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I'd just like to say, well god damn done to Craven. Only a few had faith him to win, and his match was excellent, as King and Edwin will testify too. It's no shame losing to you, and I bow before you.


Now, onto why I placed fool in the title. I wrote 15000 words starting yesterday at 11, with no real plan and nothing to go on, fighting away the flu. Yes I still tried to get something out, and I knew exactly why I lost.


My lack of commitment is what was my undoing. In the future, I hope to have a rematch with all three men, as from now, I won't be holding back, and I will devote more of my spare time (Which I use to lazy aobut anyway) to proving myself to you all.


And now...









A long shot of the entire arena is projected from the camera, but that soon fades out…




Linkin Park’s Faint, the theme for the evening plays as highlights of the four men in the following contest are shown…Their images appear on the SmarkTron, and to the people at home, demonstrating their abilities for everyone to see…




Andrew Blackwell, with the Narcosynthesis on Stryke as countless referee’s desperately attempt to pry him away…




Judge Mental, his legs wrapped around a helpless Charlie Matthews, a strangle hold applied, blood rushing to his head, as his arm drops for the final time and the bell rings…




And then a longer pause as we take the viewer to the dramatic end to a match on Smarkdown, as we hear…









… And we see the Demonstar driver being delivered to Michael Craven by one, Nathaniel Kibagami in all its horrific glory. The crowd’s gasp follows the fade out, as we hear a voice over, followed by single shots of each competitor, each with their own unique pose, staring into the camera…




‘On this night of nights, dreams will either be shattered, or finally realized.


For some, it’s the chance for a new beginning, or a glorious rise up the ranks. This can be seen most clearly in the upcoming, grueling contest.


Four men with different agenda’s, different plans for the future, but all of them desire the coveted ICTV championship around Mak Francis’ waist…’





One match has already been completed, and already the crowd is on their feet and screaming out with joy! Smarks Wrestling Pay Per View time is here again, and the crowd awaits the rest of the night in anxious anticipation, set for glorious jubilation as epic battles are fought here tonight…


They are brought back to reality for the moment however, as the screen begins to flicker, becoming distorted, causing the boys in the booth to work frantically to restore it to normal.


They needn’t do much, because as soon as the picture is hijacked, a voice, a familiar low and raspy voice is heard throughout the arena, letting out a hoarse laugh before he instructs this capacity crowd and the millions watching at home…





‘There is nothing wrong with your television set … ‘



‘Do not attempt to adjust the picture … ’



‘I will control the vertical … ‘



‘I will control the horizontal … ‘





‘I am controlling transmission … ‘






The crowd, who were jubilant only thirty seconds ago, now show a face of disdain as the picture returns to normal, but the lights soon begin to fade into nothingness, and the haunting sounds of Lycia’s Tainted begin to play, proceeding the entrance of the Sacred One.


‘… And so, four men will battle it out tonight for a shot at SWF gold. Gold each four men have tasted in their career, and desire it ever more so now, as they met in that squared circle it what should prove to be a brutal, grueling and tiring encounter, and I for one cannot wait!’


This introduction comes from one ‘Grand Slam’ Mark Stevens, who seems to glumly look at the list of participants, his eyes settling on one name well known to everyone for his infamy, Nathaniel Kibagami.


Riley on the other hand is very delighted, and is not afraid to make his enthusiasm show. ‘This… Mark, will be one of the best matches on the show, I mean, just look at the names of these participants! That alone makes this match worth the price these people have paid to see tonight’s show!’


Still, Mark isn’t convinced, ‘but that’s just the thing bobby, I AM looking at the names, and I am not impressed.’


‘You mean, you doubt these men are talented enough…? Asks Riley, confused.


‘Oh not at all, Bobby, the outcome of this match will not please me in any way, as none of these men have shown to have a peaceful thought in their minds, all they thirst for is their own twisted desires.’


Riley yells back in reply, ‘exactly! Just look at it this way, these men, who have maybe the cruelest intentions in mind, will absolutely TEAR each other apart! They’ve all shown in the past that they don’t care what they put their opponents through!’


Finding wisdom in Riley’s words, strangely enough, Mark replies, ‘you maybe right Bob! I can, and have always appreciated a great contest, and for a shot at Mak’s ICTV championship on the line, these men will give their absolute all, blood, sweat, and Craven’s tears.’


‘Speaking of Craven…’ interjects Riley, ‘one wonders whether the King of Nightmare’s will be at a hundred percent for this evening, after falling victim to the Demonstar driver, as we saw before…’


‘Whatever the case may be,’ replies Mark, ‘he’ll be fired up, and his mind geared towards proving he belongs in the upper strata of the SWF, and he’ll prove that while attempting to gain a measure of revenge on Nathaniel Kibagami…’


Andrew walks out from behind to curtain, and as soon as his grinning face is shown, a rousing chorus of boos and jeers come from the audience! This only causes Blackwell to chuckle, shaking his head, realizing that soon enough, they will all love him again, when their eyes are finally opened.


‘And this man…’ continues Stevens, ‘who knows what he will do to gain followers to his cause, but I shudder to think, as this cause seems like the most important thing in his life, since the loss of his wife Anna. He’s found something to keep himself going, and I guess we should be thankful for that. I never want too see this business drive another man to suicide…’


‘Neither do I, Mark. He’s become so non-caring since her death, but I have to say, it’s with good reason. I bet he still remembers Thoth uttering his wife’s name in vain, and the feelings that brought out in him. From there, it was a constant decline, not in his career, but in his state of mind, but now, he’s back, and with a purpose, and I don’t know about you Mark…’


‘But sign me up for the experiment! I’m always open to new things!’


‘… Argh, I won’t be able to keep a straight face all night now, thank you very much…’


Confidence seems to just drip from the Australian, knowing how it feels to fight on such a grand stage so many times before, but still, the butterflies fly around his stomach, as they would any other competitor. He calmly walks down the ramp way, casting a gaze out at the people at ringside, who taunt him with simply, crude insults, but again, Andrew simply smiles, beckoning them to join him.


An eerie glow surrounds Blackwell from the spotlights situated on either side of the ramp, following him down the ramp way as they bathe him in a bright white light, staying on him till he climbs up onto the ring apron, awaiting Funyon’s introduction.


‘Ladies and Gentleman…’ Shouts Funyon, adjusting himself, clearing his throat before continuing, Andrew watching him from the apron, looking around at the fans as their anticipation grows with every passing word form Funyon.


‘The following match, is a Four Corners Elimination match!’


With this, cheers are heard from the crowd, knowing they are in for a memorable bout here tonight, and Andrew plans to deliver on that…


‘God, are you comfortable Mark? Because this will be one for the ages, a match of epic proportions! It’ll be talked about for years to come, an-‘


‘If it will be all these things, don’t you think you should shut up and do your job so we can get on with it!?’


‘… Ok, ok, I’m sorry…’ Riley sincerely replies. ‘But I can’t help but mark out like a little twelve year old fan boy!’


Stevens covers his mouth, daring not utter the dirty, dirty words in his mind right now.


‘Ah, I remember sleeping over at my friends house, me, Tommy, Jake, the whole gang, lying around in our boxers while watching the old champions go hammer and tong, tooth and nail, bodies pounding together…’


His commentary cohort is literally choking on the words, visibly straining to hold back! ‘… Egh… Ugh… Argh! Let’s go to Funyon for his introductions!’


‘Introducing first…’ …and already the cheers have faded into groans of disgust. ‘… From Adelaide, Australia. Standing six foot one inches tall, and weighing in at two hundred and thirty one pounds… he is a former Junior League World Champion, IGN Wrestling Federation Light heavyweight champion, IGN Wrestling Federation Hardcore Gamers champion, IGN Wrestling Federation United States champio-‘


The crowd is suddenly riotous! They roar their disapproval, and Blackwell only chuckles, telling Funyon to wind it up with a wink and a smirk.


Stevens is just as disgruntled as the fans, ‘damn it! We know all this! Skip this and let’s get on with it!’


‘Ah shush Mark, you know you’d love all your achievements to be listed, you’re just jealous because Sacred has held more titles than you have.’


‘… You are, like, so totally… not right…’ replies Grand Slam, like, so totally lying n’ stuff.


‘… And also, a Smarks Wrestling Federation Hall of Famer!’


That does it, the crowd was on edge and now they’ve gone over as they begin to chant, ‘Bullshit! Bullshit!’


Stevens lets out a mocking, ‘hah! I bet that wouldn’t happen to me! These fans obviously don’t think Sacred deserves that prestigious honour.’


‘I don’t know what’s gotten into you, Mark. Of course he deserves such an honour, that a horrible thing to say! Even by my standards, and as your know… well, nothing is beneath me, but you should have more respect!’


‘Oh, get off your high horse, Bobby, even Sacred himself has been quoted as saying he wants to be stripped of the honour until he feels in his own heart and mind that he’s earned it… just look at him! He can’t stand the fans chanting!’


Andrew Blackwell’s confident smirk and general holier-than-thou attitude is now replaced by a bitter, jaded scowl at the fans! He steps through the ropes and stamps across the mat, circling the ring looking out at the crowd as they let fly with hurtful chants! Andrew soon stops, looking down at the mat, tuning the crowd out, and knowing he can’t let them get to him.


Funyon does his best to calm them down, continuing with his introductions, shouting, ‘Please welcome, ladies and gentleman… ‘The Sacred One’… he is… ANDREW BLAAAACKWELL!’


This, however, does not calm them down one bit as he is met by a vociferous response from the crowd. Andrew does his best to ignore him, but the butterflies in his stomach have multiplied, though it doesn’t show on his face, as he can’t been seen to be nervous in any way.


… But he lets it slip for a solitary moment as he and the audience, are bathed in a hard red light, and a drumbeat begins to play, slowly, rhythmically, along with the boos from the crowd.


‘He and his tag team partner are not together tonight, instead, they spread their wings and enter the singles race, each trying to care their own destiny, and I see nothing but promise for Justice…’


The introduction for Rage Against the Machine’s Testify continues to grow louder and louder, striking the drums harder, until there is a single symbol crash, and then…


‘I love this part!’ Cries an excited Riley, jumping out of his seat.


But then he and the audience wait, entering silence, sweet silence…







‘Now Testify!’






The song suddenly skips halfway through the song, followed by three loud, explosive busts of red pyro across the entire stage! If the grand entrance doesn’t tick the crowd off, then the entrance of one ‘Judge Mental’ William Hearford the third certainly does!


‘I have to say, it’s so strange seeing no tag team title around Mental’s waist, but with any luck, and a lot of skill, the ICTV title should be there to replace it!’ Riley happily reports.


Like Blackwell, confidence simply oozes from one of the greatest tag team wrestlers in the business today, his mind fixed on grabbing singles glory, and doesn’t care how the crowd feel about him either way, he’s a tag team god for Christ’s sakes! It’s clear that Blackwell is impressed by what he sees, and he begins to calm down as he looks Judge dead straight in the eye, beckoning him with his arms.


‘BOTH these men are former tag team champions. Sacred is perfect proof that Tag team wrestlers can easily make the transition to the singles bracket, and vice versa. Will we see these two collaborate tonight with some old school tag team wrestling…?’


‘It’s instinctive for these two, they would double-team without even knowing it, but knowing these two, they would no sooner turn on each other than work together!’


Judge simply smiles and looks away, playing to the crowd, shaking his head and laughing a smug, complacent laugh, simply pointing his waist and telling them to expect gold wrapped around there soon. When a rather bold, albeit drunk fan asks where his tag title has gone, Judge shoots him a spiteful glare, then mouths to him in reply, ‘117 days’, and gives him a smirk, looking back at Blackwell, locking eyes with him once more as he slides into the ring, proceeding Funyon’s formal introduction.


“And his opponent, from Royal Oak Michigan! He stands six foot three inches tall and weighs in at a leisurely two hundred and forty two pounds… boys, girls, he is a member of Justice and Rule…’


The crowd roars!


‘… Of the Magnificent Seven…’


And again!


‘Please welcome to the ring, he is the Judge, he is… WILLIAM HEEEAAARRRRFFOOORRRRRDD!’


This gets the biggest roar of all! The Nebraskan fans make their general contempt for the Judge is shown, though some Magnificent Seven fan boys cheer, and promptly get whomped with wet newspaper by the masses who still cheer for the good guys.


‘How will Hearford and Blackwell approach each other in this match?’ Ponders Grand Slam. ‘Both men are very proficient technical wrestlers, world renowned for their technical mastery, and I’m sure the both of them will want nothing more than to out do and humiliate the other.’


Climbing to his feet, Hearford keeps his distance from Blackwell, but their eyes remain on one another, until Judge gets into his pre-match warm up, stretching with the ropes, though Blackwell keeps a creepy gaze on him, realizing Judge’s potential, for mayhem, of course.


The lighting crew let out a long sigh as the lights drop out once again, but the impact on the fans is till the same, despite not knowing who is coming out exactly, they pretty much know they won’t like them, at all.


Low and behold, their premonitions were correct! As a cursor pops up on the SmarkTron, in DOS mode apparently, which doesn’t make much sense since you can’t use a mouse in straight DOS mode, and some nerds in the crowd make their objections known in high-pitched cries.


Stevens chuckles mockingly. ‘Most. Nerdish. Entrance. Ever.’


‘Like the crack of a baseball bat is any better, Mark,’ replies Bobby with a grin.


Stevens rises in arms. ‘… It’s not my fault! They couldn’t afford the production costs back then, but they can now, because of my hard work!’


‘Jeez! Settle down Mark, so negative towards the company… focus on the present, and on Michael Craven! He took a Demonstar Driver last week, and not only has he lived to tell the tale, he’s back in action already! Quite amazing, I admire the kids guts.’


Keystrokes can be heard over the speakers as small white text appears in the top left hand corner of the screen…




From here, the mystery typist scans the folder, and pinpoints on…




A list of files rolls down the screen, and an audible, ‘Hmmm…’ is heard over the speakers as Mr. Incognito scans down the list of .exe files…





No …




No …













Suddenly, more keystrokes are heard as the mystery typist puts in the command for…




C:/Run ‘KingOfNightmares.exe’


The cursor suddenly begins to flash, and that flash spreads throughout the whole screen, until it reaches…











… An earth shattering crescendo! Blue and white pyro suddenly bursts across the main stage, leaving a thick cloud of smoke in its wake! This smoke continues to linger like a sad, drunken uncle as strobe lights begin to pulse with the guitar of Saliva’s King of My World, which plays in the background, being met with wild boos from the crowd!


‘A massive entrance for a man who has come from nothing, to rise and beat some of the best in the business today! I always knew there was potential in Mike, and now it is being realized, and he’s making big waves amongst the SWF pool, giving many wrestlers sleepless nights, where he attacks, the King of Nightmares…’


‘… Great stuff,’ admits Riley, nodding his head in approval. ‘It’ been a long time coming, I know, but Craven is finally rising to the top, and who knows how high he will reach, though I’m afraid he may have hit a snag, as his neck has to be feeling that Demonstar driver from Smarkdown, a sickening, sickening blow… now available on the Best and Worst of the SWF Bumps, Volume VI!’



‘That was so shameless… Well done.’


The mediocre lyrics begin to sound, and the strobe lights suddenly cut out, as a blinding white flash pierces through the bellowing smoke of the pyro. The light shines on one Michael Craven, who is hidden behind a cloak of shadow, but soon he steps out to bask in the glory, fame, and grandeur that the spotlight brings him, but most abhor Craven, though it matters not to the King of Nightmares.


With the spectacle over, Michael Craven reaches the ring, eyes darting back and forth between Andrew Blackwell, and William Hearford, who look back at him, determination written on their faces. Craven tries to hide his obvious injury, but even now it begins to hurt him as he tries to warm up and put it out of his mind…


‘Craven is lucky Kibagami held back a little last week, or his career may have been OVER last week!’ Riley grimly reports.


Mark only grumbles in reply, ‘oh how lucky are we that he’s ok…’


Funyon crows into his microphone, ‘and in the ring, from Tampa Florida! This man stands at six feet six inches tall, and weighs in at approximately two hundred and eighty pounds… he is the Gulf Coast Hurricane, the Chimera and the King of Nightmares himself, he is… MICHAEL CRAAAAAVVVEEEEENNNNN!’


The boos seem to drone and on with each passing announcement, but yet the crowd do not stop letting the three men in the ring know how they feel about them, but their minds are a tad pre-occupied right now as an uneasy silence settles in the ring, but suddenly, something captures the attention of them all…


The first few notes of the River Dragon has Come by Nevermore come in with the thick fog that envelops the entranceway, moving through the audience as it would in early morning. The people amongst the audience, taken in by the soothing sounds, are soon and suddenly shaken as Kibagami’s image is shown on the SmarkTron, back to camera, sitting in a simple wooden chair, before…














The bomb is dropped, and people cower as a blinding white flash hits every available light source in the arena! The bright flare does not recede quickly, as the heavy distortion kicks in and the music pounds through the speakers, and into the ears of the crowd, who are taken back for a moment…






‘Today, the warning came in the flood…’






… But soon rise in a rebellious rabble once again, as none other than Nathaniel Kibagami, the Silent One, walking with his head down through the fog, the vocals beginning behind him as he stalks down the ramp way. The crowd tries to reach him, rising up in a roar, right now, having mixed feelings for the Silent One, but he completely ignores them, making his way to ringside with a purpose, listening to the music behind him.


‘A new fire is growing inside of Nathaniel Kibagami, living to fight here in the SWF, and a new entrance to mark what may be the beginning of an assault on the SWF, first the ICTV championship, then who knows what will be next!’


‘Hopefully another broken neck…’


‘This attitude is disturbing Mark! You’re cutting into my scene, my whole gimmick baby!’


Stepping up onto the ring apron and ducking between the ropes, Kibagami immediately pivots around the face Michael Craven, walking straight past the King of Nightmares, simply brushing him aside as he climbs to the top rope!


‘Ooh…’ sighs Mark, his attention suddenly captured once again. ‘Tensions are at a fever pitch between those two, on Craven’s end at least. Kibagami has done noting but disrespect and attempted to disenchant Michael, who had some harsh words to say about Kibagami’s career…’


‘Nathaniel saw that as a clear-cut challenge, and attempted to put Craven in his place… and I think the Demonstar certainly did! But Mike won’t let that stop him, he’s faced many challengers and critics in his career, he’ll bounce back, no doubt about that!’


For the final time, Funyon raises the mic to his lips and bellows to the awaiting fans, ‘and finally, standing above the ring… he hails from Phoenix Arizona, and stands six foot five, weighing two hundred and sixty eight pounds…’


‘Ladies and Gentleman, give it up for the master of the Demonstar Driver, the Silent One, the only… NATHANIEL KIBAAAAGGGAAAAMMMIIIII!’


He assumes the crucifix position, looking around at the packed crowd, before stepping back down; finally his eyes look towards his opponents for the night, as they stare back at him.


‘I doubt the Kibagami/Craven affair as not even crossed Blackwell’s or Hearford’s mind once. They are there to do a job, and they’ll do it, using everything to their advantage,’ comments Mark, studying each man, and their every, single movement.


Each man stands in one corner of the ring, not stepping to once side, wary of being blindsided by ravenous opponents ready to pick each other apart. In the center of all this stands Billy Chiota, the plucky young kid hand picked to referee this contest. Right now though, he doesn’t seem too plucky, obviously uncomfortable in the presence of four of some of the best the SWF has to offer.


Backing away slowly, Chiota raises his arm, pointing his finger towards the time keeper who…


‘HERE WE GO!’ Riley cries.




… Rings the bell to signify that this match has officially begun!


Despite the crowd’s obvious ill-feelings towards the four men, they all rise up and cheer, roaring their approval, desperately hoping that they tear each other apart! And from the get go, that’s how it seems to be! Michael Craven immediately turns to his right, clenching his fists together, staring a hole through Nathaniel Kibagami, before charging with a full head of steam toward the Silent One!


‘If I could predict that from Craven, then surely…’ Riley begins to say…


A rye smile finally peeks through Kibagami’s hardened exterior, predicting Craven’s outburst and stepping aside to avoid it, simply placing his feet around Michael’s ankle, taking him face first to the mat! The crowd roars again for the opening move as Craven spins right back onto his feet, putting aside rational thought for just a second as he charges again!


‘He’ll just keep coming back for more!’ Stevens cries, now showing more life as the match begins, ‘but Kibagami easily out-classes him, out-wits him and can out-last him, so Craven is going to have to rely on pure guts and determination to do any damage whatsoever. I know the fans are unsure how to react to Kibagami after his brutality was on show for all too see on Smarkdown, and so am I, so consider me an unbiased onlooker…’


‘You’re never completely unbiased, Mark, no matter how much you’ll argue that! Isn’t a certain Australian by the name of Nathan Jones coming soon…?’




While this drama unfolds, Blackwell and Hearford glance to each other, seeing that the other two will be pre-occupied for quite awhile, the two veterans approach each other, stopping only a few feet away from each other, hands held in the hair, fingers twiddling as their hands come closer and closer together until they finally meet and the two enter a test of strength!


‘Me thinks this won’t last long at all…’ Mark comments with a smile.


This doesn’t last long with these two technical generals, and Sacred is first to act, trying to surprise the Judge with a sweep kick, but Judge sees it in time and hops over the leg to avoid contact! Judge then grabs Sacred’s right arm and spins around him performing a hammerlock, holding his arm tight behind his back.


‘These two could go counter for counter all night,’ Mark Stevens informs us. ‘But unfortunately, with two other men only five feet away, they’ll have to be wary of attack from all sides.’


‘Which is a great pity, I need to see these two go at it one on one!’ Riley replies, bouncing around on his seat.


‘Oh, damn you infernal demon!’


On the other side of the ring, Craven’s hasty charge has blown back in his face as Kibagami springs at the King of Nightmare’s, catching him in the jaw with a sidekick!


‘Ooh!’ The two commentators cry. Riley cringes as he grimly reports to us, ‘his head flung back violently after that impact, and his neck has to be in great pain already…’


The hammerlock from Judge quickly and easily countered by Blackwell, into a hammerlock of his own. Mental simply runs forward and uses his free hand to hook onto the top rope, the violent momentum shift causing Andrew to roll back ward and onto his feet!


‘Simply, yet effective,’ says Stevens. ‘Nothing flashy about their technical style, but they could take down any one, on any given night!’


The blow stuns Mike momentarily as he climbs back to his feet, regretting his hotheaded approach. Kibagami lets out a short, condescending laugh, shaking his head as Craven approaches, springing into the air and catching Craven in the jaw again with a Dropkick!


‘And again!’ Comes the loud cry from Riley, fearing for Mike’s safety. ‘Another blow to the head, and Kibagami is loving every minute of this!’


