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The Dames

My Conversation With Mike

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The Dames7: hey mike, can I talk to you for a second?

McM cOmPuT: Sure,

McM cOmPuT: Whats up?

The Dames7: I've been out of the loop for quite some time as I'm sure you know

The Dames7: I dont post anywhere really, I've moved on with my life, you know what I mean

McM cOmPuT: I know, I have done the same until recently. Unfortunately.

The Dames7: so I find out a few days ago that there's been a takeover at TSM, my old board and everyone was upset about the way things went down

The Dames7: and I've heard their side of the story and I'd like to hear yours, if you dont mind.

The Dames7: the reason why I ask is because TSM meant a lot to me and I may not be around now, but I have an interest in keeping it alive if possible.

McM cOmPuT: do you have an account on the forums? I can fwd you what I have sent to a few others,

McM cOmPuT: I have explained my self several times and its getting old, no offense to you.

The Dames7: well, keep in mind that is the first time that I am speaking to you.

The Dames7: I have people asking me why things are going out of control

The Dames7: and I'd like to know exactly what is going on and what can be done about it.

McM cOmPuT: Well if you are talking with any of the previous staff, granted some i still trust and would talk to, I am sure they have called me every other word in the dictionary.

The Dames7: I'm not interested in anyone's feelings, Mike, I want facts, what happened.

The Dames7: we can figure out who's upset later.

McM cOmPuT: k,

McM cOmPuT: month ago, lenna came to me wanting to purchase the forums (its that time of the year again).

The Dames7: when is the contract up

McM cOmPuT: I laughed, brushed it off, and told the staff I wouldn't consider an offer like that legit.

McM cOmPuT: contracts got 18 more months, domain name expires on April 11th every year.

The Dames7: what kind of an offer did she make you the first time

McM cOmPuT: I I didn't even listen to her the first time.

The Dames7: do you know who this person is? Leena?

McM cOmPuT: few weeks later she came back and said she was serious, we talk a bit more and I could tell it was a legit offer as she overnighted a money order

McM cOmPuT: I know the person she is, she is crazy and moody.

The Dames7: so did you actually receive the money order?

McM cOmPuT: Yea, clear as cash.

The Dames7: yes, this is someone that I had issues with for many years. I believe you and I had talked about how often she was hacking the forums.

McM cOmPuT: no paypal, it was straight up legit.

The Dames7: ok. and what happened once you received the payment

McM cOmPuT: on the hacking forums, I know she got blamed for that and several other things, but I never found anything but the arcade hacking legit.

McM cOmPuT: We are a large forum and always have other sites in china and locally trying to do things,

McM cOmPuT: Ah,

McM cOmPuT: and the password thing on someones account.

McM cOmPuT: forgot about that too.

The Dames7: Mike, not to get away from the point, but you and I spoke about her and why she was locked out for a reason.

The Dames7: but either way, what happened then

McM cOmPuT: I know, I made a mistake picking Leena for sure.

McM cOmPuT: I have told everyone that and she also agreed it wasn't the right move

McM cOmPuT: They didn't accept me saying I made a big mistake and I realize that. They just continued to bash.

The Dames7: wait a second, lets step back

McM cOmPuT: k,

The Dames7: so you accepted the payment and then did what

The Dames7: made Leena the admin?

McM cOmPuT: She became admin.

The Dames7: demodded everyone, what

McM cOmPuT: correct,

The Dames7: did she do that or did you

McM cOmPuT: I had to remove the admin accts since and admin can't de admin a super admin

The Dames7: I see, I remember that.

The Dames7: ok, so then everyone gets upset. Do you understand why they were upset?

McM cOmPuT: She changed alot of members around, banned some of the staff I think,

McM cOmPuT: I understood why there were upset to begin with, and have appologized and admitted MY mistake,

McM cOmPuT: I have said countless times, I'd go back and un-do things, but life doesn't work that way.

The Dames7: I understand that.

The Dames7: but think about it from their perspective.

The Dames7: if someone repossess your car because you havent made your payment, that sucks.

The Dames7: if someone repossesses your car because your neighbor bought it for more money, thats fucked up.

The Dames7: why didn't you give them a chance to match the offer?

The Dames7: do you think they wouldn't have?

McM cOmPuT: Honestly, because I didn't think Leena was serious first off.

McM cOmPuT: second, I have gotten PMs & IMs saying the current staff was a clique and if you weren't their friends you had to watch your back.

The Dames7: so once you received the money order, before you cashed it, you didnt think about asking if they'd match or out bid you then?

McM cOmPuT: Nope, They were a month past the payment date.

