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Storm losing matches

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If Taamo can spare some time to comment, it'd be real welcome. Or anyone else for that matter. Except Dace. He never likes my matches.





The fans inside of Trump Plaza hotel and casino are loud and numerous tonight, and despite the action they've already seen tonight, they're more than ready for more. Which is a good job, because as the graphic on the rather out of place SmarkTron shows the arena, the main event is up next. There's no need for hype. No need for discussion. It's main event time, so let's get it on...



"Ladies and gentlemen...THIS is your MAIN EVENT of the evening! Scheduled for one fall, it will be fought under STREET FIGHT RULES...and it is for the S W F WOOOOORLD HEAVYWEEEIIIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!"






"And here we go!" King cries, as voice becomes distorted by the static and the picture begins to go fuzzy. "Here comes history in the making!"



“There is nothing wrong with your television set.”


"Two years and three months ago, El Luchadore Magnifico's second World Title reign came to an abrupt end..."


“Do not attempt to adjust the picture.”


"...at the hands of a man named Andrew Blackwell...Sacred."


“We will control the horizontal.”


"Two years and three months on, Sacred has the chance to become a two-time World's Champion."


“We will control the vertical.”


"Against a kid who couldn't hold Magnifico's jock. And you know me Dogger, I'm a betting man...and I'm betting the bank on Sacred tonight!"


“We are controlling transmission….”


Finally the picture returns to normal, just as the lights begin to dim and "Tainted" by Lycia begins to seep through the P.A system. Boos thunder down from all sides of the arena, ready to greet Sacred as he emerges through the curtains. Not at his first picnic, Sacred seems to revel in the heated reaction he's recieving, stopping a moment as the spotlights hit him, following him down the aisle.


"Introducing FIRST..." Funyon has to yell, over the rabid crowd. "...from Adelaide, Australia! Standing six foot one and weighing in at two hundred, sixteen pounds. The FORMER SWF World Heavyweight Champion. He is a member of Revolution Zero... THIS! IS! SSSAAAAACCCRRREEEDDD!!!!"


The atmosphere in the arena is palpable as The Sacred One strides up the ring steps and enters the ring. Fans hurl abuse at the Aussie as he leans against the ropes, looking un-nervingly casual about the battle he's about to be in.













To a sneer from Sacred, the crowd explode as "Megalomaniac" rocks the P.A system! Emerging through the curtains, the rather pensive looking World's Champion stops as Megan Skye emerges from behind him...somewhat surprising considering the rules of the match. As the crowd cheer wildly for the company's current numero uno, Maddix jigs on the spot trying to fire himself up.


"And his opponent...is accompanied to the ring by his 'Perfect 10' MEGAN SKYE! From Huron, South Dakota. He stands five foot ten and weighs two hundred, twenty pounds. A member of Martial Law. The reigning Intercontinental Television Champion...AND, the reigning and defending SWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! LANDON! "LA CUCARACHA"! MAAAAADDDIIIXXXX!!!"


As his announcement ends, Maddix finally sets off down the ramp, all the way being fed words of encouragement by Megan.


"The World Champion comes in fresh tonight, having not wrestled on Tom Flesher's pure wrestling orientated Smarkdown."


"Which is probably because pure wrestling is an alien concept to him." sneer King.


Reaching the ring, a deep breath is taken by Maddix as he unstraps the World Heavyweight Championship belt from around his waist, sliding it into the ring. Quickly referee Sexton Hardcastle scurries over and scoops up the gold prize, whilst Maddix clambers onto the apron. Sacred watches his opponent carefully as he does so. Meanwhile, as is customary, Hardcastle takes the belt, raising it high in the air, it's owner entering the ring as the prospective champion looks skywards...







...taking his eyes off of Maddix long enough from him to charge Sacred and clock him in the head with his OTHER title belt, the ICTV Title strap!!! Down goes Sacred to a roar of cheers, hitting his head on the bottom rope as he tumbles to the canvas, all the while Maddix pounding his upper torso with stomps!





"What the HELL sort of conduct is that from a World Champion!?!" King bemoans, as Maddix continues to batter Sacred with boots.


"It's a Street Fight King. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to survive." responds Pete.


Grabbing his Aussie opponent by the hair, Maddix drags Sacred to his feet...and smashes him with a forearm. Sacred reels into the turnbuckles behind him, stumbling out with a weak guard up, which Maddix sweeps over with another forearm strike. And a third. But as Sacred takes that third strike, he finds the energy...






...TO FIRE RIGHT BACK, WITH GUSTO! The ferocious strike sends Maddix staggering away from Sacred holding his jaw, which gives Sacred time to line Maddix up. Around turns the dazed World Champion, just as Sacred charges and takes him down with a running forearm. Maddix bounces off the mat, pulling himself quickly back as Sacred turns and mows through Maddix with another forearm. Again Landon rolls to his feet quickly, Sacred catching him coming up in a side headlock which he makes sure to wrench up on immediately. Maddix is not trapped in the hold for long however, firing off the forearms to the kidneys to loosen the hold before pushing Sacred away and into the ropes, waiting for The Sacred One to come back. Roaring on the way, Sacred swings a forearm with velocity which Maddix is able to duck under, hitting the ropes himself as around turns the challenger, dropping down as a roadblock in front of Maddix. Up and over goes the champ, continuing on as Sacred comes up, only to drop down once more. Again Maddix is ready to leap over Sacred and hit the opposite strands, Sacred sticking with his position on the mat as Maddix leaps a third time...



...but this time, Sacred reaches up just as Landon is airborne, clutching onto the ankle of his opponent which causes him to collapse face-first to the canvas. Sacred meanwhile rolls across the back of Maddix's body, once..twice..a third time, ending up by Maddix's head and applying a front facelo...


...nope, Maddix grabs Sacred's arm before he can lock his hands, spinning off to the side with somewhat of an arm-wringer and then coming up to one knee with the arm-barred. Coming up to his feet, The Sacred One drives in three quick knees, all expertly placed in Landon's mid-drift, enough to free his arm and send Maddix hurtling towards the ropes. A forearm is swung but Maddix ducks and continues his run, shooting back into Sacred's waiting tilting and whirling arms. Maddix escapes the tilt-a-whirl though, landing beautifully on his feet and sending Sacred across the ring and into the ring ropes. Sacred rebounds, hurtling into a boot to the gut that doubles him over, whilst Maddix sprints off behind Sacred, returning, Throwback in mind...



...but Sacred is one step ahead, twisting off to the side with his knee flying towards Maddix's gut...


...a knee which Maddix tumbles up and over top of, quickly scrambling to his feet behind Sacred who turns absent-mindedly, Maddix going behind Sacred a second time with his arm clutched under Sacred's chin, using that leverage to drive Sacred's head down into the mat.


"So-Dak Moment!"


Maddix hooks the legs of the challenger as they shoot up...