Exchanging appreciative smiles, Andrew Blackwell then runs at his foe, leaping onto his shoulders! Expecting a more technical approach from his opponent, Judge thinks fast, using his strength advantage to hoist Blackwell off his shoulders! Andrew corrects himself into the air, luckily, he manages to plant his feet on the top rope, and he leaps off and twists in the air, catching Judge as he turns around with a flying cross body splash!


Stevens raises his arms as he follows Sacred through the air and brings them back down as he crashes on top of Judge! ‘Whoa! That’ll throw a spanner in the works! Blackwell summoned Wildchild’s spirit and flew through the air with a beautifully executed splash!’


‘See, if Judge were smart, right now he’d summon the spirit of Divefire and throw a bah gawd fireball at the Sacred One!’


‘Man, he was a tool wasn’t he?’


While the referee slides over as Andrew lays on top of Judge with a lateral press, Kibagami locks on a front face lock to Craven, throwing his arm over his shoulder and hopping once, suddenly throwing Michael over his shoulder with a stinging Snap Suplex!


‘How can he last against this ferocious offence?’ Asks Riley, as the reply shows Craven’s neck jerk back and forth like a rag doll before he slams into the canvas.‘











T-Kick out! Judge rolls away, to be honest, he’s surprised by Blackwell’s athletic maneuver, expecting a totally different battle to be fought, but if that’s how he wants to play, then so be it says the Judge.


Keeping the front face lock applied, Nathaniel rolls back to his feet, tossing Craven violently with a front chancre Suplex! The Downshifter Suplex keeps Craven down long enough to safely climb to his feet and back into the ropes behind him.


Mark tries to predict the future, shivering as he does so. ‘If Nathaniel is setting up another Demonstar… May god have mercy on Craven’s soul.’


‘He wouldn’t… he couldn’t! It’d kill the man! Surely even Nathaniel Kibagami has his limits?’


‘We’ll soon find out, Bobby, but I damn well hope so…’


He calmly strides back toward the Chimera, simply falling forward and snapping Craven’s neck back with a diving knee drop! The sickening blow causes the fans to groan, as on the other half of the ring, Hearford and Blackwell and back onto their feet in unison, and they each throw stereo kicks towards each other’s midsection! The two are doubled over, but not for long as Andrew ducks under a clothesline attempt from William, grabbing his arm on the way through and leaping up behind Judge, scissoring Hearford’s opposite arm and bringing him down to the mat with a crucifix pin!


‘Another athletic, cruiserweight like move from the Sacred One. He certainly seems on his game as he tries to confuse and out-wit the Judge.’


‘Unfortunately for Sacred, Mark, Judge doesn’t share a wrestling brain with Ejiro, he has one all his own, a brilliant one at that, and no amount of red herrings Blackwell throws will distract William Hearford the third!’











T-Another kick out from Hearford! Despite not expecting Blackwell’s style to be so unpredictable, the Judge keeps his cool, as he always down, whirling back to his feet to met the next advance from Blackwell, which comes in the form on a spinning kick! Judge easily ducks this, grabs Sacred’s legs as it swoops overhead, putting his head underneath Blackwell’s armpit and an arm around his waist, lifting him up into the air…


‘Just as I said would happen!’ Riley gleefully shouts. ‘… But Blackwell will be hurt! Don’t hit the move! Wait… yes! Hit the move!’


‘Just like a small child, trying to decide what toy to take in the car… this will end in tears.’


And dropping him with authority down to the canvas on his spine with a Back Drop Suplex! Kibagami at this same time turns Craven over, sitting atop his shoulder joint and lifting his arm, twisting it around, locking on a Fujiwara arm bar!


‘A strange choice of submission from Nathaniel, Mark.’ Riley remarks. ‘He’s targeted the neck, but now he goes to the arm? What’s up with that?!’


Either he’s forgotten in ten seconds that Craven’s neck is weak, or he wants to prolong his pain like the sadistic bastard that he is!’


‘… Good point, I’ll take the latter.’


‘You are correct sir!’


Blackwell has rolled out onto the floor, holding the back of his head after getting schooled by Judge Mental. Satisfied with his work and on the prowl for another target, Judge finds Nathaniel Kibagami taking Craven to town with a Fujiwara. Judge studies the move for a second, finding intricate flaws in Nathaniel’s application of the move, and promptly lets his objects be known, as he kicks Kibagami in the back, causing his head to fall back in a whip lash type effect, before Judge locks his legs around his neck in a headscissors!


‘First of all… your hands where in the wrong position, and…’ Judge then tightens his hold around Kibagami’s neck, causing his opponent to wince… slightly. ‘… You have to sit down further, ok? Ok.’ Judge then grabs Craven’s free arm and locks on his own side armbar!


Despite the ‘niggling’ in his neck caused by Judge, Kibagami doesn’t release his hold on Craven, and Mike curses this as he desperately tries to reach the ropes in front of him, but he’s trapped between a judge and a hard place!


‘That was so unfunny.’ Stevens says, shaking his head in disappointment.


‘Typical of you, Hearford…’ remarks Kibagami, even managing to smirk while he makes Craven writhe in pain. ‘The neck, my weakest point… how cliché of you, but it will take a lot more than that to affect me, Judge…’


Sliding into the ring behind this entanglement, resembling a car wreckage, Blackwell smiles as he simply slides over, hitting the point of contact where most damage will be done…


At Judge’s legs! At the same time, as Judge and Craven groan and roll away, grabbing each affected area, while Kibagami simply shakes his head, refusing to feel any pain.


‘… And Blackwell becomes the negotiator! Though his tactics are somewhat painful, he hit exactly the right spot to break each hold, and hurt each of his opponents!’


‘Does Kibagami even feel pain? Do we need to get a kryptonite covered steel chair in here?’


‘Oh, he can be taken down Bobby, but I doubt only one man can do it, this will have to be a team effort, and I seriously doubt any of these guys want to team up!’


Blackwell stands over them, looking down on them like he feels he should with everyone. Craven is first to climb back to his feet, and like a hawk he is swooped on by the Sacred One, his head flung back by a running forearm! With Mike suitably stunned, Blackwell grabs him by the hand and Irish whips him into the opposite ropes.


Craven returns and is promptly tossed over Blackwell’s head with a back body drop as Kibagami climbs to his feet, fixated on Judge Mental as he also climbs to his feet. Judge is able to avoid a stiff elbow strike from Kibagami! And another! Rearing back from the blow, Mental scowls and fights right back, bringing his arm back and letting fly…











… With a stinging knife-edge chop! And the fans cry out as the shots ring around the Civic Arena! ‘Ooh, nasty chop from the Judge!’ Riley yells out.






And another! The two exchange blows, throwing their power and expertise behind every blow, neither man gaining an advantage, only serving to beat the hell out of the other! But Kibagami is a man with a plan, and he overwhelms Mental by pulling him in with a front face lock and raising his knee, nailing Hearford in the head with some stiff knee strikes!


‘You won’t survive in this match if you’re not smart, and Kibagami certainly, aiming to hit his powerful strikes to wear down Hearford.’ Stevens observes thoughtfully.


As Nathaniel continues the stiff punishment, throwing William into the corner and pounding him with some more elbow strikes, Blackwell raises Craven to his feet, throwing his arm callously over his shoulder, grabbing him by the waist in a tight grip and lifting him into the air with a Suplex!


‘With all the attention focused on Craven’s neck, this may very well end his chances in this match!’ Riley shouts.


Andrew tries to take Craven by the neck in mid-air, hoping to turn the Suplex into a stunner! But Craven slips from his grasp and falls behind him! As he does, Craven grabs Andrew’s neck in an inverted face lock, ready for inverted DDT! Craven is forced to wait, biting his bottom lip as his neck burns in agonizing pain. Spinning around after this distraction, Blackwell lowers his head, placing it underneath Craven’s arm and grabbing him around the waist, Suplexing him onto his back, Northern Lights style, and holding on with the bridge!


‘A sweet, sweet Suplex from the Sacred One on a heavier Craven!’ Comments Riley, leaning forward to get a better look at the pin. ‘Very intelligent move under the circumstances.’


Chiota slides over as Judge is propelled across the ring by, smacking into the turnbuckles with tremendous force. Not as much force as the lariat Nathaniel hits, nearly knocking Judge’s teeth out and his head from his shoulders!


‘Bah Gawd, Bobbeh! The impact behind Kibagami’s blows is amazing!’ Stevens cries, feeling the blows himself.























TH- NO! Craven breaks the count by lifting his shoulders, along with his whole body off of the mat using all his reserve power! He takes Andrew with him, the two still lock together, but Craven then spins around into an inverted DDT position again.


Craven, making his impressive physical presence known, lifts Sacred up in this position, almost for a reverse Suplex! But at the last moment, Blackwell worms his way free and escapes Craven’s grip, climbing onto Mike’s shoulders! Before Blackwell can attempt anything, Craven grabs him by his legs, pulls him upward and outward into the great abyss, dropping him down, down, down…


With an Electric Chair Drop!


‘Whoa!’ Gasps Riley, watching Sacred’s entire body bounce a few feet from the mat. ‘That was certainly a beautifully ‘executed’ electric chair drop, wouldn’t you say Mark?’


‘… No, I wouldn’t say that, Bobby, as I’m not a complete moron like yourself.’


‘You wish you had my superior wit, Mark, you wish! But back to the match, and Craven has finally planted a firm foothold into this match with that beautiful counter-’


Breaking up the Craven praise before he grows any larger, Grand Slam cries, ‘…but look Bob! Nathaniel is absolutely brutalizing Judge with a flurry of powerful kicks!’


Judge rears back further and further, grunting, ‘Oomph…’ as each blow from Kibagami is struck, knocking him towards the ropes. Hearford realizes the awkward position he’s in, falling prey to Kibagami’s stiff strikes, and tries to counter. Like the intelligent ring general that he is, Judge simply catches Kibagami’s leg and spins around, diving to the mat and bringing the Silent One down with a Dragon Screw!


‘Judge simply has to work quickly; otherwise he’ll again be susceptible to those blows from Kibagami. God, Judge’s body was be bruised already…’ Riley remarks, checking Judge out, while getting skeptical looks from Grand Slam.


And that he does, sitting atop of Kibagami’s waist, raising him u0p so he can grab him by the chin, pulling his neck upwards with a Camel Clutch!


Judge pulls the Silent One’s up around his knees, synching in the hold further, though it matter not to Kibagami, who feels slightly uncomfortable In this position, a slight niggle in his neck, but he’s still able to calmly address Judge Mental…


‘… Oh please, can’t you be a little more creative, William? No matter what you try, I’ll jus-‘


But Judge has lulled Kibagami into a false sense of security hook, line and sinker as he pushes Nathaniel’s head down and pushes his weight forward, pinning Kibagami’s arms to the mat with a Kidou Clutch pin!


‘… Like that?’ Remarks Hearford with a grin as Billy Chiota glides over and slams his palm on the canvas!






















T-No! Kibagami pushes his shoulders out, breaking the pin and creating a safe distance between him and Judge so he can climb to his feet.


While this has been going on, Craven has been letting his frustrations flow out into a barrage of rights and lefts as he straddles Blackwell and beats him senseless! Andrew has no choice but to roll away, holding his forehead as a slight cut appears. Craven, on the other hand, is back to his feet and looking for blood to spill. He finds his window of opportunity as Kibagami whips Judge into the ropes, awaiting his return.


Craven’s mind looks back to Smarkdown, the twinge in his neck still there, now growing with every passing moment, grueling pain, but his thirst for revenge grows as well. Drawing his arm back like a shortstop, Mike explodes out of the blocks, rearing back and diving forward…





























‘Hail to the fucking king, Baby!’ He shouts on impact…


… As he drives his forearm into Kibagami’s forehead! The Silent One crashes to the mat, unable to avoid Judge who comes back from the ropes and performs a simple elbow drop across the chest!


‘Well, I guess you could call that team work,’ says Stevens. ‘Craven saves Judge, and Mental keeps mike’s nemesis down with an elbow drop!’


‘Please! An elbow drop?! Maybe if Judge had a loaded elbow pad, but a simple elbow drop will not keep the Silent One down!’


Kibagami is down, for the moment at least, as Michael Craven turns his attention to Judge Mental, who climbs back to his feet, ready to drop another elbow, but the King of Nightmare’s throws a curveball as he meets Judge with a kick to the gut! Raising his arms, drawing big heat from the capacity crowd, Craven hops back into the ropes, and then back towards Hearford, jumping into the air and scissoring his legs for his patented Craven Kick across the back of William’s head!


‘Wow, Craven is attacking Judge now…?’ Stevens is confused as he asks, ‘Why wouldn’t he have a go at Nathaniel now that he’s down on the mat?’


‘He’s smart, that’s why! If he continued with his blood lust, he would surely fail on the account of his neck, his chances are better with Judge… but only slightly of course.’


Craven’s leg makes its descent…







… No! Judge simply takes a step back and avoids the contact! With Craven wondering what the hell happened, Judge takes advantage as he grabs Craven around the waist for a German Suplex! But Craven counters that in a standing switch! Judge is too smart to let Craven out-maneuver him, and simply reaches between his own legs, taking Craven by the ankles and onto his back!


‘See? Nothing flip-floppy or flashy, just a simply counter that takes Craven down for some submission work!’


‘Your love of hosses disturbs me, Mark. More shooting star back rakes I say!’


In one fast and fluid motion, Judge keeps hold of the leg he used to take Mike down and spin around, twisting it while he grabs Craven’s opposite leg, dropping onto his back, connecting the finally leg….







‘Figure Four!’ Both commentators cry at the top of their lungs.








The crowd goes positively insane as Judge nods his head, indeed, his entire upper body as he tries to inflict more and more pain on the King of Nightmares!


From behind the Judge however, comes Nathaniel Kibagami, his lips slowly developing into a satisfied grin, having Judge, and Craven, exactly where he wants them. His outstretched arms comes down…








As he traps Judge in an inverted face lock! Hearford waves his arm about, but Kibs soon grabs his right arm, leaning down and locking on a Dragon Sleeper!


‘Me again…’ Kibagami whispers to Judge, but he only receives a muffled reply from William, who is unable to escape under Kibagami’s vice like grip keeping him in place!


‘Oh wow!’ Is all Stevens can utter as he watches Judge and Craven writhe in pain, and Kibagami’s satisfied expression as he watches each man suffer under the searing pain.


‘Oh no… he might also be setting up for the… uh oh! Here we go…!’


Riley cringes, but looks on eagerly for the pain to hit, as Kibagami lifts his head up, looking up at the lights on the rafters, before falling backwards…














With an Inverted DDT on Judge! Not only does Hearford close his eyes and curse, Craven too, as the impact from the blow causing Judge to shake violently on impact, only increasing the pain Michael sustains in the hold!


‘Oh my… Kibagami locks on the Dragon Sleeper, into an Inverted DDT, delivering pain to both men down on the mat! A Four Way contest is sure to bring some unique offence, and this is as unique and unpredictable as you could get!’


‘Wait!’ Bobby yells, putting his hand on Mark’s chest as he jerks back in surprise. ‘Blackwell is back on his feet!’


‘Don’t touch me, Bobby.’


Kibagami pops up onto his knees, taking his time to synch in the Dragon Sleeper even tighter! Behind this calamitous trio, all intertwined together, is Andrew Blackwell, hands rubbing greedily in twine, as he takes a few steps forward, thinking in his mind…


‘You don’t want to join? You don’t want to join the Experiment? Well then, it seems drastic action MUST be taken…’


‘This doesn’t look good for anyone here but Blackwell!’ Grand Slam shouts. ‘Here he goes, running towards the nearest turnbuckles…’


Riley takes over, his eyes fixated on Andrew as he… ‘… Hops onto the second turnbuckle… now the top… he springs off… oh god, oh god… here we go Mark!’


Blackwell falls back down to earth, his body turning in a slow somersault in the air, his back arched, before he comes crashing down…








With a Moonsault on top of Judge AND Kibagami’s head!







Both announcers hasp as Blackwell rolls away, clutching his stomach, but a smile can clearly be seen. ‘… He’s done it again!’ Stevens shouts, out of his seat. ‘He becomes the fourth wheel and crashes the party, breaking both holds with a Triple Jump Moonsault in EXACTLY the right spot!’


‘Ooooooh! He landed hard, on top of limbs and skulls and, ugh… but despite that, he’s once again stamped his authority on this match, but ion this sort of environment, it won’t last too long!’


The scene in the ring is one of twisted and broken bodies, but still they fight on, taking no time to rest as Kibagami rolls backward and gets onto two feet, meeting The Sacred One face to face.


Anticipating Sacred’s movements down to a tee, Kibagami catches Blackwell with a boot to the stomach as he’s about to leap on top of his shoulders! And Irish whip follows and Andrew hits the strands, returning as Kibagami gather some speed and stretching his arm out, head down and eyes focused on Blackwell…


But it’s ducked! As Nathaniel has his back turned, Blackwell tries to catch him in the back of the head with a spin kick!



… But somehow, Kibagami ducks! Nathaniel fires back with a mule kick to Blackwell’s midsection, turning around and taking Andrew by the left wrist, twisting it around and holding it against his own body, grabbing him around the neck with his free arm and throwing him over his head with a Hammerlock Suplex!


The Australian growls, whirling back to his feet, shaking his arm out after it becomes numb from the move. Kibagami laughs and holds his hand out, telling Sacred to step forward, turning his head in a cute and innocent fashion. Of course, Blackwell buys none of this, but steps forward anyway to face the Silent One.


Kibagami aims a spinning roundhouse kick towards Sacred’s left shoulder, and it connects! Now cursing his decision, Kibagami whips Blackwell by the left arm into the turnbuckles, hitting with a thud, and stumbling forward, losing the feeling in his arm. Nathaniel uses this to his advantage as he grabs Blackwell by the left hand and pulls him close suddenly, and violently as if to pulls the shoulder from the socket! He doesn’t succeed in this, but he does succeed in driving his knee into Andrew’s rib cage, keeping him close as he grabs him in a T-Bone position, throwing his arm over his shoulder and grabbing him in a reverse face lock, lifting Sacred up, over and down…






















With a fucking Exploder! The crowd gasp as Blackwell lets slip a cry, grabbing at his arm as he rolls out onto the floor to recuperate, while Kibagami stands in the center of the ring, finally drawing some cheers from the crowd!


… But these are suddenly cut short as none other than Michael Craven sneak attacks Nathaniel from behind, hitting him in the back of the neck with a dropkick! The Silent One stumbles forward, more from surprise than anything, and he can’t stop himself from hitting the ropes face first and coming back to Craven, who waits eagerly with hands held out wide, ready to give him a warm, loving welcome…


The Chimera breathes heavily, hunched over from the lack of movement in his neck, but he doesn’t care about that as he lowers his head further, lifting Kibagami onto his shoulders for the entire crowd to see. Kibagami is already fighting to get away, but Mike sinks his claws into his neck to keep him stable, before throwing Nathaniel from his shoulders…










Both hands taking him by the neck in mid-air as both come crashing down…
























… And Craven NAILS Kibagami with the Craven Driver!


Riley, like the crowd let out a… ‘Holy shit! That move has never meant more until right now! Craven knew he would land on the injured neck, but he was prepared to sacrifice himself to take Kibagami down with a Samoan Driver, snapping Nathaniel’s neck back!’


‘Even I’LL applaud that one, simply great work from Craven, as we mentioned, his guts and determination would have to get him through this, and he’s showing plenty of that right now!’




Craven whimpers in pain, grabbing the back of his neck as he rolls around, kicking his legs, trying to fight through the pain to continue, as Kibagami lies not one foot away, finally down for more than five seconds. The pain Michael seems to take a back seat to his satisfaction at last, and he climbs back to his feet, and slowly he raises his hand, extending his finger and pointing to the top rope!


The fans hiss and boo as Craven walks with a purpose, slowly, but with a fiery spirit showing in his eyes. Unfortunately, William Hearford is back to his senses, and very, very annoyed, as he grabs Craven from behind in a waist lock, pounding him in the back of the neck with forearm smashes!


Locking his hands together firmly by Craven’s waist, Hearford attempts to lift the Gulf Coast Hurricane… But a well-placed Craven foot blocks his attempt! Before William can try again, Mike darts forward abruptly, putting his foot on the second turnbuckle…



Then the third…



Craven’s hopes to counter the German Suplex attempt are dashed as Hearford throws him over his head anyway!







But Mike lands back on his feet! Hearford’s eyes dart over his shoulder, a frown of displeasure written across his face, and he is determined to take Craven down, pivoting back around and charging the King of Nightmare’s…


But Hearford faces something clearly unanticipated…


… As Craven hops forward, shooting his leg outward, catching Judge Mental in the jaw with a powerful Superkick! Hearford is thrown back from the force and collapses to the mat in a heap, while Craven stands over him. He slowly raises his head to the crowd, and a deeply satisfied smile forms as he raises his arms and proclaims.




The response from the crowd is deafening as they hurl abuse towards Craven, not letting him know of the danger he faces if he turns around.


Mike laughs, pointing to his chest and then by his waist, before he slowly turns around…


His eyes, they suddenly glance up at Craven’s own nightmare…


…The face of Nathaniel Kibagami, standing eye-to-eye, and toe-to-toe with Michael Craven.


The shock Craven feels jolts his body, as does the stiff kick delivered by Kibagami to a roar from the delighted crowd as Mike is doubled over, gasping for air. Kibagami pulls on his hair and into…






A standing headscissors…





‘No… no… he won’t! Oh lord, please tell me he won’t!’ Riley desperately cries, watching on in vain.


‘He’s… in position for the Demonstar… I can’t see another neck broken from this move, I just pray to god…’


As Stevens stands from his seat, and the fans rise, watching Craven’s bloodlust fade, and their own rising to new level’s never reached before.


Looking down at the beaten body of Michael Craven, the self-proclaimed ‘The King of Nightmare’s’, and Nathaniel cannot help but laugh, as his arms…


Wrap around Craven’s waist, and he is hoisted onto Nathaniel’s broad, built shoulders. Kibagami, although straining a little to keep Craven hoisted for so long, revel’s in the moment…


Before he decides to end it, throwing the King of Nightmare’s from off his shoulders, letting his neck aim directly for the spot in front of him as the two come closer, and closer, and closer...












And Kibagami’s sits out, while Craven’s head hits the mat at a dangerous angle, folding his neck onto himself, causing him to roll away at the last second after the devastating folding Powerbomb delivered by Nathaniel Kibagami!






