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NBA All-Star Weekend

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All-Star Celebrity game (6:30, ESPN)

NBA Rookie Challenge (9:00, TNT)


Rookie Challenge rosters


Derrick Rose, Chicago

Eric Gordon, LA Clippers

Marc Gasol, Memphis

O.J. Mayo, Memphis

Michael Beasley, Miami

Brook Lopez, New Jersey

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City

Rudy Fernandez, Portland

Greg Oden, Portland



Al Horford, Atlanta

Rodney Stuckey, Detroit

Aaron Brooks, Houston

Luis Scola, Houston

Al Thornton, LA Clippers

Wilson Chandler, New York

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City

Jeff Green, Oklahoma City

Thaddeus Young, Philadelphia


The sophomores are 7-2 all time, and have won 6 in a row.



Inside the NBA (5-7, TNT)

This will include the HORSE contest, featuring Atlanta's Joe Johnson, Memphis's O.J. Mayo and Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant.


Slam Dunk Theatre (7-8, TNT)

Hour-long special reflecting on past moments from the dunk contest.


All-Star Saturday (8:00, TNT)


Haier Shooting Stars

Team San Antonio (Tim Duncan, David Robinson and Becky Hammon)

Team Detroit (Arron Afflalo, Bill Laimbeer and Katie Smith)

Team Los Angeles (Derek Fisher, Michael Cooper and Lisa Leslie)

Team Phoenix (Leandro Barbosa, Dan Majerle and Tangela Smith)


Defending champion San Antonio has won two of the five contests.


Skills Challenge

Derrick Rose, Chicago

Mo Williams, Cleveland*

Devin Harris, New Jersey

Tony Parker, San Antonio


* - Mo Williams is an injury replacement for Orlando's Jameer Nelson.


3-Point shootout

Mike Bibby, Atlanta

Danny Granger, Indiana

Daequan Cook, Miami

Rashard Lewis, Orlando

Roger Mason Jr., San Antonio

Jason Kapono, Toronto


Two-time defending champion Kapono has never had less than 20 points in a round.


Slam Dunk contest

J.R. Smith, Denver*

Nate Robinson, New York

Dwight Howard, Orlando

Rudy Fernandez, Portland


* - Smith is an injury replacement for Memphis's Rudy Gay.



NBA All-Star Game (8:00, TNT)


number of selections in parentheses



C: Dwight Howard, Orlando (3)

F: Kevin Garnett, Boston (12)

F: LeBron James, Cleveland (5)

G: Dwyane Wade, Miami (5)

G: Allen Iverson, Detroit (10)

Joe Johnson, Atlanta (3)

Ray Allen, Boston* (9)

Paul Pierce, Boston (7)

Mo Williams, Cleveland* (1)

Danny Granger, Indiana (1)

Devin Harris, New Jersey (1)

Rashard Lewis, Orlando (2)


* - injury replacements for Orlando's Jameer Nelson (1) and Toronto's Chris Bosh (4).



C: Yao Ming, Houston (7)

F: Tim Duncan, San Antonio (11)

F: Amare Stoudemire, Phoenix (4)

G: Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers (11)

G: Chris Paul, New Orleans (2)

Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas (8)

Chauncey Billups, Denver (4)

Pau Gasol, LA Lakers (2)

David West, New Orleans (2)

Shaquille O'Neal, Phoenix (15)

Brandon Roy, Portland (2)

Tony Parker, San Antonio (3)

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Team Phoenix

Derrick Rose

Jason Kapono

Dwight Howard


East by double digits.


Bonus Pick: The team that isn't GM'd by Kenny Smith

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O'Neal comes off the cap in 2010, so I assume the Heat are aiming to sign another big name to go alongside Wade.

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A few more rumors thrown out from HoopsHype, if you guys are interested.


Before this trade went down, one was being discussed with the main pieces being Stoudemire to Miami, Marion and Rudy Gay to Phoenix, and Beasley to Memphis.


A deal of Stoudemire for Gay, Mike Conley, and Hakim Warrick was rejected by Memphis.


Dallas and New Jersey are/were in talks again, with this deal sending Vince Carter, Keyon Dooling and Eduardo Najera to Dallas for Josh Howard and...Jerry Stackhouse. Dun dun DUN. But, Dallas does not want to include Josh Howard in a deal for Carter, unless the Nets also include Brook Lopez, which isn't happening.


Carter to Houston for Ron Artest and spare parts has also been discussed.


The Clippers reportedly offered Baron Davis and Chris Kaman to Dallas for Jason Kidd, but Dallas, also still holding out hope for 2010, is not interested in taking back their contracts.


The Nets have also had talks about Mike Miller, Caron Butler, and Larry Hughes.


The latest Stoudemire-to-Bulls rumor was for Gooden, Sefolosha, Thomas, and Cedric Simmons.


Larry Hughes to Washington for Etan Thomas and Mike James was discussed.


Richard Jefferson and Luke Ridnour to Portland for Travis Outlaw, Sergio Rodriguez, Raef LaFrentz and a draft pick.

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This "waiting for 2010" bullshit is getting on my nerves. The likelihood of these superstars jumping to moribund franchises because they have a little extra dough is a pipe dream. Building your team on the hope that you hit the lottery two years from now is a serious slap in the face to your fans and the complete wrong way to build your franchise. Some smart GM is going to clean up in the next year or two as these FA-happy GMs start unloading good players at the chance to have money for a player that will never come to their team.

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That one doesn't make a ton of sense. My overpaid crap for yours?


It frees up more space for Beasley and also gives them a center that's not complete and total garbage. He may be a broke down shell of his former self, but JO is still a marked improvement over the Joel Anthony/Jamaal Magloire/Mark Blount trifecta.


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NY Post is reporting that the Suns are set to fire Terry Porter this weekend. Steve Kerr is supposed to take over as head coach. I am still trying to figure out how he is still the GM.


He won't make it to next year. The only reason he's hung on this long is that he has the ear of owner Robert Sarver.

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I'd like to thank Steve Kerr for destroying the Suns from the inside. It's nice to know that the Knicks aren't the only franchise capable of hiring a man who is seemingly out to make the team worse than it was at all costs.


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Guest Smues

Does the crowd at the Rookie/Sophmore game consist of nothing but 12 year old girls? Because the whole time i'm watching this all I hear is what sounds like 12 year olds screaming. All game long.

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Guest Vitamin X

What in the FUCK happened to Dwight Howard's voice there?? God, I hope someone got that on youtube!

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