Sacred kicks out quickly, rolling backwards and stacking Maddix on HIS shoulders...










Maddix kicks out now, scrambling away from his opponent and towards the ropes as Sacred breaks away and stands centre ring, hands on hips.




Sacred can manage a wry smile, despite the fact that Maddix had stayed with him during the opening exchange. Maddix meanwhile shakes his head. Something's buggin' him.


"Man, what a great start to the match King. THAT'S wrestling!" Pete enthuses.


"Eh. I'd call it about a .2 Flesher." sneers King in responce. "But, in all seriousness, you have to think despite Sacred's exterior saying different, inside he's less than happy about Maddix's persistance through that series. Sacred never really got the intiative he'd want."


"Well if Sacred wants to out-wrestle Maddix, then that is not the pace he wants to be goin' at. Whilst they're hitting ropes and running the ring, Maddix may have the advantage. Much speedier. But, Sacred's clearly the better hold for hold wrestler."


Still looking happier of the two men, Sacred casts a look at the World Champion that seems to say 'So, what are you gonna do now?'...a look that Maddix seemingly doesn't approve of as he climbs to his feet and walks in towards Sacred with his hands ready to initiate a greco-roman knuckle lock. Happy to oblige, Sacred goes to grab the hands...but Maddix pulls away, brushing back his hair and jigging away from Sacred!!





"Oh, come ON..." groans King as just like that, Sacred's mood has flip-flopped and he is the more frustrated of the two and charges at Maddix. Cat and mouse tactics are being employed by the World Champion as he backsteps away from Sacred, almost luring him in. Before ACTUALLY luring Sacred in, using Sacred's leather pants to send him flying through the middle and top ropes, to the floor. Sacred lands on his feet and begins to get back into the ring, but thinks better of it as Maddix is charging across the ring, running full speed towards Sacred on the floor...


...Sacred moves...




...but Maddix is prepared, fooling Sacred with the 605 fakeout!


"And, there you see Maddix with some agilit..." Pete begins, but promptly stops as he notices Maddix's left leg tangled in the ropes cursing to himself.


"Agility?" King grins, finishing off Pete's sentence. "He's so agile that he got caught up in the ropes!"


"Well...uhm, a bad break for Maddix..."









Sacred hurls away the steel chair he had commandered hurriedly, the chair-shot to the back having untangled Maddix from the ropes in a round-a-bout way and now the World Champion slumps to the apron, then to the concrete floor. Sacred, still pissed from being mocked moments earlier, wastes little time in pulling Landon back up and waffling him with a forearm strike! And a second! Maddix is hurting now as Sacred pushes Maddix back a step, giving himself more of a run-up for the next forearm. But, Maddix knows what's coming, ducking his head as Sacred charges and backdrops him onto the announce table!


"Whu-oh..." Pete grunts, scurrying up a pile of papers and getting the hell out of the way. Next to him, King proves to be much shrewder, forgetting all about his notes and instead grabbing his open can of Pepsi Max.


"This isn't good Pete." King calls out, as Maddix is now gingerly clambering up onto the table. "Not only did they spilt some of my Pepsi, but this isn't exactly a sturdy table here!"


Both men are up on the announce table now and Maddix is slowly pulling Sacred up to his feet, the table just about holding the two men's weight. With Sacred on his knees, Maddix slams some forearm strikes over Sacred's shoulder blades before pulling him into a front facelock. Sacred begins to stand up as Landon waits, before setting Sacred...



...who slips out of the front facelock and hooks his hands under Maddix's armpits, lifting Maddix up and throwing him off of the table...










Clutching his arm, Maddix writhes around the ringside area in agony. Sacred meanwhile climbs back off of the announce table, but not before reaching past King and grabbing his steel chair. King doesn't seem to mind, considering what Sacred is planning. Getting to his feet, the grimace on the World Heavyweight Champion's face tells the story as he staggers over towards Sacred...





...who sweeps the chair around Maddix, connecting squarely with Maddix's shoulder! Another howl of agony from Maddix brings a wry smile to his opponent's face as he tosses the chair back over to the announce table, before grabbing Maddix...and POSTING him, shoulder first! Dropping to the floor, Landon is clearly hurting. From across the ring, Megan watches on nervously as her out-of-sight charge gets stomped a little by Sacred.


"Well, fighting on the table was always going to bring something dangerous about for one of these guys." King comments. "But, in all honesty, this could have been the WORST thing possible for Maddix. You go through a table, it hurts, but you can recover. You screw up your arm against Sacred...well, to quote a phrase, you're SOL."


Finally Sacred reaches down and drags Maddix back up, lifting the lifeless two hundred twenty pound frame of the champion onto the apron before climbing up himself, beside Maddix. Two stomps land on Maddix before Sacred enters the ring. Landon is able to roll in after but before he can think about getting up, Sacred grabs him by the bad arm and drags him into the centre of the ring. Desperately Maddix tries to get away, but Sacred stops him, dropping to a seated position and looking for a cross armbreaker! Maddix understandably looks panicky as he locks his hands, knowing that he's in danger of a lethal submission if his arm can be straightened, which is exactly what Sacred is trying to do. Sacred pulls away on the arm at the elbow but Landon's fingers are still locked.



*clap clap clapclapclap*


"This isn't smart..."



*clap clap clapclapclap*


"These fans are just signing this kid's death warrant."



*clap clap clapclapclap*


From the outside Megan wails for her man to get to the ropes, his struggling actually taking him further away from the ropes currently. Sacred tries one last pull but again the arm won't come free. So Sacred changes tact, laying back and lifting up his left leg...





...and SLAMS it down across Maddix's face!




"If Maddix won't give up the arm, then Sacred will rip it off of his scrawny body." sneers King. "Either way, this kid is in serious trouble here."


Still Landon has not given up on the grip, despite being seriously dazed...





...so Sacred again drives his calf down into Maddix's face. It connects with a vengeance, but Maddix's fingers remain locked, so Sacred lifts up the leg again...






...connecting with the leg once more, this time with enough force to seemingly KO Maddix and in the process cause the fingerlock to break! And in a matter of split-seconds, the cross armbreaker is applied!


"He's got it on!" King calls out in delight. "He's got that arm straightened and now, we'll see how much heart and determination this kid has really got."


"We will." Pete agrees.


The agony of the hold act like smelling salts on the World Champion and as soon as he comes around, Maddix knows that he HAS to get out of the hold, writhing in agony on the mat as Hardcastle drops to his knees by Maddix's head and asks him if he wants to quit. Maddix is hanging on though. For now. Pulling back with all he has, Sacred nods away to himself confidentally. Maddix meanwhile has his hand hovering over the mat, possibly ready to tap...or not, as he plants it on the mat and begins to push. As Sacred pulls west and Maddix pushes the same way, the champion is able to get one knee planted on the canvas, using that to drive to the side. But still Sacred hangs onto the armbreaker resolutely. Even as Maddix turns over and stacks him on his shoulders...













