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The Youtube Thread

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Anything cool you find on YouTube post it on here, to download a match/segment/whatever from YouTube load up this website




Then you c+p the URL into the box and then download it, you will need a .flv player to play these files, fuck rapidshare, this works great

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Videos work but search is still broke.


I uploaded this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RUPfo1q1c0


Eddie's heel turn against Chyna.


Just how fucking awesome was Eddie as a heel. No wonder Orton hated the guy so much. I didn't even like Chyna and Eddie was one of my favorite wrestlers, but when I saw that on TV, even I felt like kicking his ass for doing that to her. :)

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Cage Match: Homicide & B-Boy vs Teddy Hart & Jack Evans


Nice little surprise run-in...


Kurt Angle in ECW



Tajiri vs Psicosis


One of the best ECW matches ever...


Rick Rude on Nitro



Wargames 92



Nick Dinsmore vs Machine



Terry Funk vs Eddie Guerrero



Jericho, Gedo, Jushin Liger, & Juventud Guerrera vs Lance Storm, Rey Misterio Jr, Ultimo Dragon & Yuji Yasuraoka



Hunter vs. Taka


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While tyhis was a great match and all it seems kind of incomplete without the opening promo by Savage. With the Twilight Zone theme playing he went on about "Being east of Saturn, west of London England, south of Mars and North of Hell". Dude was TRIPPIN!

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