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SWF Wrestler of the Month - June 2006

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Here they are - sorry they're a bit (a bit?) late but I haven't had much online time as I've been working two jobs.


Remember that these rankings only take into account matches up to June 30th, and listed champions are also accurate as of June 30th.




WINNER: Michael Stephens


RUNNERS-UP: Aecas, Jimmy the Doom


JUNE RANKINGS (last month's rank in parentheses)


#1. Aecas - SWF International Champion (3)

#2. Michael Stephens - SWF World Heavyweight Champion (11)

#3. Jimmy the Doom - SWF Hardcore Champion (5)

#4. Bruce Blank (8)

#5. Tom Flesher - SWF Tag Team Champion (16)

#6. Charlie Matthews - SWF Tag Team Champion (21)

#7. Akira Kaibatsu (14)

#8. Zyon (1)

#9. Wildchild (6)

#10. Doomstroyer (9)

#11. Austin Sly (20)

#12. Amy Stephens (15)

#13. JJ Johnson (2)

#14. Sean Davis (22)

#15. Mike Van Siclen (NR)

#16. Mike Cross - SWF Cruiserweight Champion (NR)

#17. Ghost Machine 3.0 (NR)

#18. Kerry Staunton (NR)

#19. Va'aiga (NR)

#20. Scott Rageheart (NR)

#21. Landon Maddix (7)

#22. Bloodshed (13)

#23. Ced Ordonez (NR)

#24. Martin Hunt (NR)

#25. Johnny Jax (NR)

#26. Scotty Static (NR)

#27. Spike Jenkins (12)

#28. Matt Myers (NR)

#29. Grendel (4)

#30. Manson (18)

#31. Insane Luchador (19)

#32. Stryke (25)


REMOVED: Jay Hawke (10), Wayne Blank (17), David Cross (23), Arch Griffon (24)

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Toxx - the Wrestler of the Month award takes into account only your matches from the last month. The actual rankings take into account the last TWO months worth (though it is weighted, two thirds of your score comes from last month and one third from the month before).


So the Wrestler of the Month is not necessarily always #1 in the rankings, but usually is close.

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If it means I don't get Wrestler of the Month AND First Place, I decry it as needlessly complicated.

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it was in the last monthly thread too, possibly the one for April - should be easy to find and link

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