‘HOLY SHIT!’ Is Riley’s instinctive response, visibly taken aback by the shockingly beautiful move delivered. ‘Kibagami shows mercy on Michael Craven, but delivers the finishing knockout blow to Craven. OH god, I can’t believe the angle Craven hit the canvas at…’






Stevens is just as speechless, ‘… it’s just academic now. I don’t know how to feel, whether to cheer for a monster, or a fallen one. I cannot decide the lesser of two evil’s…’


His eyes closed, on his knees in front of Craven, Kibagami simply drops himself on top of Michael, tugging on his attire to hook his leg, as Billy Chiota does his job, although his eyes do not leave Kibagami as his hand strikes the mat and the fans cry…































































… Then reality is made frightfully clear.


The King of Nightmare’s leg drops lifelessly, plonking on the canvas as Kibagami climbs to his feet, groaning as he feels a bone creak, almost annoyed that he had to get down on the mat to finish Craven. Michael Craven was Dead on Arrival here tonight, and his sprawled out body is the evidence of that.


His lifeless body, with arms and legs out to each side. The crowd is STILL cheering, even as they see these scenes, and the chant is heard around the arena once again…













‘The first man eliminated in this match via pin fall by Nathaniel Kibagami… MICHAEL Craven…’













‘Damn these fans… damn them! How can they not be moved by this?! How can they have the audacity to cheer, as a man lies strewn on the mat, his neck torn apart?!’


‘The same way you would if Kibagami had been on the receiving end of that move…’


‘… Damn it, that’s not the issue! Kibagami has done something I can’t forgive him for! Look at my poor Craven, someone get help for this man right NOW!’













Finally rolling into the ring, Andrew Blackwell works his way to his feet with help from the ropes, still shaking his arm out, trying to gain full feeling back. He finally looks down at Craven’s broken body… then at Kibagami. William Hearford does the same as he shakes off the effects of the Superkick delivered by the man who now lies face down on the mat.


Nathaniel simply looks at Blackwell, and then turns his head to Judge. The careless look in his eyes causes Hearford and Blackwell to look at each other, then back at Silent… then back to Craven, who is being rolled out of the ring carefully by Chiota, being careful not to move Craven’s neck too much. Michael opens his eyes finally, and explains that he doesn’t need any help… And Chiota waves the EMT’s away as they rush down the ramp way.


‘I can’t believe it… even know after falling to Kibagami once again, he still has the determination to leave the ring with out aid. I despise him for his actions, but he has earned my respect here tonight…’


Craven rolls out onto the outside, stumbling and falling onto one knee at first, but he manages to compose himself, being able to walk past all the fans… the cruel, unforgiving fans as they taunt the King of Nightmares. His anger only grows as he holds his neck, slowly making his way up the ramp, as the EMT’s part like the red sea for him, following him through he curtain as he makes his exit…


‘… And then there were three,’ informs a greedy Bobby Riley, rubbing his hands together. ‘THIS will be even better!’


An uneasy silence falls upon the ring, through mummers and mutterings can still be heard amongst the crowd, who wait too see what happens next. A triangle is formed between the three men, as each, no matter how prepared they were at the beginning of the match, are unsure of what to do next.


‘Even the best get lost sometimes and most experienced get lost along the way.’ Stevens remarks. ‘After seeing Nathaniel Kibagami’s power, and the lengths he will go to…’


‘Isn’t it fitting that the man himself is the first one to strike!’


Tiring of this state of non-action, Kibagami creates some, kicking Blackwell in the stomach with a swift kick! With Andrew doubled over, Kibagami turns to Judge, throwing a wild lariat attempt his way!


But Judge is prepared for it and ducks! Kibagami turns around, met with knife-edge chops from Judge Mental!












‘Look at the marks left by those stinging chops!’ Riley cries. ‘No wonder the fans cry after each barbed blow!’


‘I still say it’s stupid…’












Unlike earlier, the chops are thrown with more force behind them, forcing Kibagami into one corner. Seeing Kibagami ready for a counter-attack, Judge ducks low, driving his shoulder into Silent’s rib cage!


‘As we saw earlier, Judge can be dominated too easily if he gets sucked into a brawl, so he needs to use hit and run tactics to keep wearing down Kibagami,’ notes Stevens.


‘Right now, he has no choice! Kibs is on a fucking roll, and I don’t know where or how its happened, but he is like a new man out there. You KNOW Blackwell and Hearford are worried they might suffer the same fate as The King of Nightmares.’


Judge grabs Kibs by the arm tightly, wrapping his arms around him and whipping him across the ring to where Blackwell stands, unprepared for this, but managing to leap frog over the Silent One! Andrew dodged one bullet, but now he has another coming at him in the form of Judge Mental, who himself tries a lariat! But Blackwell grabs his arms and whirls around, locking arms with Hearford in an attempt to take him over in a hip toss!


‘Okay, I’ll make a safe bet and predict that not ONE lariat will be hit in this match!’ Stevens shouts.


‘I won’t be one to take you up on that, Mark, as none of these men will fall to a damn lariat!’


But even that’s countered as Mental twists his body around, reversing roles and trying for his own hip toss! Blackwell manages to block it though, but something captures the attention of the two dueling technicians, in fact, it’s Nathaniel Kibagami! The Silent One bursts out from the corner, but Judge and Blackwell meet him, their arms still locked together, forming a perfect double clothesline that knocks Silent down onto the mat!


‘Aha!’ Riley laughs, finding pleasure in Kibagami’s pain, no matter how slight it may be ‘Did you see that? Hearford and Blackwell didn’t even consult with one another, simply met the challenge thrown at them as a team! I need to see MORE of this!’


‘Too bad Riley! The impromptu team has already ended. Don’t expect any peaceful co-existence tonight. You cannot trust any man when you step into the ring, or you’ll no sooner find a knife in your back and the match stolen from your clutches,’ replies Stevens.


Grand Slam speaks the god honest truth as Blackwell smiles before delivering a stiff kick to the rib cage of Mental! With William doubled over, coughing and spluttering, a good sign, Blackwell puts his leg across Judge’s head, lifting his arm up into the air, preparing for the Play of the Day!










But Judge counters suddenly, lifting Sacred into the air as he raises his head, tossing Blackwell away! But the Sacred One lands on two feet! Having his left arm locked with Mental and bent into tight angles doesn’t do anything aid Blackwell’s cause, and Judge takes advantage of Andrew’s momentary lapse of concentration as he spins around, take Blackwell around the neck in a front face lock, nailing the Australian with a spinning neckbreaker!


Stevens chuckles as he reports, ‘and to think, Blackwell escaped the ring before to heal his arm, but his plans have dashed by Hearford!’


‘And a great way to do it too! A crisp swinging neckbreaker, as Judge sits on Blackwell’s left arm to pin him to the mat!’ Riley shouts in reply as Billy Chiota slides over.











































Turning his right shoulder away, Sacred breaks the count, but doesn’t break Judge’s hold of his other arm as he grinds it into the canvas with his knee, while he takes him by the wrist, twisting it every which way!


‘This is what he’s known best for,’ comments Mark, ‘ the ability to wear and opponent down and pick them apart with ease, it’s just second nature to the Judge, but he’ll always have to keep one eye over his-‘


Judge’s unique submission is cut short, as Kibagami takes a running start…


























… Connecting with a soccer kick right to the fucking spine!


‘… Shoulder.’


‘YEOWCH! Kibagami did Chiota’s work for him… and…’


‘Oh god, don’t say it…’




‘Ugh. But you ARE right; Chiota will watch these submissions like a hawk, watching for any illegal holds. If this match has been tough for the competitors, spare a thought for young Billy Chiota, just out of high school and just looking to make a good start in the wrestling biz gosh darn it!’














The crowd gasps at the impact as it echoes the sound of boot on flesh and bone… Which the crowd obviously cheers wildly for! Judge groans and coughs, spitting on the canvas as his insides recover from the crushing kick from the former clannite.



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Of course, Kibagami could care less as he drags Judge onto his feet by the hair, throwing him into the turnbuckles. In an uncharacteristic move, Kibagami climbs up onto the second tier, one hand holding Judge by the hair, while the other is clenched tightly together, pounding into the Judge’s skull! The fans chant in pure delight as each blow is delivered!























‘It’s so obvious that Nathaniel enjoys listening to the crowd chant his name, and who wouldn’t?!’ States Grand Slam. ‘His stranglehold on this match as been kept since the ring the of the bell, and now he has time to simply beat the living hell out of Hearford!’












‘Judge has been busted open after all these blows to his head. If he’s not careful, his body will progressively weaken as this match rolls on…’


‘That usually happens when you move around and get slammed for twenty minutes, Bobby.’


‘… You know what I mean!’












Sacred, planting his left arm on the mat to steady himself and climb to his feet finds it hurts like all hell, and switches to his opposite arm.








The crowd’s raucous chanting awakens Blackwell back to reality as he looks up at Kibagami, punching a hole through Judge’s head as a cut appears. Deciding it would be better to be fleet a foot instead of grabbing Silent just yet, Sacred runs towards the ropes near his two opponents…




The Australian proves his superior agility as he hops onto the second rope, then the third, twisting his body around…




‘This Aussie will change his style every minute of the match to suit the circumstances, but he is always fucking insane!’


… And striking Nathaniel Kibagami across the neck with a fly kick! The fans sigh in bitter disappointment as Blackwell’s leather shoes smack against Kibagami’s often-frail neck.


‘Always a sneak attack from behind… but the strategy works, no matter how cowardly it may seem…’


‘There’s nothing wrong with coming from behind! Everyone does it Mark, it’s all apart of the game, just live with it!’


‘… Oh god, I don’t even need a joke to follow that one.’


Landing back down to earth safely, Andrew safely lowers his head, lifting Kibagami onto his shoulders and taking a few steps back, glancing upwards slightly, watching Judge’s movements. Fortunately for Blackwell, Hearford is thinking exactly the same thing he is, and he stands up tall on the top rope, wobbling slightly after the blows he sustained, but keeping his balance, determined as he looks at Kibagami’s dazed face…


Leaping forward, springing from the turnbuckles in an unorthodox move for the submission wrestler, he throws him arm out to the side…


Striking Kibagami across the neck with a flying clothesline!






















‘Oh, no, no, no, NO! He did NOT just do that!’


‘Oh he did baby! Blackwell and Hearford have the COHESION~!’


As he falls, Judge brings Nathaniel down with him in glory, or infamy in this case, dragging Silent down and slamming him down HARD onto the canvas!


‘Judge could have pulled away after he struck Kibagami…’ comments Stevens, pondering, ‘…but instead, he decides to be a real bitch and tear Nathaniel’s neck in two!’


In utter disbelief, Stevens looks on and cries, ‘Kibagami is a marked man right now, and it shows as Judge and Blackwell pull together to perform ANOTHER double-team move! God, watching Nathaniel crash to the mat was sickening, but this will be a welcome sign for you I suppose, Bobby…’


‘OH YES! Kibagami has felt what it’s like to have a broken neck in the past, and I hope he does again. That may sound…’


Grand Slam helps Riley out. ‘Evil? Sadistic?’


‘Yeah, sadistic sounds good, but he’s crossed the line. Blackwell and Hearford are doing a great job targeting his neck…’


This is something Stevens has to confront Riley on. ‘Great job?! GREAT JOB?! Kibagami has become so attuned to protecting his neck, that the only way Blackwell, Hearford or even Craven have successfully hit it is when Kibagami has his back turned!’


Before Stevens can launch into a fiery tirade, Judge Mental grabs both of Kibagami’s legs, flipping over the Silent One in a jackknife pinning predicament!


‘Now, even you have to admit, that THAT is smart, Mark. A simple thing like that may just score Hearford this second fall!’


Chiota counts the fall!







































TTTTTTTTTHHHTHHHKKKKKKKKICKOUT! A cheer rises up from the fans as silent pushes Hearford away, and the Judge curses himself, banging his hand on the mat. He has no time to find where he went wrong, because he gets to his feet, he spots Blackwell, on the top rope, flying off as Judge turns around!


Unlike last time, Hearford meets this threat, and in spectacular fashion…

























Dropkicking Blackwell right in the sternum!


‘… And Judge pulls out a DROPKICK~! For the Pay Per View! It’s not often we see it hit with so much force, Blackwell as literally flown back to where he came!’


The Sacred One’s gasps for air are clearly audible to the crowd as they too cringe from the impact, but as Silent is in dream land, Judge decides this is the perfect time to capitalize, as he grabs Sacred’s left, and most susceptible arm, suddenly dropping to the mat as he scissors his legs around it tightly…






… Along with Blackwell’s neck!






Stevens shouts, ‘Blackwell cannot escape that arm injury for long, with constant harassment coming from both opponents, but Judge may finally crack Blackwell and force him to tap!’


Grabbing Blackwell’s wrist with both hands, Judge begins to torque Andrew’s arm backwards and forwards, twisting it at his will! Silent begins to stir only a few feet away, causing Judge to put his all into the hold, turning his body around to the side to strengthen the scissor hold around the arm!


‘It’s going to happen! If his legs scissor his arm any more, he’ll snap it at the elbow!’ Riley cries, secretly wanting to see that.


Blackwell’s free arm lunges forward, his fingernails digging into the canvas as he desperately tries to crawl forward, but Judge is fiercely determined to never let him go! Although it may sound sweet, it’s extremely, extremely cruel. It seems Nathaniel Kibagami has other ideas however, as he finally manages to come to and climb to his feet, smacking his hand at the side of his neck, working through the pain to finally get some movement back. He suddenly stops as he sees what’s going on only a few paces away, and he pivots around instinctively, aiming to drop his knee through a ten-inch hold in Judge’s head!


‘It seems no man can apply a submission for very long before others come to crash the party!’ Shouts Riley.


NO! As Kibagami is about to deliver his blow, Judge lets his strangle hold of Blackwell cease, opting instead to wisely roll backward and onto his feet to avoid contact!


‘And someone has finally picked up on that, Bobby, and I knew it would be Judge. Right now, his state of mind is much clearer than Silent or Sacred, with his eyes firmly on the prize, and the others fixated on something else entirely.’


‘No way, Mark… ok, that can be said for Blackwell, but Kibagami’s sheer determination and aggression comes from his desire too be the best, like he knows he is.’


‘And I believe that, Bobby, but he can’t let that take hold of him, or his career will pass him by in an instance…’


As he gets back onto his feet, Kibagami hobbles forward, clutching at his knee, which Judge exploits without thinking twice, hitting Kibs with some stomps to the knee joint, causing it to buckle and for Nathaniel to drop to one knee. Taking Kibagami by the same weakened leg, Judge lifts him into the air a short way, and brings him back down on his knee with a shin breaker!


‘Another great example of working a body part for a short while, just to regain the momentum,’ comments Grand Slam. ‘And Kibagami wouldn’t expect him to target the leg at all, while his neck keeps constantly aching him.’


The crowd senses trouble looming, and their fears are increased as Judge puts Kibagami in a front face lock, taking him by the belt line and raising him into the air with a vertical Suplex!


The crowd rises once again as Judge is about to fall hit his signature corkscrew Suplex, but Blackwell interferes suddenly, diving across, lunging towards the back of Judge’s knee, taking it out with a chop block! The blow knocks Hearford’s legs back, dropping Kibagami as a result…




































NAILING a near spiked Brainbuster!


‘OOOH! Kibagami nearly landed straight on his bloody HEAD, Mark! That was an uncontrolled, near sheer drop Brainbuster, and it was all perpetrated by Blackwell’s sneak attack from behind! Maybe we’re severely underestimating his capabilities…?’


‘He still has a long way to go to impress me Bob, but damn, that was a BRUTAL move! Now, finally, Kibagami is on the back foot…’


Hearford locks his legs around Nathaniel’s and pushes his weight onto his chest as Chiota does his patented slide~ across the mat!















































‘As does he always do it?!’ Riley asks in vain. ‘He was nearly finished, finito, adios, gone from this match, but the bastard won’t stay down!’


‘His body is conditioned perfectly, Bobby, and he has shown time and time again that he’ll take his opponents will have to take him to the edge of oblivion before he will give up!’


With Kibagami’s brains suitable rattled, and the crowd deliriously happy, Blackwell climbs to his feet, as does Hearford, shaking his leg out after that sudden chop block. Blackwell is all over him like a bad rash, hitting him with some hard forearms in an attempt to further open the cut on William’s forehead. Andrew follows this with an Irish Whip, finding enough strength to picks Hearford up as he returns, spinning him around in the air!


But the tilt-a-whirl attempt is countered as Judge lands back on his feet! Hoping to surprise Blackwell, Hearford grabs him by the arm and spins around him, hooking both arms underneath his Andrew and pulling him down to the mat with a backslide!


‘HE’S GONNA JOB TO A BACKSLIDE!’ Riley shouts, marking out terribly hard. ‘… Ahem, excuse me.’

















































‘I tell you what, Bobby, his surprise nearly paid off big time, only narrowly missing getting the three on Blackwell!’


Blackwell continues to roll through the pin, not going down that easily, much to Hearford’s dismay. Sacred tries to come back with a boot to the stomach, but his leg is caught in Mental’s clutches! The former tag champion spins his foe around, catching him as he performs a full revolution, linking his arm underneath Blackwell’s left, literally clawing him in the face before placing his foot behind Blackwell’s leg and diving forward, nailing the Closing Arguments!


‘Will Blackwell fall to Judge’s Closing Arguments!?’ Riley shouts to no one in particular. Judge made show to use Blackwell’s left arm for a move, a true mark of an experienced ring general.’


‘Survey says, Sacred better reach the god damn ropes before Judge has the chance to lock in another submission hold on that injured arm of his!’


Luckily, The Sacred One does not need instructions from Grand Slam to reach the ropes, as he quickly rolls away, both arms clutching onto the second rope as he finally has a chance to take a breath. Judge lets out a long sigh, putting the boots the Kibagami, before making the journey to lift Sacred to his feet, finding this such a menial and mentally tiring task to complete. Blackwell is raised to his feet, not by his own free will of course, as Judge rears back…



























‘More chops from Mental, his favourite equalization and capitalization striking move, and despite losing blood steadily, wearing him down, his shops have even MORE force behind them now!’ Shouts Riley.


Remembering the little things even at a time like this, Judge twists Blackwell’s arm around in a hammerlock before performing an Irish whip. As he returns, the Australian resorts to his speedy tactics once again, leaping into the air as he grabs hold of one of Judge’s arms, grabbing the other for a crucifix pin!


‘I knew he would make a mistake sooner or later, and here it is,’ remarks Mark, shaking his head. ‘Judge countered his cross body a little while ago, after successfully hitting it at the start of this match, and now he’ll do the same with here! It’s crazy to repeat the same move more than twice in a match like this!’


Blackwell feels his grasp beginning to slip, and Judge suddenly hoists him onto his shoulders! Hearford is about to slam Blackwell down, but he spots Kibagami out of the corner of his eye, back to his no-selling ways as he gingerly climbs back up. Turning around to meet Kibs, Judge suddenly throws Blackwell from his shoulders, and onto Kibagami!





The result is not what Judge had planned however…





Catching Blackwell across his shoulder, Silent steps forward, his eyes bulging and his body shaking as he…










… Puts Blackwell back down…?











‘… Huh? He had Blackwell right where he wanted him, practically given to him with a bow attached from Mental, but he’s just going to… put him down?’


‘I have no idea, Bobby… but… wait…’


The crowd is just as stunned, but Kibagami’s intentions are soon made known as Hearford is distracted, Nathaniel simply charges forward, lifting his leg as high as he can, throwing all his weight forward…
































Smacking Judge across the cheekbone with a fucking stiff Yazuka Kick!


‘God…’ Riley is taken back by the impact. Either that or… ‘Kibagami is so cool! Even I enjoyed that one! He nearly knocked Judge’s teeth out with that Yazuka Kick!’


Hopping on his toes and shaking his neck from side to side, Kibagami looks down at his prey, and picks him up.


Kibagami grabs Judge by his black hair and looks into his eyes…











‘You’ll be number two…’















… And from here, Kibagami shoves Hearford between his legs!


‘… Something tells me you won’t like this, Bob…’












Linking his arms together around William’s waist, Kibagami grunts as he attempts to hoist Hearford onto his shoulders for the end, the final curtain, and lights out…








But his attempts are frustrated as Judge suddenly drops to one knee to block!


‘YES! Mental shows some life yet! He’ll hold fast, I just know he will Mark…’


‘Yes, Bobby, and if you wish hard enough, it may just come true! … Idiot.’


Not in the mood to wait any longer, not willing to play around, Kibagami fires a brutal rising knee lift into Judge’s stomach, and attempts the move once again, his arms and veins bulging…








But Hearford locks his hands around Kibagami and drops onto two knees!








Though his voice is muffled in his awkward position, Judge Mental can clearly be heard… laughing, laughing as he tightens his grip to avoid Kibagami’s devastating finisher.






‘Kibagami has to see Judge isn’t done yet…’ Riley says.





…This is the final straw.






Kibagami suddenly rears back, and with out warning, unleashes hell upon the Mental Judge, his knee smashing against Hearford’s head!
































‘Holy shit…’ Stevens lets slip. ‘Hearford’s desperate counters have only stirred the beast, and now he’s being pummeled for his insolence…’


Kibagami has the crowd on the proverbial string as every blow he delivers to Judge makes the roar climb in amplitude, the fans crying for more, and Kibagami delivers, though not for their sake, but for his…























This time, the cry comes not from the fans, but from Judge Mental, who head is snapped back repeatedly by the power knee strikes. Finally, with Hearford literally out cold, Nathaniel lifts him up easily. The blood seeping from Hearford’s wound on his forehead can be seen smeared on Kibagami’s knee, illustrating the severity of his blows…


‘No fancy counter moves, arm drags, takedowns or submissions… but knee the guy in the head till he’s dead…’ Stevens remarks.


With one powerful hoist, the Silent One lifts the Judge up, and onto his shoulders, as he did with Michael Craven, he takes a running start, and the fans, and commentators, hold their collective breath…


Hearford is violently flung across the ring as Kibagami sits out, folding Judge Mental like an accordion, but he doesn’t spring back into place, instead, he stays in a ball, not moving a muscle…


Taking a few deep breaths, Kibagami calmly hooks Judge by the leg as the fans literally scream for more!


Chiota does his duty once again, making the count!


‘That HAS to be it! For Judge’s sake!’ Riley cries out.















































He got him! The fans jump up as one as Kibagami lets go of Judge and rolls away, as Funyon can be heard announcing to the capacity crowd…






‘The second man eliminated in this bout by pin fall from Nathaniel Kibagami… WILLIAM HEARFORD!’






‘And now we’re down to only two men in this epic, titanic struggle!’ Stevens shouts after Funyon.


The crowd’s noise is unimaginable as Hearford is unceremoniously rolled out of the ring, leaving only Nathaniel Kibagami along with Andrew Blackwell, who owes Nathaniel a big thank you after putting him down safely. However, Kibagami only laughs, pointing to Blackwell’s left arm, and beginning to approach the Sacred One slowly, but methodically…


‘It’s becoming clear now…’ Stevens says. ‘Kibagami knows how weak that arm of Sacred’s is, and he thinks he can eliminate him as easy as the others…’


‘Blackwell is no push over in contests like this though. He’ll take Silent to the limit, forget the pain and focus on the prize…’


Now only a foot away from Andrew, Kibagami fires a kick from his left leg.




