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King Cucaracha

PROMO: Trouble In Paradise

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Date: January 30th

Location: MCI Center, Washington D.C

Time: During SWF Clusterfuck


With the Clusterfuck finished, the Sacred vs. Mak Francis main-event is currently about to get underway, with Mak just about to make his entrance. And whilst the fans in the arena await The Franchise, backstage, the newly crowned Clusterfuck champion Landon Maddix is just now reaching his locker room, Megan Skye helping him back. The beaming smile on Maddix's face cannot be missed as he limps wearily through the hallways, Megan beside him, also beaming. No words need to be exchanged between the two, both knowing exactly how much the victory means, as Maddix reaches the Martial Law dressing room and walks triumphantly through the door...



...to be confronted by raving Alan Clark, who is having to be held back by an also exhausted Todd Cortez.


"What the HELL is this!?!" snaps Maddix as Cortez and Megan group together and shove Alan back onto a couch and stand between the two men. "So much for coming back to congratulations or celebrations. Nooo, I have to come back to Alan Clark and his mad rantings!"


"Bite me!"


"And what the hell have I done to deserve this?" Maddix again snaps, slamming the door behind him, with the cameraman following him just able to get inside in time.


"What have you done to deserve this!?! What have you done to fuckin' deserve this!?! I'll tell you what!" screams Clark, Cortez continuing to stand in his way. "You ELIMINATED me from the damn Clusterfuck, THAT'S what!! All that talk of going in as a team, it was BULLSHIT! I should have known you'd screw me over!"


"Calm down man." pleads Cortez.


"Calm down? Of course YOU'D say that, YOU weren't eliminated by your so called team-mate!"


"No, I wasn't. But I was eliminated because of what went down, so don't think I don't know how angry you are!"


And with that, Cortez turns his head to Landon, his triumph already a distant memory as now all three of his Martial Law allies.




"We're waiting for an explanation."




"...on why you didn't follow the plan, Landon."


"Yeah, why did you eliminate me, as if I don't know already."


"Woah, woah...wait a minute Alan. I didn't eliminate you...I eliminated Bloodshed." sneers Maddix, as if talking to a a naughty five year old, which Clark doesn't seem to appreciate. "As far as I remember, you got eliminated by Sean Davis. A Revolution Zero member. And, you know what, besides that, I think it's YOU who owes US an explanation. You can talk about the plan all you want. You entering the Clusterfuck twice wasn't in the plan. Infact, you seemed to neglect to mention that, didn't you Alan?"


All of a sudden, Clark is stoney silent, as Cortez (who is caught in the middle of all this bickering yet again) turns to Clark, looking for an explanation from him. But Alan doesn't get the chance...


"Why would you enter twice if you weren't planning to win, huh? You didn't give a damn about Martial Law. You're just pissed because your Clusterfuck performance was a flop for the second damn year in a row!"




"Hell, by the time Todd got out, you'd already screwed up the plan yourself. And then, you come out for a second try. Because you...wanted...to win, at ANY cost."


"I did it to give us a better chance."


"A likely story." sneers Maddix. "You didn't see Todd dusting off that stupid 'Ghost' costume and making two entrances. You didn't see me picking up a cheap gold mask, gold body suit and entering as a Conquistador or some crap. We stuck to the plan. If we planned two entrances, we'd have had the COURTESY to let YOU know about it. Then again, I guess I'm being hard on you. After all, I don't know what it's like to a have multiple personality dis-order like you."


Angrily, Clark stands up and tries to go after Maddix, but again Cortez stops him. But, with no sign of let up...





Clark and Maddix finally stop bickering, as Cortez resorts to yelling at the two, before fatigue sets in and he decides it best to sit down.


"What are we fighting for exactly? We should be celebrating. We went out there and did exactly what we set out to do. Win the Clusterfuck. We did that. Toxxic is so screwed up, he can't even beat Dace Night anymore. Spike is probably cussing out Davis as we speak. And Sacred's still got to get past Mak Francis tonight. Martial Law is stronger than ever, Revolution Zero is WEAKER than ever! Tonight should be a night of celebration. Now, the way I see it, you're both in the wrong." Maddix doesn't seem to agree, but keeps quiet. "Alan, you should have told us what you were planning man. It took us off our game. Could have cost both me AND Landon. And Landon, you should have thought of what was best. Cla...I mean, Bloodshe...whatever. He asked us if we were okay. Which is reason enough to trust him."


"Oh, come on Todd." sighs Landon. "You can't trust ANYONE in the Clusterfuck."


"Evidently." sneers Clark, to a sigh from Cortez.


"Guys, please. What's done is done. Martial Law are going to From The Fire, which was what we set out to secure. By whatever means neccessary, right?"


Clark and Maddix nod.


"Exactly. The end justifies the means. So, no harm done, right?"


Clark and Maddix nod.


"Right. Now...shake hands."


Clark and Maddix laugh.


"Guys, seriously. Shake hands so we're all clear, there's no hard feelings and we're all behind the one cause...Landon going to From The Fire and winning back the World Championship."


Hearing that, Maddix perks up a little and is suddenly more than happy to shake Clark's hand. But still, Clark doesn't seem to happy at the thought of shaking hands with the man who ruined his Clusterfuck dream.




"Yeah, come on Alan, shake the champ's hand." encourages Landon slyly.


Alan's mouth tilts at the sides a bit, but he holds back whatever insult he was about to throw...




...and shakes Maddix's hand.


"There we go." sighs Cortez. "NOW, we can celebrate!"


"Not quite, we don't have the champagne. But, we can wait a little longer." Maddix turns, opening the door. "Besides, if I'm going to From The Fire...and considering we don't have a monitor in this glorified broom closet...I need to go find a monitor and watch the main event. I'll bring the bubbly on the way back."


"Yeah, see ya man." smiles Cortez as Maddix leaves the room, Cortez secretly breathing a sigh of relief.


"I'm gonna take a shower in that case." Clark now speaks up. "Wash HIS handprints off of me!"




"It was a metaphor." Alan calls back as he walks off, leaving Cortez relieved to be alone with the uncontroversial Megan.




"And THAT is why I never wanna have kids." chuckles Cortez as he lies back on the sofa, ice-pack going back on his forehead. As his eyes shut and he takes himself somewhere calm, a silence falls over the room, Megan trying to keep herself occupied as she grabs Maddix's title belt collection and a tin of polish.


"Good job out there tonight."


"Who, me?" mumbles Cortez as he opens his eyes, to see a nod from Megan.


"Of course. I mean, you were out there from number seven until almost the end...if it wasn't for you, Landon might not have even won tonight."


"Well, I dunno about that, but...thanks Megan."


Cortez goes back to relaxing on the couch, as Megan smiles away to herself while getting on with polishing the ICTV Championship. But her eyes aren't on the belt. They, are on Cortez.


"Don't mention it."

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Intrigue in a bottle. It's odd to see a brand new face stable with the built-in fact that it could blow up at any moment. I hope Martial Law can turn into something special. Well done, Maddix.


Though the sexual tension~ seems to be between you and Rando, not Cortez and Skye... ;)


I kid... kinda.

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Yeah, you had to make it even harder for Rev-0 to stay together by having Sean eliminate Spike, didn't you?:angry:


No, but seriously, nice promo Landon. Very good dynamic going on here.

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