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Predictions for 2008

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taken the idea from spman, here are some random predictions I have for WWE (A TNA predictions for 2008 coming in the next day or 2)


Smackdown and ECW will officially become 1 single roster, and in turn the ECW Title will become a 2nd tier title below the US Title

I see WWE officially pulling from OVW and sending the guys signed to development deals down to FCW

Highlanders, Super Crazy, Kenny Dykstra, Eljiah Burke and many development guys will be given their pink slips

Talents I see being elevated: CM Punk, Miz, Morrison, MVP

Talents I see Losing steam: Kennedy, London and Kendrick, Ashley

I still see Carlito out of WWE, I'd say around July

WWE will sign former TNA Talents Chris Harris, James Storm, Christopher Daniels and LAX after a mass exodus of talent occurs in TNA (more on that in the TNA Prediction thread)

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Either one of Matt or Jeff will win a world title in 2008.


A member of the roster dies


Flair returns towards the end of the year and becomes a manager


Delirious gets signed


Big Show returns.





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Guest Shylock

Why would WWE release a talented guy and two younger guys with a lot of potential (Crazy, Dykstra and Burke) and sign three of the most boring wrestlers in TNA (Harris, Storm and Daniels)?


Anyways, I see Benjamin maybe getting a run with the ECW title. MVP winning or being placed in a world title program by the end of the year. I see both Hardys' stock as singles wrestlers rising significantly by the end of the year.

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I'm gonna post mine in a bit, but take a stroll down memory lane:


Predictions for 2007:




Some more former and current WWE employees will die by unnatural means and everybody will look the other way when WWE exploits every single death on tv.


New Governmental steroid investigation starts up in the WWE, after a government agent accidently clicks the channel onto WWE and notices how big Bob Lashley and Batista really are.


Gotta admit, those two stand out, albeit not for the reasons that were predicted. Who knew, Benoit eh?

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Despite increased scrutiny, WWE talent will continue to fail drug tests but none of them will be named Triple H, Batista, John Cena or Undertaker. The congressional hearings will occur and a handful of WWE names are requested to appear, amongst those are, Vincent McMahon, John Cena, Mick Foley, Edge, Mysterio (in a mask, which the media will ridicule), Ric Flair and Chavo Guerrero Jr. Various names will appear against WWE and the business with an ax to grind. Nothing of true significance occurs from this other then Congress making a stern warning that Pro Wrestling needs to have a more strictly regulated drug testing system.


The hearings, which would occur just before Wrestle Mania 24, will have little to no damage to the success of the show.


WWE will see another injury plagued year with at least 2 to 4 top names being affected, top candidates would be Edge, Mysterio, Kennedy and Kane. However, John Cena will return in the mid summer with tremendous success and Summer Slam amasses a profitable performance when Cena makes his long awaited return match.


Increased efforts to keep international markets on the rise will see even more chaotic tours leading to more injuries, burn out and lackluster product but profits emerge as always, thus justifying it.


In yet more efforts to remain on the mainstream, WWE will set up more celebrity angles, including a Hollywood relationship with Paris Hilton or someone of her ilk and whichever heel WWE feels warrants that spot and a match for PPV is built with that personality in the corner of that said heel against whichever face he is feuding with at the time and a face diva of his own (Kelly/Maria/Mickie). The celebrity diva will turn on the heel and walk out with the faces to ensure a favorable reaction.


Mr. Kennedy will once again shove his foot into his mouth.


Many talents (Haas, High Landers, Snitsky, Thorn, Moore, Boogeyman, Knox) will be released just after Wrestle Mania but replaced with talents of equal measure to keep the balance in store. Steven Richards will retire full-time to focus on his office duties. Bob Holly will slip into a role as producer at the later part of the year. Shawn Michaels will take an even more limited schedule to focus on his church obligations and to nurse festering injuries. Matt Striker completely leaves the ring action to become the first exclusive manager in WWE in years and moves from the big black freaks to a legitimate main event manager of champions’ ala Cornette. WWE hires independent wrestling standouts, Chris Hero and Delirious to a development contract.


