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Fabulous lineup this month. 14 videos in all. Hopefully, they match that in two weeks and don't make us settle for six. But this is definitely their best effort ever. Styles is hooking us up.


According to WWE Fan Nation they said a week ago that they were doubling the amount of content being offered on 24/7 Online so I guess maybe 14 more or at least equal amount of videos to total the first 14?


Regardless I absolutely love what they have this month. I will go out on a limb and say this might be the best thing WWE has ever offered that I can remember for less than $5 a month.

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For the non-subscribers . . . and subscribers too lazy to scan the Coliseu . . . I mean the online specials


History of the IC Title Part XIII

IC Title - Bret Hart vs Rick Martel - PrimeTime Wrestling 7/20/92 . . . but using the JR/Savage/Heenan Bashed in the USA feed

IC Title - Ladder - Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels - 7/21/92 from Smack Em Whack Em (not sure if this was aired on PTW)

IC Title - Bret Hart vs British Bulldog - SummerSlam 1992


Wrestling's Hot-Beds: California

Andre the Giant vs Big John Studd - MLG aired on PTW 10/1/85

ECW Title - John Morrison vs CM Punk - SummerSlam 07

British Bulldogs / Koko B Ware vs Islanders / Bobby Heenan - WMIV

Women's Title - Mickie James vs Melina - RAW 2/19/07

WCW Championship - Cage - Hulk Hogan vs Vader - BATB 95


Wrestling's Declaration of Independence

IC Title - Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jannetty - RAW 7/19/93

WWWF Tag Titles - Yukon Lumberjacks vs Chief Jay Strongbow / Peter Maivia - MSG 10/23/78

Taipei Death Match - Axl Rotten vs Ian Rotten - ECW Hardcore Heaven 7/1/95

WWF Championship - Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan - WMV

Robert Gibson vs Richard Morton - GAB91

IC Title - Ladder - Christian vs Edge - No Mercy 2001


I'm assuming all these matches are complete.

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Only one match from the Wrestling Hot Beds special actually took place in the hot bed.


It took me two minutes to realize the WMIV six man is there because Bobby Heenan was billed as being from Beverly Hills, and I don't think he ever visited there aside from one TV shoot that may or may not have aired.

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I absolutely loved how on the 2nd ep of Challenge, Volkoff is singing the Russian national anthem (w/ partners Iron Sheik and Hercules) when The Caissons Go Rolling Along blared throughout the arena signaling the arrival of CORPORAL KIRSHNER as he led in . . . ummmm ahem . . . Sal Bellomo and Jim Powers. That did not turn out well for them.

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There is something so weird seeing Honky Tonk Man cutting a babyface promo (1st episode of Wrestling Challenge)

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If the video hosted by Matthew Hardy is any indication, on the 15th, the Slaughter/Sheik MSG Bootcamp match will be added as well as Rhodes/Luger from Starrcade 87.


And maybe a 7/4 Prime Time Wrestling ep. They showed a clip of Monsoon/Heenan w/ sparklers.

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I would hope that Summer Skin having it's own sub-section on WWE.com means it won't be cluttering up 24/7 Online this year.


3 months of 5 minute diva clips taking up half the service was brutal.


I'm all for them doing a special like the Independence Day show though.

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I think we're in the clear there (I hope). Judging by the Hardy promo clip, they're airing some bikini contest on the 15th but yeah, having 50% of the vids be divas yacking about how beautiful the beach is was shit.

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I noticed on WWE Fan Nation they added a poll where we can vote on one of the matches for August. It's a SummerSlam theme apparently.


The matches are:


Jake Roberts vs. Hercules - SummerSlam 1988

Hogan & Beefcake vs. Savage & Zeus - SummerSlam 1989

Legion of Doom vs. Money Inc. - SummerSlam 1992

Mankind vs. Steve Austin vs. Triple H - SummerSlam 1999

Batista vs. JBL - SummerSlam 2005

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero - SummerSlam 2007


I for one won't be purchasing the SummerSlam Anthology so I'm hoping for Mankind vs. Austin vs. Triple H since I haven't seen that due to WWF's.


