAN-E! DAN-E! DAN-E!" as Williams pushes his way through the heavy curtains draping from the locker room entrance, and slowly makes his way out to the platform. With his head held high, Williams confidenlty marches down the aisle.



Strength:6-can pull most of his big moves off on anyone under or around 265.

Speed:3-very athletic but not very quick.

Vitality:8-never no sells, but can take nasty bumps and is hard as hell to keep down.

Charisma:3-relies on in ring work and emotion to get over.


Style: Power Wrestler. However, Danny is very versatile, capable of brawling, high flying, and working the mat with the best of them.


Signature moves:

*Buffalo Sleeperhold-rear chinlock where the victim's arm is bent back under the arm pit of Danny's outside arm.

Backdrop Gotto Hell-Twisted High Angle Backdrop. Side Suplex on No Mercy.

Jumping Elbow Smash(running, slingshot, or enzui verison from top rope)

Running Elbow

Rolling Elbow

Diving Elbow-top rope flying elbow smash to standing victim.

Elbow Suicida-tope w/elbow smash.

Dynamic Kick-jumping high kick/Yakuza Kick.


*=Please don't use yet, as I'm waiting for the right time to debut it.


Common moves:

Sleeperhold(standing or doushime)

German Suplex

Second Rope Knee Drop

Western Lariat(enzui, running, or a short arm)

Reverse Elbow Smash(spinning, standing, or running)

Big Boot

Elevated Half Crab-likes to stand on victim’s head.

Abdominal Stretch w/Facelock

Knee Drops

Punt Kicks-Stiff kicks to seated, kneeling or laying victim.

STIFF Elbow Smashes

basics: Vertical Suplex, Scoop Slam, Headlocks....etc.


Rare moves

Throwing Piledriver-Lou Thesz’s Ganso Bomb, differs from Kawada’s in that it doesn’t use the knee drop. Victim is lifted up for the Powerbomb, but instead of mounting them on his shoulders, Danny leans back and throws them straight down on the top of the their head. A desperaton move in a must win situation.


Powerbomb from apron, top rope, or into turnbuckles-Uses whenever opportunity arises.


Elbow Suicida Fake out-Just like Misawa, Williams will run into the ropes as if for a Tope, but instead of diving out, he will grab on to the second rope, and flip over the top rope and on to the ring apron. Used if he's going up against someone that he's hit with the Elbow Suicida one too many times.


Judo Submission Holds(Hiza Juji-Gatame, Triangle Choke, Waki-Gatame..etc.)-Williams will occasionally bust these out when he's exclusively working the mat.




Powerbomb Pin(Benoit’s Wild Bomb Pin)-A particularly Nasty Powerbomb where Williams lifts the victim high over his shoulders, and than in one fluid motion quickly doubles over deep, slamming the victim hard into the mat. Williams always folds the victim up after impact, and slides for the pin. Easily his most common finisher.


Juji-Gatame(Cross Armbreaker)-Not something he attempts a lot since it can be very easily blocked.




Williams is a real dick in the ring, mostly showing very little respect for any of his opponents. He loves dropping knees, and kicking his opponent while there down. He is often cold, focused, intense, and all business. However in big matches, he can be rather passonate and emotional. Strongly believes that wrestling is a sport, and will refuse to participate in cheap gimmick matches.


Game Plan:


Depends on his opponent, really. On average, Williams likes to soften his opponent up with his strikes and wear down holds. Sometimes he will build towards the Twisted Backdrop, which like his elbow variants can be a weaker finisher or a set up for the Powerbomb, his primary go to finisher in big matches. He likes to catch his victims off guard with the Juji-gatame, because it can be easily blocked.




-an amateur wrestler in high school.

-never made it to the college level, because of steriod abuse.

-was trained in puroresu dojos in Japan.

-joins SJL, where he moves up to heavyweight division.

-Williams was undefeated as SJL World Champion in a long winning streak that includes a major victory over Frost.



-joins M7

-participates in the first ever SWF War Games

-becomes 2 time U.S. Champion

-1 time ICTV Champion

-Forms Unholy Trinity with Dace and Va'aiga.

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Guest D. Lucretia

Smarks Board Name: D. Lucretia

Wrestlers Name: Dante Crane

Nickname: Sick Boy

Real Name: Dante Lucretia

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 210

Hometown: Shawinigan, Quebec

Age: 25

Alignment: Face

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: Crow

Quote: “You make me sick.”


Ring Entrance:

All lights illuminating the [insert arena name here] dim and darkness now falls upon the crowd. A dim blue lighting raises as Marilyn Manson’s ‘Great Big White World’ starts to play, already at forty-six seconds into the song where M.W. Gacy provides soft presses of the keyboard before the vocals kick back in...


“I'm not attached to your world, nothing heals, nothing grows... I’m not attached to your world, nothing heals... nothing grows!”


An explosion of white and blue pyrotechnics goes off on the staging as the song breaks into its chorus!


“...cause it’s a great big white world! And we are drained of our colours! We used to love ourselves! We used to love one another!”


Walking out from the entrance curtain and through the smoke left behind by the pyrotechnics is ‘Sick Boy’ Dante Crane, wearing his full-length leather trenchcoat.


“All my stiches itch, my prescription is low, I wish you were queen... just for today. In a world so white, what else could I say?”


Amidst the cheers from the crowd, Dante continues walking down the aisle and does not take the time to acknowledge the fans. His mind is set only on one thing, beating his opponent.


“Coming down the aisle, weighing in at two hundred and forty two pounds, please welcome... ‘Sick Boy’ DDAANNNTTTTEEEE CCCRRRRAAAAANNNNNEEEE!”


Crane slides into the ring and disrobes his trenchcoat, handing it to the referee. He backs into his corner and leans against the turnbuckles, awaiting the arrival of his opponent...



A man of average height; but thin, athletic build, Dante has a very mild complexion, pale blue eyes and stringy, disorganized, bleached blond hair that falls a little below his ears. His in-ring attire consists of black, leather pants with bell-bottmy… bottoms, and a twin row of silver studs going up either side. He wears standard black wrestling boots, and a too tight, too long black or white see-through, button down shirt. He also wears white face paint, with black highlighting the eyes and lips. Outside of the ring, he’s usually comfortable in a black vest/shirt/pants ensemble, with a loose, purple and black divided tie. Without the face paint and with trench overtop, of course.




Dante Crane is very reserved. He's not one to raise his voice and rarely swears, you could say he speaks in a proper and formal manner. Intelligent, occasionally poetic and rather sentimental, Dante is still usually recessed when addressing friends or foes alike. Although, sarcasm is his main source of wit, and uses it often to mock others, and they usually don't see it coming. Regardless; Crane is not one to waste words. In wrestling mode, Sick Boy is calm, cool and collected. It’s highly unusual for him to showboat, as he has a high sense of honor. He's a strong willed individual who will not back down from a challenge, and even in defeat, he'll take it with grace.




Strength: 3

A respectably strong small guy. He can lift guys up to 250 for normal suplexes and slams—275 at max.


Speed: 8

A very capable flyer, can move around the ring well and run circles around larger opponents. He uses it well, firing off lightning quick kicks and scoring with high risk maneuvers.


Vitality: 5

A resilient wrestler, but will go down to a finisher unless specified otherwise. Also, although he’s get below-average strength for a wrestler, his higher endurance than most cruisers means he can complete a few more slams/suplexes on large(er) wrestlers without exhausting himself.


Charisma: 4

Dante has a cult following due to his gothic good looks and his great wrestling ability. Can speak well and promos are not a problem, but as noted, he’s more the strong, silent type.




Dante Crane wrestles at his finest in the squared circle and has a reputation on the independent circuits as a small yet deceptively strong worker. Although, mostly, he fights with speed, agility, and grace; using his experience in martial arts to his advantage. ‘Sick Boy’ has respectable mat skills, but is basically a striker/lightweight. The bulk of his early offense are kicks, wearing down opponents with precision shots or flurries, and then using his speed and agility to finish the job. Outside of a few of his signature moves, Crane doesn’t use suplexes/slams very often, and even then, he usually has to have momentum to pull them off. Worth nothing also is that despite his kicking prowess, Dante is a poor arm striker, and is also bad at submissions overall.


Signature moves:


Damnation DDT

Crane astands behind his opponent, placing both his arms under their arms and locks them behind their neck. He lifts the opponent in the air, and upon reaching the apex, Dante releases the half of the hold with his right arm and with the other still on the opponents neck, he turns them and into a front face lock, dropping into a DDT Dante will attempt this move every match, although it would take a few of these to get a pinfall


Crane Kick (Whipback Kick)

Dante flips backward, catching his opponent under the chin with the shin/toe/top of his boot.