McM cOmPuT: Granted, it did come up in conversation, but no actions were ever made or asking for my address to mail a check.

The Dames7: Mike, you barely post and you're mainly in charge of the server. Why would you have to worry about "watching your back"

The Dames7: none of them pose a threat to you

McM cOmPuT: Traffic has decreased significantly since Feb 2008

McM cOmPuT: That was my other issue,

The Dames7: Mike, this is bound to happen.

McM cOmPuT: i had brought it up to them time to time about bannings being made for no reason, but nothing seemed to change.

The Dames7: people get banned for reasons

The Dames7: about the traffic, listen

McM cOmPuT: 39137 unique visitors in March 2008

The Dames7: the board is a small community, a community going on almost 7 years or more and counting

The Dames7: and as people grow up and get busier, they have less time

McM cOmPuT: 23645 in Feb 2009

The Dames7: Mike, stop giving me numbers, I dont care.

The Dames7: I'm telling you why this is happening.

McM cOmPuT: Ok, well that administration came in to power about the same time.

The Dames7: TSM is not going to grow very much more than what it is now

McM cOmPuT: In all the years of history, it has never seen a drop that sharp over time.

The Dames7: it is a niche community

The Dames7: people grow up

The Dames7: stop watching wrestling

The Dames7: have families

The Dames7: have jobs

McM cOmPuT: I realize that, but shrinking by a third nearly?

The Dames7: fine, I'll concede a point for the moment, the traffic was less than before.

McM cOmPuT: I am apart of other forums and also have friends who run others and thats just unheard of. Something is wrong, not people growing up,

The Dames7: there's many reasons for that, but either way, the next thing that happened is that people starting having issues with their private messages.

The Dames7: can you tell me more about that?

McM cOmPuT: Yes,

McM cOmPuT: 500+ PMs were sent out from a few mod/admin accounts.

McM cOmPuT: Is that spamming?

The Dames7: Mike, spamming is more like an automatic email, a form email

The Dames7: something with viruses or harmful things to your computer

McM cOmPuT: Lol, no.

The Dames7: these people were extending an invitation, as far as I was told

McM cOmPuT: Spam is unsolicited emails or PMs advertising something else.

The Dames7: people that they knew, not strangers.

McM cOmPuT: 500+ PMs over the course of a few hours is not invites.

The Dames7: and where is the rule about no spamming

McM cOmPuT: its copy and paste all the members.

McM cOmPuT: #4.

McM cOmPuT: spamming equals banning.

The Dames7: You realize that we wrote those rules, right?

McM cOmPuT: Yes,

McM cOmPuT: Simple question if someone told you that 4 accoutns on the forums sent out 500+PMs what would you call that?

The Dames7: if someone told me that the forums moderators or administrators did that, I wouldn't have a problem with it.

The Dames7: a standard member, yes.

McM cOmPuT: Lol, ok, well once difference between us then.

McM cOmPuT: Second they were changing words in topics and their titles and pulling stuff from the admin folder in public view.

McM cOmPuT: Whats that called?

The Dames7: Mike, why do you have a problem with the way we run our board?

The Dames7: it seems as if you are doing this out of an emotional reaction to the backlash.

McM cOmPuT: 500PMs for another forum, regardless of the forum you visit is spam

McM cOmPuT: and you would get banned for it.

McM cOmPuT: Try it.

McM cOmPuT: What do you call the childish rewording and moving topics from admin folder to public view/

The Dames7: accountability.

The Dames7: people want to know whats going on and they dont want to be kept in the dark.

McM cOmPuT: So then why did we ever have a private forum?

McM cOmPuT: Look I really am not sure where you are headed with things, I know we don't see eye to eye on some things.

The Dames7: I just want to know the facts.

The Dames7: because now, it seems as if everyone is leaving the board

The Dames7: and now you won't have any traffic.

McM cOmPuT: Lol, thats not true.

The Dames7: well, you're going to have a lot less than before it seems.

McM cOmPuT: If that be the case, then it is and I can't do anything about it.

The Dames7: so what happens now

The Dames7: is she still in charge

McM cOmPuT: I have said all i can say to the previous staff and just get trash talk from them, both on forums and AIM

The Dames7: I'm sure you won't have to say much more to them soon enough.

The Dames7: you've upset a lot of people

The Dames7: I still dont think you get why

McM cOmPuT: Nope Leena is not an admin or mod.

The Dames7: ok, so who is in charge now

McM cOmPuT: That'd be me and a few others that remained.

McM cOmPuT: I am in talks with two people who are wanting to buy the forum out.