Sacred kicks off, turning to the side as he does so, causing Landon to land back into the cross armbreaker!




"Seems this crowd ain't fans of Sacred's tactics here King." Pete points out.


"So much for Tom educating these narrow minded fools. Hopefully within a few months, they'll be booing all their flippy-floppy heroes now that Tom's got his own show."


"Well, I doubt it. Tom's not the most likeable of guys."


"I like him."


"A hearty endorsement if ever I heard one."


As Sacred straightens Maddix's arm out once more, Hardcastle again drops over to Maddix to check on his condition, to find that both of his shoulders are pinned on the mat...














Shooting up his free arm, Maddix is quickly brought back into agony by a tug on the arm by Sacred.




Both Maddix's feet are planted on the mat and he seems to have ideas of rolling through the hold. Ideas stopped by another wrench by Sacred.






Again the crowd rally behind the champion...





"Would somebody shut this woman up?" King pleads.




Hearing his manager's voice through his pain-ridden thoughts, Maddix tries to concentrate on her rather than the pain in his arm.




And finally Maddix hears, reaching out with his foot...which lands on the bottom rope, Sacred's earlier roll having taken Maddix close enough.





Referee Hardcastle notices the foot and quickly dives over to Sacred, yelling at him to break, but Sacred doesn't do so!











Sacred breaks just before five, a little frustrated as he stands over Maddix.


"Now, can someone explain why Hardcastle is counting Sacred?" asks King.


"I can't answer that King. I guess, it's just force of habit. It is a Street Fight, so as much as Hardcastle didn't have to count, Sacred didn't have to break the hold. Of course, had Maddix tapped with his foot on the ropes, I'd assume that still wouldn't count."


"True. But Hardcastle still shouldn't be counting. He's lucky Sacred isn't a cheat like Maddix and he listened to the count."



The champion is pulling himself to his feet now. Sacred grabs Landon by the hair and helps him on his way, allowing Maddix to get to a standing base...






...before lashing him across the chest with a STINGING knifedge!


"And as we mentioned earlier, when the pace is slowed down, Sacred has the advantage." Pete re-iterates. "Sacred is at his most dangerous when he can really measure his strikes and moves, really think about the damage he's about to cause before he connects. He's a cruel cruel man, in a cruel cruel business."


"A cruel, ruthless man. And let's face it King, at this level you HAVE to be ruthless."


And Sacred is just that, kicking the wailing World Champion square in the shoulder once more. Slamming her fists on the apron, Megan looks to will Maddix on. But right now, he is in dire straights, Sacred kicking Maddix's shoulder again before dragging him to his knees. Sacred drapes Maddix's throat and right arm over the middle rope and gives him a quick knee in the spine, before exiting the ring, boos there to greet him from those at ringside. Megan scurries out of the way of the challenger as he lines up Maddix...




...slapping him in the face, to more jeers and boos from the fans. Sacred ignores them though, as he reaches up and grabs the arm of the champion by the wrist, pausing for a moment, to fire off a forearm into Maddix's jaw! Maddix stays draped over the rope though, which is good for Sacred as he hangs onto the arm...AND DROPS TO HIS BACK, 'STUNNERING' THE ARM OVER THE MIDDLE ROPE!!!




Maddix's arm snaps off the rope and leaves him howling in agony, Megan hardly able to watch as her man 'crawls' away from the ropes with his arm clutched to his side.


"Now THAT was ruthless." says King approvingly.


Slowly Sacred re-enters the ring, in no hurry. Meanwhile, the desperate looking champion drags himself up on the ropes, a picture of destain as his arm remains tucked tightly against his side. Walking in, Sacred lines Maddix up, forearm ready. But Maddix does the only thing he can, lifting a boot into the gut of the Australian. Sacred shrugs off the kick quickly and charges Maddix, pushing him right up against the ropes and laying in a blatant choke!
















Sacred releases the choke, even though he finally remembers he doesn't have to, but doesn't give a clean break, kneeing Maddix in the gut! Twice! Before grabbing Maddix's hair and pulling his head back, exposing the bottom of his jaw for a STIFF forearm smash! Dazed and aching, Maddix is defenceless towards a Sacred irish whip. Maddix rebounds and Sacred prepares, capturing Landon around the waist as he scampers aimlessly in and throwing him to the side with a belly to belly suplex. The landing re-jolts Maddix's shoulder, but also gives Sacred time to back into the corner at his leisure. Pulling himself up, Landon stops and attends to his shoulder, his back turned to Sacred for what seems like an eternity, all the while The Sacred One waiting. Until eventually Maddix does turn around, Sacred instantly charging...




...and DUCKING some Sweet Cuca Music...




...catching Maddix' flailing arm and dropping straight south with it!


"And there's a Divorce Court!" King calls. "Doesn't just seperate the shoulder, it divorces it. Sacred is relentlessly working on the arm, his focus not wavering for a second."


As Landon is again left in agony on the canvas, Sacred rolls to his knees, grabbing a handful of Landon's hair and wrenching him to his feet. Making a signal in the general direction of Megan, Sacred now seems to think that's it, as he hoists Maddix up onto his shoulder, trying to tilt his head downwards. But Maddix proves too slippery and he slides behind Sacred, barging him rather than pushing him, into the ropes. Back shoots Sacred, looking for a forearm smash, but Maddix ducks and charges the ropes, springboarding off the middle rope and twisting back around. Sacred has begun to follow, but stops abruptly as he sees Maddix take flight, stopping right under Maddix's left arm...WHICH DDTs SACRED TO THE MAT!!




"Maddix caught Sacred off-guard...and he's got'm covered!"













Sacred kicks out, Maddix unable to get any weight on the cover.


"Two only, but man, WHAT a move! Springboard, twisting DDT!"


"More ridiculously flashy offence from Maddix..." King grumbles.


"But, it worked! Maddix had to do something in that manner to get the advantage, to catch Sacred off-guard and to avoid getting countered."


Still the fresher of the two men, Sacred reaches his feet first, although Maddix is just a step or two behind him. Sacred grabs Maddix as he gets up though, wringing Maddix's arm and twisting it behind his back into a hammerlock...before twisting Maddix around to face him, keeping the hammerlock on at the back. Landon now only has one arm to defend himself now, as Sacred lines him up...AND HEADBUTTS HIM STRAIGHT IN THE FOREHEAD!!! The crowd groan as Maddix falls groggily to a seated position, Sacred doing damage to himself on the unprotected headbutt, but he shakes off the effects again and pushes Maddix onto his back. But rather than go for a cover, Sacred flattens out Maddix's right arm and stomps it into the canvas.




With that, Sacred pulls Maddix up, again applying a hammerlock around the back whilst facing the World Champion. No headbutt this time though. Instead, Sacred holds onto the hammerlock with the right hand, hooking Maddix's left arm over his left shoulder. Sacred then tightens up Maddix's right arm, before suddenly lifting him off of the canvas with the left, driving him into the canvas back (and arm) first!