But Blackwell takes a step back to avoid the blow!




Angered, Kibagami fires one from his right leg…




Which is avoided as well!




Letting fly with a flurry of furious kicks but missing each time, Kibagami finally corners Sacred in the turnbuckles, but as he aims a kick for Sacred’s breadbasket, the Australian places his hands on the top rope and splits his legs apart leaping over the blow!


‘That’s right Sacred! Don’t get drawn into his kind of fight!’ Riley yells to spur on his final hope in this match.


‘He’ll catch him eventually… just you wait…’


As Blackwell comes back down, his arm soon giving way, he bounces off of the second rope, flipping over the top of Silent, but not before catching him by the neck with his ankles and taking him to the mat with a reverse ankle scissors! Kibagami grunts as he rolls back to his feet, the twinge in his neck coming steadily worse, and Andrew can plainly see that, as he gives Nathaniel his own, confident grin, completely unreassuringly…


But underneath his almost arrogant exterior, Blackwell’s mind and heart are racing a mile a minute, not sure how to approach such a dangerous man like Kibagami, mindful that his arm can’t take much more punishment. Kibagami forces him to make a decision as he lunges forward, synching down on Sacred’s shoulders with both arms, but Blackwell reverses this, knocking Kibagami’s arms away and whirling behind him with a waist lock from behind.


From here, Blackwell pounds his forearm into the back of Silent’s neck, before reaching up and grabbing him in an inverted face lock! As Sacred begins to lean down, attempting a Dragon Sleeper, Kibagami reaches up himself, taking Sacred by the left arm that holds him in place with the Dragon Sleeper and spinning around him, pinning his arm and pushing it into his back, as he uses his free arm to grab Sacred around the waist!


Blackwell’s reversal is as simple as reaching back and flipping Kibagami over his shoulder with a snapmare! Blackwell shunts forward with a knee strike to Nathaniel’s spine, before trying to place one leg through Kibagami’s arm, grabbing the opposite arm, trying to pivot himself around…


‘This is just counter for counter the whole way through, both men protecting their respective injuries…’ Stevens comments.


‘If they leave the door slightly ajar, the other will burst through and tear him apart. This match is hanging on the edge, and I feel it’s about to slowly topple over the edge…!’


‘… What is with these weird analogies tonight…?’


Kibagami digs in and blocks the move with everything he has, shifting his weight onto his side and grabbing Sacred by the legs, rolling through and over Blackwell, taking both his arms in the process and tying them above Andrew’s head, trying to step through…






‘The Strangle Hold Gamma…!’ Stevens rattles off the name, but cannot continue as…






That is countered as well! Blackwell rolls onto the back of his neck, kicking his legs up so he takes Kibagami around the neck in a vice like grip!


Blackwell stands on the top of his head, spinning like a top and twisting Kibagami’s neck around!


‘Tiger head scissors!’ Riley calls out.


The Silent One falls out to the side, grunting as both of his arms wrap around his neck, before he climbs back to his feet. Sacred knows this is his chance, and stalks Kibagami from behind, arms out to the side, ready to lock his prey in place…


… In a Double Chickenwing!


‘NARCOSYNTHESIS! HE’S GOING TO LOCK IT IN!’ Riley jumps up from his seat, giddy like a little girl..


Sacred pushes forward, but Kibagami keeps moving forward, circling around the ring… Suddenly, Kibs throws all his weight forward, flipping Blackwell over his head and onto his back!













‘… But Kibagami counters it! AMAZING!’










Staying on his back, Kibagami shifts himself forward at a rapid pace, shuffling across the canvas like a crab, attempting to scissor his legs ALL the way around Blackwell’s left arm!


‘JUJI-GATAME! God, what a mouthful!’


Stevens manages to control himself long enough to blurt out, ‘if Kibagami locks his hold in, I’m afraid we’ll see Danny Williams run down the ramp and beat him to a pulp…’







Andrew struggles to free his arm; Kibagami is only seconds away from locking each of his ankles over completely…









Each time Nathaniel tries to grab Sacred by the wrist to keep his arm still, Blackwell shakes his entire body violently, to the point where the entire ring begins to shake! Blackwell tries to shift his entire body weight out to the side, to roll into an easier position to counter…










…And he does it! Now on all fours, albeit with Kibagami still attempting to scissor his left arm, but Blackwell is agonizingly close to the ropes, his fingertips nearly catch the strands in desperation…


‘This is just one big, long as chain wrestling maneuver…’ Riley comments. ‘But something has to give soon!’


Sensing that Blackwell is about to break free and blow the match wide open, Kibs frees his legs, keeping hold on Blackwell’s wrist as he kicks Blackwell in the side of the head!




























Each shot forces Blackwell away from the ropes, and knocks him senseless more importantly. Kibagami spins back to his feet, jerking Blackwell by the arm and raising him to his feet, whipping him into the opposite strands.


As Sacred returns, Kibagami hooks his arm underneath Blackwell’s, trying to flip him over his shoulder with the Ippon Seionage! A quick thinking Blackwell stops Kibagami in his tracks with several elbow strikes to the head! Keeping hold on Nathaniel’s arm, Sacred spins around, moving into the front face lock position, and hooking his arm OVER the top of Kibagami’s!












Unable to say any more at this point, the announcers simply scream, ‘CRUEL FATE!’


The crowd almost chant, ‘NOOOO!’ As Blackwell lifts his leg into the air…


But Kibagami employs the tactics used so well on Judge, kneeing Sacred in the gut again, again and again!


‘Judge fell to Kibagami’s constant barrage, but will Sacred hold on long enough to…’


Feeling Sacred’s hold on him weaken considerably, Kibagami copies Judge’s counter, keeping his arm hooked with Blackwell’s as he spins around, reaching back and hooking both arms with a backslide!


… But Kibagami doesn’t push forward, oh no… he lifts Sacred off from the mat, letting him dangle in mid-air…


The fans call it at the same time as the announcers do…


























Grand Slam’s eyes light up as Kibagami tries to lift Blackwell even higher, but the little Aussie Battler kicks his legs like a gold medal swimmer, arching his back as much as he can, pushing all of his weight down on top of Kibagami neck, seeing how long it can really hold out for…


The crowd waits, drawing a single breath, and not daring take another until they see what happens next…


Nathaniel Kibagami, after eliminating Michael Craven and William Hearford, is on the brink of destroying another, if only her can summon up some reserve energy, to lift Blackwell only a little bit higher…


His eyes suddenly open, and he stops straining himself, deciding that now is the time, as he pushes himself up, supporting Blackwell’s weight…


But, he feels his arms beginning to slip, and the twinge in his neck… it now spreads, and burns like wildfire…


In one, swift movement… Blackwell counters…

















The Sacred One flips out of Kibagami’s grasp, landing back down on two feet!


‘HOW?! Bah, it doesn’t matter! He just DID! That’s all that matters!’ Riley shouts.


‘I can feel this match slipping from Kibagami’s grasp, his neck just can’t sustain this sort of punishment that’s he’s received tonight!’


The crowd are absolutely stunned, but realize things aren’t over just yet, as pain and misery is etched across Blackwell’s weary features, looking over at his left arm, hoping and praying that it holds out as he summons up one last effort…









Unhooking his left arm, giving Kibagami little to work with, Blackwell begins the arduous and agonizing task of turning himself around to flank Kibagami and attack from behind…


He plants his feet into the mat, as does Kibagami, but Sacred soon wins out. With one arm still hooked onto Kibagami, Blackwell hooks Nathaniel’s opposite arm with a double chickenwing…







Mark sits on the edge of his seat. ‘He’s looking for the Narcosynthesis again, but Kibagami HAS to have expected this after Blackwell teased with it before…’


At the last moment, Sacred suddenly lets go of Kibagami’s arms instead; he ducks low and takes him around the ankles, flipping him onto his belly!


‘… What the HELL!? WHAT is he thinking?!’


‘… I know what he’s thinking, he’s using the same tactic he used against Stryke on Lockdown…’


As Andrew grabs Kibagami by the leg, the Silent One frees his arms and moves onto all fours, arching his back as he attempts to lunge for the ropes.


‘And now Kibagami will leave his neck unprotected…’ Stevens predicts…





But before is hand reaches for the oasis, the solution to his problems, Blackwell pushes his feet back down on Kibagami’s legs, trampling them into the mat as Kibagami is suddenly pushed down on his face!





With Silent’s arm now free and his neck exposed, Blackwell leans forward and grabs them both, clutching hold on his wrists and slowly rocking back onto his knees with a Kabel Naria elevated surfboard hold!





But Blackwell lets his right arm go free as he reaches forward and quickly hooks Silent’s neck…










… Pulling it back in an inverted face lock!




‘DRAGON SLEEPER! A DRAGON SLEEPER FROM THE INVERTED SURFBOARD ARRRGHGHH!’ Riley gives up, hands gripping onto the desk as he watches the events unfold for himself.




The crowd all shake their head in disbelief, their noise rising, the roar slowly picking up as they begin to chant!


















Kibagami smiles, beginning to laugh as Blackwell tightens his hold, yanking back. Chiota slides in front of Kibagami, looking straight into his eyes…






‘… He’s beginning to flutter…’






But they soon begin to fade, as does the smile…














… And it appears on Blackwell’s face, as he feels Silent’s body slump forward. The referee looks at Kibagami, finally nodding his head as he yells to ringside…

















‘Ring the bell! Ring the bell’
































Andrew Blackwell lets Silent fall forward as he finally lets go, lying on his back in utter exhaustion, his arm about to give in from the pain itself, but he held on, and the final confirmation comes when Funyon cries…












‘I can’t believe it! Blackwell made Kibagami pass out in that devastating hold… I have NEVER seen him use that before. That was… simply amazing.’


‘And you were right, Mark! Blackwell did the same as Kibagami as he did against Stryke, feigning with a leg submission, confusing the opponent, before capitalizing on that to lock on the hold at the neck! Just as you said, this was fucking AMAZING!’


The fans are absolutely livid as they chant…





















This matter not to Blackwell now as the warriors men lie flat on their backs, staring up at the light from above, one finally succumbing to an old, painful memory translated into reality…


The other, his dreams are well on their way to finally being realized one again…


‘Mak Francis will meet Andrew Blackwell some time down the road, but for now, each man will recover from their battle wounds and live to fight another day, but only one man can be victorious and tonight that was The Sacred One…’


Coughing and Spluttering, but deeply satisfied, Blackwell’s eyes slowly open as he gazed out at the audience, extending his arms, mouthing three simply words…













‘Join… the … Experiment…’

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Guest Suicide King

Muzz = teh class act. And I am still so sorry about the chat thing MUzz. I owe you one.

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Indeed, I agree with Muzz. You get a lot of crap, Mike, but you beat all three of us fair and square. Frankly, everytime I found my groove I just would loose it again. Too many people who needed to be elevated, not enough time. Anyways, here is my craptacular match:




We fade back in after yet another music video highlighting the match ahead, returning the viewing audience back to Ground Zero! The camera pans across the faintly green-tinted arena, picking out a few signs like “BLACKWELL PROJECT > ALAN PARSON’S PROJECT”, “EARL OF SANDWICH > KING OF NIGHTMARES”, “TIME TO DO THE ICTV SOME JUSTICE”, and one very popular one, “SILENT IS GOLDEN”, before cutting down to the announcer’s table with the familiar visages of “Grand Slam” Mark Stevens and Bobbie Riley. A graphic saying ‘ICTV NO. 1 CONTENDERSHIP’ appears on the screen as the two men start discussing the match ahead.


“Well, next up we have the #1 Contendership for the ICTV Title. Four men, three pins, one shot. Who do you think has the best chance here, Bobbie?”


“It’s pretty hard to tell, Mark. We have three kick ass guys going up against each other in this match. First off, you have Blackwell, a guy who has held any and every belt we have active right now. He’s back, he’s motivated, and this could probably his first step towards a World Title shot after having a few bad losses.”


“Indeed, Sacred is definitely a favorite going in here. He’s the only one to have ever held the ICTV and the belt above it, the World Title.”


“Next you got Justice, who is recovering off a short losing period. The guy is still a dangerous man simply because he has about 10 years of experience on anyone you can put into the ring. Add in the fact that he’s still pretty fit and that’s one hell of a combo.” Bobbie takes a small sip of water and goes on.


“And lastly you have Mike Craven. Yeah, he’s a little beat up from Smarkdown, but the guy has a size and strength advantage and he’s been pretty hot in singles competition.”


“I have to disagree with you there, Bobbie. Even if he has a slight size advantage, the man really got battered last week, and that’s not even including the Demonstar Driver he took. And out of all that surprising insight, you left out the final man, Nathan Kibagami.”


“Why should he be included? The guy is always injured or going through some dark change or something. I liked the guy when he debuted back a year ago, but the man is just a joke.”


“I certainly wouldn’t call him a joke. The man is a monster in the ring; super-fast kicks, a excellent knowledge of submissions, and an unbelievable threshold for pain makes him ICTV or heck, even World Title material.”




“The following match is a 4 way elimination match for the #1 Contendership to the ICTV Title! People can be eliminated by DQ, Countout, Pinfall or Submission. The match will continue until there is only one man remaining in the ring. Now entering first…”


A faint but familiar drumbeat filters in through the sound system of Omaha Civic Center as the lights begin to turn a deep red. The beat crescendos with the crowd’s booing, finally reaching a peak-




Three rows of red pyro light off as Rage Against the Machine’s “Testify” starts up in midsong as the Judge steps out onto the ramp, looking ready for the match. Clad in his normal Magnificent 7 football jersey, he taunts a few of the crowd members as he strides down towards the ring.


“Now entering the ring, weighing in at 242 pounds and hailing from Royal Oak, Michigan, he is a former Hardcore Gamer’s and Tag Team Champion… he is THE JUDGE, WILLIAM HEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARFOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD!”


“And the veteran comes out first,” notes Grand Slam as the old man steps in and starts stretching against a turnbuckle, “Point in case, Hearford has never lost a #1 Contendership bout in his career. He’s never lost a title shot, either.”


The lights go back down again, and fog begins to billow up from unseen holes in the entrance ramp as the first haunting notes of Nevermore’s “The River Dragon Has Come” echo through the arena. The SmarkTron shows Kibagami, back facing the camera, in a simple wooden chair, just as the audience is lulled into a false sense of security by the soothing music…




Every light in the arena – the house lights, the spotlights near the entrance ramp, even the picture on the SmarkTron – suddenly flares, blinding white, as the distortion kicks in and the music begins to pound through the speakers. The picture on the SmarkTron is replaced with the familiar burning ankh…


“Today, the warning came in the flood…”


Kibagami comes through the curtains and the fog as the vocals begin, and the lights are finally reduced to the pseudo-normal green-tint. The Silent One briskly makes his way to the ring, ignoring the fans’ cheers completely as the music surges forward.


“Now entering the ring, weighing in at 268 pounds and hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, he is the Silent One… he is NATHAN KIBAGAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!”








A few chants start up as he slides into the ring, rolls to his feet, and walks to the nearest turnbuckle. Kibagami climbs to the top rope and poses in the crucifix position until the music dies down, at which point he hops back off the top rope and turns to face Hearford in the ring. The Judge looks over at him, and the two exchange glances before Silent goes back to his corner and waits for the others to arrive.


“I’m definitely going to keep my eye on Silent tonight. He lost to Mak Francis the last time for the ICTV and I’m sure he has his eye on making this opportunity count.”


Suddenly, the television feed begins to flicker. Static starts to show through, and soon it overwhelms the entire screen. A voice begins to speak over the hiss…


“There is nothing wrong with your T.V. set. Do not adjust the picture. I control the vertical…”


The image suddenly condenses to a vertical line in the center of the screen…


“I control the horizontal…”


The image stretches and shrinks, now turning into a horizontal line…


“I am controlling the transmission…”


The picture instantly snaps back to normal, now with the lights in the arena dimming down. Lyrica by Tainted begins to play faintly as the spotlights turn towards the ramp to reveal The Sacred One, Andrew Blackwell. He walks down, completely oblivious to the boos he garners and completely focused on the match at hand.


“Now entering the ring, weighing in at 228 pounds and hailing from Adelaide, Australia, he has held every active belt in the SWF today… he is ANDREW BLAAAAACKWEEEEELLLLLL!”


“Again, Sacred is definitely a favorite here. He’s gone the highest and the farthest in the SWF out of all the people in the ring, and he’s just waiting to break through back into the Main Event scene.”


The two already in the ring turn to look at Blackwell, studying him for a moment. The well-clad man gives them a few acknowledging nods before he steps over to his own corner between the two men. The lights cut out, the crowd begins to boo like crazy while a cursor pops up on the SmarkTron, which seems to be in DOS mode. Keystrokes can be heard in the background as someone types:




This is followed by the distinctive sound of the Enter key being hit. Popping up is the following short list.


Directory of C:\SWF\Superstars.











The cursor types out


“C:\>Run “KnigOfNightmares.exe””


And presses enter. Suddenly a message pops up.


“Program or file does not exist”


The crowd giggles a bit as a mumbled curse can be heard from the unseen typer, and he retypes it.


”C:\>Run “KingofNightmares.exe””


This time the cursor begins flashing, blinking quicker and quicker until-




A huge blast of blue and white pyro kicks up, the smoke lingering on stage for quite some time. Strobe lights pulse to the beat of the guitar and drums in the background as Saliva’s “King of My World” kicks in while the crowd really begins to raise their boos louder. As the first words kick in, the strobes cut out, a single, blinding light shines from the entryway, piercing through the smoke. The light illuminates the figure of The King of Nightmares himself, Craven’s body shadowing most of his front side. He stops to look at the fans, and quickly, he spins around twice, finishing by pointing to himself as the crowd begins to boo so loud, it hurts. Holding his pose for a second, he releases as the chorus ends for the first time, walking down to the ring. The lights are now a deep blue, Craven focused solely on the match at this point as some of the Craven Section fans bow down to him.


“Now entering the ring, weighing in at 280 pounds and hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida, he is a former US and Hardcore Gamer’s Champion… he is MICHAEL CRAAAAAAAAAVEN!”


He enters the ring by hopping over the top rope, title around his waist if he has it, landing on his feet. He climbs the turnbuckle closest to the crowd, opening his arms wide and soaking in the crowd’s response, a chorus of heavy boos except for The Craven Section, as a white spotlight shines down upon him, casting shadows across his face. Mike then hops off the turnbuckle, walks across the ring to another turnbuckle, climbs this, and repeats the whole thing before he hops down, turning to stare at his opponents, a smile on his face. But the opponents don’t return the look. In fact, they don’t even seem to notice him, choosing to look between each other instead.


“Well, it doesn’t seem like anyone really thinks that Craven is a threat.”


“That’s definitely a mistake.”


“Maybe. He doesn’t seem to show much damage from the Demonstar, but he hasn’t been in action yet. We’ll just have to see how well he performs tonight.”


Looking around to see everyone in the ring, Matty Kivell points at the timekeeper for the bell!




The match begins, and the three come out of their corners, cautious to each other. Kibagami stands up tall, his leg just waiting to hit an oncoming attacker, Blackwell paces, looking at the other two calmly, and Hearford takes up his normal low grappling stance, looking for an opening.


Oh yeah, forgot about Craven.


The King of Nightmares seems a bit ticked about the whole “Being Ignored” deal, and stomps angrily out of his corner. He looks over at Kibagami and makes some sort of comment at him, trying to draw him out, but it fails miserably as Silent doesn’t even shift his gaze. The bigger man balls up his fists, his rage grows by the second, and moves closer while he yells out:






Unfortunately, he never finishes as Kibagami nails him right in the jaw with a lightning fast kick! Craven stumbles backwards, an incredibly surprised look on his face, and Kibagami quickly follows up with a sharp thrust kick to the jaw. Mike falls back towards the ropes, and with this Blackwell looks at Hearford, Hearford looks at Blackwell, and the two charge forward… and nail Kibagami right in the back with dual spears!


“Great move by the two veterans there,” says Riley as the two rise to their feet, bringing Kibagami up as well, “Using the distraction to put Kibagami out. Brilliant!”


“Indeed. I’m not a fan of double teams, but when you are dealing with someone like Silent it is pretty much a necessity.”


With Craven’s bell still ringing from that duo of ultra hard kicks, the pair proceeds to lock up with the larger Nathaniel. The two partners by fate push him into the ropes, and they nail him with a few forearms each before whipping him towards the other side. The big man bounces off the ropes and bounds back, and the two catch the big man, slamming him down to the mat with a double Spinebuster! The crowd booing like no other as the two each take a leg and make an early pin.


ONE-NO!! The crowd cheers as Kibagami kicks out hard enough to throw both of the heels backwards!


“Incredible! A double Spinebuster and only a ONE count! How in God’s name do you expect to keep a monster like that down?”


“Hey, Kibagami hasn’t gotten any offense against them. It’s only a matter of time before he stays down for three.”


The two heels exchange a surprised look, but they quickly get back up to their feet while Kibagami pounds his fist against the match and begins to get up himself! The pair quickly hit him with a few boots before pulling him up into another lock-up. But this time Kibagami pushes both of the men away and clears them out with a leaping double kick! The two men back away and Silent quickly spins around, nailing a roundhouse that Blackwell ducks but Hearford doesn’t! The Judge stumbles backwards while the Sacred One is caught in a one-on-one lockup with the man formerly known as the Slaughterer.


While the Judge stumbles backwards, a recently recovered Michael Craven is just rising off the mat. The normally painful kicks having even more of an effect on the Demonstar Driver victim, he looks over to see the Judge staggering towards him, clutching his jaw in pain. Not one to pass up an opportunity, Craven comes up from behind and cinches a front facelock before falling backwards for an Inverted DDT!


“And the Judge definitely got the worst of that one, taking a kick from Kibagami and an Inverted DDT from Craven!”


“Smart move by Craven there as well. He may not be near 100% but if he can get the scraps of the other three while they beat the hell out of each other, he may have a chance.”


“Of course, he still would have an incredibly weak neck, and all three of these men have neck-based finishers. He’s still not out of the fire yet.”


Still locked up, Kibagami keeps Muzz in close as he hammers him with knees. The Sacred One’s face is filled with pain of each knee, but he fights through it as he pulls his arms out of the grapple and grab one of Kibagami’s incoming knees. He steps back and quickly spins around, taking Silent to the mat with a Dragon Screw! He quickly gets back up, and fighting the pain in his stomach he floats over and cinches a headlock. While they battle on the mat, Craven pulls the Judge up, hammering him with forearms before backing him up to the ropes and tossing him toward the other side. He bounces off the ropes himself and as they prepare to meet in the ring he lines up his trademark forearm smash… but Hearford ducks right under it! The two bounce off the ropes again, and this time the Judge comes in, nailing a dropkick right in Craven’s chest! The King of Nightmares goes down for a second before getting right back up, but Justice has him beat as he comes up and nails him down with a vicious lariat!