The Dames7: I read that there was some interest in purchasing the archived folders. Have you heard anything about that

McM cOmPuT: We both know I am not an forum admin type guy, and don't want to remain admin, but If the other two deals fall through then I will have to go to plan b

McM cOmPuT: Was the archived thing the efed boards?

The Dames7: no, it is not.

The Dames7: it is the entire forum.

McM cOmPuT: DubQ?

The Dames7: I dont know exactly who or what

McM cOmPuT: I think its him, that how he approached me first, and wanted to move the site off the server.

The Dames7: is that possible

The Dames7: I read somewhere that the entire forums is only about 9 gigs large

The Dames7: is that right

McM cOmPuT: Yes, however you got a few other considerations I don't think people realize...

McM cOmPuT: it does up to almost 100Gb in traffic a month and the logs for the forums are 100-250Mb/day

McM cOmPuT: so yes while the post/topics may only be that big it still takes a monester truck to handle the traffic.

McM cOmPuT: I know you understand this from years ago.

The Dames7: Ok...but if we purchase the archives and make them read only, not add any new posts to it, it shouldn't be anymore than 9 gigs of storage, no?

McM cOmPuT: Here are the problems,

McM cOmPuT: Yes, thats all the storage you need,

McM cOmPuT: BUT if you have 100GB/month of traffic going out, thats a lot of traffic.

The Dames7: there won't be any traffic at all.

McM cOmPuT: Another problem is you may remember this in the old days.

The Dames7: it'll be text.

McM cOmPuT: It requries CPU power to process things from the database.

The Dames7: lets say that I had another server, lets say that I owned one.

The Dames7: how would I take those 9 gigs and put them on my server.

McM cOmPuT: If you are talking about archiving it somewhere in black & white

McM cOmPuT: and not many people using it, you could get away with a cheap hosting plan, yes

The Dames7: imagine if we store it on a hard drive never to be added to again

McM cOmPuT: Does that make sense?

The Dames7: dont worry about the hosting at all

The Dames7: I'm asking about the actual raw data itself

The Dames7: the 9 gigs that the forums take up, I could put on my home computer

The Dames7: can't you just burn that onto a dvd or bluray?

The Dames7: or put on a flash drive or something like that?

McM cOmPuT: lol, no/

McM cOmPuT: Its a MySQL database.

McM cOmPuT: Not txt files, PDFs or word documents.

McM cOmPuT: Its not pretty either, like the site makes it.

McM cOmPuT: By no means would i hand that over either.

The Dames7: I dont want the program

McM cOmPuT: I am in a contract with the server, and have told DubQ if we did anything I would need to buy out the contract and close it.

The Dames7: I just want the actual text that people wrote

The Dames7: how can that be done

The Dames7: I dont need it to look pretty

McM cOmPuT: I will not give out the database, period. Unless the contract is paid out.

The Dames7: I'm not asking about the database

McM cOmPuT: There would be nothing keeping someone from downloading IPB illegally and uploading it, turning it on and having the member database.

The Dames7: I'm asking the posts, what people wrote.

The Dames7: I dont want IPB at all.

McM cOmPuT: There is no way to archive just the post that I am aware of.

The Dames7: Mike, when I crashed the board many years ago, do you remember this? we made a back up at the time?

McM cOmPuT: Yes, It a database.

McM cOmPuT: Its not readable.

McM cOmPuT: I don't know how to explain that.

McM cOmPuT: There is no file you can open in word and see the post.

McM cOmPuT: Its a database, with tables and rows.

McM cOmPuT: If its close to anything its like excel, not word

McM cOmPuT: I am not trying to be a pain, or put you off, but does that make sense?

The Dames7: I'm trying to understand.

McM cOmPuT: let me get a query, hold on

McM cOmPuT: Querys is how DBs work

The Dames7: dont bother Mike, you'll just confuse me and I dont want to get off track

The Dames7: what happens now.

McM cOmPuT: ok,

The Dames7: you're waiting to see who offers to buy the contract?

McM cOmPuT: Yes, with that. I would be out of TSM totally.

McM cOmPuT: no more server on my side, and TSM at full control of someone else.

The Dames7: so when Leena bought it from you, you were supposed to stay out of the way entirely?

McM cOmPuT: Nope, it was the same deal the previous staff had.

McM cOmPuT: 50/50

The Dames7: and you're not looking for that deal now

McM cOmPuT: No,

McM cOmPuT: honestly, we both no I just need to be out of the loop.