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I'm pulling for the SS89 main event. Don't remember if it was actually a good/great match or not but I'm sure Jesse Ventura's venomous comments against Hogan should make it worth a peek. And yeah, no Anthology for me. I haven't bought a single dvd since I moved last year, mostly because I have nowhere to display any of the cases. Each update has about as much as a dvd or two would offer anyway.

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Mid-month update (15 new videos!):


Raw: Episode 38

November 1, 1993 | Approx. run time: 46 mins.


Survivor Series is getting closer, and representatives of all teams will be on Raw. In the featured match of the evening, Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon faces the most disgusting Superstar to ever grace Raw: Bastion Booger. Plus, a few days before Raw, Tatanka was brutally injured by the hands of Yokozuna and Ludvig Borga. Will there be an update on the Native American's condition?


Bonus Match: Rick Steiner faces Jacques Rougeau from WWE Superstars.


Raw: Episode 39

November 8, 1993 | Approx. run time: 46 mins.


Randy Savage returns to Monday Night Raw with a vengeance. After being manhandled by Crush and Yokozuna, perhaps it wasn't the smartest idea by President Jack Tunney to allow Macho Man to call matches ringside. Considering Crush has a match that evening, it's guaranteed that all hell will break loose on Raw! The Fernwood Resort was never the same after this episode.

Bonus Match: Razor Ramon defends the Intercontinental Championship against Rick Martel.


Wrestling Challenge: Episode 3

September 21, 1986 | Approx. run time: 35 mins.


WWE Universe has thoroughly enjoyed reliving WWE from the '80s, and this episode of Wrestling Challenge brings even more fun! This week, catch a rare match when The Killer Bees take on Terry Gibbs and Jack Foley. Little did anyone know back in 1986 that Jack Foley would become one of the most popular Superstars in WWE: Mick Foley! In other great action, The Hart Foundation challenge The Islanders. Don't miss Wrestling Challenge!

Wrestling Challenge: Episode 4

September 28, 1986 | Approx. run time: 41 mins.


Please welcome Bobby Heenan to Wrestling Challenge. Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon take members of WWE 24/7 Online down the historical path of 1980s wrestling. This week, Koko B. Ware, Paul Orndorff and the British Bulldogs are all in action. Also, the legendary debut of the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion, The Honky Tonk Man, takes place.

J.R.'s Pick of the Month: Dusty Rhodes vs. Barry Windham

July 15, 2008 | Approx. run time: 26 mins.


This month, J.R. chooses the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes facing Barry Windham from The Great American Bash. Hear exclusively from one of SmackDown's newest members as Jim Ross talks about Dusty's rivalry with The Horsemen. Then enjoy this classic encounter from The Great American Bash.


Bonus Features: Exclusive Interview with Jim Ross.


My Favorite Match: Shelton Benjamin

July 15, 2008 | Approx. run time: 25 mins.


Shelton Benjamin sits down with WWE 24/7 Online to discuss his favorite match. Shelton, one of the most talented Superstars in Ladder Matches, said that he studied one of the first Ladder Matches ever. Of course, it's the Ladder Match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon for the Intercontinental Championship from WrestleMania X. Hear an exclusive interview from Shelton Benjamin and then witness this classic Ladder Match for yourself.


Bonus Features: Exclusive Interview with Shelton Benjamin.


Exclusive Diva Shorts Preview

July 15, 2008 | Approx. run time: 17 mins.


Who doesn't love the Divas? Catch an exclusive Diva Shorts preview this month. These Diva Shorts are airing for the first time ever on WWE.com. Every single Diva is represented, and if you enjoy these shorts, then you'll definitely want to head over to WWE Mobile where new Diva Shorts are available every week! These videos will give you an insight from the Divas about their entrance music and what they wear to the ring. WWE Universe is in for a real treat.


Check out more Diva Shorts with WWE Ringside on WWE Mobile.


Great American Bash: Doom vs. Rock-n-Roll Express

July 7, 1990 | Approx. run time: 16 mins.


Re-live this classic tag team match from The Great American Bash. The Rock-n-Roll Express was one of the greatest tag teams of the '80s, and Doom had Ron Simmons as one of their members. Which team will come out on top in this tag team battle?


Great American Bash: Hulk Hogan & Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper & Randy Savage

June 4, 1998 | Approx. run time: 12 mins.