Any martial art kick you can think of Dante will use and he will often string them into combos. Roundhouse kick, crescent kick, spinning back kick, hook kick, superkick, sweep, etc, etc, etc. Be creative with these.


Fell Swoop

Dante does a slingshot senton splash onto a lying opponent from the apron, rolls to his feet, and immediately executes a Lionsault for the rebound.


From the Cradle To the Enslave

A rolling prawn hold from the top rope, which becomes more of a ‘driver,’ compressing the opponent’s neck into the ground from 4 ½ feet up. Held for a pin, obviously.


Kingdom Gone

Set-up like a Burning Hammer (Reverse Death Valley Driver), except instead of dropping his opponent sheer on their neck, Dante runs forward and rolls, crushing his opponent chest first into the canvas.



With the opponent on the top rope, facing toward the ring, Crane stands underneath, turns his back to them, grabs their arms and slams them down. More often than not, he’ll nock his opponent senseless with a spinning uppercut beforehand. Shouting of “Shoryuken!” not recommended. Often used to set up The Cure.


Flying Headscissors

Dante can conjure up this move under almost ANY circumstance. If he can find a way to wind his legs around his opponent’s neck, he’ll try for a headscissors attack. Occasionally, even if a larger, stronger wrestler tosses away his legs before he can cinch them in, he’ll maintain his grip, spin around their back, and attempt it again!


Triangle Lock

Poor at submission wrestling overall, this is the only hold Crane will use outside of basic arm/head/leg locks. Although generally used as a wear-down hold, Dante knows how to shift the pressure to target the neck, shoulder or arm at large. He’s also skilled enough to cinch the hold in with the opponent still standing!


Common moves:


*Where noted, moves can be done off the top rope.


*Spinning Wheel Kick – Much like fellow SWF cruiser Wildchild, Dante Crane will ALWAYS use the Spinning Wheel Kick instead of a clothesline.

Snapmare – w/ or w/o the Hennig neck-snap following it.

*Arm Drag


Asai Moonsault


*Vertical Suplex

Slingshot Suplex

German Suplex

Tope/Slingshot Bodypress

Senton Bomb—To standing or laying opponents

*Tornado DDT


Slingshot Press—Dante climbs to the second rope, grabs onto the top with both hands, and slings himself back and onto a laying opponent.

Twisting Press—Usually a counter to being Irish Whipped, Crane jumps on the second rope and twists backward into a bodypress.

Drop Toe Hold

Fisherman’s Suplex

Powerslam—these last two are rather uncommon.


Rare moves:


Dante’s Inferno

A spinning roundhouse kick off the top rope. Outside of the spin, almost identical to Crow’s “Das Wunder Kick” in form, except… more refined. Practiced. Dante DID teach Cirillo the move, after all. Considering Dante’s prowess with this, and the added force from the spin/top-rope, this is an indefinite knockout blow. However, Dante only uses it an anger or desperation, so it’s highly, highly unlikely to see him break this out. But once he’s gone this far, it’s likely he’ll go one more step to assure victory… (ie: tossing his opponent a chair, tying them up in the ropes beforehand.)


Iron Butterfly

Quite simply, a springboard 450 Splash. Only saved for heated, heated feud blowoff matches. If nothing else will, THIS can finish the job.




Ethereal Suplex (Dragon Suplex)

The attacker applies a full nelson on the victim, the attacker lifts the victim up and falls backwards dropping them on the back of their neck. Always bridged for pin. Dante may roll into two or three of these if the opponent is being really, REALLY stubborn. Never otherwise.


The Cure (Suicide Headbutt; preferred)

Diving headbutt ala Chris Benoit—targetted dead at the heart, in other words. Dante will always clasp his arms in prayer and bow his head before taking flight for this. Also, he’s easily capable of going clear across the ring, and not afraid of doing this to the outside.




As pointed out earlier, Dante is a very honourable person, and will not resort to cheating before his opponent. Also, if he’s escorting Crow for a match, the same thing applies—unless Crow’s opponents are blatantly manipulating the rules, he won’t interfere. Dante doesn’t play up to the fans very often—any of the high flying moves he does that get pops are “just business” to him, using the ability he’s got to win the match. Crane is also very difficult to annoy or anger while wrestling—he’s an experienced wrestler, and has his ways of out-maneuvering pests.

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Guest TheBostonStrangler

Smarkboards Name: TheBostonStrangler

Wrestlers Name: The Boston Strangler

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 303 lbs.

Hometown: Boston, MA

Age: 31

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Metal Chain, Chair, anything handy

Quote: “Strangler…has…spoken!”


Looks: Strangler wears a pair of blue jeans and a black tank top with the letters “TBS” in white on the shirt. His arms are scarred heavily, and he has a tattoo of two hands clutching a neck on his right shoulder. He wears a big pair of black boots with the letters “TBS” down the side in white. His hair is black, stringy, and shoulder-length, looking pretty ratty. He has scars all over his face as well. He generally wears sunglasses to the ring.


Ring Entrance: The arena goes dim as the opening chords of “Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult start to play. As the song launches into the opening guitar riff, the SmarkTron™ lights up with the name “STRANGLER” in big white letters as a massive burst of white pyro explodes from the stage. As the pyro begins to die down, Strangler emerges from the pyro. He raises one fist into the air as he looks out onto the crowd, then slowly begins to walk down the ramp. He slides into the ring, and climbs to the second turnbuckle. He raises both arms into the air, fists closed, and then walks into the center of the ring and waits for the match to start.


Tag Entrance: The two men come out separately, so you don’t need to worry about kind of fancy tag entrance. They’re two guys who tag together, not a traditional tag team, per se.




Strength: 8

Speed: 2

Vitality: 8

Charisma: 2


Style: Brawler, power wrestler. Lots of punches and power moves. Against bigger men (over 300), he relies almost exclusively on punches, kicks, etc, and looks for one or two big power moves to end it. Against small men, he loves the high-impact, ground-based power moves, but will usually try something a little crazy, often ending with an unfavorable result. Also, he isn’t exactly a smart, technical type of wrestler, and usually will try nothing but power stuff, only going to submissions in matches calling for it, although he will mix in the occasional sleeper/choke hold, to weaken up the opponent’s neck for the Boston Massacre. Strangler’s biggest problem is controlling his emotions in the ring. He tends to get too caught up in the moment, and will make some big mistakes. Sometimes he’ll explode on his opponent, but then almost seem like he’s guilty about what he did, and back down. Sometimes he’ll act without thinking, like taking out the referee and then trying to pin, or drilling his opponent with a chair directly in front of the ref. Strangler isn’t the cheat he used to be, but whenever he gets ticked off enough, the rules go out the window. Basically, he’s a psychological mess, but if he’s on top of his game that day, you’re gonna have a REAL hard time taking him out, since he’s as strong as they come.



Signature moves (The order in which they are in is order of how frequently they are used, from most to least)


The Plunge (Chokeslam)

Lights Out (Double-Armed DDT) (After he hits this, he usually looks for the Boston Massacre)

Standing sleeper into sleeper drop

Guilty Conscience (Strangler puts the opponent in a double underhook, lifts him into a Canadian backbreaker, then slams him face-first on the mat. Similar to Faarooq’s old Dominator)

Lobotomy (Essentially a reverse Final Cut/Eye of the Hurricane. Front facelock, then Strangler twists around and brings his elbow down against the back of the opponent’s skull)

Full nelson atomic drop (Bubba Bomb)

Jumping piledriver (can possibly be done off 2nd rope, would be a finisher then)

Standing spinebuster (Strangler’s most common desperation/transition move)

Release German suplex (will occasionally do something crazy against a rather small guy, like throwing him across the entire ring, the 360-degree German suplex, etc.)


Common moves:


Short-arm clothesline (Strangler grabs the opponent by their wrist and pulls him into a clothesline)

Inverted DDT onto knee (like Christian’s move)

Flap Jack

Big boot

Falling neckbreaker

Fallaway Slam (if caught near the ropes, Strangler will occasionally toss the opponent over the top rope)

Samoan Drop

Stomach crusher (fireman’s carry, then slammed onto Strangler’s knee)

Double Axe Handle (can be off second rope too)

Hammer punch (to upper back)

Body punches in corner


Hangman’s neckbreaker

Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker

Knife-edge chop (usually just one or two as a transistion)

Mudhole stomping



Bearhug…….OF DOOM~!



Rare moves:

1. Last Breath (a reverse DDT drop. Set up like the Scorpion Death Drop, then used like an Implant DDT, can be done from the top rope/ring apron as well. Strangler’s former finisher.)