McM cOmPuT: The only reason TSM has been around this long is because multiple people tied to the server and ownership

The Dames7: here's the problem Mike

McM cOmPuT: After all this mess and seeing how much i was trash talked and talked behind my back, I just need out

The Dames7: you really offended a lot of the people with your actions and no one wants to do business with you

The Dames7: so it seems like you're going to have an empty server and not get paid anything pretty soon. a lot of people are leaving.

McM cOmPuT: Well if thats what happens, then so be it,

McM cOmPuT: what are you saying I should do?

McM cOmPuT: let everyone back on and split the server payments again?

The Dames7: I can't tell you what to do

The Dames7: its yours to do what you wish

The Dames7: I just wanted to know what was going on

The Dames7: but I think you really need to work on your people skills, Mike.

The Dames7: you rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

The Dames7: and a lot of this could have been avoided if you just talked to people, rationally.

McM cOmPuT: I understand all that, and when I came in the chatroom that day, they were not rationally.

The Dames7: well, you should have expected an angry mob

McM cOmPuT: the chat was moving so fast, they were just ignoring what I said.

McM cOmPuT: lol,

The Dames7: well, considering half the things you say dont make sense and go over peoples head, its hard to understand sometimes.

The Dames7: we aren't technical people

The Dames7: I read that chat

The Dames7: and it really seems as if you care more about traffic and making money than alienating everyone providing the traffic and paying you money.

The Dames7: and there's no coming back from that.

The Dames7: if you can find someone to pay you what you're looking for, congratulations.

The Dames7: but I think at this point, everyone is done.

McM cOmPuT: ok,

The Dames7: try to learn from it and move on.

McM cOmPuT: I am deff moving on.

McM cOmPuT: Thanks for the talk,

The Dames7: It was good doing business with you Mike.

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The Gulag is free reign for whomever and whatever they have to say. Go for it! Make sure you bring up my momma in some jokes and also my dog. Also thanks for modifying my words some to make things appear worse for me. :) Honesty at its best!

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McM cOmPuT: Nope, They were a month past the payment date.

McM cOmPuT: Granted, it did come up in conversation, but no actions were ever made or asking for my address to mail a check.



February 10, 2009

MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (7:13:12 PM): Mike check your PM box at TSM

February 11, 2009


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (11:21:02 AM): check your PM box at TSM


McM cOmPuT (7:15:47 PM): Whats up?


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (7:16:48 PM): couple questions. when is this year's payment due? and 2. Leena's saying she's buying TSM...that's bs right?


McM cOmPuT (7:17:52 PM): Leena nor anyone else has talked to me in ages about anything board related like that.



McM cOmPuT (7:18:19 PM): There really isn't a yearly payment, there are monthly payments i pay currently.


McM cOmPuT (7:18:31 PM): Are you referring to the payment last year to cover cost for a year?


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (7:18:37 PM): that's what we thought but I thought i'd make sure. the tsmers are asking me if she's lying and i didn't have an answer


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (7:18:41 PM): yes that's what i mean


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (7:24:29 PM): also the site address or something supposedly comes up for renewal on april 12thish?


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (7:49:28 PM): Is this a bad time for you to talk about it? We could do this sometime tomorrow or on the board


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (9:52:00 PM): I gotta go to bed in an hour or so, so if you can't talk now, maybe you can tomorrow? or post in the staff folder at tsm. We need to know when the payment is due, and have a link to your paypal or something like that to transfer the money to you. also we'd like to know the deal with the site address expiring on april 12th?


McM cOmPuT (11:28:31 PM): back now


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (11:29:31 PM): I'm Asleep


McM cOmPuT (11:29:31 PM): I was on mobile wireless earlier and it was slow since I was on the road.


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (11:30:44 PM): okay cool


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (11:32:07 PM): so when would you like to be paid by?


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (11:50:31 PM): I've got to go to bed soon it's almost midnight here. If you can't talk soon I'll have to catch you tomorrow or on the board


February 12, 2009


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (10:23:17 AM): I'm now around if you are available to talk

February 13, 2009


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (3:12:11 PM): are you going to be able to talk about tsm today?


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (7:49:50 PM): Mike I made a thread in Staff (Hot Chicks Room) with our concerns/questions listed for you to respond to.


McM cOmPuT (8:23:38 PM): here


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:24:42 PM): Hi, so I've got a couple things I need to ask you. When do you need the payment by? and can you set up a paypal deal for people to pay you


McM cOmPuT (8:25:34 PM): Ya, I have a TSM paypal acct still somewhere.


McM cOmPuT (8:27:07 PM): There are some updates for the forum software I need to do at somepoint...


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:27:13 PM): okay cool


McM cOmPuT (8:27:32 PM): not sure when I will get time, but I will try and give you guys a heads up.


