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Mr. S£im Citrus

1/21 SWF Lockdown HOLT Report

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Yeah, I know it's late again; get off me! This is the first time I've had to write in over a week, which is also, incidentally, why I wasn't able to finish my match for Lockdown...





SWF Lockdown HOLT report

January 21, 2004

North Little Rock, Arkansas at Alltel Arena

Report by Darrell Jeni of North Little Rock, AK Smartmarks.com reader



Dark Matches:


- John Duran beat “Fruity” Frankie Deed in 2:35. Funyon got on the mic before the match and made it clear that Duran was being sent out to jerk the curtain as punishment for trashing Grand Slam’s office. He didn’t even get his music on the way out to the ring, and we all chanted “Job Boy” as he made his way down the ramp. He really had no trouble with Deed at all, but I think he was pissed enough to take it out on the poor bastard. Duran finally put this match to its merciful end after five successive Blunt Force Traumas! Deed had to be taken out of the ring on a stretcher.


- Williams Hearford beat Insane Luchador in 6:12 with the Capital Punishment.


- Johnny Dangerous beat English Dragon in 5:00 with the MI Slam.


- Todd Royal and Landon Maddix upset Bemani Cross Wizards in 8:18 when Maddix surprised Thoth with a backslide.


- Dace Night beat Jamie Drazon in 8:44 with D.N.R.


- Michael Craven beat Ann Onita in 14:06 with the Gulf Coast Crunch






- I felt a little bad for the ring crew; they spent the whole commercial break after the Hardcore match clearing Wal-Mart flyers from ringside. Coy West got a surprisingly big pop for his first match, but it could have something to do with this being Arkansas…


- Funyon got on the mic and announced that Sacred, Wildchild and Stryke had all gotten trapped in a mudslide, and would be unable to appear on tonight’s show. Flesher came out to accept a forfeit victory, and the crowd was PISSED! A few people threw shit into the ring, and that caused the ring crew to have to clean that up, too!


- Man, that ICTV match was BRUTAL! It got so quiet in stretches that somebody in the crowd used an air horn just to wake everybody up! I don’t know how the hell he got in the building with an air horn in the first place, but security found him pretty quickly. Van Siclen recovered about a minute after Matthews went to the back, and returned to the locker room to a modest ovation.


- It just goes to show how much people hate Va’aiga around here, when even Thugg could get sympathy pops against him! Va’aiga actually came back out onto the stage with a microphone after the show went off the air, talking about how he was going to do the same thing to all the guys at Clusterfuck that he just did to Thugg. Thugg, who was still in the ring, recovered and dared Va’aiga to come back down to the ring and get his shit wrecked. Va’aiga obliged and the two went toe-to-toe for about three minutes, with Thugg finally chasing Va’aiga out of the ring. The fans even started to cheer a little for Thugg, until he got back on the mic and made a bunch of racist comments about Arkansas to get his heat back.


Biggest Pops

1) Grand Slam

2) Terrence Bailey

3) Coy West

4) Mike Van Siclen

5) Ann Onita


Most Heat

1) Va’aiga

2) HVT

3) James Matheson

4) Charlie Matthews

5) John Duran

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Guest Suicide King

Great stuff as always. I remain convinced that King should have gotten at least 4th on the heel heat listing, as I do not even have to attend the show to get booed.

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Bemani Cross Wizards? What the hell?


I job to a fucking backslide?

Edited by Thoth

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Guest Aecas

Fear teh Backslide!


Great stuff WC as always :headbang:


And poor Frankie, the orphans from Grimsby Orphans home will be lined up for him to select a new spinal cord.

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Bemani Cross Wizards?  What the hell?


I job to a fucking backslide?

Oh, you didn't know? Thoth is no stranger to the HOLT report; in fact, I'm pretty sure your record on HOLT is 3-2 (2-2 Tag).

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Sweet...I made racist comments about Arkansas...a bit hard to do considering Arkansas is a state, not a race...but I managed to do it. Damn I'm talented.


Funny thing with my match, if you read it, I think part of the problem with it is that I could never decide who was going to be the face in the match. So, I didn't describe the crowd as much as I usually do, and I had some very awkward moments where the fans would cheer thugg or cheer va'aiga...I dunno. I couldn't decide who was the bigger heel. In the end, I decided that it was Va'aiga (mainly cause I could easily get it back and of his issue with Danny), and since Va'aiga was kind of dominating THugg, I figured the fans would pop a little for Thugg for the comeback. It's always hard with two top heels against each other because you have to figure out who should get the pops (you have to pretend the fans care about the match). It's not always who you want it to be...cause it might be the other person. Anyway...I think WC described exactly what I was going for in the end there...with the fans kind of leaning towards HVT, but still hating both men. And based on recent events, I wanted to show tha Va'aiga is just flat out hated, even over someone who has hurt so many people (you new people just don't know).


But the racists comment cracked me up!


Da "damn Arkansanianites" H

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That was a hard show to get a read on, and it surely wasn't helped by the... uhm.. *ahem*... no-shows and all. With the show starting out with a face/face match and ending with a heel/heel match, I had to read it a couple of times to try and get a sense of who should have had the most heat.

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