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The Angle Awards 2004

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Hey all, I've written up the final ballot with the awards that had the most nominations. I've left out the 'Biggest Bastard of an Idiot' plus a couple more, because we didn't get sufficient nominations. Voting is by PM to me this week, and voting ends on the 20th. I'll notify the winners, who can choose to write speeches if they want. The Awards won't be held until after New Years, so that'll give me plenty of time to contact some guys to help me write the actual show.




OAOAST Superstar of the Year

Zack Malibu


Sly Sommers


Drek Stone


OAOAST Rookie of the Year (started on or after December 2003)

Drek Stone


Gunner Sharps

Chris Bryte

Leon Rodez


Best Gimmick

Zack Malibu

'The Dark One' Axel

Rick Edwards/Blurricane


Crazy Vampire


OAOAST Fall of Haim (anonymus - everyone votes)

Current Haimers:

Stephen Joseph

Tony the Body


Some Guy



Zack Malibu

We are voting 4 Past/Present members of the OAOAST into The HOF this year. Just PM me who you think should be voted in.


Pay Per View Match of the Year - The Top 10. Vote for your favourite.

Royal Rumble, Anglepalooza

Ejaculation Chamber, Zero Hour

Puerto Rican Lightning vs. The Mad Cappa, AngleMania III

Zack Malibu vs. Crystal, School's Out

War Games, Great Angle Bash

Drek Stone vs. The Mad Cappa, Great Angle Bash

Sly Sommers vs. Calvin Szechstein, License to Pin

Zack Malibu vs. Crystal, Angleslam

Round Robin Gauntlet Match, Dirty Deeds

Elimination Chamber, Thanksgiving Star Wars


HeldDown Match of the Year - The Top 5. Vote for your favourite.

OAOAST Champion Crystal vs. Sly Sommers

OAOAST Champion Crystal vs. Drek Stone

OAOAST Italian Champion Drek Stone vs. Calvin Szechstein

OAOAST 24/7 Champion Hoff vs. Chris Stevens

Axel and Ragdoll vs. Zack Malibu and Calvin Szechstein


Face of the Year



AJ Flaire

The Mad Cappa

Sly Sommers


Heel of the Year

Calvin Szechstein


Drek Stone

Chris Bryte



Best Writer

Phoenix Fury Legdrop (for Sly Sommers, The Tethers and Alex Bryant)

NYU (for Drek Stone)

Hoff (for Hoff and Chris Stevens)

Papacita (for Panther, Chris Bryte and all involved in that feud)

King Cucaracha (for Leon Rodez)


Best Entrance


Drek Stone




Best Finisher

Leon Rodez' Because The Lady Loves

Hoff's Future Shock

Axel's Axel Slam

Sly's Cravateface

Ragdoll's Devil Doll


Displays Most HomoSexual Tendencies

Stephen Joseph



Rick Shirley




Best HeldDown

HeldDown: Australia

There weren't any other nominations, so lets just call this one the winner, shall we ;)


Best PPV

Anglemania III

The Great Angle Bash


World Without End

Thanksgiving Star Wars




Tag Team of the Year

The Global Party Exchange

Black T

The New New Midnight Express

Hell's Hitmen

The Saints


Best Stable

The Thrillogy

The Underground

The Firm

Lightning Crew

The Machine


Best Feud

Zack Malibu vs. Crystal

Sly Sommers vs. Calvin Szechstein

Axel vs. Ragdoll

Drek Stone vs. The Mad Cappa

Panther vs. Chris Bryte

Blurricane/Rick Edwards vs. Father

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I've recieved Ballots from:

Tony, Superstar, Cappa, Hoff, Myself, Sly, Ragdoll, King C, Eski and Papacita so far. Keep them coming in!

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I'm still waiting on ballots from Zack, Chuck and CChick, as well as anyone else who hasn't voted yet that I've forgotten about. I'll extend voting until Christmas, after that I'll notify the winners so that they can write speeches or segments based on their victories.

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A grand total of 12 ballots so far, clear leaders in all categories apart from the Fall of Haim. After the three I said voted, it could be any four of about 12 people.

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Remember folks, you are giving me four people that should be voted into the Fall of Haim.

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OK, with the Rumble match coming up and everything, I decided on the following:


The Angle Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday the 20th of February, the week BEFORE Zero Hour. This ceremony will include all the Awards APART from the Fall of Haim. I am yet to notify the winners, and while my mind is on it, I will do so now.


Then, on March 26th, AngleMania IV weekend, the OAOAST Fall of Haim ceremony will take place. I will notify the Haimers (because there are 7 due to voting being so tight), and that will be a seperate show.


What do you all think?

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Guest cosbywasmurdered
I still think War Gheymes got screwed.

Hoff Vs CWM got screwed. Wargheymes got gangbanged.

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I havent notified all the Haimers yet, but Im hoping to go the WWE rout and have someone else 'induct' them, someone who has been their tag partner/friend for a while. I'll sort this out after the AA's.

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Without trying to give too much away....the person or persons who won an award with me, for a certain match, we NEED to get the speech sorted out. Otherwise screw you all and I'm writing it.


Adam, in regards to your PM: Just let me know what I need to do.



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