2. Vault over top rope to the outside (a la Undertaker)

3. Guillotine leg drop (usually a hardcore move, to the outside, through a table, etc.)




MAIN: The Boston Massacre (Impact): This move starts out of almost anywhere, as Strangler lifts his opponent into a gorilla press slam. He then starts to fall to the ground as he drops his opponent onto his shoulders before slamming him head-first with a Death Valley Driver. This move is BIG. Better be a ref bump or a World Title match if it’s gonna get kicked out of. Ask if you want to.


ALTERNATE: Southie Slam (Top Rope Impact): Strangler puts the opponent in a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Strangler walks into the corner, with his back to the opponent. He takes ahold of the opponent’s upper arms, and flips him over his head to the mat, where he lands on his back/neck. A wicked-looking move that gets a big “OOOOH!” from the crowd. If you absolutely need to kick out of a finisher, this is the one you should use.


TAG FINISHER: Double chokeslam. Pretty simple. TNT and TBS do an Undertaker/Kane-style double chokeslam. Simple, but effective. They really plant the guy, so it looks badass. However, in a tag match, they’re just as likely to finish with the Mushroom Cloud or the Boston Massacre as they are to use the tag finisher.

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Guest kelloggs

Tag stuff will be in eventually, but if you're looking for our entrance it's on the shows we tag teamed in.


Smarks Board Name: kelloggs

Wrestlers Name: "The Franchise" Mak Francis

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 236

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Age: 19

Face/Heel: Cocky face

Stable: None...

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Steel chair


Mak Francis: That's why I get the franchise bucks, the franchise perks and the franchise tag!



A black male, pretty tall and well defined for a Junior Heavyweight, think Shelton Benjamin or Kenny from TE2. He wears a silver chain and cross around his neck, ice blue shades and has both ears pierced. In the back he’ll wear a silk shirt and jeans with tims. Red Phillies cap and walkman with headphones are optional.


In ring, he’ll still come down with the shades. He wears black tights and boots with blue and white barbed-wire image on the sides. He has black athletic tape on his left wrist up to his forearm and white tape on his right wrist. Green tape covers some of both his wrists. The most noticeable changes are he gained a little weight, but wrestles shirtless anyway and a large black knee brace, much like Steve Austin’s over his left knee.


Ring Entrance:


The house lights shut off as the wispy sounds of a digital xylophone echo throughout the arena. You can feel the pulsation of the light dings, as a hard beat done by violins, suddenly strikes up slightly overshadowing the original background rhythm.


“So do you wanna’ be a Franchise… And live large… A big house… five cars…”


The SmarkTron flares up with a blue and white photonegative image of Mak Francis, which is followed by ‘The Franchise’ in large green lettering, flashing on the screen in time with the beat.


“The rent charge… Comin’ up in the world, don’t trust nobody… Gotta’ look over your shoulder constantly!”


As the opening lyrics from Rock Superstar by Cypress Hill, slightly altered of course, blare over the PA system, it takes a little while but eventually the self proclaimed franchise makes his way through the curtain. The lights come back up and Francis comes out onto the stage, tilting his shades down on the bridge of his nose, before looking left and then right…


“I remember the days, when I was a young kid grownin’ up… Lookin’ in the mirror dreamin’ about blowin’ up!”


That cues multiple short bursts of green pyrotechnics erupting from either side of him. He readjusts his shades with a smirk, before slowly strolling down to ringside and after walking up the ring steps, he cockily wipes his feet on the apron, giving a mock salute to the crowd, before entering through the middle ropes. Francis climbs the nearest turnbuckle and poses with both fists raised in the air.


Entrance Notes:


You can add or subtract Rock Superstar lyrics if necessary. Also, if he comes out second, Mak will usually stare down his opponent before hitting the turnbuckle. If first, Francis props himself in the corner and awaits his opponent with a smirk.


On PPV, if the stage allows for it, Francis comes from under stage on a lift, think Gangrel, so his pyro is minimal except for two small bursts to either side after the elevator stops and Francis looks left and right. Can’t spend too much money on an entrance…





Strength: 4 – Francis lost a little of that pop in his hips, but he’s training and lifting to get it back after his injury.


Speed: 3 – He was a deceptively quick Junior Heavyweight. He can still motor AND his motor is always running, but sadly his injured knee has slowed him down a little. He’s not above taking risks though, but only when pressed to do so.


Vitality: 6 – He bleeds like a white shirted Flair and attempts to bump around like Angle. Resilient is the word, think Vince McMahon shilling Shawn Michaels but he’ll go down to a finisher though. On a side note, he doesn’t like to tap (Damn CIA and Flesher) but… will tap if the situation dictates (Although, in the JL he passed out rather than tap to Fugue Harmony).


Charisma: 7 – He’s over with the crowd and I mean OVER! Great on the stick and well… he is Franchisable~!


Style: Technical, dirty, counter puncher, now with Junior Heavyweight tendencies. He’s got some solid strikes and his high impact maneuvers help round out somewhat hard to categorize style. I guess you could call it an “Attack with Impact” style as each move, while having solid execution, has great speed and torque.


He was never the greatest physical specimen known to man and coming back early from injury hasn’t helped that at all. Coming off of a concussion and an injury to his knee, Mak isn’t as quick or strong as he once was, but he still has great anticipation and ring savvy. He’s using more of his amateur roots to make up for the injuries, as finding his way out of a tricky situation with a counter is still a big part of his style.


Game Plan: His fighting style is solidly based in the mat being an amateur wrestler, even more so after his injury, but he’s always out to show up his opponent at least once or twice a match, so a few flashy counters and combos are a staple of his repertoire. His main goal is to work the neck, shoulders and back with an array of suplexes and combination attacks, a neck and or shoulder breaker and strikes that lead into the Franchise Tag or Bittersweet finishers.


If there is a glaring weakness, ex., an injured leg, then he’ll work it over with chop blocks, elbow drops into leg locks and STF variations hoping to set up for the Figure Four.


He’ll pull out the Brotherly Love combo to pop the crowd, but it’s nowhere near as common, since he does it only when he’s feeling the electricity of the audience.


Signature moves:


1. Gut-wrench suplex – His most common set up for the Frog Splash, this suplex helps work the ribs and is one half of the Brotherly Love finisher sequence.

2. Release German suplex, a.k.a ‘Filthy German™’

3. Knife-edge chops – His most common strike used although he will use a closed fist punch often.

4. Overhead belly to belly suplex

5. Yakuza Kicks – Probably his strongest strike as he gets a full head of steam before hitting it. He can also fall into a pin by sitting on his opponents’ chest, think Trent Acid.

6. Hangman's neckbreaker

7. “The Truth Hurts” - Running bulldog into a Strutting Fist drop – This move is all about humiliation. Pelvic thrusts of truthittude optional.

8. “That’s Franchisable” - chickenwing jawbreaker into a StunGun/Hot shot - A combo that can lead to the “Million Dollar Exemption” and or “Million Dollar-plex”.

9. Cobra Clutch

10. “Million Dollar-plex” – High angle Cobra clutch suplex. Dumps a body on their head, nuff said?


Common moves:


1. Drop toe hold

2. Multiple German suplexes – less impact than the release, but good as a wear down move that can also end in a pin.

3. Single leg crab

4. Flying Forearm

5. DDT

6. Dirty tactics - Thumb to the eyes, Low blow, etc.

7. Northern lights suplex w/pin

8. Figure four leg lock – A possible variation is around the ring post and it’s also his most trusted leg submission.

9. Textbook dropkick

10. Fujiwara arm bar – Possibly into a cross face.

11. Kidney punch into a Side Russian leg sweep – A combo used to set up Brotherly Love.

12. Corner punches - Three snapping left hand jabs followed by a snapping right to the face. Mak hits these against opponents who’re propped up in the corner and then normally goes into a corner whip.

13. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker (sparingly used)

14. Slingshot maneuvers - leg drops, cross bodies to the outside or a senton atomico are the most lucha he’ll pull out. (sparingly used)



Rare moves: In order of frequency


1. STF – A step over toe hold w/ facelock. Great attack for grounding opponents and working over multiple body parts.

2. Float over DDT – A little extra flare added on to show up his opponents. Has the added advantage of surprise.

3. Sit-out powerbomb or Spinning sit-out powerbomb [light opponents]

4. “Tribute” - Dragon sleeper Russian leg sweep – Former finisher, now he’ll pull it out of moth balls if the situation dictates.

5. Cross-arm breaker – serious submission not to be taken lightly. Taught to him by Mercury and Tom Flesher, after his run against Danny Williams it has become a very respected move.