"Wow!" King enthuses, soaking up Maddix's agonising screams. "What the hell was that?"


"Well, it was the Spanish Inquisition...ironically enough. But, Maddix's arm was trapped behind his back by Sacred on the way down, so it was almost like a hammerlock Spanish Inquisition."


"Man, this Sacred is a genius Pete."


"Yeah, an evil genius."


"The best kind!"


Now, Megan really can't watch, as Sacred is on his feet and standing over his pain-ridden opponent...and slowly, he runs his thumb across his throat.




Maddix is fighting to his feet once more but it's clear he's in agony, unable to do anything once he reaches his feet except walk into a boot to the gut. Over doubles Maddix as Sacred slides behind Maddix...who suddenly kicks out at Sacred, the flat of his boot slamming into The Sacred One's right knee! Noticing Sacred isn't currently tearing his arm off, Landon assumes the kick worked...and repeats, catching Sacred again, with another force to take Sacred's leg out from underneath him. The challenger drops to one knee, as Maddix turns around and WAFFLES Sacred with an open handed shot to the jaw, dazing him as Maddix suddenly sprints into the ropes. The dazed challenger begins to gain his bearings, just as Maddix springs off of Sacred's knee...




...and CONNECTS with the Shining Wizard!




Landon tries not to land on his arm on the way down but doesn't do too well, cracking his elbow on the way down. That prevents Maddix from following up with a cover immediately, but he is able to drape his body over Sacred's after a few seconds...

















Maddix groans, sitting up and clutching his arm, as Sacred starts to recover and rolls away towards the ropes. Maddix meanwhile drags himself to his feet again.


"The World Champion needs to follow up here if he wants to beat Sacred." comments Pete. "One move isn't going to cut it in this situation."


"But one move is all this kid can string together before his arm starts a-throbbing again. And let's face it, Sacred has all but ruled out any chance of a trip to Land Of Nod. So, Maddix is going to have to find an alternative finisher tonight."


"Like the Crash Landon?"


"...yeah, that'd do I guess."



Sacred waits for Maddix to get up, ducking underneath a left-handed backhand and straight-up punching Landon in the shoulder! Again Maddix stops in his tracks and clutches his shoulder, as Sacred SLAPS Maddix over the head, possibly punishment for getting flippy-floppy. The slap seems to fire Maddix up though...







...and he fires up Sacred, blood red, across the chest.







...and a second left handed chop lashes Sacred. Sacred, resisting the urge to laugh the strikes off, clubs Maddix with a forearm...







...and a CHOP~! Maddix is halted by the heavy handed strike, the perfect opportunity for Sacred to grab a large clump of Maddix's straggly blonde hair, using that to hold Maddix up as he fires off forearm after forearm, after forearm, after forearm, after forearm...the fifth enough for Sacred, allowing Maddix to drop harmlessly to his knees.


"Man alive, Sacred with stiff, brutal strikes...decimating the World Champion!" Pete says breathlessly. "Take nothing away from Sacred, but even I didn't expect this amount of dominance."


"Don't worry. You'll learn, soon enough."


Sacred steps to the back of Maddix and grabs some more hair, drilling down an elbow which cracks into the crown of the champion's head. A second elbow rolls Maddix's eyes and leaves him dazed, enough for Sacred to grab the right arm and chickenwing it behind Landon's back!


"Uh oh!" Pete suddenly cries. "Sacred may be looking for the chickenwing facelock...or, even the Narcosynthesis."


"He's got to be going for the Narcosynthesis." replies King, as the tug on Maddix's arm has brought him back to the real world with a bang. Quickly and pretty desperately, Maddix snaps up to his feet and tucks his left arm into his body as tightly as possible, preventing Sacred from grabbing it.





The crowd are rallied by Megan once more, as Sacred tries to grab the left arm, Maddix continuing to keep it clutched to his side, twisting and turning all the while to further make Sacred's job harder.


"He's holdin' out! Landon's holdin' out!"


Sacred tries once more but again the arm won't come free. So instead, Sacred hooks Maddix under the jaw and starts to wrench away with a Chickenwing Facelock! One wrench! Two wrenches! Hardcastle is in to check, as Sacred wrenches a third time! The World Champion is being tortured as Sacred pauses for a moment, Hardcastle telling him there's no submission. So Sacred wrenches a fourth time. And this time, Maddix's free arm flails free from his side and like a hawk, Sacred scavanges up his prey...chickenwinging the left arm to go with the right!


"He's not holding out anymore!" beams King.


"If Sacred can get this kid down, we may be moments away from crowning a new World Champion!"




Up goes the chant again, Sacred not bothered in the slightest. Sacred twists the chickenwings up once more, Maddix's face contorting in pain...pain which multiplies, as Sacred suddenly pulls up on the chickenwings again, this time lifting Maddix's feet clear off the mat and leaving him hanging by the wings!




Groans from the crowd cannot mask Maddix' wails and screams, Hardcastle looking up at Maddix and checking for a submission, as Sacred continues to hold the World Champion in the air. Gravity causes all of Maddix's body weight against his arms and shoulders, until eventually Sacred drops Maddix back down to his feet, wrenching the wings once more...before again lifting up Maddix and hanging him out to dry! Again Sacred brings Maddix back down though, all this simply to weaken La Cucaracha for the Narcosynthesis. Which is Sacred plan now, as he kicks out at the knees, trying to take Landon down. Landon hurdles a couple of kicks, so Sacred headbutts him between the shoulder blades before trying again...










"No disqualifications!" Pete pre-emptively calls, before King can complain.


Sacred groans and releases the chickenwings to tend to his 'Down Under' area, the crowd delighting in his pain. Meanwhile, Maddix is free and knows he has to attack and attack quickly, tumbling behind Sacred and schoolboying him...











Sacred is easily out, rolling to his feet and kneeing an on-rushing Maddix deep in the breadbasket!


"Again, the damage to the arm plays it's part in this match." groans Pete. "Maddix has Sacred stacked, but he couldn't use his right arm for leverage as you commonly would on a roll-up."


With Maddix doubled over, Sacred grabs Maddix by the arm once more, this time thrusting Maddix off into the ropes. But Maddix ducks under a forearm as he returns. Sacred whips around and recieves a boot before Maddix now whips Sacred into the ropes, albeit with one arm. The weak whip gives Sacred time to control his run, bouncing off the ropes with Maddix in his sights...






...but Sacred MISSES a leg lariat, splattering off the canvas hard as he lands, knocking the wind out of himself. The challenger is quickly back up but clearly short of breath as he slowly lumbers back around...











Sacred collapses like a sack of spuds, Maddix collapsing on top of him moments later...



