“Sacred and Silent go to the mat, and that’s definitely going to be an interesting battle there. Blackwell nearly got the best of Flesher on the canvas, but Silent is definitely no stranger to mat battles either.”


In the ring, Silent pushes up off the mat a little, and he is able to turn his body enough to put on a waistlock while the headlock is still applied. Sacred continues to wrench the neck of Kibagami, but Kibagami still continues to turn himself around. He begins to pull himself up along with Andrew, trying to get him up for maybe a backdrop, but instead Sacred shifts his arms around, using one arm to grab Kibagami’s head while using the other to grab a leg. He falls forwards and brings him in for a Kidou Clutch pin!





TW-NO! Another strong kickout by Kibagami, much to the relief of the crowd.


On the other side of the ring, the Judge picks up a stunned Craven, head aching from the lariat and the lasting effects of Kibagami’s finishing move. He tries to throw a counter forearm, but it goes wild and misses, allowing the Judge to duck under. He locks on a waistlock and begins to lift him up… but just can’t do it. Once again gaining his bearings, Mike runs forwards towards the ropes and stops, throwing Hearford to the outside!


“Great counters by Sacred and Craven there, but both of them are going to need more than that to take down their targets.”


Blackwell rolls back up to his feet while Kibagami chooses to kip up. The big man rubs his neck a little, but isn’t much deterred as he fires off a kick that Andrew backs away from. But with ‘Judge Mental’ momentarily taken care of, Craven decides to go after his real target: Kibagami. The big man rushes over to join Sacred in the attack, and Kibagami fires off a sharp kick aimed right at the man’s head… and Craven dodges! Showing incredible speed for a big man, Craven moves his head and nails a punch on Silent’s jaw! The Slaughterer’s head turns, but that’s it as he fires off a return shotei right to Craven’s nose. The King of Nightmares takes a few steps back holding his nose, but Blackwell uses the chance to nail him with a few forearms of his own, and in an instant Craven joins in as the two begin to push back Kibagami.


“More double-teaming on Kibagami, and it looks like he’s a marked man.”


“It just shows how stupid he was to even step into the ring. If I were him I wouldn’t have even showed up tonight.”


“If you were him you’d have been done at that double Spinebuster. To be honest, Silent is one of the very few who actually could wade through constant double-teaming and still come out on top.”


With Kibagami falling backwards under the force of the blows, the two take the chance to whip him at the ropes. They line him up and nail him with a pair of dropkicks, putting him down on the mat. Rising up, the pair of men quickly moves over to the downed Silent…




“Double Kip-Up DDT! Craven and Blackwell are down!”


“Damn it! What the hell?! Doesn’t your damned buddy have a copyright on that move or something so he can’t use it?”


Slowly Kibagami begins to get up off the mat as Craven just lies there and Sacred holds onto his cranium in pain. Not passing up a chance to eliminate dead weight, Kibagami hooks a leg on Craven for a pin!









THRENO! Craven puts a shoulder up, much to the disappointment of the crowd.


“I’m really surprised that Craven still had something after that vicious DDT. Even without the head injury that was a pretty painful move.”


Kibagami gets back off of the still reeling Michael Craven, and he stands back up as the Judge enters the ring again. Hearford sees Blackwell still holding his head and Craven nearly out as Kibagami looks over with a cold glare. Hearford gives a sigh, and his expression pretty much says it: “Ah, hell…” The old man goes down into his standard grappling stance as Kibagami, the attacks beginning to wear on him, slowly begins to move towards the old man. He fires off a sharp kick, but the Judge backs off as it sails just past his nose. He spins around and fires another pair of quick cat kicks towards the Judge, but once again the Judge is able to barely make it out of their path. He quickly rushes in, looking for a lock-up and getting it. He jockeys for position, and he’s able to twist a hammerlock out of it and move behind the Slaughterer.


“Uh-oh, not a good place for Hearford to be…”


Indeed, Grand Slam is right as the Judge is able to lift Silent up… up… and over the top, dropping him on his head for a big Hammerlock Suplex, putting down right on his head and neck! Silent shows the first signs of real pain during the match, holding his sensitive neck. Seeing the chance, the Judge makes a quick cover!








TH-NO! Silent kicks out, and the Judge gives a “Damn!” as he rolls away and back up to his feet.


“A Hammerlock Suplex gets the closest count of the night on Silent, but Kibagami doesn’t take kindly to people targeting his neck.”


Indeed, as the Judge gets back up Kibagami’s face is just filled with rage. He pushes off the canvas and as Hearford tries to duck in again he gets NAILED with a hard side kick to his head! The crowd cheers as Silent begins peppering the old man with kicks. As the Judge gets it taken to him, Sacred is up on the other side of the ring. He watches as the Judge gets the sticky end, and this time he decides to forgo all of that, pulling up an only now rising Craven. As Silent back Hearford into a corner, Sacred pounds into the dazed King of Nightmares with forearm blows to the head. Craven staggers back and Blackwell follows up, grabbing a facelock. With great effort, the former World Champion brings up the large man for a suplex., but instead of just letting him go over the top he spins himself around, grabbing Mike’s neck for a Stunner as he lands! A small pop for the infinitely neat move, and Blackwell quickly makes a cover.










THREEENO! Craven somehow gets a foot on the ropes!


“A very close count on Craven there and it doesn’t look like he has much more after that.”


Meanwhile, in the other corner Silent begins to finish up with his vicious kick flurry. With the Judge slumping against the turnbuckles, Kibagami pulls him out, putting him into a front headlock. He reaches his arm over, pulling the Judge’s opposite arm into a Hammerlock across his back before snapping himself backward, pulling the Judge over the top for a Front Hammerlock Suplex! He bridges for the pin…









THREEEEENO! The Judge kicks out, but just barely!


“A Machine Suplex by Kibagami! That’s one move I’ve never seen from him before.”


“That’s one move I’d prefer not to see again, either.”


Kibagami breaks the bridge and kips back up to his feet, meanwhile Sacred pulls up Craven to his knees but the man breaks away and holds up


“Please, man, I… I just want Kibagami. I need to get that fucker back Help me get him, man. You can pin me right after, I swear. Please, man. Please.”


Sacred looks down at the obviously desperate man for a second, wondering whether he should accept the offer.


“Ah, hell, why not…”


He pulls up Craven and nods half-heartedly, and the two look over to Kibagami, who is turned the other way, stuck in a lockup with the old man. He quickly resorts to giving his vicious knees, putting them right into the gut of the Judge. The veteran falls out of the lock up and onto the mat as the other two rush across the ring, hitting Kibagami in the back of the head with stereo forearms! The crowd expresses their disapproval as with jeers, but the two don’t seem to listen as they pull up the slightly stunned Kibagami up and put on a front facelock, lifting him up and dropping him right on his neck and head for a double brainbuster suplex! Kibagmai once again shows pain, holding his neck a bit, but a fierce grimace appearing on his face.


“Once again there’s a double team on Kibagami, and they target his neck this time. This could be serious trouble for Silent.”


Not wasting a second, they pull him back up to his feet, immediately taking him by the wrist and whipping him at the ropes. The Slaughterer bounces off and comes back, and the two immediately wrap their arms around his head and leap backwards, taking him down with a Double DDT! The crowd is livid as the two reach their feet once again, and Craven looks over at Blackwell.


“Hey, thanks man.”


Blackwell grabs the hand without thinking, too used to shaking hands after spending a few months in an office workspace…




And Craven puts a hidden knee right into his groin, and the former World Champ crumples up as a shit-eating grin passes across Mike’s face.


“Sorry, but I’m out to win this thing as well.”


With that he leisurely goes down and makes the cover on Kibagami, the crowd in riot after the last action!




“I can’t believe it! He’s trying to steal this one! The dirty sneak!”




“Whatever. It’s every man for himself, Mark, and the sooner you-


THREEEEENO! Kibagami kicks out!




Craven can’t believe it. He pulls the leg again.








THREENO! Kibagami kicks out again to an even bigger pop!


Frustrated, the man pounds his fist against the mat and pulls up Kibagami, but the man pushes his arms away. With a face full of rage he snaps off a sharp kick to the side of Craven, following up with a hard shotei to the nose before hitting a round house kick right on his chin! Craven can barely stand, but Kibagami follows up with a sharp thrust kick! He falls back into the ropes, barely holding on, his head swimming, and throws out a wild punch, which Kibagami easily sidesteps. The injured Craven stumbles forwards…




And right into a double chickenwing.


“Oh no oh no oh no…” says Riley.


“Oh yes! Sacred is back up and it’s payback time!”


Too out of it from the head injury to fight back, Sacred easily forces him to the ground. With Craven on the mat, Sacred pushes off and flips over, putting on Cattle Mutilation! Craven yells out in pain while Silent walks over towards the trapped man’s legs. He goes down to the mat, scissoring one of Mike’s legs and pulling back on it for a reverse Crucifix Kneebar! Crying out in pain, Craven tries to hang on while his joints are stretched and pulled, but there’s no one to save him and no rope nearby. Thinking of his career first, Mike does the inevitable.




Matty Kivell calls for the bell as the two men release their submissions to a cheering crowd.


“The first man to be eliminated in the match via submission… MICHAEL CRAVEN!”


The angered King of Nightmares slides out, limping and holding his neck, an angry frown across his face.


“Well, the injured Mike Craven is the first to go. No surprise there.”


“He was so close to getting Silent. Damn it!”


As the loser is escorted out, the two left in the ring back away from each other briefly. In the background, the Judge begins to rise, and soon he joins up in the three way staredown. The three look at each other for a moment, and once again the double team is up on Silent, rushing him in a lockup. They quickly overpower the man, giving him stereo kicks to the gut before sliding around to the sides. They each grab the back of his head and grapevine a leg before falling backwards in a double Side Russian Legsweep!


“More double-teaming on Silent, and I have to say that Blackwell and Hearford seem pretty comfortable with each other.”


“Well, both are former tag champions. They know how to blend well with others, and they do share pretty similar styles.”


Silent holds his head as he hits the ground, but as the two other men begin to get up, so does the Slaughterer. He’s a little slower than the other two, but he’s still getting right back up after the big move to the chants of the crowd.






Hearford is the first to try and move in, putting a first right into Silent’s cheek… but Kibagami shrugs it off as if it were nothing, nailing the Judge in the gut with a sharp cat kick followed by a leaping high kick that lays out the old man. Now a one on one battle, Silent advances on Blackwell, shooting out a sharp kick that backs the former World Champion away. Keeping his distance, Andrew is able to stay away from the big kicks of the Slaughterer. Not showing it, but Silent begins to get a little frustrated with the smaller but slightly quicker man, and he begins to switch it up a bit. Instead of using his kicks, he starts slowly approaching the veteran, and Blackwell complies. They slowly approach before locking up with each other. Silent quickly tries to hook on a headlock, but Blackwell instinctively tucks his head in, and Kibagami spins around, allowing for the smaller man to lock on a waistlock. Silent tries to throw an elbow back, but both miss, allowing Andrew pull up… and over for a German Suplex! He holds on for the pin…





TWO-NO! Nathan kicks out, but Blackwell is quick to recover, instantly breaking the bridge and quickly floats over onto Silent for a headlock. The Sacred One wrenches the neck of the Slaughterer, but Kibagami is quick to begin powering himself out. He gets his first footing on the ground, quickly followed by a second one, and soon he’s back up to standing position. He begins to put another waistlock on Blackwell like before, but Andrew notices quickly and before Kibagami can turn it into anything he runs forwards, leaping up and planting Kibagami’s face with a Bulldogging Headlock!


“I have to say that throughout this match Blackwell has been extremely good at getting the best of Silent. So far he’s been pretty good at avoiding those kicks and he’s been outmaneuvering Kibagami both on the mat and in grapples.”


”What do you expect from a former World Champion? The guy is as good a technical wrestler you can find, and you couple that in with his intelligence and you are going to have a hell of a time beating him.”


The Judge begins to rise as Sacred throws out a few hard boot shots to the head and neck of Silent, and seeing Sacred with the advantage, the gears in his head begin to tick. He gets up and goes over towards Blackwell… and nails him with a massive punch! Expecting him to help him out against Silent, Andrew is a little stunned as the Judge grabs him for a whip and toss him across the ring before putting him back-first on the mat with a huge lariat.


“I think the Judge just realized that if Silent goes down he’s going to have to face a pretty fresh Sacred, which is something he doesn’t want to do.”


The Judge begins hitting the Sacred One with a few boots, with Kibagami getting back up behind him. The old man turns around to see Silent getting up, and he calls out to him to get ready. The Slaughterer looks at the Judge, who pulls up Muzz and begins to whip him towards the Silent One, and he quickly realizes what he wants. Sacred goes hurtling towards the other man, who brings up his foot…




And nails Andrew Blackwell right in the jaw! Sacred falls to the mat, and the Judge looks across at Kibagami. He begins moving towards him, and he dashes in for a lock-up. Kibagami doesn’t put up a defense, and the two begin to grapple, with Kibagami taking the advantage. He begins to push the Judge back, but the old man is able to duck under him as he tries to move forwards, cinching a waistlock… or not as Kibagami immediately nails him with an elbow to the head. He quickly grabs the stunned Judge by the arm and tosses him over his shoulder for an Ippon Seionage. The Judge lands right on his back, but Kibagami doesn’t let go of his arm. Instead, he scissors it, along with the Judge’s head, and falls backwards for a Triangle Scissors Hold!


“Triangle Scissors! That’s one deadly submission hold there. The Judge won’t last long in it for sure.”


“That weak thing? Come on, I could last DAYS in that.”


“Bobbie, the Triangle Scissors is one of the best Judo submission out there. You could almost claim it rivals the Katahajime. You wouldn’t last 10 seconds in that thing, Bobbie.”


Indeed, the Judge is desperately trying to get out as the hold begins to take effect. Not being able to reach the ropes, Hearford frantically kicks his feet against the ground, trying to get a footing… and he does! The old man quickly finds a second and turns himself around, pushing Kibagami’s back and soon his shoulders against the mat.








THRE-And Nathan releases the triangle hold, allowing the old man to take a few steps backwards… and right into an inverted facelock!




The old man gets nailed to the ground from behind as Andrew Blackwell comes in with a diving reverse DDT. Kibagami kips up as the old man is put down on the ground, and before Blackwell can do anything Kibagami comes in and starts hammering away with sharp kicks! Sacred is pushed back as Kibagami is able to nail kick after kick to the body and head of the former World Champion, and the crowd begins to rally behind him as gives him a sharp kick to the gut and locks on a headlock. He drags Blackwell out towards the center of the ring, bends over and actually suplexes him from the front headlock!


”Downshifter Suplex! He planted him right in the center of the ring, and there’s the cover!”








THRNO! A shoulder up, much to the disappointment of the crowd.


“Ha! Like Blackwell would go down that easily. He’s the freshest guy in the ring right now and he ain’t gonna go down to something like a Front Neck Chancre.”


Kibagami gets back up, pulling the Sacred One up with him, and he quickly shoots off a hard knee to the stomach. He begins to pull Blackwell’s own wrist through his legs, but Blackwell quickly pulls his arm away. He gives Silent a hard knee to the stomach and quickly puts his arm around his chest. Before Kibagami can react Sacred leaps up and puts him down with a Book End!


“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”


“But everyone expect that played line, you tool.”


“Oh shut up, Bobbie.”


With the crowd booing like no other, Sacred gets back up to his feet, and quickly covers for a pin…








T-NO! Kibagami kicks out again!


“Jesus Christ, won’t that guy just stay down?!”


“I doubt it, Bobbie. Nathan Kibagami has an unnatural pain threshold. The man just won’t go down to anything.”


While Sacred goes to pull up Silent, the Judge is getting back up as well. He shakes his head, the effects of the Triangle Hold and the DDT wearing off, he sees Blackwell lifting up Silent, and he moves up from behind, putting on a waistlock on Kibagami. Blackwell backs up a little, giving Blackwell a chance to hit a big spin kick… That Silent ducks! The Judge gets it across the face, and he releases the waistlock. Meanwhile Kibagami strikes back as Sacred, nailing him with a hard elbow shot followed by a hard spinning kick! The two heels are left reeling as the crowd cheers the badass rally of Silent as he lights off sharp kicks at both of the men. A hard spinning heel kick knocks Muzz to the ground, and Kibagami looks over to the dazed Judge, who throws a wild punch. Kibagami easily deflects it. He gives him a sharp kick to his leg, causing the Judge to go down on one knee. The crowd cheers as Kibagami gives a smirk and runs back against the ropes.


“Looks like a Shining Wizard coming up…”


Indeed, Silent leaps up onto Hearford’s knee, but instead of putting his knee into his face he brings his other leg around the Judge’s head as he grabs the arm of Hearford back. He falls backwards with a Triangle hold already in place to the amazement and adoration of the crowd!


“A Shining Triangle Hold! Amazing!”


“What the hell?! Where did he get that from!?”


“I have no idea, but that was one amazing maneuver!”


Indeed, unfortunately for Silent and luckily for the Judge, the maneuver left him close enough to the ropes to get a foot on them. The crowd boos at the circumstances but there’s nothing they can do as the referee starts a 5 count.










FIV-And Kibs breaks the hold right before the DQ.


Yanking him up by the arm, Kibagami gives him a sharp elbow across the face, followed by an upward back elbow right under the jaw. The Judge is left stumbling back, manages to throws a hard punch right into the eye of Kibagami. Silent cinches his eyes shut for a second, and the Judge begins to fight back. He nails the Slaughterer with another hard punch, following up with a European Uppercut, and it looks like he’s regained control.


“Yes! Second winds rule!”


Kicking Kibagami right in the gut, and immediately puts him in a standing Head Scissors. Grabbing him around the waist, he flips the 260 pound man up and onto his shoulders, and prepares to throw him down… but instead Kibagami slides off of Hearford’s shoulders, grabbing the back of the Judge’s head and slamming it into the mat with a facebuster!


“You can’t Powerbomb Kibagami!”


“Says who?”


“It’s really just an unwritten rule, Bobbie.”


The Judge holds his nose with his hands as Kibagami gets to his feet, pulling the Judge into a Standing Head Scissors himself! The crowd cheers as Kibagami flips him up onto his shoulders and flings him down onto his shoulders and neck! The old man groans and Kibagami folds him up for a pin!










THREEEEEEEEEEEEENO! The Judge just barely gets a shoulder up!


A little peeved, Kibagami releases the pin, and he quickly yanks the old man up to his feet, delivering a hard kick to the head to the veteran. He prepares to follow-up on the kick…





… but his arms are brought back into a Double Chickenwing.


Kibagami tries to fight Blackwell, not wanting to go down to the mat. He one knee down and tries to use the other leg to block it, but Blackwell caught him too much by surprise and is too determined to stop. The Silent One’s face meets the mat as Blackwell flips over for the Narcosynthesis, bridging out to finish the move while the crowd boos!


“Kibagami got blindsided!”


“So? He should have remembered there were three men in the ring. It’s over, man, over!”


“Not quite, Bobbie! Look, Kibagami isn’t too far away from the ropes. If he can really stretch his legs out, he might make it!”


Grand Slam is right as always, as he was able to position himself pretty close to the ropes before finally going down. The pain in his neck almost unbearable, but Silent is able to put it aside as he reaches out with his leg, the crowd chanting his name.




“I have to say, Bobbie, hearing that name being chanted by the fans is… just odd.”


“Yeah, I don’t think I’ll get used to that any time soon.”


In the ring, the former Clan member reaches out, his foot clipping the bottom rope… but the Judge pushes the rope away with his foot!




With the ref not able to do anything since it’s a totally legal tactic, Kibagami grimaces, not able to do anything else in his power to get out of it. Finally, in the interests of his neck and career, he does it.


“I give up.”


It’s almost at whisper level, but Matty Kivell is close enough to hear it and points at the timekeeper for the bell!




“The second elimination of the match, via submission… NATHANIEL KIBAGAMI!”


The crowd furiously boos as Nathaniel quickly slides out and exits the ring, obviously not content with his elimination. While he walks up the ramp the Judge, still a bit tired from the beating he took, looks over at the rising Blackwell.


“That’s the second submission for the Narcosynthesis,” notes Grand Slam as the Judge is the first to react to the other, holding out his hands for a test of strength, “He’s caused both eliminations tonight, which is definitely something you’d expect from a former World Champion.”


“Yeah, and I’d be pretty worried about being the hat trick if I were the Judge right now.”


Blackwell looks at the Judge for a second, and decides to accept the it, carefully putting his hand closer and closer to the Judge’s… and grabs it! They quickly lock up the second hand and they go chest to chest trying to overpower the other. The Judge is tired, but he still holds a size and strength advantage. He begins to push him backwards, and Sacred bends backwards as the Judge presses forwards, forcing him into a full bridge! A few of the people in the crowd cheer for the amazing athletic maneuver. But the former World Champion begins to come back, and he slowly but surely returns to the start position, where he promptly ends the challenge by giving a knee right to the guy of the old man. Hearford doubles over a little, and adjusting his hands a little Sacred maneuvers behind the Judge while holding onto his arms in the process for a straitjacket hold. Before the Judge can counter, the former World Champion hurls him over the top for a massive Straitjacket Suplex!









THREENO! The Judge, once again, barely gets free!


“Great flexibility shown there by Blackwell, and he nearly pinned the Judge with that Straitjacket Suplex. Hearford better show some life or this match is going to be over much sooner than he hoped for.”


The old man holds his head as he slowly gets up to his feet, but Sacred is a little stronger at the moment, and beats him up. The former World Champion nails him in the head with a blunt forearm, knocking him backwards. Nailing him with forearm strikes, Blackwell forces him backwards into the ropes, and Blackwell grabs his arm for a whip. But instead of hurling the Judge towards the ropes, it’s Justice doing the whipping as he uses his size to reverse the move. Sacred comes off the rebound, and as he runs back the Judge wraps his arms around his throat for a standing sleeper! Blackwell grips at his throat as the Judge keeps the hold firmly fixed, keeping valuable oxygen from the former World Champion’s head.


“A sleeper by the Judge, and it can’t be long before the Judge locks in a body scissors…”


“And after that, it’s over. I mean, Sacred can’t possibly get to the ropes with the Judge latched onto his back.”


With that on his mind, Sacred pushes towards the ropes with all his might. The Judge can’t seem to hold him back, and the smaller man reaches the ropes. But instead of latching on, he scales them with his feet, hoping onto the first rope, then the second before flipping off and over the top of the Judge! The old man hits back first as Sacred is bridged over, pinning him with the hold still applied!








