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Favorite Old Man Flair Moment . . .

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Guest Pariah

I love that promo


'Did I, DID I... Wooooooooo... Did I hear Vince McMahon say he was going to hold W... C... W in the palm of his hands?'




I got bored so here's a transcript




Schiavone: Listen to that would you!!!

Hudson: THAT can only mean one thing!

Schiavone: Who means more to WCW? Who means WCW anymore than the man you're watching take that long walk, here on Monday Nitro? It is 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair

Hudson: Who represented World Championship Wrestling above all others? Whose face was identified with WCW more than any other? The man stepping into the ring, the fourteen time World Heavyweight Champion, the one and only, 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair

Schiavone: What are his opinons of the statements from Mr. McMahon earlier, maybe we're going to find out right now

Hudson: What's going through his mind?

Schiavone: You know Scott for so long we talked about new ownership of WCW... We never thought this, would happen.

Hudson: Neither did he


Flair: 'Did I, DID I... Wooooooooo... Did I happen to hear Vince McMahon say he was going to hold W... C... W in the palms of his hands? IS THAT WHAT HE SAID? Does that mean, that you are gonna hold... Jack Briscoe, Dory Funk, Harley Race, The Road Warriors, Sting, Luger, The Steiners... Bagwell... Ric Flair, Steamboat... Does that mean, you're going to hold us all... In the palm of your hands? ... To coin a phrase... I don't think so!'


'You know, at twelve o'clock today, someone very special to me, don't go out onto that show tonight knowing its the last time that you'll ever be on TNT or TBS, knowing its the last time, she said to me, don't go out there and cry, don't go out there and say you're sorry BECAUSE I'M NOT! I've been FOUR-TEEN TIMES, the World Champion, in my eyes for the greatest *points to the crowd* YOU GOT IT! The greatest wrestling organisation in the world. WCW. We, and I'm talking about the Stings, the Lugers, the Steiners, the Road Warriors, I'm talking about my best friend, Arn Anderson and the Four Horsemen *Holds up Horsemen hand sign* ... We have been on a par and we have been equal to any wrestling organisation in the world, as a matter of fact we have run neck and neck with you Vince McMahon for years, FOR YEARS, and just for trivia Vince McMahon, did you know that in 1981, when you were trying to become an announcer, your dad was on the board of directors and voted for me.. To be... The World Champion! Woooooooo'


*Flair runs into the ropes*


'How about that? And ever since that day, I have been *Starts to take jacket off* ... A limousine-ridin', jet-flyin', kiss-stealin', wheelin'-dealin', son-of-a-gun, that along with the whole WCW dammit all, have kissed the girls worldwide... And made 'em cry.'


*Crowd pan*


'Because you see... We were every bit the force, we were WCW, we lived, we breathed, we sweat, we paid the price to be the best. Its never been about the boys...


*DVD cuts*


'... In the office, the boys that have gone out there, night in and night out, doing everything they could to be the very best at what they chose to do with their life, those boys are here tonight! WE ARE! We're not going anywhere, you can't hold us in your hands! And predict our life, we're WCW, we've bled and we've sweat; when was the last time, you wrestled for an hour, cut yourself five times, bled for forty-five minutes, WHEN... WERE... YOU... THERE?!? You weren't! You weren't! You were never in the dressing-room, on the road, forty days and forty nights, bleeding, sweating, going to the next town. You can't hold.. People's lives in your hand. We're the greatest wrestling company of all time, I want to say it again, you can't control us or our future.'


'And in closing, let me say this. In all my years in this sport, my greatest opponent with this company has been, Sting. So tonight, if we're going out, if we're going out on a high note, Stinger! The Nature Boy wants you right here because *Crowd cheers* That's right, that's right'


Schiavone: Oh my gosh! He wants Sting in the ring


Flair: 'You hear it Sting? Sting, my greatest opponent, Sting, it's your last chance, your last chance... To be... *Crowd chants for Sting* STING! STING! STING! STING! STING! STING! STING! ... To be the man, you gotta beat the man... And Sting, I'M... THE... MAN!!! Woooooooooooo'

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Guest Professor X

Paraphrasing from under the black resistol hat,

Jim Ross interviews Ric Flair


".....People who live in glass houses shouldnt throw rocks. And Lex Lugar when you stand on top of a financial empire you control the female population of the world....Right girls!?!?!?!?!?! And everyday you got to be the best or you dont stay on top. And Lugar when it's all said and done you're gona ask yourself "What caused all of this?" And i'm gonna say...Ric...Flair...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!



Anybody got the exact transcript?


By gawd!!!! Slick Rick is the best!

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Guest Stunt Granny

The Naitch's Elbow from Wrestlemania 20.


Fuck Benoit winning the title, that was THE Wrestlemania moment from the night.

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Guest Eric the Eagle

Flair standing in front of an open door (where we assume Luger is), sometime during the New Blood era ranting like a madman, before finishing it with WOOOO!!! PACKAGE!!!!


I never laughed so hard in my life.




Except, perhaps, during this:


WWE, sometime while they were till pushing Jeff Hardy as a huge up-and-coming star, Flair and Hogan are backstage putting over Jff, and Hogan mentions the boy's got him fired up - he might try a Swanton during his match!


And Flair takes off with it with a passion, putting himself in JR's place.


Paraphrased from memory:


"BAH GAWD, King, what is Hogan doing? He's... he's going up! He's going up! He's... It's... it's... It's the Swanton! The Swanton bomb! It's THE WORST SWANTON IN LIVING MEMORY! HE'S MISSED THE BACKFLIP AND LANDED STRAIGHT ON HIS ASS!!!"

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Flair was gold in the musical chairs segment. While it was treated like a joke since the beginning of the segment, Flair gets all serious after 2 or 3 turns and had thrown his jacket off. He also began strutting behind Stacy only to push her, and went hysterical because he strutted when the music went off immediately after the last elimination.



And, whether it was sarcasm or not, mentionning Bagwell among all the legends of the NWA and WCW during the final Nitro was crazy too.

maybe he mentioned bagwell cuz he was a prt of flairs "magnificent seven" stable in wcw at the time?

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Bagwell was also employed in WCW from 1991-2001.


WCW officially began recognizing its own titles and own company as "WCW" in 1991.


So he was there for (almost) it all.


Sting was the only wrestler with a longer WCW tenue than Bagwell, if I'm not mistaken.

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I hold this thread up in the face of everyone who ever said that Flair should retire. God bless that crazy old man, and god bless Vince for keeping him employed.

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Guest Mr. Adam

Check out the build up for WMXIX for HHH - Booker. I think it's where H says something along the lines of "Book, you championshipped that place to the ground" , Flair does the best over the top laugh I've ever seen. Everytime I see it I just piss myself laughing at it.

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