A dream tag team of Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart was thought to be impossible. That was until 1998. Catch this tag team encounter when Hogan and Hart team-up to take on Hall of Famer Roddy Piper and Randy Savage. Which team of legends will walk out of The Great American Bash as the victor?

Primetime Wrestling: 4th of July Special

July 4, 1988 | Approx. run time: 89 mins.


Let the fireworks display continue on WWE 24/7 Online! Pulled from the archives is this classic episode of Primetime Wrestling, not only will you get to relive the antics of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon, but you also get to see one of the very first matches of The Rockers! This is a can't-miss episode of Primetime Wrestling!


MSG: Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik

April 23, 1984 | Approx. run time: 9 mins.


Sgt. Slaughter returned to WWE with his patriotism and made sure all anti-Americans were forewarned. Apparently, Iron Sheik didn't take the message too seriously. Would Americans leave Madison Square Garden happy with a Sgt. Slaughter victory?


Saturday Night Main Event: Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Hercules

April 30, 1988 | Approx. run time: 8 mins.


You can't celebrate America without Hacksaw Jim Duggan! HOOOOOO! WWE Universe has been chanting USA with Hacksaw since the 1980s. Would Hacksaw and his 2x4 be enough to overcome the powerful Hercules? Find out in this Saturday Night's Main Event classic.


WCW Main Event: The Patriot vs. William Regal

March 20, 1994 | Approx. run time: 8 mins.


While The Patriot brought his American pride for a brief period in WWE, he was a very popular Superstar in WCW. Watch this rarely seen match from WCW Main Event as The Patriot takes on William Regal (then known as Steven Regal).

Starrcade: Dusty Rhodes vs. Lex Luger

November 26, 1987 | Approx. run time: 19 mins.


The American Dream Dusty Rhodes battles Lex Luger in this classic battle from Starrcade. Trapped inside the steel cage, both Superstars had their minds set on winning the United States Championship. Only one can represent the title and leave Starrcade the victor.


Great American Bash: MVP vs. Matt Hardy

July 22, 2007 | Approx. run time: 17 mins.


Matt Hardy and MVP began their year-long rivalry at The Great American Bash. MVP was the reigning United States Champion, but Matt Hardy was hungry for singles gold. Already having a non-title victory over MVP, did Matt have enough momentum to win the championship? Find out in this intense championship battle.

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Another fine lineup. It was just over a year ago when we'd be lucky to have 4 new hours for a month. This month has over 16 new hours. No complaints here. And the bonus matches after Raw are a nice touch.


Hopefully w/ Duggan/Hercules, this leads to more SNME matches being added.


Ripped through PTW. Nice plot where Monsoon has all the July 4th decorations and Heenan has nothing. "Heenan called and said he wanted the host's side decorated," professed the floor man. But never fear, as a crew member sets a ladder up behind The Brain just to put up one balloon . . . then leaves the ladder there the rest of the show. Heenan also ends up w/ a 2nd balloon, 2 rolls of ribbon, a nub of tape, and a sparkler.


Also saw Patriot/Regal. Considering Bischoff and Ventura never got along (per Bischoff's book), they made a hell of an announcing team. They had a bet as to who would throw the 1st punch. Patriot did so Bischoff owed Jesse lunch. The clip also opened with a humorous line by Ventura (in delivery only) "Lord Steven from the Tower of Blackpool . . . so he lives in a big tower . . in front of a black pool?"


Caught Rhodes/Windham from GAB88. First time I saw it in 10+ years. Didn't remember how one-sided it was w/ Rhodes squashing Windham until he got the claw in and that was virtually all the heat. Of course Rhodes fought out only to be KOed by Rugged Ronnie Garvin. Also fun to see JJ take an awkward bump from the apron to flat on his ass on the concrete floor w/ an awesome expression of agony and embarassment on his face. Only complaint I had other than the claw being on too long was the fact that Windham took 4 bumps on the concrete which Schiavone noted should take its toll on the champ only for him to casually slam Rhodes just seconds after. Eh well. All in all, a fun match with a little something for everyone.


Nothing too notable on the Raws. Still nice to have the SuperStars feature match from the following weekend after the Raws. After the Ramon/Model IC Title rematch, Martel almost turned face bullying around Wippleman while sporting a 'house of fire' look on his face until his SurSeries team members came out and extinguished the flames.