Megan's hands fly to her head in despair, just as Maddix's left goes to his...both having thought the match was won. But Sacred, despite being dazed, is still in the fight.


"That was the move that won Maddix the Cold Front Classic, at Sacred expense..."


"And it was also his best chance of winning this match!" King states. "One of the few BIG moves Maddix has that won't affect his arm. That may have been Maddix's only shot at saving his World Title reign!"


A fact that Maddix clearly knows, as he backs into the corner...





...and begins to call up the band...






...Sacred is staggering to his feet...




...little idea to where he is...












...Sacred ducks the second Sweet Cuca Music!





Maddix stumbles back to two feet and suddenly gets a call from Megan, who tosses her man a steel chair!! Of course, Maddix has to catch the chair with his one good hand/arm, but manages to do so...







...and ignores the pain in his right arm long enough to turn and FOLD the chair OVER Sacred's HEAD~! Sacred tumbles down, but so does Maddix, dropping to his knees and screaming blue murder as he clutches his shoulder. On the outside, Megan is also screaming blue murder...trying to get Maddix to cover Sacred.


"This is horrible...I can't remember the last time our World Champion had such...such, flagrant dis-respect and disregard for authority and rules!"


"How long ago were you World Champion again?" Pete chuckles.


"I was never THIS bad!"


Still in agony, Maddix finally has enough bearing about him to lean across Sacred...
















Sure enough, the pause from Maddix was more than enough for Sacred to recover, despite the fact he is now bleeding from the forehead.


"Sacred, busted open! Maddix, shoulder hurting! This World Heavyweight Title match hangs right in the balance here King and could go either way!"


"Key word- 'could'." King retorts. "All Sacred has to do is wrap on that Narcosynthesis and this WILL be over. Let's face it, everything Landon does now is going to hurt like hell because of that shoulder, which will give Sacred time to recover from any offense move."


"In theory."



The crowd are right into this match now, clapping rhythmically as they will La Cucaracha to his feet. Both challenger and champion are now up and it's Sacred who has spotted the chair first stumbling over and picking up the weapon. However, as he does, Maddix charges up behind the challenger and drills his knee up between Sacred's shoulder blades. Sacred stumbles forward, landing throat first across the middle rope, as the chair falls to the floor.


"Oh, right in position for the 605..."


Or, Sacred would be. If not for Maddix's arm. Not trusting his limb, Maddix wisely decides not to try for the move, instead driving another knee into Sacred's back before pulling him up off the ropes. A quick push away staggers Sacred back, leaving the challenger open for a left handed forearm strike.



But, Sacred takes the shot as if it were nothing. Almost.



Taking a step back, the slightly surprised World Champion reels back once more, swinging forwards and connecting with a second left handed forearm...



...but AGAIN, Sacred takes the shot and is still standing, just about enough self-awareness to motion for Maddix to try again.








And Maddix CONNECTS with as strong of a right-handed forearm as he possibly can, strong enough to drop Sacred to the mat. But, sure enough, it's Landon who comes off the most injured, Sacred able to get back up and shake of the forearm, while Maddix may just have ripped his shoulder further out of place.


"Ha! Sacred lured him in!" King guffaws. "Landon just couldn't let his pride be damaged, so took a STUPID risk using his right arm!"


As Maddix clutches his shoulder once more, the bloody Australian shakes off some more cobwebs before booting the half-Spaniard in the gut, doubling Maddix over. Sacred stops suddenly though, perhaps caught in two minds...as he pulls Maddix's head back up, taking his arm and wrapping it around his throat…and DROPPING south, playing a game of Knifey Spooney with Maddix's arm!




Megan turns away. She can't watch.






































And all of a sudden, with that kickout, the confidence is back in Megan, willing the dazed and anguished Maddix to get back up. Sitting beside Maddix, Sacred glares at referee Hardcastle, wiping some of the blood off of his forehead and away from his eyes as he does so.




Sacred pulls himself up calmly and casually...or, as calmly and casually as a man possibly moments from becoming World Champion can. Still Maddix is writhing on the canvas, so Sacred has to drag the World Champion up by the hair, letting him stop once on one knee before releasing the hair...



...and instead, grabbing the chickenwings again!!!





"He's got him this time!" King cries confidently, as Sacred tries to force Maddix down. But between pushing down and pulling the arms up, Sacred doesn't have a whole lot of leverage, which allows Maddix to eventually stand up, fighting through the pain barrier. The frustrated Sacred One has had more than enough of his opponent's persistance and starts to yank back violently on the arms, growling as he does so. But Maddix remains on his feet...



...and reaches a foot forward, placing the heel on the middle rope!




"And La Cucaracha reaches the ropes!"


"Yes, but remember, Sacred doesn't have to break the hold..."


Which Sacred doesn't, simply pulling Maddix back and off of the ropes towards the centre of the ring! Groans fill the air, some boos too from the less astute members of the crowd, as Sacred grits his teeth...and fires a headbutt into Maddix's collarbone! And one to the shoulder! Maddix drops to one knee, Sacred able to taste the Narcosynthesis it's so close...







...yet, still so far away. Megan is watching through her hands, her body language screaming 'worry'.




Sacred suddenly cries out, a rare vocal show of frustration as Maddix comes up from that one knee. So Sacred now kicks, kicking Maddix repeatedly in the back of the knee, dropping the champion down to it, before going for the other knee. But Maddix starts to retaliate. And suddenly, this widely technical match has transformed into a girly, hissy fit, 'kickin' bitches in the shins' type of fight...a fight which Maddix seems to be winning. As he kicks, the champ tries to fight his good arm free, the combined effort of the two...




...eventually freeing Maddix, allowing him to 'scoot' behind Sacred and grab HIS left arm in a chickenwing!


"According to my notes Petey, Maddix calls this one 'Please Kill Me Sacred'." King snaps. "So named, because that's EXACTLY what Sacred will do if Maddix even TRIES a Narcosynthesis on him!"


"What!?! You don't even HAVE any notes!"


"I did, until Maddix tried to put Sacred through our damn table!"



With one arm trapped, Maddix now looks to grab the right arm too...


...which is the exact moment he remembers he can hardly move his right arm with putting himself in agony! That allows Sacred to sweep down and underneath Maddix, taking the arm with him into a hammerlock. He releases that quickly though, instead locking on a waistlock. The natural counter, Maddix fires an elbow into Sacred's bloodied forehead!


A second!



But Sacred fires back, headbutting Maddix once, twice, three times in the back of the head!! That groggies up the champ, as Sacred pops the hips and throws Maddix effortlessly overhead...






...TOO effortlessly, as Maddix is able to rotate onto his feet!!


"What the hell!?!" King gasps, as Maddix runs off the ropes, Sacred turning around and hurriedly throwing a forearm which La Cucaracha ducks. Again Sacred slowly turns, watching as Maddix detours towards the corner and vaults to the middle rope and timing his run...not exactly to perfection, running into a boot to the jaw! "This looks like a Crash Landon...a move Sacred has countered before!"