There won't be a mass exodus from TNA but WWE will pick up the services of LAX to bolster their efforts on the Hispanic demographic. The Dudley Boys will get their wishes of returning to WWE but the reunion is short lived. Not a single meaningful name will leave WWE for TNA. Paul London will request his release to return to the independents with the agreement that he'll not appear in TNA.


The top talent to emerge from FCW/OVW will be Colt Cabana but not as the best friend of CM Punk as many hope/expect. Paul Burchil will finally get called back up in the summer but with little fanfare.


RVD and WWE have many talks throughout the year with each sides differing on opinions but after another crucial injury loss, WWE agrees to give in and sign RVD by the fall. He'll get a push out of the gate but the momentum will deteriorate somehow.


Jim Ross will have another battle with health issues that forces WWE to get serious about a permanent replacement.


Triple H will turn full fledged heel once again around early summer when some guy named John Cena is ready to return.


MVP and CM Punk will be main event level acts for Smackdown but in reversed roles of a Heel Punk and Face MVP. Jeff Hardy will be a world champion. Matt Hardy will win his triumphant blow-off and US title over MVP at WM only to lose the title the next week on Smackdown to John Morrison.


Tag Team Wrestling will enjoy a brief resurgence in the summer but by winter will be a distant memory. Deuce and Domino, will get repackaged. Along those lines, cruiserweights will get their annual few weeks of shine before going back to squash fodder.


Gregory Helms will return as The Hurricane, in an effort to bolster sales. Teddy Hart is given another chance and he gets fired again shortly after.

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Most of what's left of the ECW roster will be let go, with just Burke and CM Punk still around.

ECW will become a "Velocity" type of show, or be canceled outright.

Jeff Hardy will have a short "thank you for your contributions" World title run

Matt Hardy will finally win the big blow-off against MVP, only to drop the title after less than a month.

John Cena will return at Summerslam to insane fanfare, only to go right back to where he was before he left. Loved by the women and children, hated by others who can see right through him.

Paul Birchill will get called-up, but really not amount to much.

WWE attempts to sign LAX

WWE and RVD finally agree to terms on a return

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John Cena WILL NOT become WWE Champion this year

WWE will sign a good chunk of TNA talent (Daniels, Senshi, etc)

Kane becomes World Champion

John Morrison & Shawn Michaels will have an epic fued with Old Sexy boy and New Sexy Boy

CM Punk will be Smackdown Bound

Elijah Burke WILL be ECW Champion

Shelton Benjamon will be BIG

This will be a Jeff Hardy Year...

Matt Hardy will be pushed into the heavens

MVP will also have a defining year

Randy wil win the belt maybe twice more this year

Batista will strive on Smackdown for so long that he is sent to Raw

HHH will deliver 300% more one liners

Mr. Kennedy will grow (I hope)

Candice Michelle will be bigger than Trish

The Miz will be Intercontinental Champion

Edge will flourish this year

Jamie Noble goes undefeated

Chris Jericho is pushed for a rumble victory in 2009

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A wrestler will lose their heat to a non-wrestler...


Somebody will win the World Championship, get injured...


Vince McMahon will appear on TV a lot...


Teddy Hart offered another developmental contract...


The World Tag Team Champions will be squashed in a 2-on-1 scenario...


Teddy Hart released from his developmental contract...


Marty Jannetty will make a single appearance on RAW...


Randy Orton will get suspended...


Something about puppies...



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I'll just paste mine from the previous thread, plus one more that I'll add


Triple H will injure himself again, this time for good, and will be forced into retirement


John Cena will come back, half the size he was prior to his injury, but will be more popular then ever, and will win the belt from Triple H and go on to hold it for the rest of the year


Bobby Lashley will return, also half the size he was prior, and will get a huge push as the biggest heel on Smackdown


Under pressure for steroid use WWE will stop pushing obvious juicers like Batista and Snitsky, while guys like Finlay, Rey Mysterio, The Hardys, MVP, and Carlito will all get significant pushes in the main event.