Rarest move:


Cobra Clutch Suplex through a table propped up in the corner – The end all be all of finishers for Mak. This is a potential break your neck material move.


Striking Notes:


- Alternates between closed fists punches and knife edge chops

- Repeated forearms and elbows to the head

- Super & Yakuza kicks a little less than they once were due to injury




Striking: Franchise Tag - (Jumping fisherman's buster) - The Franchise Tag is a variation of a brainbuster. It starts out like a typical brainbuster but the opponent is placed in a cradle position (a vertical setup of the fisherman's suplex). Then as Mak jumps into the air, the opponent is dropped into a brainbuster.


Submission: Bittersweet – (Cattle Mutilation) – Bittersweet is a Double arm bar with bridge. The opponent is face down on the mat and Mak locks on a Full Nelson, before flipping forward in a bridge.


Arieal: Brotherly Love – (Frog Splash after Gut-wretch suplex) - No need for an explaination. But please note this is the rarest of his finishers, not due to power, but Mak’s new limitations.


Notes: Mak Francis is cocky. You can see it in the way he walks and in the way he talks. But surprisingly the crowd has taken to this Franchise, getting behind him and his humorous antics. In fact he’s getting a great response from the crowd since returning from his injuries.


Bio: Mak Thomas Francis, a child prodigy born in Philadelphia, PA that competed in junior and US Amateur Tournaments. Nicknamed "The Franchise" by his amateur wrestling coach and teammates, Francis was top ten in the nation out of high school and was recruited to Michigan State University where he gained 2 time All-American status, 2 National Championships and a US amateur gold medal throughout his tenure there. Although he was considered by most to be the future of American collegiate wrestling he left amateur wrestling because there's no money in it and a true Franchise deserves to be living the high life...

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Guest Powerplay

Smarks Board Name: Powerplay

Wrestlers Name: "The Judge" William Hearford (III)

Nicknames: Judge Mental

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 242 lbs

Hometown: Royal Oak, Michigan

Age: 45

Face/Heel: A conniving, strategic heel. Never goes somewhere without a plan and a backup.

Stable: Magnificent 7

Ring Escort: None

Tag Team: "Justice and Rule" with Ejiro Fasaki! WHOO!

Weapon(s): Good 'Ole Memphis Chain.

Quote: Doesn't have a specific phrase that he likes to use.




His face is almost exactly like La Fours from Mallrats, especially with the clean cut beard and hair. His body is well built, certainly in shape despite how old he looks. He wears black spandex wrestling pants with the red words “Judge Mental” on them. On his feet are plain old black wrestling boots.


Ring Entrance:


The crowd quiets down as the lights dim to a harsh red, and the drumbeats from beginning of Rage Against the Machine's "Testify" softly, slowly crescendoing up. The drumbeat gets louder and louder, and as the drum hits the cymbal there is a split second of silence before....




The song skips to midway through and continues on as three sets of red pyros shoot up all across the stage, and Judge Mental appears on the entrance ramp. He walks down to the ring in a very precise and deliberate step, occasionally stopping to give a small taunt to the crowd.


Tag Entrance:


"Sleep Now in the Fire" by RATM plays while "JUSTICE" flashes on the SmarkTron, followed quickly by "RULE". The drumbeat sets in, and 3 second clips of them nailing tag moves, finishers, cheating, taunting the crowd, and being ass holes in general show on the SmarkTron. The guitars get heavy and....




... Red machine gun pyros shoot off on either sideo of the stage as the two enter wearing their traditional black (Main Color), red (# Color), and white (secondary color) Magnificent 7 Football Jerseys with "Justice" and "Rule" on the back of their respective people. Zach De La Roche's solliquoy comes on and Funyon speaks up.


*Funyon Stuff*


The two slide into the ring together, taunting or showing off their tag belts if they still have them. They hand off the tag belts to some attendants and go over to their corner, where they huddle up and review their plan for the match.




Strength: 6- As strong as he ever was, Judge Mental definitely has some power under his belt. He is strong enough to lift people around 280-290 lbs with his suplexes without overexerting himself too much.

Speed: 4– Great ground and reaction speed, which allows him to exploit quick falls and be able to escape most moves. He can also pull out a few top rope moves, but his bitterness and general attitude nowadays generally limits him to a rare Axehandle and an even rarer Plancha.

Vitality: 5- He’s got very good stamina and can work just about any match you can throw at him. This also accounts for his planning and his uncanny ability to sneak out of the finishing blows during the match.

Charisma: 5- A very distinct and dignified speaker. Can hold his own in a battle of words.


Style: He’s changed his focus a bit from his normal submission style, using more of a combination of suplexes and early submissions to wear out his opponent, setting them up for either a submission victory or sufficiently tiring them out enough for a finisher. Generally stays away from striking battles unless he has a decided advantage over his opponent.


Signature moves:

The Boston Crab Series: His favorite type of submission. Knows just about every variation you can think of, though he’ll generally stick to simple stuff unless the situation dictates otherwise. He does use the old-school Liontamer (With the Knee to the back), which is a bona-fide match ender but has become increasingly rare.

Hammerlock Suplex: Much like a Half-Nelson Suplex, only with a Hammerlock instead. Victim lands on the head and neck, making it gruesome looking, but while it’s painful it’s recognized as a solid two-counter.

Cross Examination: A Reverse Figure Four Leglock ala Yuji Nagata, Jamie Noble, or CED Ordonez. It’s his new leg submission finisher, and is different from the Crabs in that it doesn’t need much set-up to be effective.

Classic Figure Four: The old school Flair version. Nothing to smirk at, but generally used early-mid match to slow an opponent down.

Judicial Review: Implant DDT. Used against people who are a bit too heavy for suplexes.

Closing Arguments: A Reverse Half-Nelson STO. You are facing the victim, you thread your right arm under theirs, palm their face, and plaster them into the mat. It’s his strongest takedown and something you don’t want to be hit with.

Rolling Northern Lights Suplexes: This is an “Oooooooo” move for the crowd, even if he is a heel. Generally done in sets of 3, and if still has the strength, he’ll bridge out the final one. This one is pretty close to a finisher, so a foot on the ropes or maybe not bridging the final one would be appreciated.

Doushime Sleeper: A sleeper with body scissors. A very tiring move, it’ll leave you wheezing pretty bad. Repeated applications can turn this move into a finisher, which can happen with Heavyweights who are too big to suplex properly.

Corkscrew Suplex: A Spinning Vertical Suplex.. All flash, not much power.


Common moves:

Snap Suplex: Your standard Snap Suplex. He can do it to just about everyone, despite their weight, but doesn’t carry too much power in them.

Knife-Edged Chops: The Judge uses forearms, European Uppercuts, and occasionally punches, but his favorite striking attack remains the Knife-edged chop.

German Suplex: Bridged or Release, never Rolling anymore.

Camel Clutch: Basic wear-down move, nothing more, nothing less.

Belly-To-Belly Suplex: Either version is fine. Shamrock Suplex is used on bigger opponents, though.

Pendulum Backbreaker: Pick you up with one arm and slam you across

Russian Legsweep: Used pretty much as a takedown to slap on a submission.

Chain Wrestling: Damn good at it as well. It’s his style and he has a lot of experience on his side. It’ll be pretty hard to constantly outmaneuver him.

Fujiwara Armbar: The standard takedown version.

Sunset Flip: Used when countering back body drops.

Shin Breaker: Used when working the legs of an opponent.

Standing Abdominal Stretch: Standard wear down move, generally used on those smaller than him.

Lariat: A powerful one at that. It can knock most people head over heels, but it misses about half the time.

Cheating: Face Rakes, Eye Pokes, Low Blows, Feet on the ropes, etc. He’s done it all.

Powerslam: Off a whip and held over for a pin.

Basic Holds: Headlock, Armbar/Reverse Armbar, Chinlock, Hammerlock, Sleeper, Legbar

Basic Takedowns (Yes, this is blantantly stolen from Danny, but it'll help those who need it ): Headlock takedown, Double Leg Takedown, Dragon Screw, Drop Toe Hold, Fireman's Carry, Armdrag


Rare moves

Super-Plex When the opportunity arises, you may see one of these.

Any Submission Not Yet Mentioned: No more that once, but generally the submission will serve some purpose during the match. He’s not gonna bust out a Dragon Sleeper if he is working the legs.

Any other Magnificent 7 finisher: These are ALWAYS finisher strength, so no kickouts unless you have written permission from the person whose move you are using.

The Verdict His former JL finisher, it's a Spinning Tombstone Piledriver. He rarely busts it out anymore, and he'll only do it if the opportunity is too good to pass up.