Reaching out, Maddix goes to grab Sacred...but stops, driving another boot into the Aussie's jaw before adjusting himself, so that it's his left side that Sacred is grabbed with...




...spun around by...








...and DRILLED with!!





"CRASH LANDON!" Pete cries, as Maddix rolls against the turnbuckles, grimacing as he pulls himself up. "But, he isn't going for a cover...he...climbing back up?"


"I've said it before and now, I must say it again...this kid is an IDIOT!"


Gingerly, Maddix hoists himself to the middle rope, Sacred seemingly KOed beneath him. But the World Champion isn't satisfied, reaching to the outside and taking a chair from Skye. The crowd buzz, as Maddix drops the chair down, the steel implement landing on Sacred's chest.



Just where Maddix wanted.












Maddix now agrees, as he makes as much of a cover as his arm will allow...

































The bell rings and instantly, Maddix releases the cover to tend to his arm, leaving Megan to jog over and collect the gold.




As "Megalomaniac" blasts away in the background, accompanied by the cheers of the Trump Plaza patrons, Maddix gingerly slides out of the ring and takes the World Title from Megan holding it in the air. A cheer goes up, as Maddix glares into the ring at Sacred, who lays holding his gut, coughing and spluttering...and smiles.


"Landon Maddix retains his belt in one hell of a match, with one hell of an effort!" Pete cries. "But the lengths he had to go speak volumes for Sacred's performance here tonight!"


"In a straight up singles match, this kid would have been done a good five or ten minutes ago. But tonight, he was able to hit lowblows, use chairs and straight up cheat! I for one think Sacred deserves a rematch with REGULAR rules."


"And I for one believe we're out of time! We'd like to thank the big Don for letting us use this place and thank you for joining us. We'll see you, real real soon!"


Helped up the ramp, Maddix turns one last time and raises his retained gold skywards...



...as we FADE OUT.

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If Taamo can spare some time to comment, it'd be real welcome. Or anyone else for that matter. Except Dace. He never likes my matches.

Hey now, I'm just harsh and evil and you're just a spotmonkey :P


There will be comments as it's the weekend and I have nothing to do.

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Just throwing some stuff out before people get over. If I miss anything, I'll cover it later on.


The rope-break development in the early match was sound and internally coherent, but it was a plot thread that A) Didn't go anywhere [it felt like you were telegraphing a finish that involved Sacred fighting for a rope break that Landon would ignore, which would have raised problems with...] B) Seemed to undermine Sacred's vet status, especially in this match. It didn't seem to fit the Sacred character at all... I mean, he may be crazy, but he's not foolish. I felt like the resolution of it was just there, and so you ate up some words and made Sacred look stupid without any payoff.


Granted, Sacred had a rope break halfway through his match, and it was clearly a mistake (since he pointed it out during the opening of the match), but there's a difference between a one-off and something that felt central to the way the match developed.


Subtract the rope break subplot and, yeah, it was perfectly acceptable wrestling, but Sacred has a gift for writing a match that just makes sense and is really hard to pick apart. There were a few spots in your match where the selling was, if not inconsistent, inappropriate. I'm not talking about the long-term selling of eg Landon's arm, which was well-built, but sometimes there'd be a big spot and the guys would both just be back up.


Not a bad match by any means, which is unfortunate, because it made me fairly miserable last night.

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Guest Korgath

5th straight loss since debuting and I wonder if someone would just tell me what needs improvement...




“Greetings and thank you for tuning in to SWF Storm! Once again, we’re coming to you from the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City! What a show we’ve been having tonight, eh Peter?” grins the Suicide King as he surveys the cheering fans.


“I’ll tell you what this has been so far, King. A travesty! That’s what it is. The card’s in a mess, the wrestlers don’t know what to expect and the stipulations are changing faster than Donald Trump fires people!” grunts Longdogger Pete, still reeling from the odd match-up between Alan Clark and Carnage.


“You know what it is? It’s pure brilliance. Throw out everything you knew about the SWF, people. This is 2005, and change is the name of the game! Take the following match for example, Peter! The “Urban Legend” Todd Cortez thought he was leaving Storm still the Hardcore Gamers’ Champion, but all that may change tonight!”


The sound system in Trump Plaza comes to life as the ominous bass line of Grave Digger’s “Demon’s Day” starts up.


“And it’s all because of this man!”


"You sit alone in lightless chambers, all the love you had is gone

No one there to catch your fall, you never felt so alone

Blackened thoughts in lonely ruins, lifeless eyes an empty gaze

Death is but a promise now, life is just an empty phrase!"


The opening lines of the song seem to accentuate the destruction that is imminent as the massive bulk of Dominic Korgath emerges from behind the curtain. The crowd rains their hatred as the Big Demon simply stands motionless at the top of the ramp, soaking in the boos of the audience. Then, he punches a huge fist into the air before making his way down the ramp.


In the ring, Funyon begins the breakdown of the match, “Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Hardcore Gamers’ Championship! Now approaching the ring, weighing in at 350 lbs, he is the challenger, the Demonic Knight… DOMINNNNIIICCCC KOOOORRRRGGGGAAAATHHHHH!”


“Odd that neither Max King or Kelly Connelly, the people who inducted Korgath into the Royal Order are here tonight. Although, considering the recent series of losses they’ve suffered, can one really be surprised?” muses the Doggah.


“Perhaps this is the best time for the Demonic Knight, as they call him, to prove his mettle to “The Icon” and demonstrate just why he can and should be the muscle of the Royal Order,” replies the King of Hearts.


“But of all ways to prove himself, it has to be against the reigning HCG Champion? The “Urban Legend” Todd Cortez has rampaged past some of the SWF’s finest in his bid to gain that title. If Dominic Korgath wins tonight’s match, it might just be the greatest upset since Toxxic’s victory over Tom Flesher at Ground Zero last year!”


“I doubt it’ll be of that magnitude, Peter, but if Korgath does pull off his first win in the SWF, then it surely is one for the record books,” laughs the Suicide King.


“Demon’s Day” finally fades out of the sound system as the Big Demon from Japan paces within the ring, waiting for his opponent. In it’s place, the sounds of Fabolous fade in, as the lights drop and cover the arena in darkness. As soon as the chorus to "Breathe" hits, the “Urban Legend” Todd Cortez leaps out onto the stage, skipping to both sides of the ramp and urging the crowd to root for him. The response is deafening as the Urban Legend jogs down the ramp with a slight smile on his face, turning often to either side of the crowd in acknowledgement.


“Once again, it’s time to mention that Cortez is a member of Martial Law, a group that includes our Champion himself, Landon Maddix!”


“And while they have yet to actually clash on a grand scale against their sworn enemies, Rev-0, there’s no doubt that if Cortez can hold his own against Korgath tonight, then they would have cemented their position as an SWF mainstay,” suggests King.