Carlito will finally get a serious heel push, and will main event against Cena and / or Triple H


Umaga will get released and / or repackaged with a returning Rosey


Khali will finally vanish for good after jobbing to Jeff Hardy


CM Punk will continue to flounder and will never reach his full potential before getting his release before the end of the year


WWE will see many new faces as undercard talent begin to make a mass exodus from TNA. At least 50% of the ECW roster will be comprised of former TNA wrestlers by July.


We will finally see WWE bring in Macho Man for an appearence or storyline


Ken Kennedy will continue to be lackluster, but will get a long run with the Intercontinental Title.


Jericho's big return will fizzle out, he'll get lost in the mid-card shuffle after Wrestlemania, but back a resurgence over the summer after he turns heel.


Wrestlers whose stock will rise in 2008: Jeff Hardy, MVP, Carlito, Santino Marella


Wrestlers whose stock will drop in 2008: Batista, CM Punk, Ken Kennedy, Edge


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I think MVP will be in a dangerous spot come the draft because I think the annual restocking of the jobbed out Raw heel roster will have him moving over to Raw. Now MVP has some political allies in Batista (who has said he's like to take him under his wing - lol) and JBL is really high on the kid as well, but Cena and HHH need victims.


CM Punk could luck out come draft time in that he's a face, meaning Raw won't have as much use for him. I could see him drafted to SD! and promptly heeling to restock their depleted upper card heel roster. There is a rumor that HHH was itching to go heel though so hold your breath come draft day.


Santino Marella will be moved to SD! and will be pushed as a legit upper card threat.


No way in hell Kenny Dykstra or Elijah Burke will be fired - both kids are great young talents, Kenny is future World Champion material.


Wrestlers I could see fired - Snitsky (Vince realizes nobody gives a shit), Highlanders (never caught on), Charlie Haas(nothing going for him), Cherry and Domino (Deuce will be kept and repackaged as Snuka's kid), Khali(running out of things for him), Balls Mahoney, Kevin Thorn, Mke Knox, Boogeyman(brought back after Booker pushed for it).


This will be Undertakers last year wrestling, he'll retire at next years WM. HHH will miss significant time due to injury.


Paul London and Spanky will be split up, with the possibility Spanky is released at his request when he gets the Janetty treatment.






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Under pressure for steroid use WWE will stop pushing obvious juicers like Batista and Snitsky, while guys like ... Rey Mysterio, The Hardys, ... will all get significant pushes in the main event.


I love the irony of this statement.

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I pointed that out as well but he tried to cover it by saying Rey would get pushed because he's mexican (ignoring Rey's well documented history with 'roids) and Jeff would get a push because he has a drug history and Eddie got pushed on the same merit as a feel good comeback story. Even though Eddie was never clean despite what they tried to say but he never defended his stance there as well.

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Sunny will return.

Nattie Neidhart will get called up.

Jeff Hardy won't win the title.

Jillian Hall will win the women's title (she's a better heel than Beth and her gimmick is taking off)

Edge will reveal he was after Vickie for the power that came along with it, rather than out of love.

CM Punk will get moved to Raw.

Morrison will get the ECW title.

Khali will leave the company.


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Rey Mysterio or Chavo wil die, more than likely Chavo will commit suicide. Not trying to be mean, just going with the odds.


Hornswoggle will turn heel, and him and Vince will do a ode to Doctor Evil and Mini Me. It will be the best thing ever in the beginning, until it leads to a Handicap match putting Mcmahon, Horny, and Khali vs Hogan, Steph and Shane Mcmahon. Then it will be lame as hell, but Mcmahon and Hornswoggle will still have hilarious moments involving Coach and Regal.


Jeff Hardy will win the MITB, and despite being the most over face on the roster, he'll be the 1st guy who loses with the MITB stip.