THREEEEEENO! The Judge release the hold, and the former World Champion gets a courtesy pop for the inventive pinning maneuver.


“A classic counter they by Sacred. I haven’t seen that one in quite a while. To say the least, he’s been taking the Judge to school so far.”


Not getting much rest out of the hold, Hearford gets back up to his feet, with Sacred in close pursuit. He locks up, instantly dominating the hold with his power. He pushes Blackwell backwards towards the corner. Blackwell doesn’t seem to put up much of a struggle, and as they near the corner he tries to spin them around to trap the Judge. But the Judge knows this trick, and they spin around full circle, putting Blackwell in the corner. He breaks the grapple with him quickly and begins peppering him with knife-edged chops.






















With that final chop he pushes Sacred, now clutching his dress-shirt clad chest, out of the corner. The former World Champion stumbles a little forwards before the Judge catches him with a waistlock, and the man desperately sandbags to no avail as he brings him up and over for a Bridging German!








THNO! He kicks out, and the Judge gives a frustrated sigh.


”A small surge of offense from the Judge, but it wasn’t enough to get even a strong three count.”


“Yeah, but he has control of the match. If he can keep it, Sacred won’t be able to last long against power like his.”


The Judge yanks him off the ground and puts him right into a lockup, quickly kneeing him in the guy. He puts a front facelock on the Sacred One and prepares for a suplex, but the veteran grapevine’s Justice’s leg. He gets his leg free and tries again, but once again it’s blocked. Frustrated, he gets his leg free again and finally gets Blackwell up into the air… but the WF Veteran spins around and lands behind the old man. Hearford spins around to get a kick to the gut, and Andrew Blackwell locks on a front Headlock!


“This could be it! He’s got him set up for Cruel Fate!”


He puts one leg forwards, prepared to kick out… but the Judge grabs him right around the ribs. Before Blackwell can react the Judge lifts him up and bridges backwards, planting him into the mat with a Northern Lights Suplex! Matty Kivell goes down to count the pin…









THRNO! Sacred kicks out! Oddly enough, though, the Judge doesn’t break the bridge. Instead, he actually flips over, and picks up Sacred again. He turns around and hits him with a second Northern Lights Suplex!








THREENO! Blackwell kicks out again, a little weaker than the last time, though. But once again the Judge flips right over Blackwell, landing on his feet and picking him up again. He turns around and delivers a THIRD NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!














THREEEEENO! Blackwell kicks out for a final time, and this time the Judge just drops the bridge, giving an audible “Damn!” as he pants, pushing off the ground.


“Wow! I’ve never seen a Rolling Northern Lights Suplexes before!” exclaims Grand Slam, “These two are really pulling out everything in their repertoires to put the other man down.”


The Judge is panting as he gets back up, the last move taking a lot out of him. He brings up Sacred, who looks much worse than he did before. He gives him a sharp chop across the chest, pushing him back and allowing him to grab Blackwell’s wrist for a whip. He tosses the man across the ring, and he lines him up for a huge lariat… that misses! The Sacred One ducks under it, and as he comes back off the ropes again he leaps up into the air, wrapping his legs around Hearford’s neck. He snaps his back backwards, and the Judge flips over, landing back down as Sacred grabs one of Justice’s legs to complete the Hurricanrana!












THREEEEEEEEEENO! ‘Judge Mental’ manages to kick out, and the Sacred One is beginning to show his own frustration. He hits his head once against the mat before getting up, and he quickly pulls the Judge into a few hard forearms. Using the chance, he whips the Judge at the ropes, and as the big man bounces off he spins him around and lines him up in Piledriver Position…






… But the Judge kicks his legs, and the Sacred One bends backwards as the Judge lifts him up, and does a spinning leap before planting him into the mat with a Tombstone Piledriver! The crowd’s reaction is mixed, the crowd not knowing who to like or dislike. The Judge, with a weary smile quickly hooks the leg of Sacred as Matty Kivell dives down for the final pinfall…



















“I can’t believe it! Sacred kicked out of the Verdict!”


Neither can the Judge, who looks at Matty Kivell and shows him three fingers, to which the ref responds by showing off two. The old man pounds his fist against the mat, frustrated as all get out with Blackwell. The Judge pulls Blackwell up hastily and fires off a hard punch into Blackwell’s cheek. He follows up with another one, full of rage, and another one… that’s deflected! Blackwell blocks it with his forearm and nails him in the face with it! He hits him again and again and again, backing him against the ropes and allowing for an Irish whip. The Judge bounces off and comes back, and Blackwell catches him, spinning him around before dropping him right on his knee!


“Ouch! Blackwell nails a Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker, and Sacred has resorted to using Irish a lot in the last few minutes.”


“Yeah, probably because he needs to use the momentum to lift a guy like Hearford now. He’s still bigger than Sacred and this late in a match, after taking the punishment that he just can’t lift him on his own.”


The Judge is left arching his back on the canvas, and Sacred wastes no time in picking up right back up again. He locks up and looks for a headlock, but instead the Judge ducks his head in, and Sacred’s arm slides right off, turning him around and allowing the Judge to cinch… nothing! The WF veteran quickly locks in a ¾ Headlock and runs forwards, leaping up and falling right back down as he hits a Running Diamond Cutter! The Judge is floored, and Sacred takes a chance. He runs towards the nearest turnbuckle, leaping up to the second buckle, then over towards the top rope, and from there he takes a massive leap….











… right onto nothing! The Judge barely rolls out of the way as Sacred face-plants himself on the mat. The crowd gives an “Ooooh” after the big miss, and neither man moves for a moment. Matty Kivell looks down at the two men, and after seeing no effort to get up he starts the 10 count.



















The Judge starts to move first, slowly crawling towards Sacred…






He slowly rolls him over…







And makes the cover! Kivell immediately goes down to make the count!













EEEEEEEEEEEEEEENO! Sacred puts a shoulder up again!


The crowd actually gives a small pop at the show of endurance by Sacred, and the Judge just doesn’t even look up at Kivell, who once again shows off two fingers. The Judge pounds his fist on the ground, but he slowly begins to get up again, pulling up Sacred with him. He goes to do… something, but even before he can try anything Blackwell manages to lock on the front headlock again!







Yes, the Judge manages to break the headlock, giving a sharp knee to the gut to Blackwell for his effort. He puts the doubled over Andrew in a standing Head Scissors, and he grabs both of the disabled man’s arms, putting them into straitjacket position. He strains once, trying to pick up Muzz… and fails.



He tries twice…




And fails.





He tries a third time….





And with a mighty bellow the old man flips the former World Champion over and sits backwards, nailing his trademark Pyramid Driver!


“Capital Punishment! The Judge hit his big finisher!”


“Christ, after seeing Muzz kick out of what he already has, I wonder if even THAT will keep him down.”


An instant cover, Matty Kivell goes down to make the count.





























The Judge releases the hold and falls backwards, panting heavily after the grueling match. Kivell comes over and jerks him up by his arm as “Testify” hits the speakers to a booing crowd. He stumbles about, looking as though he could fall over at any second, but thankfully doesn’t, stepping slowly through the ropes and walking up the ramp.


“Wow, what a match! Everyone in that ring put forth everything they had.”


“Yeah, Jesus. I thought Silent was the unstoppable one, but man, Sacred just refused to go down in the end.”


“Indeed. Well, up next is Danny “Deathwish” Williams vs. TNT, which should definitely be a barnburner. We’ll be right back in a moment after this brief break!”



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they enter. huge explosion. everyone dies except Atlas.




(Match removed for obvious reasons).

Edited by Atlas

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Well, we lost.


The camera fades back to the image of the neon green light wreckage that is the main stage before panning around to Mark Stevens and Bobby Riley.


Stevens: Welcome back to SWF Ground Zero, and right now we've got what's sure to be one of the hottest tag matches of the year.


Riley: One might even say a complete orgy of tag action.


Stevens: Ermmm, yes. We've got the Tag Champs defending their titles, not only against the Number One Contenders, but a team they beat a few weeks ago, but have been giving another shot.


Riley: That makes it all the harder for the Trinity to hang onto their Tag Titles. Oh, my heart weeps for them, it really does.


Stevens: I'm sure it does Bobby. There is always that question of how these teams will treat each other and reaction to each other once the match gets under way.


Riley: Please, double team the champs. Anyone with any sense would do that.


Stevens: I don't think the Unholy Trinity are going to be that easy to double team.


Riley: We'll just see about that Mark, just you wait.


Stevens: Well, here comes Funyon, this one is about to get under way. You can bet with the hot action we've seen so far on this Pay Pre View, and the huge matches still to come later on, this match will also be massive.


Funyon climbs through the ropes into the ring, in his stylish green tux that matches the event set, trusty house mike in hand.


Funyon: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match will be a Triple Threat Tag Team Match, for One Fall, for the SWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS OF THE WORRRLLLLLLDDDDDD!




Funyon: Introducing firstly, at a combined weight of Four Hundred and Eighty Eight Pounds ...


But before Funyon can continue, a voice cuts through the arena over the PA system.


QUIZ! SHOW! Come On Down!


On the Smarktron, the Wheel of Fortune board spins around, as the titles roll back to show the words "Double Jeopardy" followed by Come On Down kicked into life from the speakers. A pair of sliding doors at the top of the ramp slip back to reveal the terribly dressed figures of Quiz and Show.


Quiz: Welcome to tonight's very special Pay Per View, where we have four guest about to join us in Omaha. They are International Incident and the Unholy Trinity! So Show, the answer is, the thing all these people here tonight will see.


Show: What is an ass kicking?




Quiz: You are correct!


The Wheel Of Fortune rolls back once again to show the words "Ass Kicking" as the fans continue to boo and jeer Double Jeopardy. The badly dressed duo stride down the ramp, posing to the fans as they head towards the ring. Sliding under the ropes, they get into the ring and climb the turnbuckles, posing again.




Funyon: There opponents, at a combined weight of Four Hundred and Eighty One Pounds ... The Number One Contenders ... INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT!


The sound of static drifts over the speakers, as a grainy image of a news report flicks onto the screen, as the voice over kicks it.


"This just in. There are reports of tensions rising, and fighting on all sides. It looks like we're on the way to a full blown INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT!"


At the word of International Incident, the sounds of Double Trouble starts up over the speakers, as the whole stage is light by a massive column of pyro that goes form end to end. CIA and Francis rise up from under the stage, posing together.


As the pyro fades down, they strut down towards the ring, Mak throwing his shades into the crowd as CIA plays to the fans. The pair eye up Double Jeopardy in the ring, circling it slowly and tagging hands with all their fans.




Climbing the apron and stepping into the ring, International Incident taunt Double Jeopardy, daring them to come and attack. Circling the ring slowly, steering them down.


Funyon: And, weighing in at Five Hundred and Forty Two Pounds ...THE SWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD ... THE UNHOLY TRINITY!




The cloud of smoke and laser mesh forms over the entrance way, turning the neon green stage red, as Davidian kicks into life.




Shower after shower of red pyro goes up goes up as the strobe lights travel from one end of the arena to the other as Va'aiga and Dace Night step out from the smoke and lasers. Tag Team Title Belts in hand, they sprint down the entrance ramp.


Dropping the Tag Titles, they dive under the ropes, and charge past International Incident and crash full steam into Double Jeopardy, sending them up and over the ropes to the outside with a huge pair of Lariats.


As Funyon dives clear of the ring, Referee Hebner sprints out of the way, and rings the bell.




Looking on for a moment before spring into action, CIA and Francis head to the ropes, Mak grabs the ropes and slingshots himself through the air, sailing down towards the rising figures of Quiz and Show, smashing into them, wiping them out.


Next up, Dace backs up across the ring as CIA grabs the ropes. On the outside, Francis helps Show and Quiz to their feet as CIA throws himself into a Somersault over the ropes and Dace dives through them.




Drilling Show with an Elbow Sucidia and Quiz with a Somersault Senton Sucidia. Not even done there, Va'aiga directs them to bring Double Jeopardy onto their feet once again as he grabs the ropes. The dazed and staggered Double Jeopardy look up to see a near three hundred pound Maori missile diving down on them from above.




Stevens: The Unholy Trinity and International Incident just wiped out Double Jeopardy on the outside, with a huge series of dives. What a way to start the match.


Riley: No, that's not right! They should be taking out the Trinity, they're the champs, beat them down damn it.


Picking themselves up from the mess of bodies on the floor, Mak, CIA, Va'aiga and Dace pick up Show and Quiz, rolling them back into the ring, before following them back in. Dace and the Canadian Intelligence Agent steps back into their respective corners as Va'aiga and Mak Francis drag Show's body to the centre of the ring.



The pair whip the Chevy Chase look a like into the ropes, and the Maori Badass catches him on the way back, Flapjacking him up over head, as The Franchise drills him with a Dropkick to the chest in mid air. Quickly rolling on top of Show, Mak makes a cover.








The Maori pulls the Franchise off and wags a finger infront of his face, as four faces smile in knowing of what's going to happen, while Quiz slowly starts to recover in his corner, pulling himself up with the add of the ring ropes.


Stevens: A Flapjack and Dropkick double team, but Va'aiga breaks up the pin fall. This isn't an elimination match, so you have to match every move that happens.


Riley: Come on, fight each other already, please.


Francis is the first to act, swinging home a Knife Edge Chop into the chest of the Tag Champ.




But Va'aiga looks completely unimpressed and processed to Lariat Mak out of his boots, before dragging him straight back to his feet and shooting him off into the ropes. Mak bounds back, leaping into the air and drives his Forearm into the Maori's head, before carrying on across the ring and hitting the ropes on the other side.


Charging back, the Franchise wraps his arm around the back of the staggered Maori's head, Bulldogging him into the mat, before breaking into a little strut. He dives forwards to drop a fist, but Va'aiga rolls out of the way and back to his feet.


From behind, Show springs to his feet, locking his arms under the Maori's in a Full Nelson, before dragging him into the air with a grunt, and releasing him, slamming him down on his back. But Mak is right back into the fray, catching Show with a boot to the gut and planting him with a DDT.




Keeping on Show, Francis grabs his legs and flips over his body into a Jacknife Hold, pinning him to the mat.






Now the Tag Champ is back on his feet, grabbing Mak around the waist, pulling him off the pin, before throwing him straight over head with a Belly to Belly Suplex. The Game Show Player springs back to his feet, catching Va'aiga from behind, spinning him around into a Clothesline, staggering him back.


Following up, Show wraps an arm around Va'aiga's throat and sweeps his leg, send him to the mat with a ring shaking STO. The Chevy Chase look a like drops down for the cover.


Riley: What a Lovely Parting Gift for Va'aiga, and that'll be the end of the match right here.


Stevens: You only know that because you're sitting there with a long list of all these ridiculous names Double Jeopardy use. The three teams are still trading off with each other, and it's going to take it's toll on all of them if it caries on like this.











Rolling into his corner, Mak reaches up and tags in CIA, out of site of Show as he pulls Va'aiga back to his feet. Both members of International Incident rush across the ring towards Show, nailing him in the back of the head with a pair of fists.


The Masked Canadian drops to his feet, sweeping Show's legs backwards with a Reverse Drop Toe Hold, as Mak catches his neck and drops with a Neckbreaker, wrenching Show's neck out across his shoulder.


The Big Maori leaps towards Mak and CIA, trying to level them with a Double Lariat, but they duck, and spinning around, drive a pair of boots into Va'aiga's gut and drop him to the mat with a Double DDT.




As Mak backs away to his corner, the Canadian Intelligence Agent covers the tag champ, hooking a leg.












Diving out from his corner, Dace grabs onto CIA's leg and pulls him off the cover. Rolling to his feet, CIA mouths off at Dace as Horrorcore backs into his corner. CIA turns back to the action, right into a huge knee to his chest from the recovering Game Show Player, who follows up by pulling the Number One Contender across his shoulders with a spin before dropping him straight on his neck.




Stevens: High Angle Spinning Torture Rack Slam, right on that get of the Canadian Intelligence Agent that Dace attacked on the last show.


Riley: The Showcase Showdown, just another one of the great moves Double Jeopardy have in their arsenal. The Maori Badass rolls back to his feet, and pacing behind Show, locks his arms around him in a Rear Waistlock before sending him flying overhead with a Release German Suplex.


Va'aiga: BOO-YAH!


Now Va'aiga makes the tag, bringing Dace into the match, hauling Show to his feet, the send him shooting across the ring, bounding after him and flattening him with a Double Yakuza Kick.




Stevens: Double Yakuza Kick! But Quiz made a blind tag off the Irish Whip, the Trinity didn't see it!


Riley: Take them all out, show these guys what for Quiz.


Leaping to the top rope, the badly dressed Quiz dives off, slamming both his feet into the Maori's back, knocking him flying. Dace swings a Lariat, but Quiz dodges and jumps up, snapping Dace over with a Hurricanrana.




Riley: These people don't know the meaning of the word sucks!


Va'aiga rolls under the ropes and heads back to his corner as Hebner yells at him, while Quiz springs to the second rope and dives off with a backflip through the air, planting himself onto Dace with a Moonsault, holding on for a cover.















Now it's CIA's turn to break up the cover, dragging Quiz back. Picking him up to his feet, he peppers his face with several forearm shots, but pulling Quiz's arm between his own legs. Grabbing hold of Quiz's other are, the Canadian picks him up and drops forwards, slamming him onto his back.


Stevens: Pumphandle Slam from CIA on Quiz, taking out the smaller man. As all three teams continue to break up every possible pinfall, because it's the first fall that wins, so you can't take any chances.


Riley: Bah, Double Jeopardy should just lay everyone out with chairs and be done with it.


Rather than covering Quiz, CIA picks Dace up from the back and snaking arms around his waist, lifts him back over his shoulder and Backdrops his two hundred and fifty pound body square onto Quiz's chest.




Dragging the Game Show Player back to his feet, the Masked Canadian leans him backwards, wrapping an arm around his throat, and linking with his over arm, clamps on a Dragon Sleeper, wrenching back on his neck and cutting off his air supply.




Scrambling back to his feet, Dace sees Quiz struggling in CIA's grasp, and makes a dash to save him and the Tag Titles, at full speed he slams his whole body weight arm first into the back of CIA's, so hard he sends the Canadian flipped over Quiz's body.




Stevens: Enuzi Western Lariat! Dace Night once again taking a page from Danny Williams' book and using that left arm like a cannon to break up the submission.


Riley: With any luck he's gonna break CIA's neck at this rate.


Dace pulls the limp Canadian Intelligence Agent up from the and clamps on a Rear Waistlock, but in sheer desperation, CIA throws his whole body weight around with a Standing Switch and shoves Night straight into the International Incident corner as Quiz quietly crawls over to his own corner.


Hitting the turnbuckles chest first, Dace also hits Mak's forearm face first, as CIA collapses forwards and makes the tag, while Quiz takes the Chevy Chase in on the other side of the ring.




Leaping over Night's back, Francis grabs both his legs and rolls him backwards, flipping him back first into the mat, before rolling back to his feet, still holding on leg, twisting around, crossing it across Dace's other leg and dropping back into a Reverse Figure Four.




But Show doesn't give the Franchise anytime to work his hold, dropping his whole body weight onto him and clamping his arms around Francis' head, pulls back on his arm as Dace wriggles free of Mak's legs. Back on his grabs onto Show's legs and pulls them back over his body, forcing them into a High Angled Boston Crab.




From underneath, the Franchise manages to roll away and bursts back onto his feet, straight behind Dace, reaching an arm under his shoulder and around his neck, grabs hold of it with his other arm and pulls it into a Cobra Clutch, forcing Horrorcore to release his grip on Show.


Now Show pulls himself out from under Night's feet, and pushing himself back up to his, sees Mak and Dace battling, so he takes advantage, spreading his huge arms, he encircles both of them at once in a Double Bearhug.




Both Dace and Francis feel their ribs contraction and squeezing in under the pressure from Show, Mak releases the air he was holding for the Cobra Clutch, giving Dace a free arm, which he uses to drill into Show's head with a desperate series of Elbow Smashes.






Staggering backwards under the assault of blows and releasing his Bearhug, Show tries to back off, but Dace locks his arms around his neck in a Front Facelock Choke, falling back to the mat to apply more pressure as Mak Francis grabs one of his legs and drags it back of his body, jamming a knee into Show's back with a Single Leg Crab.


Stevens: What a display of holds and counter moves from Francis, Show and Dace, leading to this Facelock and Single Leg Crab combo on Show right now!


Riley: He won't tap, even if he does, it's first fall, so the ref won't count it. Will he? Quiz, break this damn thing up.


Bolting out his corner to save his partner and their chances of getting the Tag Team Gold, Quiz flies through the air and plants his boots into the side of Mak's head with a Dropkick, the quickly drives his boots into the side of Night's head, forcing him to release the hold as Show rolls clear, before Hebner forces Quiz back into his corner.


All three men in the ring slowly struggle back to their feet, shaking their bodies out slowly, as they move towards each other step by step, before breaking into charges ...




Dace ducks a Clothesline from Show, Mak ducks a Clothesline from Dace and Show ducks a Clothesline from Mak, rushing away from each other, they hit the ropes and bounce back towards each other and wipe each other out, as Dace Yakuza Kicks Francis, Francis Yakuza Kicks Show, and Show Yakuza Kicks Dace.




Stevens: Triple Clothesline ducked, but the Trio of Yakuza Kicks takes out everyone in the ring, and all three men are down.


Riley: That's the orgy like mess of action I like to see happening in the SWF Mak. It's what we need more of really.


Stevens: Well, it's a race to the tag now, if anyone can get there first, it could be a big advantage to their team.


Across the arena, divided chants spring up.










Riley: Well, been as no one seems to want to do it fore Show, I will. Let's go Show! Let's blow .....


Stevens: That's quiet enough of that, even for Pay Per View Bobby.


All three men start the long, slow struggle from the middle of the ring to their corners to make the tag to their partners for the tag. CIA, Va'aiga and Quiz all lean over the ropes as far as the tag ropes will let them, trying to make the gap between them and their partners as sport as possible.

They reach, they stretch, and they make the tag.




The Canadian, the Maori and the Game Show Player all dive into the ring as they make the tag, heading straight for each other. Quiz is fastest off the mark, sending his foot lashing out towards CIA's face with a Superkick, but the Masked Canadian ducks, and with a twist on his heel, sends his foot into the back of Quiz's head with a Superkick of his own.




Quiz topples forwards, into the waiting arms of the Maori Badass, who scoops him up, and with a jump and a dive forwards drills him into the mat with Maori Drop.