Fisherman's Suplex or Strait Jacket Suplex: Two powerful suplexes in his arsenal. Close to finisher strength, but not quite yet.



(Primary) Capital Punishment- A sitout straight jacket powerbomb. The motion is much like that of a Tiger Driver (Underhook Powerbomb), and Hearford puts all his strength into this. You won't be kicking out of this baby unless it's a seriously heated feud, since it's pretty much an insta-cover once it's hit.

(Secondary) Surprise Witness: A picture perfect Diamond Cutter. Usually used as a desperation move, and can be done from just about anywhere feasible. Sometimes busted out when he’s in a tough spot and needs time or rest.

Held Without Bail- A Sitting Stretch Plum. His best submission, this will be causing some major hurt if you happen to get stuck in it. Generally set up with Judicial Review.


Tag Team Moves with Ejiro Fasaki (JUSTICE AND RULE):

The Figure 7: A Triangle Choke by Ejiro and a Figure Four by the Judge. 3+4 = 7 and the move looks like it as well. One of two particularly deadly submission combos, this one is known to all the Magnificent 7 and any member can complete the move.

Plea Bargain A Cobra Crossface/Sharpshooter Combo. You don't want to get in this sucker otherwise you'll tap like a 'sumbitch.

Curt Hennig Necksnap by Ejiro, followed by Held Without Bail from Hearford

Double DDT

Double Suplex

DDT/Fasaki Fuser Combo move.

Enzugiri/German Suplex Combo

Double Dropkick

Dual Fujiwara Armbars

Various distraction/cheap heel trick combos

Good 'ole double team stomp down


Tag Finishers with Ejiro Fasaki (JUSTICE AND RULE). You do NOT kick out of these.

Rule of Law: A combination German Spider Suplex from the top from Judge and a flying driving elbow from Ejiro ... Tom Freakin Flesher didn't kick out of this.

Overruled: Power Drill. With Judge Mental holding the opponent in position for a powerbomb, Ejiro snags the opponent in position for a reverse DDT. Then, as Judge tosses the legs of the opponent off to one side, Ejiro spins the man into mat with an elevated Testdrive/Last Rights/Roll of The Dice.

Gavel Bang: Problem Solver. Ejiro flapjack into a Judge DDT ... think the 3D except with a DDT.

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Guest Evolution

Edit - Added a rare move.


Smarks Board Name: Evolution

Wrestlers Name: "The Sinner" John Duran

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 265 lbs.

Hometown: Champaign, Illinois

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Glass tubes (hardcore matches ONLY), otherwise a chair or a table.

Quote: "I will become number one by ANY means necessary."


Looks: Jet black hair that comes down to Duran's neck and just above his eyes, simply combed straight down, with matching black tights, quite muscular, with dark brown eyes, very intense-looking. Tights have the name "Duran" on both legs running down vertically in big white lettering, and Duran commonly wears a black t-shirt reading "SIN TO WIN" in big white lettering, though he sometimes goes without the shirt.


Ring Entrance: Drowning Pool's "Sinner" plays as John Duran comes out, intensely staring at the crowd as they boo him, grimacing in anger as he walks down towards the ring.


(Funyon stuff here)


(Duran will likely do some kind of negative crowd interaction to piss them off. Be as creative as you want.)


Duran gets up on the apron and enters the ring, going to the center of the ring and raising his arms, anger and hate apparent in his eyes, before going to the corner and awaiting his opponent.


Urban Decay ring entrance: Zack de la Rocha's "March Of Death" plays as (insert members here) of Urban Decay come out to boos. They walk down to the ring and raise their arms up, pointing to the sky.




Strength: 7

When you reach the 325 pound mark, things do tend to get a little difficult for Duran. Imagine Brock Lesnar lifting the Big Show up, and how much trouble he appears to have doing it. That's pretty much the idea here.


Speed: 3

Duran will go to the top rope once every blue moon, and he's not going to be doing any springboard moves or the like. Against men considerably faster than him, he'll be glad for his strength to take the little buggers down.


Vitality: 6

Pissing off Duran is not recommended, as he'll likely need a lot to be put down if you do so. Otherwise, Duran will go down to a finisher, barring that it's a big match.


Charisma: 4

Well, he can cut a promo, but it's not like Duran is electrifying the crowd with his words. His actions speak louder, as his JL career should reveal, and since he takes every chance he gets to piss off the crowd, he'll get the reaction he wants. He might get some screams from the women in the crowd when he takes off a t-shirt, but considering he probably spit on somebody else's t-shirt before he did so, that's not a guarantee.


Style: Duran depends on his strength and his ability to take a fair amount of a beating in matches, dishing out an amazing amount of powerhouse offense to his opponent in every match, trying to disable everyone he steps in the ring with. Also, Duran has lately shown a hardcore streak. Though it has not enveloped his style, when put into a hardcore match, Duran will adapt to it quickly. He shows favoritism towards glass tubes when put in a hardcore match.


Signature moves:


Spear/Tackle (More of a tackle, he'll wrap his arms around you and drive you hard into the turnbuckle)

Hard punches in the corner (mostly body shots)


Powerslam (out of the ropes)

Double underhook DDT


Common moves:

Vertical suplex




Reverse neckbreaker

Running shoulderblock (when opponent is coming out of the ropes)

Full Nelson

Belly-to-belly suplex


Running forearm

Boot choke (when opponent is in the turnbuckles)

Knee strike (ala Kevin Nash)


Gorilla Press

Low blow

Eye rake

Waistlock suplex




Rare moves:

"Crash Landing" - Top Rope Death Valley Driver

"Blunt Force Trauma" - Basically a TKO starting it in a Burning Hammer/Torture Rack set-up instead of a Fireman's carry set-up.

Top rope legdrop - Rare, rare, rare. Duran shouldn't even BE on the top rope! Should only be used in extreme situations, in BIG matches.



"Break Point" - Full nelson bomb (Bubba Bomb), at which point Duran leans back and locks the victim in a body scissors. (Common finisher, variation of the "Lockdown" once used by the late Randy Turner)

"Ultimate Sin" - A sit-out Razor's Edge.


Notes: Duran isn't exactly a hardcore wrestler, but will use weapons if the situation makes it necessary to do so. Otherwise, he's a by-the-book powerhouse wrestler, attempting to break his opponent in every match.


Bio: The thought of even becoming a pro wrestler was laughable to John Duran, until his wrestling teammate in college and longtime friend Randy Turner died training in Mexico during the summer due to a freak accident which was likely the result of overheating while working out. Duran knew that Turner was working his ass off to become a better wrestler, since Randy had felt that what he was giving the SJL at the time wasn't his best.


Upset over the circumstances in which Randy left the world, Duran knew that the only way to avenge Turner's death was to make an entrance in the SJL himself. After training for almost 8 months, John Duran comes to the SJL. Filled with anger and hate towards the other SJL superstars, Duran makes his entrance into the ranks with only one thing on his mind: To be the king of the hill. For Randy.


Now, as "The Sinner" enters the SWF, his mind is no longer focused on Randy Turner, but rather, the color of gold. Duran, the former leader of Urban Decay, now has his sights set on the top of the SWF, but it's not for Randy anymore. It's all for "The Sinner."

Edited by Evolution

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Guest Mr. Slim Citrus

About time I got around to this!


Last Updated: Updated 8/6. Added: A new t-shirt to Appearance. Smackdown CAW to Appearance. Changed: Strength and Vitality stats were switched, because it really doesn't make sense for WC to have "average" strength when strength has no real bearing on his actual style, but he should at least be able to "work a whole stip match." Last MAJOR update: 8/6.




Smarks Board Name: Mr. Slim Citrus

Wrestlers Name: Wildchild

Alias: The Bahama Bomber, The Caribbean Cruiser (or Cruiserweight), the Tropical Tumbler

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 214 lbs.

Hometown: Morgan's Bluff, Andros, Commonwealth of the Bahamas (usually just announced as "from the Bahamas.")

Age: 20

Face/Heel: Super Face

Stable: None

Tag Team: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: Catch me if you can! (note: Wildchild speaks in a Creole accent)





Wildchild has caramel-colored skin and shoulder-length braided black hair. He has light brown (sandy brown?) eyes. He appears toned, but is not overly muscular, and is hairless except for the hair on his head. He is hyper and somewhat nervous, but generally seems to be a happy guy, and can usually be seen flashing a brilliant smile.