Matt Hardy will beat MVP AT MANIA, and they'll probably trade the title twice, afterwards MVP is shipped to Raw, the inital reason is they want to build to a Cena/MVP mania 25 main event, that would in theory be a brilliant idea, but after some political manuevering, and extreme underminding of the MVP character, they will rush the feud with Cena and have them fight for the wwe title at some thro away ppv, which MVP will lose. MVP will be blamed for the bad buyrate. He'll than do the mandatory HBK job, the feud will be built on MVP idolizing HBK (Ignoring the fact that he was a Benoit and Puro mark) since he was a youngster, but now he realises that he's better than Micheals. He'll lose to Michaels a lot of times, before getting a victory over HBK after shooting him with AK, only to have Michaels still knock him out with the SCM after the match. On top of all this, Triple H will find away to sneak a one liner about MVP doing prison time.


They'll try to rebuild MVP after destroying him, he'll be a great face around 2010.


CM Punk will be put on Smackdown and given the Matt Hardy "15-20 minute match a week" gig, he'll enjoy it.


Edge will continue to be Awesome.


Jericho will spend 2008 feuding with Umaga and Kennedy, He'll get rematch with Orton somwhere down the line but he'll lose clean.


Batista will feud with Orton until Cena comes back.


Triple H will feud with JBl for a while, and probably be the champ at the time.


Y2J and Triple H will have a subtle shoot moment on the Highlight reel or back stage, but they'll end up teaming together.


Eric Bischoff will get his annual ass kicking in a "everybody point and laugh at WCW" segment.


Umaga will either have a poor face run, or he'll go to Smackdown and feud with Undertaker which will produce some MOTYC caliber encounters.


Hogan will bodyslam Khali, and probably job to big Dave.


HBK and Vince will have a falling out, resulting in Shawn leaving for a while.


A moron (like Booker, Angle, or Christian) will leave WWE because of Wellness issues, contract dispute, or just for Shock value and thinking they're worth more than they really are will jump to TNA, be pushed huge for the sake of "being pushed huge" and will ultimately do nothing for TNA. My Candidates are RVD, Randy Orton, John Morrison, and I wouldn't be shocked if it was HBK. HBK would probaly ironically use the "The Company was getting to raunchy for my Christian beliefs" line. Totally ignoring the fact that he blasted Bret Hart for saying the exact same thing, minus the Christian Beliefs part.


Chris Hero will get a development deal, but will sonn be released after somebody comes to the conclusion that he doesn't have the right look. He'll never make the main roster.


Somebody in the Indies or TNA that nobody particulary cares about (like a Antonio Banks) will get a development deal, he won't even be noticed in OVW or FCW, but he'll some how make it to the main roster on Smackdown and get over huge (like MVP). Only to be sent to Raw and get buried. My Candidates are Tank Toland, Silas Young, or Adam Pearce.


Undertaker will take time off for a few months, while Mark Henry gets built as a threat again, only for Undertaker can comeback and destroy him like he did in 2006 and 2007.


Cade will get pushed, Murdoch will be used in a Val Venis or Stevie role, after losing a feud with Cade.



The ECW title will be unified with the World title (Taker as WHC vs BDV as ECW Champion) and the ECW brand will be defunct. Sci Fi will get a Velocity type show.


The Annual "JR's southern accent, and droopy face, needs to be replaced with a Good looking New York guy' firing will happen. Stonecold, Foley, and the fans will whine until JR is re-hired for the millionth time, and the fans will welcome him back with open arms. Only to bash Jr for calling the whisper in the wind, the twist of fate, and then sending E mails to WWE saying "Jr's southern accent, droopy face, and constantly calling the moves wrong. Needs to be fired and replaced with Dave Prazak".


Festus will turn on Jesse (Which will result in Jesse being repackaged and then released), and go on to feud with Taker in some pretty good matches for the World title. Festus will also make Kane his bitch.