Behind him, CIA pulls out a little jig, and tips back an imaginary glass as Va'aiga rises back to his feet, turning around into the path of CIA's elbow as he swings it down, but the Maori side steps, the follows it up with a left hook.




Then a second.




Then a third.




Va'aiga kisses his right fist and winds up for a huge right cross, just as CIA slams his elbow forwards again on sure guts, at the two blows connect at the same time.




Stevens: Big Punch Combo and the Bionic Elbow at the same time! From the Canadian Intelligence Agent and Va'aiga, dropping each other to the mat, with Quiz still down from that Maori Drop.


Riley: Their going down, hehe.


Forcing himself back to his feet, Quiz stumbles towards the turnbuckles, pulling himself up to the top rope as Va'aiga and CIA lay on the mat side by side. Balancing on the top, Quiz spreads his arms, and dives off with a Somersault through the air, looking to crash down onto both his opponents.




But at the last second they both manage to roll out of the way, and Quiz eats the hard ring canvas.


Riley: American Idol Bomb, and what a true American Idol Quiz is. He should get under the wing of Tom Flesher and become truly great.


Stevens: He missed Riley.


Riley: That has nothing to do with it. You hear me Stevens, nothing!


As both the Canadian and the Tag Champ make their way back onto their feet, CIA drops backwards, throwing his legs out, clipping Va'aiga in the knee with a Dropkick. Quickly throwing himself off the ropes, CIA follows it up by Bulldogging Va'aiga across Quiz's chest.


Stepping through the ropes onto the apron, CIA grabs the ropes an launches himself over with a flip, driving his body, back first, into the back of the Maori Badass, squashing Quiz under him.




Pushing Va'aiga body out of the way, the Canadian hooks Quiz's leg and makes the cover as Hebner slides into place to count the fall.





Show dives out off his corner to break up the fall.









But Mak Francis cuts him off, tackling him to the mat, even as Dace breaks out of his corner.













And drops his fists into the Canadian Intelligence Agent's back, breaking up the cover, saving Quiz and the Trinity's Tag Titles.





Springing back to his feet, CIA grabs Dace by the shoulder as he tries to leave the ring, and starts yelling at him, as Dace yells back, getting face to face with him, as the ref tries to push his way between them and break it, Show sneaks back from his corner and drags Quiz's body over into his corner, as Mak desperately tries to get CIA's attention.


Hebner finally pries the arguing pair apart and firmly directs Horrorcore back to his corner, as he turns around to see Show tagging Quiz's almost limp hand.




Stevens: CIA taken offence to Dace breaking up his cover, so Show takes the time to drag his partner back into his corner and make the tag.


Riley: Now that's the sort of smart tactics you need in a match of this sort to come out on top.


Bouncing himself off the ropes, Show throws his whole near three hundred pound weight elbow first into the side of the Masked Canadian's head, sending him sprawling him across the mat. Quickly grabbing him by his legs, Show locks his arms, and starts to spin on the spot, pulling CIA with him.


The Maori Badass drags himself back up, as he sees Show twisting round and round, spinning the International Incident member with a Giant Swing, Va'aiga launches himself full speed into a Tackle, crashing into CIA's body in swing.






Stevens: My God! Show with the Giant Swing on CIA, then Va'aiga just tackles him out of mid swing, almost breaking CIA in half and sending Show flying from that shock.


Riley: Ochies, that had to hurt everyone.


Reaching over the ropes, Dace beats on the turnbuckles, calling on his partner, willing him back over to his corner as the crowd kicks in behind him.




Forcing himself back onto his feet, Va'aiga paces over to his corner and tags in Dace Night. Stepping into the with a smile on his face, he takes a quick look around the ring, as Show recovers in the ring, Quiz in his corner, and Mak Francis can only look on from the International Incident corner, he pulls the dazed Canadian Intelligence Agent to his feet, and pulls him into a Standing Headscissors.


Riley: Oh jesus he's not going to.


Dragging CIA up into the air and onto his shoulders, before snapping downwards, driving CIA into the ring like a rail spike with an earthshaking Powerbomb.


Pressing all his way onto of the Canadian, he covers.






















Saving his partner, the match and their chance at gold, Mak dashes into the ring and Yakuza Kicks Night square in the side of the head, knocking him clean off the cover. Rolling through with the blow, Dace hits the ropes and rockets back at full steam, as Francis tries to help his partner up, and hammers an Elbow Smash home.




Stevens: RUNNING ELBOW SMASH! Dace just took Mak Francis out!


Riley: International Incident are down and out, someone has to take control and do it now, this is the only winning shot they'll be.


But as the Unholy Trinity take out International Incident, Show sneaks back into his corner and tags Quiz back in. Leaping to the top rope, the Game Show Player dives through the air, catching Night by surprise, wrapping an arm around his head, twisting around and spiking his head to the mat with a Tornado DDT.




Holding onto the Front Facelock, Quiz gets back to his feet and throws his weight backwards, taking Dace back down with another DDT, rolling him over into the Double Jeopardy corner. Calling Show back into the ring, he draws a finger across his throat.


Stevens: Double Jeopardy looking to end it all right here!


As Show forces Horrorcore into a Headscissors, Quiz leaps onto the top rope. Dragging Dace up into the air, Show drills him into the mat with a Powerbomb as Quiz springboards back from the ropes, crash landing onto Night with a Moonsault.


Riley: Think Fast! It's over Stevens! It's over!


Stevens: These names just get worse and worse Bobby. No wonder you love them.


Quiz hooks the leg for the cover, as Show barrels into the charging Va'aiga stopping him from breaking up the cover as the crowd roar along.
























Stevens: DACE KICKS OUT! At two and nine tenths, Dace kicks out!


Riley: Oh Bloody hell! Mak and CIA are out. Show just stopped the Maori from making the save and still that limey son of a bitch kicks out! Oh fuck me already.


Quiz pounds the mat in sheer frustration at being so close to winning, as Show is force back into his corner. Across the ring, Mak has crawled back into his corner, and starts up his own chant at his partner.




Hauling Dace over into the turnbuckles, Quiz unleashes a flurry of Roundhouse kicks into Night's head and chest.




Still crawling, CIA reaches out ... SMACK! SMACK! ... and just makes the tag.




Full of fire and guts, Mak breaks out his corner like a raging bull, heading straight for Quiz and Dace in the corner. Slamming his forearm into the back of the Game Show Player's head, the Franchise locks his arms in a Rear Waistlock and snaps backwards, throwing Quiz through the air with a Release German Suplex.




Show leaps into action once more, diving towards Francis, but he's not fast enough, as Mak grabs his arm, floating over his back, spikes his head into to ring canvas with a Float Over DDT.




As Dace staggers out from the corner, Mak slips behind him, grabbing his arm and pulling it across his own throat, as he slips an arm up and under Night's shoulder, with a twist away from the corner, he locks on a Cobra Clutch, then throws his body weight backwards, taking Dace overhead and dumping on his head with a Cobra Clutch Suplex.




Stevens: Million Dollar Plex from the Franchise as he cleans house and gets some pay back on Dace Night.


Riley: Woo, go Mak go, shake that sexy ass....... Ermm, I mean, bbooooo, you suck Francis!


But as Dace bounce off the top of his head, he pops straight back to his feet with a roar and just stares down the stunned Mak Francis.




But Mak isn't surprised for long, and stops Dace dead with a boot to the gut, and quickly wraps a an arm around his throat and drops to his knees, snapping Night's jaw across his shoulders. In one smooth motion, Mak bounces back to his feet, dropping his grip to around Night's waist and hauling him up, drops him backwards, guillotining him throat first across the top rope.


Stevens: That's Franchaisable! The Million Dollar Plex didn't work, but that stopped Dace making any come back!


Riley: Quiz you lazy git, get up and stop him from winning!


Mak still has his hold on Dace, pulling him back off the top rope and dumping him back first onto the mat. Switching his grip, he steps through Dace's legs and spins around, dropping back and pulling one leg across the other, locks them shut with the other, Mak ties on a picture perfect Figure Four.




Stevens: Mak going old school with Figure Four on the dazed Tag Champion!


Hebner steps in besides Dace and asks him if he wants to quit, but only gets a middle finger in answer as Dace rocks from side to side, trying to roll Mak over and reverse the move.


On the other side of the ring, Quiz finally makes his way back to his feet after the Release German Suplex, seeing Mak with the submission hold locked on, he burst into a frantic dash across the ring.


Leaping into the air, the badly dressed Game Show Player brings all his weight crashing down, back first onto the tangled legs of Dace and Francis.




Stevens: Running Senton to both Horrorcore's and the Franchise's legs! What a way to break up a Figure Four!


Riley: That's the sort of thinking you need to win here. Quiz could just have taken Mak out, but he drops the Senton and drops two birds with one stone, it's brilliant.


Clutching at his braced left knee, Francis struggles back to his feet as Quiz hits the ropes, springboard back off them, and launches his upside down body into Mak, knocking him down.

Quiz bounds back to his feet with a yell, but gets cut short when Dace grabs him from behind and throws his overhead like a rag doll with Release German Suplex.




But like lightning Quiz manages to flip out and land on his feet, and launches straight back into the charge, just to throw himself into the wait and out stretched arms of Dace Night, who quickly plants Quiz into the mat with a Spinebuster Slam.


Throwing himself back onto his feet, Mak clamps on a Rear Waistlock on the Tag Team Champ, looking for a German Suplex, but Night snaps an elbow backwards into the side of his head, before twisting on his heel with a Standing Switch, coming up behind the Franchise Dace throws his arms up and locks on a Full Nelson.


The Franchise shows he has more counters left up his sleeve as he drops down and brings his legs up over his head, rolling Dace's body forwards and over into a roll up, keeping his grip for the cover.
















Dace rolls through himself, and scissoring his legs around Mak's left leg, tries to lock his ankle and wrench back on it as Francis desperate claws and grabs at the bottom rope infront of his face.






Stevens: Mak saving his skin and his leg grabbing that bottom rope. After countering that Dragon Suplex into a Roll Up, Dace rolled through, and was looking to lock on a Reverse Crucifix Knee Bar, which surely would have torn what's left of Mak's knee to pieces and left him taping.


Riley: Almost only counts with horse shoes and hand grenades Mark. This think isn't over yet. The right mean can still will. Infact the answer is, the right team to win this match.


Stevens: Uggghhhhh.....



Trying to scramble away on the ropes, Mak forces himself back to his feet, but Dace is right behind him, grabbing hold of his arm, Horrorcore pulls Francis back and hammers away on him.




Whipping him off the ropes, Dace drags him straight back in to a stiff knee to the mid section, driving the air out of his lunges. Looping his arm around into a Front Facelock, Dace grabs onto the Franchise's pants and hauls him straight up into the air, but before he can drop backwards, Francis shifts his body weight and plummets to the mat.




Collapsing onto of Dace, Francis pins him to the mat as the ref dives into place.











Quiz breaks up the cover, moving quicker than anyone else in the match can act. Dragging Mak back to his feet, the Double Jeopardy member shoots him off towards the ropes. Leaping to the top rope, Quiz balances for a second before diving off, barrelling into Mak with a Cross Body.


Stevens: Cross Body from the top!


But Mak rolls through the cover and comes out on top!




Only for Quiz to roll over and regain control.


Riley: That a boy Quiz, show him who's boss!




As the rolling finally comes to an end, Hebner slides in to count the fall.













Stevens: CIA just yanked Quiz backwards into the steel ring post, that's a ball shot most people will never forget! That's what happens when you fight too close to the other teams corner.


Riley: That cheating bastard! Hebner you blind old git, DQ his ass right now for that!




Stevens: Dace tagged out while International Incident and Double Jeopardy where busy and here comes the Maori Badass Va'aiga!


Reaching over, CIA quickly tags in as well, as Mak Francis rolls back out to the ring apron. Heading towards each other, the Canadian and the Maori look set to collide in the middle of the ring.





Va'aiga looks briefly across to Dace, who looks a little more composed and recovered on the ring apron before turning his attention back to CIA. Va'aiga looks across to Show, still slumped against the ropes before turning again back to CIA and locking in a front face lock on the talented Canadian. Va'aiga half suplexes CIA up, but the massive Maori turns CIA during the suplex and deposits CIA stomach first across a massive Maori shoulder. Va'aiga breathes in slowly and lets out a strangled scream of pure rage as he sits out to a side and drops CIA head first to the canvas!




Stevens: THE SOUTHERN LIGHTS BOMB! Va'aiga MUST go for a cover


Riley: Yeah but look at Show, Stevens. It's so hard to win in this sort of match with three men there, and Show looks like he's ready to kick some more ass.


Show lumbers over to Va'aiga and drags the Maori off of his position covering the Canadian Intelligence Agent. Show grabs Va'aiga in a back waistlock, then pushes the Maori off slightly, giving himself room to grab an arm in between the legs of the Maori Badass. His pumphandle hold set up, the powerful Show hoists Va'aiga effortlessly over his shoulder, but anticipating what's coming, Mak Francis leaps over the top rope, not wanting to see the match end against his team. Mak fires some quick left hands to stagger Show, and Va'aiga slips out of the bodyslam position and drops to the canvas.


Riley: Mak Francis butting in there!




Stevens: Well with Va'aiga set up for the Final Answer and CIA down, I don't think that Mak Francis wanted to let events take a natural course. The Franchise saved the tag titles for his team.


Riley: And for the Unholy Trinity as well, however.


Mak staggers the Show firing off a succession of quick blows to the face, then moving to the chest and finally capping off the sequence with a MASSIVE kick to the sternum, bending the mighty Show double in the center of the ring. Mak locks in a front face lock on the doubled up Show and hooks a free arm under the trailing leg and starts to suplex Show over, but halfway through the Fisherman's Suplex motion Mak jumps into the air and sits down, dropping Show FIRMLY on his head and upper back! Mak rolls over to cover...












TH.. and DACE leaps out of his corner and drags the Franchise free from the cover.


Stevens: ONE..TWO..HEGOTHIMNOHEDIDN'T! Show got Franchise Tagged and, well he isn't going anywhere but Dace Night isn't going to let the match end like that.


Riley: That's the problem with these big tag matches. It's so hard to get the pin cos there's so many other people looking to stop you!


Dace fires off three lightning fast right elbows across the forehead of the Franchise and goes to whip Mak into the ropes. Mak plants his foot FIRMLY down and pivots on it, do-see-doing Dace and sending Horrorcore into the ropes. Dace rebounds off the ropes and his momentum carries his bulky frame into the middle of he ring full steam, where Mak Francis stops the motion of Dace DEAD with a solid kick to the ribs.




Riley: Well there goes THAT little piece of interference.


Mak grabs a front face lock on Dace and hollers out to the crowd "AGAIN!" as he sets up the cradle on Dace's trailing leg and lifts... but Dace gets his free leg across Mak's and a second Franchise Tag is averted with Dace's block. Mak tries again to muscle his Fisherman's style suplex up, but Dace simply WILL NOT BUDGE as Mak grunts and groans and expends his effort. Mak releases the cradle and backs off a half step, considering his options briefly, but Dace shocks Mak with an ULTRA FAST knee lift into Mak's exposed chest and the Franchise takes his turn among the legions of the bent forwards.




Riley: Or maybe not.


Dace Night grabs Mak Francis firmly by the shoulders and thrusts the Franchise into a standing head scissors. Looking out to the crowd and then down at the carnage and mounting body count in the ring, Dace flicks Mak back across himself, going further than a normal powerbomb set up, holding Mak back to back with him and extending the Franchise's arms out in a crucifix position. Dace takes a long stare into the crowd and as the noise for him builds, Dace effortlessly throws the Franchise out and changes his hold instinctively in mid air, the pair landing with a crash in a DEVESTATING neckbreaker!




Riley: Well that was impressive. But can Dace cover before anyone has time to break it up?


Dace drapes an arm over the fallen Franchise, and ref Mark Hebner drops to count the pinfall














THR... and Quiz like LIGHTNING leaps out of his corner to break up the pinfall.


Riley: I guess not!


Stevens: These triple threat stipulations don't seem to be favouring ANY of the teams here tonight.


Riley: See if there were two teams who could engage in some good old fashioned cheating and cheap alliances it'd be alright. But both the International Incident and the Unholy Trinity seem to want to do this the right way, and that's hurting all three teams.


Quiz leaps onto Dace and rains down a rapid series of punches before the Birmingham born superstar can do anything about it. Quiz kips up and backs off allowing Dace time to stand, but as Mr Horrorcore rushes towards Quiz, looking to throw another masterful elbow drop, Quiz steps forward to avoid the blow and hooks an arm under Dace's trailing arm, hip tossing Dace up so the Unholy Trinity member is inverted then dropping Dace down to the mat Piledriver style! Quiz stands and looks to the corners for free help, and seeing none he drops to cover...














TH.. and CIA breaks up the pin!


Stevens: Quiz was looking for fresh guys in the corners who could break up the pin count, but he neglected to remember those who were in the ring.


Riley: It's all about vision. You need to be able to see 360 degrees all the time. And sometimes you just can't do that. Unless you're a chameleon with those swivelling eye things.


CIA scrambles his way to his feet, still a little woozy from being Southern Lights Bombed, clutching his throbbing neck. Quiz gets to his feet too, and while CIA is concentrating on his neck a little too much, Quiz fires a couple of quick blows and goes for a waist lock, but acting almost purely on instinct CIA reverses, then slips behind into a back waistlock, then follows THAT by locking in a full nelson, stepping through with a leg and sweeping Show down to the mat with SICKENING impact!


Stevens: THE VIA RAIL! The body count in the ring is rising and with CIA hitting the Via Rail, it's hard to see who's left...


Va'aiga slowly begins to rise from the canvas...


Riley: Except the Maori!


Va'aiga gets to his feet and looks down at CIA thinking about pinning Quiz. CIA turns slowly as the crowd chant builds...




Va'aiga grabs for CIA and hoists him off the mat by one arm. CIA fires a quick flurry of chops into the chest of the Maori Badass, only to find himself dragged onto a MASSIVE short arm clothesline from the Maori! Va'aiga doesn't let CIA flop to the mat, but instead holds onto the arm of the Canadian Intelligence Agent and wrenches CIA unkindly back to a standing position. Va'aiga takes the arm and turns CIA by it crossing CIA's arm across his own throat and trapping it there, leaving CIA partially choking himself out. Holding CIA's arm in this position Va'aiga steps through and with his free arm and shocking strength Va'aiga RACKS CIA ON HIS SHOULDERS, STILL WITH THE ARM TRAPPED.


Stevens: Va'aiga has CIA choking and torture racked at the same time. If CIA doesn't get out of this predicament soon he'll have to tap out...


Va'aiga hold the rack for a few seconds, taking four quarter turns so all four sides of the arena can see the predicament CIA is in, leaving a few precious seconds for CIA and his aching neck before Va'aiga DROPS TO A SIDE AND DROP CIA DOWN HARD, HARD, HAAAAAARD RIGHT ON HIS HEAD!!!!!!!!




Stevens: Oh my.


Va'aiga rolls over and back presses CIA, hooking a leg and Mark Hebner drops to count and the crowd yells along once more...




















Stevens: THE UNHOLY TRINITY WIN! The Trinity retain their tag team titles with that brutal, sick, disgusting move from the Maori Badass Va'aiga. And here come the cleanup crew and EMTs.


Riley: Wow. Umm. Wow.


Stevens: Speechless, Riley?


Riley: No.. well ... Yes.




Va'aiga staggers over to his partner and pulls Dace up to his feet, as Hebner hands the Tag Title Belts back to them. The pair embrace before throwing their fists and the titles high into the air for the cheering fans.


Stevens: Dace and Va'aiga prove they've got the stuff once again, buy defending their titles against two teams at once.


Riley: How, just how did this manage to happen? It should have been four on two, but no. Damn it!


Stevens: Well, the Trinity have proved themselves to be the better team once again, tonight on Pay Per View.


Riley: It was luck, it had to have been sure luck. Just wait till Justice and Rule get their rematch.


Stevens: Well, up next Atlas and Beezel face off in a mask versus mask match, where one of them will finally be unmasked.


Riley: Finally, an exciting match for once.


As International Incident and Double Jeopardy roll out of the ring at last, Va'aiga and Dace stand at the top of the ramp with their Tag Titles, saluting the fans as the camera fades out.

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I was rushing and had it all over the place kinda...





The camera pans around the fans with pyro going off every which way, kicking off the pay per view.


Stevens: And we are here live from the Omaha Civic Arena in Omaha, Nebraska! We are sold out and the fans are pumped up for tonights Pay per view--Ground Zero!!!


Riley: They sure are. We have got tons of action coming up, including a couple of cage matches, a glass pane match, and eliminations to boot. But first up, we have an elimination matchup between the newest JL recruit, John Duran, a former WFer, Xcalibur, and that gothic ring escort, Dante Crane.


Stevens: Should be an interesting way to start off the show...some freshness added to the fed. Let's get ready for the introductions.


Drowning Pool's "Sinner" plays as John Duran comes out, turning his attention towards some fans heckling at him. He takes a sign from the fans, "Sinner Sucks", not the most original, though, and rips it up into pieces, throwing it back at the saddened fan.


Funyon: Ladies and gentlemen, the first match of the evening is scheduled for one pinfall and has no time limit. Introducing first from Champaign, Illinois, weighing in at 265 pounds........JOHN DUUUUUURRAAAAAAANNN!!!!!!!!


Duran throws up some middle fingers here and there, just playing up to the fans. Duran gets up on the apron and enters the ring, going to the center of the ring and raising his arms, anger and hate apparent in his eyes, before going to the corner and awaiting his opponent. He gets into a shouting match with some people in the audience as the next entrant comes.


Funyon: He comes from Houston, Texas and weighs in at 236 and 2/5 pounds...he is XCAAAALIIIIIBEERRRR!!!!!


Cold's "Stupid Girl" plays while golden showers (eww) of pyro falls from the ceiling. Xcalibur slowly makes his way through the falliing light as he gives a little smirk to everyone. He runs up to the ring and jumps on the apron on one knee. He gets up and slingshots himself into the ring, yelling something at his opponent.


Funyon: Last but not least from Shawinigan, Quebec, he weighs in at 210 pounds....he is DANTE CRAAAAAAAAAANEEEE!!!!


A dim blue lighting raises as Marilyn Manson’s ‘Great Big White World’ starts to play. White and blue pyro explodes on the entrance way as Dante Crane comes out with a trenchcoat on. He slowly strays to the ring, staring at his opponents, his opponents staring back. He slides into the ring, takes off his coat and hands it to the ref.


Stevens: There you go. The participants in the first match of the night! It's gonna be first pinfall wins. Advantage here goes to Xcalibur I believe.


Riley: Duran coming up here is probably giving him jitters and Xcalibur has probably scouted these two men as much as he could. Crane is definately the wild card. He learns from the best here in this fed.