Wrestling attire:


Wildchild now wears different color costumes, depending on what show he's on. For Storm, he wears aquamarine jump pants with aquamarine facepaint. On Lockdown, he wears yellow jump pants with yellow facepaint, and on Smarkdown, he wears black jump pants with black facepaint. He now reserves his aquamarine "Olympic-style" wrestling tights, with a black "V" pattern on the back (a la Mr. Perfect) for Pay Per View events, at which events he wears all three colors on his facepaint (the national colors of the Bahamas). He continues to wrestle barefoot, and wears white tape on his ankles, wrists, and on his fingers, binding the middle and ring fingers on both hands.


Additionally, Wildchild will walk down to the ring wearing his officially licensed SWF-Brand t-shirt, which is black, and has a copy of Wildchild's facepaint pattern (in aquamarine) on the front, and the words "Take A Walk On De Wild Side" in stylized aquamarine font on the back. He wears this t-shirt against his will, on the orders of the Suicide King, but will often defy him by giving the t-shirt away to a fan, or somehow defacing the shirt when he gets in the ring (e.g, using the shirt to blow his nose, or wipe his feet with). Wildchild also designed a t-shirt of his own, which is available for distribution on his personal website, but is not officially licensed by the SWF; it is a black t-shirt that has the words "De Bigger Dey Are" in aquamarine on the front, and a silhouette of Wildchild (in aquamarine) administering a Wild-Driver to a much larger opponent (in white) on the back, caption by the words "De Harder Dey Fall" (in aquamarine).


Alternative attire: Wildchild, as an alternative to his normal attire, will occasionally wear tights and facepaint of a seasonal color (e.g., Halloween, Christmas, Independence Day)


For ease of reference, a picture of the flag of the Bahamas is provided below:




Additionally, for you CAW enthusiasts, a Smackdown 4 CAW of Wildchild can be obtained here. (ignore that network password thing, if you happen to see it; I don't know why it pops up, and hitting cancel doesn't seem to prevent you from seeing the CAW, anyway.)




Ring Entrance:


The Wildchild enters the ring to "The Everlasting Gaze," by Smashing Pumpkins. He will usually spring from behind the curtain onto the stage area, often banging his head in time with his music. He slaps hands with the fans at ringside as he jogs towards the ring, usually somersaulting between the bottom and middle ropes, and springs back to his feet, immediately running to the ropes and leaping atop them, posing for the crowd.






Strength: 2 - Wildchild is not particularly strong, but his offensive style makes it unnecessary. His strength is only a factor when using his finishers. After all, if your primary offensive strategy consists of hurling your body through the air at the speed of light, it doesn't really matter how strong you are, does it? ;)


Speed: 10 - Wildchild is the fastest wrestler in the SWF, and the most acrobatic. Uses his speed and high-risk attacks to wear down his opponents. So fast that many larger wrestlers will run out of gas just trying to get their hands on him.


Vitality: 3 - Wildchild has an extremely high degree of stamina and endurance, due to his physical conditioning. Will be able to withstand most wear-down holds and some submissons, but will go down to ANY impact finisher.


Wildchild is capable of taking some punishment, but is particularly weak against strong wrestlers. Even a signature move by a wrestler with a strength level of 7 or higher is a potential finisher against Wildchild.


Charisma: 5 - Wildchild is not an overly skilled mic worker, but has developed a strong cult following, due to his magnetic personality and exciting maneuvers. The crowd pops HUGE in anticipation whenever Wildchild goes to the top rope.





Style: Lucha suicida. Wildchild's strategy is to use his superior speed and maneuverability to tire his opponents out, and to use his body as a weapon, battering his opponents with high-speed flying attacks until they wear down.


Wildchild's speed and agility make him most effective versus other cruiserweights and strikers, against whom Wildchild can use his superior speed to dodge the majority of their offense. He is least effective versus power wrestlers and grapplers, who are able to dictate the pace of the match, and take him out of the air.



Signature moves:


Pinball: Slingshot rolling ball attack. This is Wildchild's premier signature move. Wildchild runs towards the ropes, jumps onto the middle or top rope, curls into a ball, and launches himself at his opponents' head/upper torso. Maximum effective range: 8 feet. VERY high-speed attack. Not finisher strength, but virtually impossible to dodge, due to Wildchild's speed.

Character note: The Pinball attack will not be blocked or dodged by anyone with speed rating lower than 8.


Freefall: Air throw. Wildchild whips his opponents to the ropes, leaps up towards their chest (as if attempting to execute a Lou Thesz press), hooks his hands behind his opponents' head, and throws his opponent in monkey-flip fashion (think Scorpion's Air Throw from Mortal Kombat II). Can also be used to counter certain top rope moves. Wildchild occasionally lands on his feet after executing this move.


Springboard DDT: After knocking his opponents to the ring apron, Wildchild leaps to the second turnbuckle, jumps over the top rope, and hits his opponent with a Tornado DDT to the arena floor (think Chris Jericho's springboard dropkick to the outside, except with a Tornado DDT.)


Andros Drop: Twisting body splash. Wildchild ascends to the top rope, leaps off towards his opponent, while rotating across a horizontal axis, with his arms extended in a "T" (crucifix) position (think Evan Karagias' pre-3 Count finisher; once again, I apologize if I have the name wrong.).


Blue Crush: "Stinger" Splash in the corner, preceeded by a twist. It's kinda like a 360º dunk... except it's a splash in the corner...


Caribbean Cutter (Rocker Dropper): This is Wildchild's "out of nowhere" move (KICK! WHAM! CUTTER~!), used most often as a momentum changer, and also to set up the Falling Star Press. Can be used as an alternate finisher late in the match against wrestlers with a vitality of 5 or less.

(For Janus' benefit, this move can also be used as a finisher against wrestlers with a vitality up to 7, if used in conjunction with another implement, such as a chair or a table.)


Splashdown~!: I don't really know how to describe this move, other than as that move that Law does in Tekken 2, where he runs up his opponent's chest, flips in the air, and crashes down on them. An example of the move can be found here. (You need to have RealPlayer to view this clip)


Andros Dive: Wildchild knocks his opponent to the outside of the ring, often beyond the fan barricade, and parallel with one of the four corners. He then climbs the opposite parallel turnbuckle, runs across the top rope, and dives off the near turnbuckle at top speed at his opponent. Wildchild has also been know to dive out to the foot of the entrance ramp. (see: 4/4/03 vs Mike Van Siclen)


The dive can be finished up by any number of moves ranging from a simple suicide dive, to a front dropkick, to a flying headscissors.


Junkanoo: Typically used as a backdrop counter. Wildchild will twist his body around as he rebounds off the ropes when his opponent is bent over to deliver a backdrop, so that his back is to his opponent. As the opponent raises their upper body, Wildchild floats over their back in a flipping motion, locking his legs around the opponents neck in a headscissors, and arches back, pulling his opponent through the air (the resulting action resembling a hurricanrana, but with the opponent facing the opposite way).


Chicklet Buster: Done following Bottom Rope Choke (refer to Common Moves). Think of Rey Misterio's "619," except that it's done between the bottom and middle ropes, instead of between the middle and top ropes.




Common moves:


Leg Lariat

Important Character Note: Wildchild does not use clotheslines. Please use leg lariats whenever you want to write a clothesline spot.


Flying Forearm


Twisting Frog Splash


Stardust Press


Corkscrew Vertical Suplex


Standing (or Running) Shooting Star Press


Praying Rope Walk: Wildchild applies a standing armbar into a top wristlock in the corner, with his back to the turnbuckle, and scales the turnbuckles. He walks the top rope, leading his opponent around via the wristlock. He possesses the ability to walk all four corners, and the distance he walks will determine his pop from the crowd, but will also increase the probability that his move is countered, or that he is either thrown or pushed off the top rope. When he finishes walking, he will attempt to execute one of the following:

1) Springboard Armdrag

2) Ax-handle Chop

3) High-Angle Missile Dropkick

4) Tornado DDT

5) Rana of opponent over the top rope to the outside


Rolling Elbow Smash (executed D-Von Dudley-style; not to be confused with Tanaka's Rolling ("Roaring") Elbow)


Asai Moonsault


Miscellaneous cruiserweight moves (armdrags, cross-body blocks, La Majistral, ranas, etc.)


Shuffling Sidekick




Senton Splash


Monkey Flip (executed from the corner)


Bulldog Headlock


Backflip kick (typically executed following a leapfrog)




Corkscrew Attack to outside (usually done to standing opponent)


"Shooting Star" Missile Dropkick (Missile Dropkick preceded by a forward flip)


Bottom Rope Choke (uses his foot to choke his opponent on the bottom rope; used to set up the Chicklet Buster)



Rare moves:


Wild Ride #II (Mexican Stretch Buster): Wildchild will place his opponent in a vertical suplex position, and hook the inside leg, as if for a Fisherman's Suplex. Wildchild will then lift his opponent into the air, briefly pausing while his opponent hangs in the air, and then drop down on his knees or on his posterior to the canvas, crushing the back of his opponents neck against his shoulder.


