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SWF Breaking Kayfabe 2/15/2005

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It’s no secret that I’m a fan of this Pretzler kid. I’ve been trying to keep up with Ring of Respect since its inception a few years ago, and while some of their athletes leave a lot to be desired – those two Mexican brothers and their little buddy who can’t sell without convulsing come to mind – I think it’s a fabulous little promotion. I try to go out and see their shows whenever I get a free night.


It’s also a pleasure to see him traveling with Toxxic, who’s certain to instill good habits in the youngster (and not just by keeping him from developing bad ones). Toxxic did have a bit of a rough time developing his own good habits, though.


The problem, really, is that as a pure rookie he fell in with the SWF’s commonwealth of Dace Night and Aecas. It made sense, really. Not only did they share roots and thus have a lot in common, but they also really understood each other. I mean that literally – the accents made it nearly impossible for anyone to understand them but each other.


But I digress.


Problem was, where Dace was an anal-retentive nerd, Aecas was a bit of a ribber. Naturally, Toxxic ended up closer to Dace on the scale, but not without taking his lumps. Whenever they shared a hotel room, Toxxic would always end up sleeping in the bathtub. Veterans’ rights, they said. I’m sure Dace was able to leave him alone, but darn it, Aecas would always end up ‘sleepwalking’ and turning on the water. It would just be a slow trickle, but the towels lining the tub to give Toxxic something to sleep on stopped up the drain pretty reliably, so by the time Toxxic woke up he’d be soaked and shivering. Just stuff like that.


The best, though, was the time that Aecas managed to slip something into Toxxic’s water. As some of you may know, Toxx’s straight-edge attitude isn’t just a persona. He holds to it very closely, even on the road… which made it all the more difficult to deal with when Aecas slipped him an Ambien pill somehow. I’ll never figure it out. Toxxic, not being used to the stuff, was out like a light.


Well, by the time he woke up, he was late for the show. Aecas woke him up, frantic, trying to get him to the arena in time to work his match. Toxxic came through, wondering why everyone was snickering at him, but he was still in too much of a haze to figure out what was going on.


Damn if Aecas hadn’t somehow managed, while he was passed out, to get him dressed in a fuzzy ferret suit.


I’m not quite sure I understood it then, but, well, let’s just say that if some of the things they say about Aecas are true, I hope he was able to keep a handle on himself after he dressed Toxxic up.

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You call that hazing? Back in my day, I beat the living hell out of Ced Ordonez with a tire iron because he stepped in front of the TV while I was watching The Price Is Right. I have no idea whether that woman got $10,000 or $100 on the Plinko board!


Ah, memories...

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Toxx, your memory is so short... I mentioned you at least once in my "Breaking Kayfabes".

You're right, my memory IS short. I don't remember that at all. Sorry, er... who are you again?













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Guest Aecas

Genius Tom :headbang:


Ach I do miss this place *wipes away a few tears of nostalgia*


But made it into breaking kayfabe which is a plus in itself ;)

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