Right off the sound of the bell, Duran goes after Crane, striking him with blows to the head, leaving Xcalibur on the backburner. While "The Sinner" attacks away at the ring escort, sending him to the corner of the ring, Xcalibur just scouts out his competition. Duran delivers more hard punches to the body of Crane with the right hand. Xcalibur moves out of the way as Duran whips Crane into the corner, resounding in a hard thud and a little "oof" from Crane. Duran takes a few moments to gather himself before charging into that corner, but Crane counters with a boot to the face. With that, Crane circles around Duran and attempts for the pin with a school boy rollup.




Stevens: Gonna take more than a boot to the face to get a "W" under Crane's belt.


Barely a one count with Xcalibur right there, not even a factor until now. Xcalibur takes Crane up to his feet and hits an uppercut with his right. He grabs Crane by the arm and backs him up into the ropes. An Irish whip follows towards where Duran is. There is barely a rebound from the ropes by Crane as when he comes off them, Duran comes up and is there with a vicious clothesline, almost knocking his head off. To emphasize the quickness that Duran had with that move, Crane falls backward with his head landing on the bottom rope to a few "oohs" in the crowd. Duran bends over to grab Sick Boy's head but Xcalibur comes rushing in to bust the back of Duran with a few punches. Xcalibur takes the big man and whips him to the ropes, but it is reversed and Duran kicks him in the stomach after the bounce back. Duran with a face lock and a slap to the back, ending the sequence with a DDT, driving Xcalibur's head straight down to the mat. Duran has a satisfied look to his face as he rolls the temporarily dazed Xcalibur over on his back for the cover.


Riley: This could be it right here!


Stevens: ONE!!! TWO!!! NO!


Sick Boy breaks up the count with a double axe handle just as Xcalibur was about to kick out. Duran pushes himself off the ground and takes Crane up with him. They both exchange blows, thuderous right hands by Duran and wicked kicks by Crane. Xcalibur drags himself to his feet, shaking his head trying to regain some sense. Xcalibur gets into the mix of things as he grabs Duran's shoulder and tries a kick to "Sinner's" stomach. Duran sticks out his hands, stopping the force, causing Xcalibur to hop on his right foot for two bounces, followed by an Enzuguri attempt. A missed Enzuguri attempt however as Duran ducks his head, wisely. Crane runs over to the ropes, bounces back and swings a fierce leg towards Duran's chest, knocking him back and releasing the leg hold with a roundhouse kick.


Riley: Xcalibur can thank Crane for that there.


Stevens: Yea, and look at this.


Suddenly, the two smaller men stare down at each other and realizes that they have similar traits that should make them work well together against the bigger man. It's a silent understanding as the two of them simultaneously go over to the fallen Duran. They both whip Duran into the corner as Xcalibur follows suit. He lunges at "Sinner" with a running dropkick, driving Duran even furthur into the corner, making him bend a bit between the top and middle turnbuckle. Xcalibur, down after the dropkick, stays on the ground on all fours, urging Sick Boy to follow up with another move. Crane quickly rushes towards Xcalibur and takes a step on his back, using it to propel upwards and forwards, a side kick connecting with Duran's face. Crane rolls out of the way as Xcalibur gets back up to his feet, one of his hands massaging his back, a bit surprised at the impact Crane made after the jump. He shakes it off however as he grabs Duran's hair. Xcalibur takes the both of them and runs towards the middle of the ring and drives him down with a face plant.


Stevens: A little teamwork here, working on the bigger man in the ring!


Crane heads to the outside apron while Xcalibur positions Duran in the middle of the ring parallel to the ropes the long way. Crane holds onto the ropes, pulls backwards, and then forward, gliding over the ropes into a slingshot senton. The sequence continues as Crane shows off his agility, rolling on to his feet, not losing a step while he jumps on the middle ropes and hits a Lionsault.


Stevens: Crane just hit the FELL SWOOP!!!


Riley: He's going for the cover now, could be over!


Sick Boy hooks the leg for a cover.












Xcalibur pulls Crane off Duran in this three way dance, grabbing the leg and yanking his whole body off. Xcalibur wags his finger at Crane acting like he's been in the business for twenty years. Xcalibur bends to take Duran up and Crane helps. Xcalibur takes control of "The Sinner" and applies a full nelson, tempting Sick Boy to get in some kicks and punches. Mostly kicks follow as the crowd is into it, chanting "ooh" with every kick, solidly behind Crane. Crane pauses, thinks about his next move and backs up into the ropes. Crane rebounds and jumps in the air, twisting around for a Spinning Wheel Kick. It echoes throughout the arena, the move, and results sending Xcalibur back into to ropes a bit with Duran still in the hold. Xcalibur moves Duran into the middle of the ring and heaves him into the air for a full nelson slam, ring bouncing up and down after. Xcalibur covers Duran and hooks the leg.












Crane grabs Xcalibur's head and breaks up the count, pulling him off Duran. Sick Boy wags a finger at Xcalibur, returning the favor from earlier. Xcalibur scurries up to his feet, going nose to nose with Crane. Before anything can happen between them, Duran is on one arm, trying to get up. Xcalibur and Crane both turn their attentions towards him and goes after Duran. Xcalibur takes Duran up and whips him to the opposite ropes. Duran ducks an attempted clothesline and stops shortly thereafter, hooking his arms around Xcalibur's waist. Xcalibur gets out of it after a standing switch. He tries to lift Duran up for the German but "Sinner" blocks it with a few elbow shots to the face, making Xcalibur loosen the hold. Crane bounces off the ropes, going towards Duran, finally free. Crane tries a superkick to Duran's face, but he ducks, causing Crane to knock Xcalibur senseless to the ground after a momentary standing pause, with a large slapping sound heard around the arena, causing a "ooh" amongst the fans.


Stevens: Damn, looks like someone is going to the dentist tomorrow morning!


Duran jumps forward and clotheslines Crane, dropping Sick Boy down to the ground. Duran goes down with Crane and hooks the leg for the cover.















Crane kicks out of the pin. Xcalibur is up and goes after Duran. Duran blocks the axehandle attempt with a few blows to the gut. Duran gets in a face lock and lifts Xcalibur up, holding him for at least five seconds and dropping Xcalibur down on his back for the sustained suplex. "The Sinner" quickly gets up and turns his attention towards Crane as he heads towards him full steam. Duran locks in around Crane's waist, stomach touching stomach. Duran hits a huge belly to belly suplex with a chorus of boos erupting from the audience. "The Sinner" crawls on over to Crane and hooks the leg, his back on Crane's stomach for the cover.


Riley: A sort of nonchalant cover by Sinner Duran...


















Xcalibur breaks up the count with a dropkick to the back of Duran. Duran is lifted up his feet and is backed up into the ropes. Xcalibur tries an Irish whip, but Duran stops in his tracks, reversing the whip, sending Xcalibur to the ropes instead. After the rebound, Duran moves to his left and applies a sleeperhold, making Xcalibur wave his arms like a lunatic trying to free himself from the hold. The sleeper doesn't lock on long, however as Xcalibur reaches overhead, grabbing on to Duran's hair while dropping his whole body down for a modified stunner. Duran falls down on his knees, bounces straight up in the air dazed, and then falls down on his back. Before Xcalibur can crawl over to make the cover, Crane comes back into the picture and just smashes his foot into Xcalibur's face. Xcalibur screams in agony as he covers his mouth with his hands on the mat, kicking at the apron. Crane makes the cover on the already down "Sinner".













Duran gets the shoulder up. Crane takes him up to his feet and applies a front face lock. He lifts Duran up in the air and down for a suplex, not quite vertical due to the big Canadian's weight. Xcalibur is up and he stomps away at Crane's chest. Crane is knocked back down after several attempts at getting up from the kicks. Xcalibur finally lets Crane up and backs him into the ropes. Xcalibur whips Crane to the ropes as Xcalibur jogs to the middle, waiting for the right moment to bend over and hit a back body drop, but Crane jumps on the middle ropes and twists his body backwards, sending Xcalibur to his back.



Riley: He calls that the TWISTING PRESS and he executed it nicely.


Stevens: Crane wastes no time hooking the leg for the pin!















NO!--Xcalibur kicks out just in time. Crane grabs Xcalibur and takes him up, propping him up against the ropes. Sick Boy backs up a few steps and lunges forward with a side kick which sends Xcalibur over the ropes, ending in his head getting smashed by the outer ring apron as he lands on the ground. Xcalibur drops to his back near the barricades while a few fans point and others slap him on the back, wanting to touch his sweat or something. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Duran comes from the behind with a few punches to Crane. Duran tries a whip to the ropes, but Crane attempts to reverse the move with a whip of his own. It's a double reversal as "Sinner" stops the run and twists Crane's arm around, following up with a strong knee to the gut. Duran backs his opponent to the ropes as Xcalibur is up on the apron, trying to enter the ring. Duran tries another whip to the ropes for Sick Boy, but it's reversed again, this time it works. Duran keeps running towards the ropes, but doesn't bounce back for he instead knocks Xcalibur out on the ground to the guard rail. "The Sinner" yells some nasty things at Xcalibur, losing the focus on Crane, who takes Duran down with a school boy roll up.


Riley: Surprise rollup by Crane!!!!!!



















Duran gets up and crawls away. He leaps towards Crane on the mat and starts delivering some lethal blows to his back, punch after punch. With Crane on all fours, Duran gets in some kicks to his stomach, lifting Crane up in the air several times. "The Sinner" takes Crane up but puts him back down with a quick power slam. Duran tries to bounce off the ropes for a legdrop, but Xcalibur is right there on the ground grabbing Duran's foot and tripping him down to the mat. Xcalibur jumps on the apron on one knee and once up, grabs onto the top rope with both hands. He pulls back and slings forward, twisting ninety degrees to the left, and hits a leg drop on Duran's neck, who was down on his stomach. Xcalibur rolls Duran over for the cover.




Stevens: A pin attempt by the WF reentrant! ONE!!!!!!!!! TWO!!!!!!!!!


Riley: NO! Could've been a big win for Xcalibur.


"The Sinner" kicks out of the pin. Crane gets up and starts kicking away at Xcalibur on the back. He takes Xcalibur up and whips him into the corner. A loud thud sounds as Xcalibur hits the turnbuckles. Sick Boy runs over to the corner and delivers a knife-edged chop to the chest, which can be heard throughout the building, the "woos" after the move. Crane bends down to hook Xcalibur's legs with his hands and lifts him up on the top turnbuckle. Duran starts to get up albeit he is a bit groggy. Crane climbs the turnbuckles to the middle as Duran starts moving towards his opponents. Sick Boy jumps up and locks his legs around Xcalibur and hits the hurricanrana, but Xcalibur is caught in midair by Duran! Xcalibur dangles while Duran holds him by the legs but lifts him up with all his strength into a powerbomb mode. He goes for a running one, but Xcalibur shifts his weight towards the mat to hit a hurricanrana of his own! Xcalibur, sitting on his chest, reaches back and hooks both legs.


Stevens: Incredible sequence by the men in the ring! Xcalibur with the pin!!!!


















Crane comes in with a dropkick to Xcalibur's head. Xcalibur rolls back to the outside of the ring once again as Dante takes Duran up. He knees him in the gut a few times and locks on a full nelson. Dante lifts Duran straight up in the air with all his might and twists him around, ending the move with a DDT!


Riley: DAMNATION DDT!!!!!!!!!


Xcalibur gets on the ring apron while Duran rolls over on his back, parallel to the ropes and with Dante up and going back to the ropes, looking to rebound with a move. However, Xcalibur executes a slingshot 450 DDT, collapsing on Duran's neck and gets up in one motion, knocking Sick Boy down with a hard clothesline next. Being the one that's had the most moves done on him in the last few minutes, Duran is the man to cover for Xcalibur.















THR-Duran is up, one shoulder off the ground. Xcalibur switches over to Crane and hooks a leg but only gets a one count. "The Sinner" walks on over to the disgruntled Xcalibur, upset by two near pin falls only, no actual pins. Duran takes Xcalibur up by the hair as Xcalibur's head arches back, pain setting in from the near ripping of the follicles. The big man turns Xcalibur around and whips him into the corner. Xcalibur crashes into the corner and a loud impact and ricochets a few steps towards the middle of the ring, greeted with a quick powerslam and the cover.


Stevens: Fantastic power move by John Duran!!!!!!













TH--Crane comes into the picture and attempts to break up the pin with a falling double axe handle but Duran moves out of the way, letting Xcalibur get hurt by the move instead. Duran turns his attention to Crane now, picking him up to his feet. "The Sinner" takes Crane by the arm and whips him into the ropes. Duran sends Crane down to the mat after a shoulder block and makes a ninty degree turn and runs to the ropes. He bounches off those as Crane rolls on his stomach while Duran jumps over him. Duran comes off the rebound, knowing that Crane would sky into the air for a leap frog. With "The Sinner" anticipating that, he grabs Sick Boy in mid air and catches him. He turns around to the hard camera and powerbombs Crane with authority to the dismay of the fans.


Stevens: Nicely anticipated and nicely done by Duran. Gotta get the pin now, no time to waste.


Crane is moved towards the center of the ring by the arm and leg. Duran is about to make the cover, but Xcalibur comes flying in out of nowhere to hit Duran with a shoulderblock to the legs, sending him down backwards to the mat. Xcalibur drags himself to this feet, using the ropes for help. He takes Crane up with him and whips him into the opposite turnbuckle. Duran comes up from behind as Xcalibur takes a few steps back and he hits him in the back. Xcalibur is unbalanced for a while, but gets back to a good sense and throws a punch back to Duran. "Sinner" returns that punch and knees him in the gut. He spins Xcalibur around to the turnbuckle and tacks him deep into the corner as Xcalibur lets out a little yelp. Duran turns around and sees Crane in the corner, which prompts him to run at Crane. Duran is kicked in the face though, and immediately turns around, grabbing his mouth. "The Sinner" backs up unknowingly into the corner where Crane has positioned himself sitting atop the turnbuckle. He applies a front face lock and attempts a DDT. It's no good, however due to Duran stopping his move while going down. Duran places one hand on Crane's stomach, with a face lock still applied, and thrusts him backwards into the corner as the crowd gasps.


Stevens: Oh damn!


Riley: Kinda like a northern lights suplex, but with no mat to break Crane's fall. Just a couple of turnbuckles.


Crane is upside down, only propped there by his feet, which Duran has kindly wrapped under the post so that he's firm in that state. Xcalibur is up and storms towards the two men, hoping to connect on a spear as Duran turns. But Duran quickly strides to his right, sending Xcalibur into the gut of Crane, giving the crowd something to "ooh" about. Xcalibur wisely turns around to see what Duran's up to. Duran tries to knock Xcalibur with a clothesline, but he ducks, locking on the waists. Xcalibur then throws Duran over his head for a Release German Suplex.


Stevens: Xcalibur has some offense in him and that showed. Crane is next on his target list!


Xcalibur walks on over to Crane, who is just about to free himself. Xcalibur helps Crane get atop the turnbuckle and sets him up so he is facing the ring. He climbs the turnbuckles one step at a time until he's on the top. Xcalibur grabs Crane up so that both men are on the highest turnbuckle standing, as so the fans. With his back turned to the ring, Xcalibur applies a face lock and tries a superplex. Duran heads on over to the corner slowly while Xcalibur's attempt at the move is blocked a few times. Duran turns, back towards the corner, and grabs onto the waist of Xcalibur. Duran moves forward, grabbing hold, while Xcalibur holds on to Crane.


Stevens: WOW!


Riley: A superplex and powerbomb combo!!! The only one that didn't get anything done to him was The Sinner!


It takes a while for Duran to make it to Xcalibur as he places a hand over his chest for the cover.
















THRE---KICKOUT!!! by Xcalibur.


Duran takes Xcalibur up and whips him into the corner. A groggy Xcalibur is attacked in the head as Duran is on the middle turnbuckle, knocking out punches one by one!




He steps down to the mat and backs away. Xcalibur takes one step forward and his whole body collapses onto the ring. Crane struggles to get up and shakes off some pain. Xcalibur is helped up and gets turned around. Duran stands back to back with him and applies a razor's edge start out.


Stevens: He's going for his finisher! ULTIMATE SIN!


Riley: Crane's up and he just kicked Duran in the chest!!!


Duran drops Xcalibur for a moment, just giving Xcalibur time to prop up Duran into a Razor's Edge move. Xcalibur leans forward and drops Duran on his head to the outside!!! Xcalibur can't believe it, marveling at his work. Crane backs up a few, then lunges forward with a superkick to the unsuspecting Xcalibur's head, sending him to the outside as well! Crane heads back to a corner of the ring and just waits for the ref to do his job.




Xcalibur starts to climb back into the ring, arms first through the bottom rope. Crane comes charging towards him, sending a few stomps his way. Xcalibur is up and down until he decides to scurry on his knees quickly, getting just enough time to get up from those shots. Crane tries a side kick as he runs to Xcalibur, but it's caught. Xcalibur takes the foot and lashes it around, sending Crane in a dizzying whirl. Xcalibur kicks Crane in the gut a bit and backs him into the ropes. He tries a whip, but Crane stops, reversing the hold and kneeing the stomach of Xcalibur. Crane turns around, his back facing Xcalibur and jumps for a backward flip kick to Xcalibur's face!


Stevens: Crane Kick connects!


Riley: Beautifully so, I might add.


Stevens: Here's the cover! ONE! TWO!! THRE---SHOULDER UP!!!


The crowd lets out a yell of despair, wanting Crane to get that pinfall. A few chants of "that was three" breaks out. Duran starts to climb back into the ring. He slides on over to the middle section of one side of the ring. Crane lifts Xcalibur up and proceeds to whip him towards Duran's side. Duran, suddenly alert, thrusts forward with a clothesline but misses as Xcalibur ducks. Duran knocks down Crane instead and turns around. Coming towards him is Xcalibur, fresh off the rebound and knocking him down with a clothesline of his own.


Stevens: Crazy sequence right there with Xcalibur finally getting the upperhand!


Xcalibur covers Duran.






















Barely kicking out is Duran with Crane coming over to pick up Xcalibur. Crane punches away at the head and whips Xcalibur to the ropes while Duran is up. Xcalibur reverses it, sending Crane to the ropes instead. Xcalibur anticipates bounce back, so he's bent for a back body drop, but it's no dice with Crane holding on to the ropes, forcing no rebound. Xcalibur goes towards Crane and starts punching away, Crane trying to punch back. Xcalibur turns his head, notices Duran and moves out of the way, forcing a clothesline to Crane, sending him out of the ring to the mat on the floor. Xcalibur takes Duran by the shoulder and kicks him in the stomach and applies a double underhook. He waits a second and hits the sit down pedigree!


Stevens: There it is! Xcalibur calls it RATED X!!!


Riley: This could be it!!!



































After the calling for the bell, the ref lifts Xcalibur's hand in victory. He breathes heavily as he rolls out of the ring and quickly heads to the back with a little smile on his face.


Stevens: Wow! What a win by the born again rookie in the SWF, Xcalibur...


Riley: Nice way to kick off Ground Zero, and there is plenty more action coming up for you folks!


Stevens: Stay tuned...


The next segment begins...

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An explanation of my notes, for anyone who hasn't received them yet: a + denotes something I thought was neat while reading the match. A - is something that detracted. Sometimes I use a points system to judge the matches--for the PPV, I didn't feel I needed to, and instead used a bulk rating. On bulk ratings, I called both Sacred and Judge's matches 7 out of 10, and Craven's an 8. When I use words like 'poofling' or phrases like "too much CGI Spiderman"...well, they made sense at the time.


Without further adieu...




+Very compelling, hot-start approach to intros. Odd to have Craven in last, though.

-Disappointed that Judge just copied entrances. Unfortunate time-saver, lacks PPV polish.

+Oo, kip-up DDT. Way to suck up to me. Seriously though, it was smart.

+Like canny Sacred hovering on the edge of things, taking apart Craven quickly while the other two hash it out. I think that’s a very effective characterization.

+Fun bit with the temp Sacred/Craven alliance.

+EXCELLENT payback for Sacred with the Narcosynthesis.

-Awk. Transition into the triangle scissors.

+But great Shining Triangle Hold! Disappointed it was blown so quickly, but oh well.

+Loved Sacred getting both submissions. It takes balls to get a strong push behind someone in a match, and you did it exceptionally well.

+Northern lights is a great Cruel Fate counter I don’t think I’ve seen before. Into the triple-chain is awesome!

-But where’s the crowd reaction? Stuff starts to slip in this last fall—it feels like you ran out of time.

-Hurricanrana is a bad desperation choice after that death combo. Why not a Muzz forearm?

-Weak ending.

Overall: A good match, lots of good spots. It was best during the first fall. Unfortunately a lack of excitement kinda killed the last fall. It was very cool to give Sacred the strong, clean submission wins on the first two falls, but the last battle lacked much tension. Also an utter lack of crowd reaction to most things—I know they’re both heels, but you’d think the amazing Northern lights combo would at least get them fired up one way or another. It’s a simple thing but something to pay attention to in the future.





-Oh god, the entrances. Way way way too much. I like the background and the hype but gawwwwd was I bored. It’s PPV but it felt like 3000, 4000 words.

-What the hell? Your commentary is reeeally spacey. Were you high? YOU WERE ON THE MARIJUANA.

-Weak crossbody spot off the ropes, too CGI Spiderman for me.

+Very much liked Judge’s submission school.

-But I don’t like the guys talking to each other. FROOTY.

+Very much like the pull-out into figure-four, plus Silent’s submission stack.

+Like the moonsault, hate the speech. Cut it out already.

+Craven Driver is great, as is the following sequence with Silent. Does as much for Craven as can be done in this environ. He’s gotta job first but he doesn’t go out like a chump.

+Silent’s attitude is good. Very much like the Sacred/Judge double-team lariat. After you hinted at their tag prowess in the opening, I hope you pay it off by having the two of them defeat Kibs together.

-Why the hell would you break up a submission in an elimination match? That’s retarded, even for wrathful Silent.

-Have I mentioned this match is too long? I love detail, but this match is poofling. It’s utterly unnecessary and not well-paced. Way too much back and forth that just seems to be there for the hell of it, with not much progress happening through all the words. It’s back, forth, back, forth, and you could cut out a shitload of this and not lose much.

-Still don’t know why all the break-up. Shrug.

+Really loving the chain at the end. Encore Cross is a fun tease, you lovable suck-up you. As is the juji-gatame.

+I like the finish. It picked up at the end.

Overall: I’m gonna put this on about level with Judge’s. It’s got a lot of stupider stuff—all the people breaking up pinfalls and submissions, for one, and the horrifying attention to detail for another. It’s also got a lot of drama, detail, and a great Craven section (pun intended. I don’t know. This is just too long and loses a lot of its focus in the middle, especially the third quarter.

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