Surprised to hear Morris Day's "The Bird" not get overdubbed or skipped on Challenge #4. On the other side of the coin, apparently airing the Honky Tonk Man's 1st theme . . . the one he used until the Piledriver album came out is a big no-no.


Flair/Savage from GAB95 was great fun. No one shows the fire while still selling his ass off like Savage, even in his later years.


Watched Piper/Savage vs Hogan/Hart from GAB98. And I'm about to contradict my last statement. The only wrestler that looked like he belonged in 1998 was Hart. The other three just came across like the oldest, stinkiest of farts in appearance compared to Hart. The match wasn't putrid but nothing that should be on anyone's dvd.

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I usually wouldn't bump a thread in which I had the last comment but WWE 24/7 Online posted a preview of sorts for the Aug 1st update . . .


-We will have a two part countdown special exclusively on WWE 24/7 Online. The host is also a surprise. I can't tell you who it is but he has never hosted a special on wwe.com before. Don't try to outhink the answer though, it will be available August 1st.


-Introducing will feature a diva who has had more dominance at SummerSlam than perhaps any other diva (and no it's not Chyna).


-One of the most requested and famous cage matches in SummerSlam history will be featured.


-Hot-Beds will take a look at the Island of Samoa and feature a rarely seen match from WCCW.


-Finally if you've been following the Raw's from 1993 then you will remember them highlighting a 2 hour SummerSlam special. Will this possibly show up this month? WWE 24/7 Online is pretty certain this special hasn't been seen for 15 years!


I can only assume The Fink will be hosting a special. And if Finkel puts his voice on it, it can't be bad.


I'm guessing the dominant diva is Trish Stratus. Eh.


Looks like the Bret/Owen cage match from SS94 is getting posted since both Mankind/HHH and Warrior/Rude have been put up already. A fine match, but it seemed like more of a race to the floor than a fight to the finish. Plus, I've seen it a handful of times already so that never helps.


Samoans almost always get a thumbs up from me. Not that I expect it, but I'd love for them to pull a brutal Headshrinkers squash. Those two were so much fun to watch murdering shlubs.


And the SummerSlam Spectacular 1993 should be good times. I saw most of it years ago and it was plenty solid. Steiners/Money Inc in a cage was innovative with the whole leaving and re-entering the cage. Plus, not allowing for escape through the door made it a whole lot better. Slick ending as well.

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I could be wrong but I think the only time Trish wrestled at SummerSlam was that mixed tag for the IC Title. From what the descriptions says I'm guessing Beth Phoenix. She won the battle royal last year. I can't even think what her debut match was though? Didn't she and Mickie have that lesbian hint thing going?

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As TSM's resident WWE 24/7 Online whore, I should note that they have announced in two weeks they are unveiling their "most exciting surprise EVER". I haven't got a clue. I know they just bumped the content up to 20hrs/mo. I don't know if they're going to double that again, offer full length ppvs (which can be good or bad depending on which one it is), give away free shit, or something else.

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As TSM's resident WWE 24/7 Online whore, I should note that they have announced in two weeks they are unveiling their "most exciting surprise EVER". I haven't got a clue. I know they just bumped the content up to 20hrs/mo. I don't know if they're going to double that again, offer full length ppvs (which can be good or bad depending on which one it is), give away free shit, or something else.


Maybe they are moving to free? I can't think what could be more exciting than that? They've done everything really well lately.

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I'm currently watching The Fink's favorite Summerslam matches. It's a good waste of time.


I hope the expansion of content includes more full Raw's, Smackdown's, Nitro's, etc. I've been watching the 1993 Raw's in order and it's a good time.

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Here's the July 1st Update w/ the match listings for the specials:


Raw: Episode 40

November 15, 1993 | Approx. run time: 49 mins.

It was bound to happen. Randy Savage has been suspended from WWE due to his altercation with Crush from the previous week on Raw. Even without Macho Man, Raw is still unpredictable! In the main event, catch Lex Luger take on Quebecer Pierre in a preview of Survivor Series.

Bonus Match: Bret Hart and IRS compete in a classic encounter


Raw: Episode 41

November 29, 1993 | Approx. run time: 43 mins.