The Martial Law member gets to ringside and springs up onto the apron, turning back to face the crowd and taking his sunglasses off to get a better view.


“Now entering the ring, he hails from Hollywood Boulevard, and weighs in at 226 pounds. He is the reigning SWF Hardcore Champion...the Urban Legend, TODDDDDDD CORRRRRRTEZZZZZZ!”


Cortez leaps through the ropes after kissing his cross, as he gets into the face, err… mask, of Dominic Korgath, the height and size difference between the two men suddenly not so obvious. Cortez starts trashtalking to the Big Demon, more than likely reminding the larger man of his losses to Martial Law a week ago. Before Korgath can react, however, Cortez backs away and runs up the ropes, throwing his arms up and saluting the crowd a final time as the lights come up as his theme music fades out.


Cortez leaps back into the ring, all the time eyeing his opponent, as referee Sexton Hardcastle calls for the bell to start the match.




The two men immediately lock-up, with Todd Cortez utilising his speed advantage to whip Korgath into the turnbuckle, but the Big Demon catches the ropes with his hands before his face meets the corner. As Cortez dashes up to Korgath, the Urban Legend is immediately caught in the face by a massive elbow, sending the smaller man reeling from the blow. Dominic Korgath turns around to face the champion, thinking to knock the air out of Cortez with a clothesline, but the Urban Legend ducks down just in time as Korgath runs into the ropes instead. Bouncing back off the ropes, Korgath runds straight into a powerful kick by Todd Cortez to the solar plexus, sending the Big Demon crashing down to the mat!




“The crowd’s going wild! Cortez is demonstrating his superiority over Korgath and the crowd knows it!” exclaims the man known as LDP.


“What the Urban Legend loses in size, he makes up for in sheer tenacity and experience, Peter. He knows he has to win this match. There’s so much at stake here, the title, pride and the knowledge that he can beat opponents much larger than himself,” says the Suicide King, laying the motivations of Todd Cortez on the table.


The Urban Legend goes for an early camel clutch, pressing the mask of Korgath tightly against the gaijin’s face. The Demon’s arms flail as he clamours for air, but Cortez has the hold locked on surprisingly tight. Referee Hardcastle goes to check for any sign of submission from the Big Demon, who vehemently insists that the match will go on! The Demonic Knight practically drags his opponent to the nearest rope before eventually grabbing them! Hardcastle tries to get Cortez away from Korgath, forcing him to break the hold, which he does, eventually.


“Cortez really dominating this match so far, and to no one’s surprise, really,” mutters King. “The man has won more title matches than Korgath has fought!”


Dominic Korgath gets to his feet and lunges for his opponent, but the Urban Legend has got the Big Demon scouted, as he grabs the arm, turns and, using the momentum of the Demon, tosses the bigger man over his shoulder in a classic judo throw! The Big Demon lands awkwardly on the mat and rolls around in pain, but there’s no stopping Todd Cortez now, as the champion grabs a handful of hair and lifts his opponent to his knees.






The knife chops strike with authority into the massive pectorals of Dominic Korgath, much to the enjoyment of the audience. Cortez brings his opponent to his feet and whips him into the ropes…


…but Korgath reverses the irish whip with one of his own, and now it’s the Urban Legend hurtling into the ropes and bouncing off them! The Big Demon raises an arm to catch his opponent with a clothesline, but is taken down by the extended arm of Todd Cortez! It seems like both men had the same idea and both men are down on the mat!


“Dominic Korgath proving that he can hang with the best of them, King. He’s managed to even the odds in this match despite being dominated by Cortez for the first couple of minutes!” exclaims Pete in excitement.


“But it looks like neither man is willing to stay down for long. Even now, they’re getting to their feet and continuing the match! Now that’s hardcore!” mocks the Suicide King.


Korgath grabbing Cortez, whipping him into the ropes again, then bending over in anticipation for a back drop. Cortez knows what the Big Demon is expecting, but is unable to avoid it and finds himself flying an amazing 6 feet over the big man and crashing back first into the mat! Cortez grabs his back in pain even as Korgath goes for a chokehold!


“That’s illegal, King! Isn’t the referee going to do anything about it?”


Indeed, Sexton Hardcastle tries to break the illegal hold, and when Korgath insists on persisting, begins the count towards disqualification.















Korgath grudgingly releases the hold even as Cortez clutches his throat in pain. Hardcastle gets in the face of the Big Demon, who simply brushes the official aside as if he was nothing. Turning his attention back to his opponent, Korgath grabs Cortez by the shoulders and flings the smaller man out of the ring!


“Just look at the power of Dominic Korgath! He’s throwing Cortez around like a rag doll! Perhaps this is the end for the Urban Legend’s title reign?” suggests King.


“I wouldn’t be too sure, King. Cortez has gone up against the likes of Carnage and won. There’s no reason why he can’t do it again tonight,” reasons Longdogger Pete. “They’re outside the ring now, and everything is fair use due to the hardcore stipulations for this match. Things just went south, King!”


Indeed, in response to the announcers’ words, the two men begin brawling inside the ring area, trading punches like there was no tomorrow. Cortez connects with a blazing right hand, but Korgath simply returns the compliment with a stiff hook of his own. Cortez, realising that this is getting nowhere, circles to the other side of the ring and, looking underneath it, draws out a sledgehammer, much to the delight of the audience!


Dominic Korgath, either overcome with the intensity of the match or plain, simple inexperience, lunges for his opponent, only to be struck in the head with the hammer! The Big Demon’s mask catches the force of the blow, but extraordinarily, Korgath does not collapse from the impact. Instead, he stumbles towards the guardrail for support, even as security keeps the crowd away from him.


Cortez presses his advantage as he raises the hammer yet again and strikes his opponent hard in the stomach. Korgath doubles over in pain, clasping the guardrail as his legs give way from the pain. Cortez drops the hammer and goes over to the Big Demon, grabbing a handful of hair and smashing the Demon’s face into the steel railing. The blow is the final straw for the Demon, who collapses to the ground, the air expelled from his lungs.


Todd Cortez raises his arms in triumph as the crowd cheers his victory with him. The Urban Legend returns to his opponent, raising the Big Demon to his feet, sending him through the ropes and then, upon entering the ring himself, socking the bigger man with a huge roundhouse right…


… but Korgath raises an arm to block it! Cortez is shocked and doesn’t defend as Korgath kicks the stomach of the Urban Legend, setting Cortez up for a massive power bomb!




“How did he do that? How did Korgath pull that off?” exclaims the Suicide King.


“He’s going for the first pin of the match!”