Kane will be in the same spot he's in now, but he will get a Brother of Destruction tag match every now and then.


Vickie will be released, assuming Chavo dies or not. If he dies than they'll keep her around.


Hopefully Morrison will get over huge.

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I'm just going to laugh like a madman at the idea of Shawn Michaels of going to TNA.


Hunter gets his belt back at WM, and will probably do a slow heel turn so he can do one more feud with Shawn, which will end with Hunter winning the final match of the feud, but Shawn laying Hunter out anyway with SCM. I don't think Cena gets the belt back till WM in 2009, where he'll beat Hunter for it.


Where is Batista in all this? Either six-feet under or on the sidelines with yet another muscle tear.


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I'm just going to laugh like a madman at the idea of Shawn Michaels of going to TNA.

Hunter gets his belt back at WM, and will probably do a slow heel turn so he can do one more feud with Shawn, which will end with Hunter winning the final match of the feud, but Shawn laying Hunter out anyway with SCM. I don't think Cena gets the belt back till WM in 2009, where he'll beat Hunter for it.


Where is Batista in all this? Either six-feet under or on the sidelines with yet another muscle tear.


I can dream, can't I?


I got 2 scenarios for Batista in all this, they both involve Cena.


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Batista will turn on Cena and it will lead to one of the best storylines and Wrestlemania main event matches ever.


Not a huge fan of either of these guys, but since they've yet to have their first major encounter, I'd really like to see this happen.


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Jillian Hall will win the women's title (she's a better heel than Beth and her gimmick is taking off)


I hope so. I love Jillian. I swear, she got more heel heat at the Raw XV show than anybody else (I was there). Sure, it may be "SHUT THE FUCK UP" heat, but in a day when nobody really cares about women's wrestling its good to hear.

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Batista will jump to Raw and wrestle Orton at WrestleMania this year. I just can't see them going with Orton-HHH because it isn't even relatively fresh. Or I can see them doing a three way with Orton-HHH-Batista. Batista will go over and fued with Orton for a bit. I can see the title changing hands between those three for the remainder of the year.


On SmackDown, Undertaker will win the title at WrestleMania and fued with Edge, MVP and Lashley.


Jericho will heel again to put over Jeff Hardy, Michaels and Triple H.


Jeff Hardy will jump to Smackdown before the end of the year and become the number one babyface on that brand. They will build to Jeff winning the title at next year's WrestleMania from either Rey or MVP.


Speaking of Rey, he will continue to put over the up and coming guys and wrestle in the midcard.


RVD will return to WWECW and fued with Punk, Shelton and John Morrison. WWECW will also bring in Colt Cabana for a decent push.


Matt will win the US Title at WrestleMania and recieve a long reign. He will fued with Edge after MVP.


WWE will sign Ron Killings.

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Since what happened this year couldn't be predicted, let's be outrageous:


HHH or the Undertaker will die in the ring from a heart attack.

Chris Jericho quits after winning the IC belt for the 10th time.

Shelton signs with TNA.

The WWE cuts back to 12 PPV's a year.

Eric Bischoff becomes a TV character once again.

Kevin Nash comes back to the WWE.

Randy Orton commits suicide.

Cody Rhodes wins the US belt.

Santino Marella gets fired.

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I wasnt saying Kenny and Burke are not talented, I'm just saying WWE doesnt do too much with them hence why I think they may get released next year at some point

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Burke just needs to change shows or do something else. Kenny is a problem however since he may never erase the stigma of being in the Spirit Squad. He really should have been yanked from TV for 6 months and then repackaged.


I think UT wins the belt at WM from Edge, continues that feud for a while and then MVP will challenge for the world title once he jobs the US to Matt.

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Team 3d and Billy Gunn will be the only TNA guys that come to the WWE.


Brian Kendrick and Paul London leave WWE and go back to ROH.


Jeff Hardy will be in line for a title but screw up again and fail a drug test


ECW will be canceled after Punk goes to Raw.