It's the fallout from the 1993 Survivor Series. Find out who was eliminated and who survived in some of the biggest matches ever from the November classic. Plus, it's the very first meeting between the future founders of the New World Order as Razor Ramon faces Diesel.


Wrestling Challenge: Episode 5

October 5, 1986 | Approx. run time: 40 mins.

Wrestling Challenge is stacked on this episode with a Hall of Fame lineup! Included this week are "King" Harley Race, Junkyard Dog and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. Also, catch up with all the happenings of your favorite WWE Superstars from the '80s with multiple backstage interviews. You won't want to miss this episode of Wrestling Challenge.


Wrestling Challenge: Episode 6

October 12, 1986 | Approx. run time: 39 mins.

Hulk Hogan visits Wrestling Challenge this week as the guest on The Snake Pit. What kind of controversy will Jake "The Snake" Roberts cause with The Hulkster? In the main event of the evening, the Intercontinental Champion Randy Savage takes on Billy Jack Haynes. Plus, The Killer Bees, Hart Foundation and Tito Santana are all in action!


History of the Intercontinental Title: Part XIV

August 1, 2008 | Approx. run time: 69 mins.

The British Bulldog had defeated Bret "Hit Man" Hart in one of the greatest Intercontinental Title matches in the history of WWE. It was time for Bulldog to prove his win was not a fluke. However, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels also sees gold in his future as he challenges The British Bulldog. Who will be the Intercontinental Champion by the end of this month's episode?


IC Title - British Bulldog vs Kamala - PTW 10/12/92

IC Title - British Bulldog vs Shawn Michaels - SNME 11/14/92

WWF Championship - Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels - Survivor Series 1992

IC Title - Shawn Michaels vs Marty Janetty - Royal Rumble 1993


Wrestling Hot-Beds: Samoan Islands

August 1, 2008 | Approx. run time: 59 mins.

Get ready to take your summer vacation to the island of Samoa. Josh Mathews will introduce some of the greatest wrestlers with Samoan heritage to ever compete. Superstars featured in this episode include The Rock, The Samoan Swat Team, Umaga and many more!


Peter Maivia vs Nikolai Volkoff - MSG 8/1/77

IC Title - HHH vs Rocky Maivia - Thursday Raw Thursday 2/13/97

WWWF Tag Titles - Tito Santana / Ivan Putski vs The Samoans - Spectrum 4/12/80

WCCW Tag Titles - Kerry & Kevin Von Erich vs SST - 8/12/88

IC Title - Umaga vs Mr Kennedy vs Carlito - SummerSlam 07


Howard Finkel's Top 10 SummerSlam Matches: Part 1

August 1, 2008 | Approx. run time: 81 mins.

WWE's long time ring announcer Howard Finkel brings to you his top 10 SummerSlam matches in this exclusive special on WWE 24/7 Online. The Fink goes back to the very first SummerSlam and takes you down a road to relive the greatest SummerSlam matches he's ever witnessed.


#10 WWF Tag Titles - Demolition vs Hart Foundation - SS 88

#9 Dusty Rhodes vs Honky Tonk Man - SS 89

#8 WWF Championship - Yokozuna vs Lex Luger - SS 93

#7 Undertaker vs Undertaker - SS 94

#6 IC Title - Bret Hart vs British Bulldog - SS92


1993 SummerSlam Preview Show

August 1, 2008 | Approx. run time: 79 mins.

WWE 24/7 Online brings to you the rarely seen two hour 1993 SummerSlam Preview Show. On this special you will see Yokozuna and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan battle it out as Duggan defends America's pride. Also, Shawn Michaels will defend the Intercontinental Championship against former WWE Champion Bob Backlund. This is some special footage, finally unearthed after being locked in WWE's tape library for 15 years!


SmackDown: Summer Games Relay Match

August 12, 2004 | Approx. run time: 25 mins.

Heading into SummerSlam 2004, SmackDown presented the first-ever Summer Games Relay Match. The match itself had unique rules and had interesting pairings for the two teams. Find out which team would reach the finish line and score the win in the Summer Games Relay Match.