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:27:47 PM): there's a couple people myself included that can only do money orders so we need an address to send those to


McM cOmPuT (8:28:40 PM): Thats fine,


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:29:15 PM): and the domain name expires on april 12th we just want to make sure you knew about that because Leena claims she's going to buy the name


McM cOmPuT (8:29:29 PM): haha


McM cOmPuT (8:29:32 PM): she won't


McM cOmPuT (8:29:43 PM): Godaddy floods me with emails prior to domains expiring,


McM cOmPuT (8:29:54 PM): I won't forget. smile.gif


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:29:56 PM): she's obsessed. she has the entire Pit and some tsmers convinced she's already bought tsm


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:29:58 PM): okay awesome


McM cOmPuT (8:30:11 PM): haha


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:30:54 PM): that's pretty much it. whenever you get around to providing the paypal link and an address things will be all taken care of


McM cOmPuT (8:32:36 PM): k, I will put both on that thread.


MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:32:47 PM): thanks alot


McM cOmPuT (8:32:48 PM): I will have to figure out what paypal addy i setup a while back

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The server and archives aren't going anywhere... Servers got 18 months in contract.


If you guys had the files on your desktop you wouldn't know what to do with them anyways. Go read up on MySQL, thats what the forums are stored in...

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The server and archives aren't going anywhere... Servers got 18 months in contract.


If you guys had the files on your desktop you wouldn't know what to do with them anyways. Go read up on MySQL, thats what the forums are stored in...


The same MySQL where you can export and then import databases with a click of a button? Shit I wouldn't know what to do there! Damn you Day of the Tentacle not teaching me correct point and click methods!


As for being in contract with the server, yup fair enough, you personally are in contract with them, not the content that's stored on the servers. You're free to store what you want on them, and to ask for a 75% contract termination fee? Bullshit. You could store pictures of your mother on there, or leave them blank, servers don't care they've got your money. Never have I had a server bitch at me because I'm not using my full space allowance, or reaching my full bandwidth allocation for the month.

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Would it be considered spamming if someone PMed me the address for the other board without sending the address to 499 other people?

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Would it be considered spamming if someone PMed me the address for the other board without sending the address to 499 other people?

Well, considering it's apparently not spamming to edit other people's private messages to turn them into an advertisement for your own board...

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You know 15 year olds can't buy beer.


And I don't think advertising a forum, at that forum, is considered spamming. Editing peoples pms could be considered petty, but doesn't really fall under the spamming category. The poor food already had it's name stolen let's not broaden that thievery.

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I can't eat lunch at the cool kids' table?





Did no one invite SuperJerk? He's posting over at TSM like he has no clue what's going on.


Who the hell wants that asshole here?


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You know 15 year olds can't buy beer


Shut the fuck up you stupid faggot cracker... You don't have the heart to come to Calgary and step to me, you stupid punk ass mothafucka.

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I'm sorry white man, did you just call me a cracker? Perhaps the glare from your pasty forehead has hampered your ability to read a dictionary.


I'm biege, not pasty you stupid faggot. I would fuck your ass up, you stupid punk... Have fun talking to yourself in the MMA folder you stupid faggot. You don't know shit about MMA anyway.

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You know 15 year olds can't buy beer.


Ever hear of a fake ID? Not condoning it, just saying.


And I don't think advertising a forum, at that forum, is considered spamming. Editing peoples pms could be considered petty, but doesn't really fall under the spamming category. The poor food already had it's name stolen let's not broaden that thievery.

He's still advertising something to a mass number of people, in this case against their will. Unlike the initial PMs, which were friends informing friends of other possible avenues.

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Sure I do, first thing I know is that any dumb white kid from calgary who talks about how tough he is over the internet would be comically destroyed by anyone who could accurately name a headlock.


Second thing I know is your mom loves my rubber guard.


I would wreck your shit you stupid cracker. You think calling me white is an insult? I'll proudly admit I'm half white you stupid fuck. You're a dumbass, you got punked out by Milky. Oh yeah atleast Milky admits he sucks cock, come to Calgary and I'll fuck your shit up pussy.


Oh yeah my mom doesn't like dumb yankee rednecks who take it up the ass.

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Wreck my shit? Unless you mean actually fight my fecal matter... but even then I can't see you disrupting the structure of air let alone an actual peice of solid waste. So yeah nah that's just not working.


And half white? I know albino's with more ethnicity than you. I mean aside from a garbage can full of used paper, you are the picture of white trash.


Oh and speaking of Milky, where did that silly man go? At least he could manage more than Lil Wayne lyrics, whether he was a gullible tard or not.

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