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USC Wuz Robbed!


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Just wanted to see if there was any interest in a draft where you select any character that has appeared in live movies. This could keep people busy along with the cartoon draft.


It'd be 20 rounds with 12 hour limit per pick, serpentine rules of course. So anyone want in?


DEADLINE: Sunday, November 30th at 12:00 AM PST or until 30 slots have been filled.





1. Richard- James Bond, Severus Snape, Ellen Ripley

2. Nighthawk- Daniel Plainview, Jules Winnefield, Ernie McCracken, Alex DeLarge

3. Porter- Michael Corleone, Lucifer, The Predator, The Joker

4. Gosunkugi- Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski, Kikuchiyo, The Master, Howard Beale

5. BlackFlagg- Indiana Jones, Peter Venkman, (Count) Dracula, Beetlejuice

6. Timmy8271- Travis Bickle, Richard Farley, Kevin O'Shea, Frank the Thumper

7. Smues- The Pumaman, Santa Claus, Jesus Christ, God

8.DMann2003- Norman Bates, Nigel Tufnel, Frank TJ Mackey, Hans Gruber

9.HarleyQuinn- Verbal Kint, The Terminator, Derek Vineyard, Nikita

10.ViciousFish- Han Solo, Rocky Balboa, Lester Burnham, Brodie Bruce

11.Twisted Intestine- Tyler Durden, Freddy Krueger, The Grim Reaper, Captain Jack Sparrow

12.TheOriginalOrangeGoblin- John McClane, Tony Montana, Martin Riggs, Harry Callahan

13.Lt. Jon Kavanaugh- O Dog, Bluto Blutarsky, Emmett "Doc" Brown, Smokey

14.The Ghost of bps21- Dr. Strangelove, Inigo Montoya, Leonard Shelby, Hannibal Lector

15.Brooklyn Zoo- Anton Chigurh, Billy Costigan, John Rambo, Ra's Al Ghul

16.Kilroy- The Phantom of Krankor, Dave Ryder, Dr. Cal Meacham, Mitchell

17.Youth N Asia- Ash, Jason Bourne, Ferris Bueller, The Man With No Name

18.6foot9- Donnie Darko, Mr. Pink, Randal Graves, Dirk Diggler

19.Burning Pirate Ship- Obi Wan Kenobi, Patrick Bateman, General Jack D. Ripper, Raoul Duke

20.RepoMan- Zap Rowsdower, Marty McFly, Stanley Spadowski, Captain Benjamin L. Willard

21.Dr. Zoidberg- Mickey O'Neil, Bill Cutting, Johnny Boy, Norman Stansfield

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Include picture, please, to make it more visually pleasing. On another note, when discussing the idea of this draft with another, he asked me who would have been selected #1, I answered with James Bond as well. It's nice to see I predicted correctly.

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Norman Bates

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This draft is over, nobody is going to make a better first round pick than the Pumaman.


You wish. Ya scum!




The Phantom Of Krankor



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Recurring characters can only be taken once. If someone selects the Joker, using the Heath Ledger version, the Jack Nicholson Joker is also off the board.


8 more hours/10 more spots until Round 2 begins. Good luck all.

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