Snitsky wins the ECW title and the ratings go to 0.5.


Guys that will be fired: Charlie Hass, Domino, Balls Mahoney, Kevin Thorn, Highlanders, and Nunzio(he will get a agent deal.)


Vince goes to congress but nothing really happens but a warning. WWE never runs a show in Georgia again. More states try to regulate wrestling but it fails.


John Cena will turn heel at Survivor Series leading to 2008 Lashley/Cena Feud.


Batista retires after getting injured again.


Chris Jericho, Ashley and Harry Smith all leave WWE for TNA.

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Here's two I like:


Bobby Lashley makes his return at the Rumble as a heel on ECW and sides with Mark Henry, Big Daddy V, thus reforming the Nation of Domination, which gets "damn"ed by Ron Simmons for good measure just because.


WM 24 is a huge distaster when it rains throughout the whole night and several wrestlers get injured, including HHH who tears another quad in the Main Event but manages to finish the match and win the title anyway. Flair wins at WM vs whoever he faces, only to lose on RAW the next night. MVP wins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Edge defeats the Undertaker to end Taker's streak.







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The Congressional hearings will direct harsh rhetoric at the wrestling industry with no substantive change. Media attention will focus instead on steroids/HGH in mainstream and Olympic sports.


The CW network will fold but Friday Night Smackdown will be picked up by NBC for the fall.


The brand extension as we know it now will still exist in name only. The Smackdown/ECW talent sharing agreement will be extended to Raw, allowing tribrand crossovers on all shows. ECW television will be quietly cancelled at the end of 2008.


After the failure of American Gladiators (2.0), Hulk Hogan will rejoin WWE on Vince McMahon's terms.


Ric Flair will be retired as a wrestler by Reid Flair. Ric Flair will become on-air GM of Raw.


JBL's wrestling comeback will be shortlived, he'll take Jerry Lawler's place as Raw color commentator.


Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, Ashley, The Great Khali, D.H. Smith, Jeff Hardy and Mr. Kennedy will be released among others. Shawn Michaels and Kane will retire. Triple H will become less active as a wrestler.


Preliminary plans will be drawn up for a new two brand structure, one brand based on the U.S. east coast that would promote extensively in Europe, Africa & the Middle East, the other brand based on the U.S. west coast that would tour extensively in east Asia, Australia and Latin America.


The Dudley Boyz (under that name) and LAX (under a different one) will join WWE. Low Ki will appear in WWE and disappear just as fast.


Kelly Kelly will pose for Playboy and win the Women's title, in that order.


Matt Hardy will beat MVP for the U.S. title but lose the belt to new heel Smackdown wrestler Chris Jericho.


A new multibrand championship will be created in the fall. MVP will be the first such champion and be feuded against challenger John Cena.


The current WWE & Intercontinental championships will be merged into a Raw-brand only title. The current World & United States championships will be merged into a Smackdown-brand only title.


A new version of Tuesday Night Titans will be offered as a WWE.com exclusive, to be hosted by Michael Cole and Santino Marella.


A WWE kids' cartoon show will be produced to air primarily outside the United States.


Vince McMahon will give up day-to-day operational control of WWE, in favor of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Vince will still keep authority for the most major decisions though in his own hands.

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Atleast 1 big current or recent major WWE star will pass away, due to a massive heart attack or possibly a car wreck.


Jeff Hardy will get a huge push, all the way to the title but will fail a drug test and get suspended. As punishment he will be back to mid-card status.


Matt Hardy will beat MVP for the US title, but will drift almost aimlessly until being drafted to RAW and vacating the title.


Candice Michelle will return and regain the women's title, then feud with a newly heel-turned Mickie James.


Maria will surprise everyone and pose for Playboy (maybe this one's wishful thinking? lol)


Santino Marella will be drafted to Smackdown and become an upper mid-card star.


Ron Killings will return to WWE and wrestle on the ECW or Smackdown roster.

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