Bahama Bomb: Tornado Powerbomb. Wildchild executes a spinning, double-underhook powerbomb from the top rope. This move expends a significant amount of the Wildchild's energy, so he almost never uses it. Never used against wrestlers weighing over 240 pounds.


Blood Frenzy (Not to be used without my permission): Whenever he sees his own blood, Wildchild enters a state of frenzy. During this frenzy, he is much more aggressive, with a tendency to execute more physically impacting (read: head dropping) moves, and fewer acrobatic ones (e.g., ranas). Wildchild becomes stronger and more resistant to pain, at the expense of some his speed, causing his moves to do more damage. In addition to slightly slower reaction time, Wildchild loses the ability to run across, or even balance on, the top ropes, although he retains the ability to climb the turnbuckles. During Blood Frenzy, Wildchild is able to no-sell for very short periods of time.


Wildchild's stats while in Blood Frenzy are as follows:


Strength: 5

Speed: 7

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 1


Wildchild typically remains in Blood Frenzy for approximately ten minutes, or until he hears the bell ring, whichever comes first.


Note: Blood Frenzy is reserved for intense and/or long-term feuds (see: WC/Ejiro from SJL)






Primary: The Wild Ride: Mexican Clutch Bomb (aka Vertebreaker). Wildchild bends his opponent over at the waist and stands in front of him, with his back to the opponent. He locks his left arm with the opponent's left arm, and his right arm with the opponent's right. Wildchild then rotates his body so that he underneath his opponent, bent over at the waist, with his opponent draped over his back. Wildchild then stands erect, leaving his opponent hanging upside down on his back, their legs dangling off his shoulders. Wildchild then swings his feet off the canvas in front of him, and drops to his posterior, driving his opponent head first into the canvas. This drop is often preceded by a primal scream.


Rarely done against wrestlers in the 230-250 pound range, due to Wildchild's comparative lack of physical strength. Not used against wrestlers weighing more than 250 pounds


Secondary: The Wild-Driver: Reverse Double-Underhook Piledriver. This moves starts out the same way as the Wild Ride, where Wildchild bends his opponent over at the waist and stands in front of him, with his back to the opponent. He locks his left arm with the opponent's left arm, and his right arm with the opponent's right. At this point, the maneuver deviates from the Wild Ride, as Wildchild kicks his legs out from under him and drops straight down, driving his opponent's head into the canvas. This move is similar in function to Christian's "Unprettier," but is more of a head bump than a face bump.


This maneuver is Wildchild's most frequent finisher against opponent's weighing more than 230 pounds, especially if he has done extensive head/neck work during the match.


Aerial: Falling Star Press: Wildchild will run either to the ropes or the corner and leap onto the top rope (or top turnbuckle). He will then, without hesitation, leap backwards, somersaulting forwards as he descends upon his opponent. He will rotate approximately 450 degrees in the air before landing. Wildchild depends on his speed, and the ability for him to hit this move "out of nowhere," for it to be most effective.


The Falling Star Press is Wildchild's primary finisher against wrestlers who are simply too large for him to apply either the Wild Ride or the Wild-Driver (e.g, Janus). He will also use this finisher when he has done extensive rib/back work on his opponent.






The Wildchild is VERY athletic, a reflection of his background as a circus performer, and has an unnaturally high degree of balance and agility. His ability to easily balance on the ropes, as well as his ability to leap atop the turnbuckles without stumbling enables him to hit flying attacks with a high degree of accuracy. He is very comfortable walking, and even running, across the top rope, due to his experience as a high-wire artist, and uses the ropes for many of his various springboard attacks.


An extremely innovative performer, Wildchild is almost exclusively a spot wrestler. He prefers to launch himself off the ropes like a pinball and use his body as a weapon against his opponents, rather than to actually wrestle. In fact, Wildchild possesses a "wrestle-last" mentality; having been trained by Dean Malenko, he is an average ability mat wrestler, but is clearly more comfortable in the air, or running circles around his opponent, and makes a conscious effort to dazzle the crowd with spectacular high-flying moves.




Dominic LeCroix was born on the island of Nassau in the Bahamas, and raised on the island of Andros. His parents were featured in the high-wire act of the Bahamas' touring circus. he became part of the act at a very young age ("I feel like I learned to walk on the high wire," he says). He found the large crowds cheering in the audience to be both frightening and exhilarating at the same time.


When he was 11 years old, his parents quit the circus, and retired to his fathers' family estate on the island of Andros. When he became old enough to go to college, he promised his mother that he would get a degree from a good school, and even enrolled at the University of Florida. But, while attending there, he saw a Super Crazy match on television for the first time, and became completely enamored with professional wrestling, particularly the Lucha style.


No longer able to focus on his studies, the Wildchild dropped out of college without telling his parents, and began studying to be a wrestler at Dean Malenko's school in Tampa, FL. He gained a solid fundamental background in mat wrestling, but he didn't feel comfortable wrestling that way, and ended up striking out on his own, refining his Lucha-based style in the independent feds.


Once again, he reveled in the frightened rush of adrenaline that he got from the crowd, and used their encouragement to attempt more and more outrageous stunts. His amazing aerial style eventually attracted the attention of a talent scout for the SJL. In the SJL, Wildchild quickly made a name for himself as an exciting aerial wrestler. He quickly formed an alliance with Johnny Dangerous, and the two have teamed together on several occasions.


Wildchild’s acrobatic style, while appreciated and praised by many, was also resented by others, most notably Ejiro Fasaki, who made it his own personal mission to change Wildchild into a wrestler that was more to his own liking. Wildchild and Ejiro were involved in a bitter feud, which intensified when Ejiro joined Judge Mental and Fugue as the SJL’s branch of the Magnificent Seven. To combat the strength of the M7, Wildchild allied himself with Johnny and the SJL’s High Priest of Horrorcore, Dace Night, to form the Wild and Dangerous Nights.


Wildchild’s SJL career culminated at SJL’s Malice in Wonderland PPV, where he defeated Ejiro Fasaki in a grueling match for the SJL Heavyweight Championship. He was subsequently required to forfeit the championship due to his promotion to the SWF.


In the SWF, Wildchild reunited with Johnny and reformed Wild and Dangerous. Their partnership in the SWF got off to a rocky start however, as SWF commissioner Suicide King suspended Johnny Dangerous, forcing Wildchild to score a stunning upset victory over Jamie "Jay Dawg" Drazon in a steel cage at SWF's From the Fire PPV, in order to re-instate him.


In the meantime, Wildchild quickly established himself as a fan favorite, exciting SWF fans the world over with his acrobatic style. He surprised a number of people within SWF's booking heirarchy, and silenced a number of his critics with a stunning victory over Mike Van Siclen for the SWF Hardcore Championship on April 4th, 2003, but was immediately forced to forfeit the title after a sneak attack by Magnificent Seven member Janus rendered him unable to compete.


Now fully healthy and having returned to action, Wildchild, along with his partner Johnny Dangerous, have set their sights on the SWF Tag Team Championship. They competed in a Triple Threat Ladder Match for the SWF Tag Team Championship, That ended in a tie when Wildchild and Ejiro Fasaki both fell from the top of the ladder simultaneously, each with a hand firmly attached to the title belt.


After that, Wild and Dangerous underwent a rough period, where they were unable to secure wins against any of the other top tag team contenders, finally ending their losing streak against Frost and their former mentor, Longdogger Pete.


Back on track for Tag Team gold, Wild and Dangerous poised themselves for another run at the Tag Team Titles... but it was not to be. On the July 2nd episode of SWF Lockdown, Johnny Dangerous inexplicably turned his back on Wildchild, costing them a shot at the Tag Team Titles.


Wildchild's quest to find out what Johnny's true motives are had caused him to cross paths with Ejiro Fasaki once again. Now one of the greatest feuds in the history of the SJL is about to pick up where it left off on the biggest stage in the business!

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Guest Ace309

EDIT: 7/21/03 - Removed world champion references


Smarks Board Name: Ace309

Wrestlers Name: "The Superior One" Tom Flesher

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 213 pounds

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Heel to end all heels.

Stable: Magnificent 7 (Leader)

Tag Team: Perfectly willing to tag, but after getting burned on his team with Frost, Flesher is unlikely to have another long-standing partnership.

Weapon(s): Not really the type to use weapons; probably nothing beyond a chair or a table.