SummerSlam: The British Bulldogs vs. The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers

August 29, 1988 | Approx. run time: 21 mins.

Relive the first-ever SummerSlam match on WWE 24/7 Online as The British Bulldogs take on The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers. SummerSlam wanted to start with a bang and what better way than by having two of the most talented tag teams from the 1980s? Who would wind up becoming the winner at SummerSlam?


SummerSlam: Hulk Hogan vs. Earthquake

August 27, 1990 | Approx. run time: 20 mins.

Was it possible that Earthquake had ended Hulkamania? While Hogan had dealt with some pretty large threats in the past, could Earthquake be the one man who was too much for The Hulkster? Find out in this gigantic main event from 1990 SummerSlam.


SummerSlam: Steamboat, Bulldog & Von Erich vs. Warlord, Hercules & Roma

August 26, 1991 | Approx. run time: 12 mins.

What better way to go back to SummerSlam 1991 than by watching an entertaining Six-Man Tag Team Match? On one side you have the powerful Warlord and the team of Power and Glory. Their opposition is a cavalcade of future Hall of Famers in the likes of Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, The British Bulldog, and Kerry Von Erich. Which team will leave victorious from SummerSlam?


SummerSlam: Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart

August 29, 1994 | Approx. run time: 32 mins.

There have been four cage matches in SummerSlam history and the one between Bret and Owen Hart is perhaps the most classic. The Hart brothers had an intense rivalry that brought the best and worst out of the family. While it's likely the bad blood would not be resolved this night, it is a guarantee that you will witness one of the greatest matches in SummerSlam history!

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Solid first half update. Digging these Challenges and of course Raws. I also like the SummerSlam selections we got! Also, I noticed they updated the History of IC open. Nice to see things like that updated.

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Definitely a good update. All the SummerSlam matches are a little cliche (that said, I hope they offer a ton of SurSeries tags come Nov) but if that's the route they're going, I'm at least hoping for one of the following: Harts/Busters, Warrior/Rude 89, Steiners/H Bodies, & 1-2-3 Kid/Hakushi.


They confirmed they will bring back Old School month in Sept. Hopefully, they'll double up on the Challenge eps to speed things along next month. Should be nice to get a bunch of territory matches as well.


And their big announcement looks to be coming "as early as" tomorrow. Hopefully, they will upgrade all their 300k videos to make them 750k. However, my guess is that they will have something akin to a gold membership where one can pay like an extra $1/mo and get double the videos as regular members.

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I suspect the announcement is they are becoming "24/7 Classics Online".


I saw that on VOD webpage. I don't think I like it. What if 24/7 Online becomes more current? You know like how Nick at Nite is while VOD is more classic?


Actually I think the announcement is going to have to do with Fan Nation since they seem to be using that as a ground for feedback lately. Perhaps members of Fan Nation get a free 1 month subscription?

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Technically something from as recent as last night's SNME could be considered a classic, but that's not how most would use the term. I just remember Monsoon would often refer to matches as a classic in the making or what have you and I'd get thirsty for a Coke.

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I would hope it would be something of substance since it's supposed to be bigger than when they started posting the Raws, which I thought was a pretty big deal at the time since I was used to 8-12 minute videos being posted.


Now I'm thirsty for a Coke.

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Now, I'm reminded of a skit done when Horowitz was trying to American-ize Hakushi . . .


Barry: Big Big BIG lady! Very funny.

Hakushi: Big?

Barry: Oh BIG!

Hakushi: (a tad proud) I know.

Barry: Yeah, who?

Hakushi: Goshulla.

Barry: Huh?

Hakushi: Goshulla.

Barry: GODZILLA?!?


But yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head Venkman.


And it better not be that the videos will now be exclusively available on that dumbass Silverlight player that the ECW reruns use.

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Hello WWE Universe,


Last week we mentioned there was going to be a major surprise in regards to WWE 24/7 Online.


Rumor has it that this surprise MIGHT be revealed later today in the Raw live blog.


Another rumor is that this announcement might have something do to with WWE 24/7 Online in October and it will affect every single member on WWE Fan Nation. WWE 24/7 Online recommends that you check out the live blog tonight. If the announcement is not made in the blog then we guarantee by the time Raw is over tonight, we will make the announcement on here.


Thank You

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