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Spoilers for future storylines

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The live events listings for some future WWE house shows might have inadvertently revealed some storyline twists in upcoming weeks.


Raw brand house show on September 5 from the Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center has a Lance Storm vs. Goldust match on the the Civic Center's website. This could indicate that their on air pairing will be short lived.


The Roanoke Civic Center's website lists an interesting match for the September 13th Smackdown show - The FBI vs. Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore & Zach Gowen. This could indicate that Zach will bring Mattitude to the face side, or Zach could actually become a Mattitude follower!


credit: PWTorch.com

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Im not sure how "Matt beats the crap out of Zach" every week translates to Zach becoming an MF'er..

Oh I know..


Read the fine print..



Well he used to do it to Moore on a regular basis when he first became an MF'er. Maybe this is Matt's way of showing him some tough love. ;p


But, regardless of the purpose, I agree with previous post about Zach Gowen not being employed would be great! ;p

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