Looks: Flesher is a fairly stocky 213 pounds on a 5'10" frame, a fireplug with broad shoulders, a barrel chest and an 18-inch neck. He wears his short brown hair combed forward and spiked in the front, nearly shaved on the sides with narrow sideburns that go straight to the earlobe. Typical Irish/German - light brown hair, light blue eyes, average-to-fair skin. When wrestling, he wears black Doc Marten combat boots (a throwback to his old look, and he's become accustomed to wrestling in them) and a blue singlet with black trim at the edges, a large black Roman numeral VII on the front left thigh and black swipes down the sides. He wears a blue warmup suit with black shoulder rings to the ring. Title belts, if any, are slung over the shoulder.


When promoing or otherwise not in his ring gear, he'll wear jeans and a Magnificent Seven polo shirt. Whatever fits. Title belts go around the waist most of the time, except after matches. Yes, even under the warmup suit.


Ring Entrance: The SmarkTron goes white with the blue words "SUPERIORITY COMPLEX" and "MAGNIFICENT SEVEN" on it. Then, with an explosion of blue pyro, "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin bursts out over the loudspeaker. Tom Flesher emerges from the cloud of smoke, striding confidently to the ring as videos of his signature moves alternate in half-second clips with the words "SUPERIOR ONE," "AWARD-WINNING," "MAIN ATTRACTION" and "MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. Flesher enters the ring and poses in the center head bobbing in time with the music, until the symphonic hook at 50 seconds in, which cues a machinegun-like burst of blue and white pyro from each corner.


(At this point, the music fades Funyon reads the Index Card of Superiority. These have gotten lightyears less ridiculous and absurd since Flesher took the reins of the Magnificent Seven, so think "Thank you for paying me, and I'll show my appreciation by dropping this fella on his head" rather than "I walked across a pond to heal an injured swan on my way to the arena tonight.")


Flesher golf-claps for himself, ignoring the crowd's boos, and then strips off his warmup suit. He folds it, sets it in the corner and goes through a cursory stretch before the bell rings.


(On PPV, Flesher's entrance can be lengthened. Multiple pyro explosions can be cued, or just use another one of the symphonic hooks. You should all have this song, since it's one of the masterpieces of western civilization, but if you don't, feel free to improvise. It's the one Puff Daddy sampled for "Come With Me.")




Strength: 5 - He's a lightweight, but he can still hoist some guys around, being a suplex machine and all.

Speed: 3 - His speed is more a result of his conditioning training than anything else, but he's fast enough to hit a high-impact finisher out of nowhere (the Ego Buster, for example)

Vitality: 6 - Very good stamina, and hard to pin. Prefers not to submit, and bleeds like a stuck pig given the opportunity.

Charisma: 6 - The fans just HATE him. He rubs everyone the wrong way and it feels good to boo him. He gets over based on his personality, with a cult following for his ringwork and for his ability to bleed in the ring. ("Flesher Scale," anyone?)


Style: Technically skilled, with good matwork and submission skills and a dash of Memphis heel when necessary. Flesher tends to work slow at the beginning of a match, attempting submissions to fatigue his opponent, and slowly work up to high-impact suplexes and bigger submission holds. The standard strategy for anyone he can lift to the top rope is to work his opponent's legs to keep him on the mat and fatigue him for either the Boilermaker or the Superior Stretch. Against a larger opponent, he'll concentrate on targeting the head and neck to set up the Ego Trip.


Much of Flesher's early offense will consist of palm blows, boot-related strikes and low-impact takedowns.


Interaction with other characters is really a function of Flesher's perception of their place on the card. Against someone far below him, he'll toy with them like a cat with a mouse. He relishes the opportunity to mock the opponent in all his boot-scraping glory. Against someone more dangerous, Tom will be slow to start and slow to continue, taking as few risks as possible. Not reckless by any means, Flesher will take exactly the risk he believes he can handle, showboating only after the opponent is down. About the only person he'll back down from is the Suicide King, and even that's getting iffy now that Flesher's getting cockier as his World Title reign extends.


Signature moves: Any of these can finish a match if properly built, though they're not 'finisher strength' per se.

- Ego Buster (Sheer drop gutwrench suplex. For reference, see Fire Pro Wrestling Advance, 'Alevin's Lift'.)

- Logical Disconnect (Exploder '98 - "A sheer-drop pumphandle exploder," quoth Dace Night)

- Superior Stretch Beta (Back-mounted dragon sleeper)

- Cross Lightning (Ced Ordonez's old finisher, the Nagata Lock, or crooked figure four leglock. If you're having trouble, I can hook you up with a match of his; Val Venis also used this for a time. I believe they called it the Venis Fly Trap.)

- Bow Down To Glory (Hanging Dragon - dragon sleeper applied with the opponent on the top rope, then leaning back into the tree of woe position. Very cool visual, very fatiguing, but can only be applied for five seconds due to the opponent being on the ropes)

- Backdrop driver (High-angle belly-to-back suplex)

- Superior Stretch (Texas Cloverleaf)

- Yakuza kick. Deadly, folks. Deadly. (Occasionally whips an opponent into the steel post on the outside and nails a Yakuza kick that sandwiches the head between the boot and the post. I want to see blood, people.)

- Unprettier

- Straitjacket Suplex


Common moves:

- Brainbuster

- Railgun Suplex (Overhead belly-to-belly - usually catches someone running the ropes, but can initiate it from a standing position against someone about 240 or under)

- Flying headbutt

- German suplex (bridging or released)

- Diving Senton (without somersault)

- Triangle choke

- Doc Marten boot-related offense (Yakuza kick, double stomp, corner boot scrape to the face, kick to the knee, dropkick to the knee)

- Figure-four leglock

- Amateur-style takedowns (favours the single-leg into an elevated half crab)

- Elbowdrop into the knee (a la Greg Valentine)

- Shotei/Palm blow (doesn't punch - only uses palms)

- Bitchslap, bitchslap, bitchslap... because he's better than you, and he'd really like you to know that.


Striking Notes:

- Always the palm strikes, no punches, no chops.

- Mmm... bitchslaps....

- Very fond of the Yakuza kick, dropkick to the knee, and corner boot scrape.


Rare moves:

- Burning Hammer

- Released German suplex over the ropes onto the floor (reserves both of these for heated matches where he absolutely hates the guy he's wrestling and is having trouble beating them)

- Jokers Wild (Half nelson forward Russian legsweep, the Suicide King's old finisher. Used to set up a pin or the Superior Stretch Beta.)

- Any Magnificent Seven finisher, including Judge Mental's "Held Without Bail" stretch plum, Fugue's "Harmony" seated bridging double chicken wing, etc)



- The Boilermaker (Avalanche-style [off the top rope] brainbuster. Obviously limited by size. Preferred finisher. Feel free to set this up with a running avalanche or palm strike. Annie kicked out of this... once....)

- The Ego Trip (Calf Branding - generally set up by an Irish whip and a running shotei, Flesher sits on the top rope behind the opponent, plants a knee in the back of his neck and jumps off, driving the face into the mat. Mainly for heavyweight opponents.)



- Former SWF World Heavyweight Champion (87 days, over Taylor Nicholas Thompson; lost to Thoth; five successful defenses [record for most successful defenses, tied with Edwin MacPhisto]:

-- Frost

-- TNT and Frost in a triple threat match

-- Danny Williams

-- Jay Dawg

-- The Boston Strangler)

- Former Tag Team Champion (With Frost, 101 days, over Mak Francis and Ced Ordonez for the vacant titles; lost to Justice & Rule at From the Fire 2003)

- Former ICTV Champion (63 days [Record for consecutive days with ICTV Title], over Perfect Bo at Genesis III; lost to Orochi at Ashes To Ashes 2002)

- Former Light Heavyweight Champion (68 days, Over El Luchadore Magnifico; lost to Annie Eclectic)

- 3-time US Champion [Record for most US Title Reigns, tied with Jay Dawg] (17 days [over Annie Eclectic and Xero for a vacant title; lost to Chris Raynor], 38 days [over Chris Raynor and Jay Dawg; lost to "TNT" Taylor Nicholas Thompson], 35 days [Over TNT; lost to Tod deKindes])

- 2001-2002 SWF Best US Champion

- 2001-2002 SWF Most Promising Bumpee


SJL: Final record of 13-4 (12-3 singles)

- 2-Time World Champion (10 days [over Z and "Deathwish" Danny Williams in a two-fall, two title match for the vacant World Title and Z's European Title; lost to Ash Ketchum], 7 days [over Ash Ketchum; lost to Ash Ketchum in a three-way cage match also involving Frost, Tom's last SJL match])

- European Champion (25 days [over Mike Van Siclen; lost to Z in a Fatal Four Way also involving "Deathwish" Danny Williams and Ced Ordonez])

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