Referee Sexton Hardcastle drops to the mat for the count…












Todd Cortez gets the shoulder up before Hardcastle can slap the mat a second time! Frustrated, Korgath rolls out of the ring and searches beneath the ring for a useful weapon. Deciding upon a trashcan lid, the Big Demon throws it into the ring just as Cortez is getting to his feet. Korgath grabs the lid with both hands and swings it in the direction of Cortez…


…who ducks it! Cortez grabs hold of the lid and hits Korgath with it instead! The champion whips the challenger into the ropes and drops Korgath with a powerful lariat that sends the Big Demon over the ropes and to the outside!


The Urban Legend climbs between the ropes and stands gingerly on the apron, before leaping onto the second rope and, arching his body to produce the desired effect, connects with the fallen body of Korgath! The impact of a over-200lbs body slamming into him causes both men to collapse on the ground, panting heavily as the crowd chants in unison…




“Holy shit indeed, King, that was a perfectly executed Asai Moonsault from the Urban Legend! I doubt he’ll ever try something like that again for some time!”


But Cortez stirs even before the Big Demon does, and upon getting to his feet, the champion goes across the ring to pick up a steel chair from the timekeeper. Then, searching under the ring, the Urban Legend grabs a trashcan and holds it with his right hand. Armed with both weapons, he returns to the challenger who is slowly getting to his knees.




Cortez has dropped the chair at his feet and nails Korgath with the trashcan! The can is warped out of shape, but the Urban Legend forces it onto the upper torso of the Big Demon! When it is securely on the massive form of Korgath, Cortez goes to town with the steel chair, smashing the bin in all possible directions!


“Todd Cortez showing the challenger Dominic Korgath exactly what it means to be facing the Hardcore Champion!” yells the Suicide King.


The Big Demon finally gets the trashcan off his body, only to be hit again and again with the steel chair on his exposed back. Finally the Demon can take it no more and escapes up the ramp towards the curtain.


“It looks like Korgath is trying to get out of this match! He’s headed for the back!” shouts Pete. “But Cortez isn’t done with the Demon! He’s going to finish his bidness here and now!”


The two men start brawling up the aisle, once again exchanging punches, but it is apparent to everyone present in the arena that Korgath is this close to passing out. Cortez takes the opportunity to grab the steel chair again and send it flying again and again into the head of the Big Demon!




The Demonic Knight stumbles back with each blow, stunned and seeing stars. Todd Cortez connects with a stiff palm strike to the gut of the Big Demon before setting Korgath up for a single-arm DDT, but Korgath catches the leg of Cortez and counters with a small package at the top of the ramp!


Hardcastle drops to the ground for the count!















Cortez gets the shoulder up once again, and the frustration of Korgath is apparent in his body language!


“The Big Demon trying to get the win in desperation, Peter! He knows he can’t last long in this match!” exclaims the Suicide King, in all sincerity.


Todd Cortez rises to his feet and pounds on the Big Demon several more times, before exchanging blows as the Demonic Knight attempts to fight his way back into the match! But no! Cortez dashes towards Korgath, using the momentum of his body to grab all 350lbs of mass and slamming the Demon to the steel floor with an almost-lethal sitout spinebuster!




“That must surely be the end of the Demon, King! No one could survive a move like that from the Urban Legend!”


The crowd chants along as the referee slaps the ground!

























Todd Cortez can’t believe it! The crowd can’t believe it! Longdogger Pete can’t believe it! The Suicide King just smirks!


“Dominic Korgath kicked out! He kicked out, King!” screams Longdogger Pete into the microphone.


Korgath now, feeling that he might win the match after all, grabs the chair that Cortez dropped, and swings it hard! It connects! The force of the blow is enough to send Cortez stumbling back down the aisle towards and into the ring! Korgath brings the chair into the ring with him! The champion baiting the Demon and leaps to strike when the challenger least expects it!


The Urban Legend utilising all his speed and martial arts background to add definition to the superkick as he outstretches his right leg! But Korgath swings the chair! It connects with the extended leg of Cortez! The champion yells in pain as the chair almost dislocates his kneecap! Todd Cortez drops to the mat clutching his leg! The Big Demon standing triumphant over the champion!














The chair connects mercilessly against the back of Todd Cortez! The champion is wincing in sheer pain, his training and conditioning barely preventing him from passing out! Dominic Korgath with a roll-up!












Dominic Korgath grabs the pants of Todd Cortez!!











“No! It can’t end like this! The referee hasn’t seen Korgath’s cheating ways!”














It’s not finished! Cortez refusing to give up! He’s still in the match and once again, Korgath can’t believe it!



The Big Demon gunning for the kill! He bounces off the ropes and leaps into the air with a Big Splash on Todd Cortez! All 350lbs of mass on the body of the champion! Hardcastle drops to the mat for the fourth time in this match!



























“Cortez somehow getting the shoulder up! How does he do it? How does he do it?”


“He wants to keep his title, Pete! He NEEDS to keep his title!”



Korgath is beside himself in anger! He’s taking his frustrations out on Hardcastle! Todd Cortez takes advantage of the situation to grab the chair from the mat and strikes the back of the Big Demon with authority!



“LET’S GO COR-TEZ!” clap clap clapclapclap


“LET’S GO COR-TEZ!” clap clap clapclapclap


The crowd cheers in admiration as Cortez quickly hits the ropes that run sideways, rebounding off and leaping towards Korgath horizontally, with the Hollow Point, exploding on impact against the ribs of the Demon! Korgath staggers back as Cortez follows up with a snap kick to the side of the head!


“Enzuigiri! Cortez is pulling out all the stops against his challenger!”


Todd Cortez wraps an arm around the chest of Korgath and goes for a leg sweep, but Korgath blocks the sweep with a leg of his own and, leaning forward, counters by slamming Cortez back first into the mat! The blow knocks the air out of Cortez!


Dominic Korgath lifts his victim up so that Cortez is laying across his shoulders! The Big Demon hooks the Urban Legend’s neck and leg and applies pressure! Cortez hollers in pain!


“The Torture Rack! The Torture Rack! Korgath has pulled out his trump card and locked in the Torture Rack!” yells Longdogger Pete.


Hardcastle checks on the Urban Legend… who’s eyes are closed! The referee raises the arm of Cortez…




IT FALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!










The referee raises the arm again…










AND AGAIN IT FALLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









“No! It can’t be the end for Todd Cortez! Not tonight!”



The referee raises the arm of the Urban Legend for the third, and last time….


















IT DROPSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









The booming voice of Funyon takes a while to sink in, but when it does, the Big Demon drops the lifeless body of his opponent and roars in victory! Sexton Hardcastle grabs the arm of the Demon and raises it for a moment, before checking on the fallen form of Todd Cortez.


“Korgath proving to everyone—himself, Max King, everybody back in the SWF locker room that the Demonic Knight is here to stay!”


“A new champion! But what does this mean for Todd Cortez? What does this mean for Martial Law?”


“Who cares? Let’s go for our commercial break!”

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Just for the record, I'd like to know if there was anything wrong with what I wrote (outside of the fact it wasn't edited and it was only 3k long), Mike.

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