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    Boxing Thread

    Adamek was impressive in a fun match again, brutal body work and a nice jab to set up the big knockout of Banks; who they are claiming was 215 by fight time. I don't know, Adamek would probably be more game than Pavlik was against Hopkins. Adamek is incredibly durable and more willing to take a punch to land a punch where as Hopkins counter punching completely killed Pavlik's workrate, also a bigger and stronger guy who's more willing to attack the body than headhunt as of late. I honestly don't think Hopkins will take this fight however.
  2. Coffin Surfer

    2009 Oscar prediction contest

    I don't necessarily disagree but Penn in that movie just seemed over the top most times. Bill Murray did more with a single blank stare than Penn did with a thousand confusing brow raises and eye shifts. Eh, I really can't stand Penn outside of Bad Boys and Fast Times. He just seems so artifical and forced in all of his "acclaimed" roles; nothing natural about the guy. Being such a smug unlikable asshole doesn't do him any favors either.
  3. Coffin Surfer

    Aronofsky's "The Wrestler"

    "Regular Human Years?" lol. Rourke got fucked up beyond repair during an ill fated boxing career and in general lived a very hard lifestyle over the past few decades.
  4. Coffin Surfer

    Boxing Thread

    "Yeah I meant Archie Moore... Jersey Joe Walcott was an old man by the time he fought Marciano though, past his prime." He had just won the World Heavyweight Title(pre-alphabet days, he was the Man) from Ezzard Charles by knockout and fought one of the best fights of his career against Marciano despite coming out on the losing end. Walcott didn't peak until he was almost 34, he was one of his history's craftiest fighters and a freakish athlete that kept his quick hands and feet until the end of his career. Archie Moore was a LHW but he won the right to face Marciano by beating the number one heavyweight in the World in Valdes, only elite heavies like Patterson, Marciano, and Ali would beat Moore once he hit his stride; great company if you ask me. Charles was an All Time Great LHW and a very good Heavyweight Champion. Marciano also has very good wins over contenders like Layne, LaStarza, Cockell, and Matthews.
  5. Coffin Surfer

    Let's Spend The Thread Together

    "Sticky Fingers" has always been my favorite. Probably their most musically interesting and adventerous album with a good convincing mix of styles. Though the A side has some horrible moments, I really like the spooky late night blues vibe that runs through most of "Let it Bleed." How I wish the Stones had more songs like "Monkey Man" and "Midnight Rambler." I always had a tough time getting through "Exlie On Main Street", interesting album but very hit and miss for me. "Rocks Off" is such an underrated song though, it might be second only to "Sway" as my all time time favorite Stongs song at the moment.
  6. Coffin Surfer

    Boxing Thread

    Great performance from Mosley. Really didn't think he had it in him after how slow and hittable he looked in his last fight. Guess, you can never count out an all time great. Margarito getting caught with apparent loaded gloves before the fight certainly deserves attention.
  7. Coffin Surfer

    Aronofsky's "The Wrestler"

    Great movie. I think the most amazing thing was how restrained Aronofsky was; his directing was as natural as Rourke and Tomei's acting. Surprising to me considering how over the top and forced I think his previous films have been.
  8. Coffin Surfer

    History of Boxing's Heavyweight Championship

    Oh yeah, I agree that there should be more official research and books on all these contradictions from boxing's past. I personally wish there was just more readily available footage. Most of Johnson's stories were accepted as fact for so long because very few had access to any of the footage for decades.
  9. Coffin Surfer

    History of Boxing's Heavyweight Championship

    Even based off this limited footage I would have my doubts. Ketchel goes wild on the inside in round 2 only to get caught with a right and knocked down. Ketchel would also go down again in 3 but that footage isn't here. You can also see Johnson landing flush jabs on a very bloody Ketchel who is now desperatley winging wild haymakers as early as 9, one of them eventually catches Jack in 12. Looks like the typical Johnson fight with him grappling and wearing down his opponent with his defense while picking his moments. Ketchel just got lucky late and Johnson came back up hard. The fact that Johnson also seemed to be lying about Willard and Ketchel can't speak up doesn't help his claim's credibility.
  10. Coffin Surfer

    History of Boxing's Heavyweight Championship

    http://www.eastsideboxing.com/news/bearden2006.php I found a better article with actual links to the fight before but this will have to do for now. Basically found footage has most likely proved that Johnson/Ketchel was a legit fight all the way through. Eh, Johnson was never a reliable storyteller to begin with. Yeah, Willard was really just a bad style match up for Johnson who was already at the tail end of his career anyway. Willard's superior stamina, cautious style, and physical power in the clinch took Johnson out of his comfort zone and forced him into the aggressor role where he burned himself out and got caught late. Willard was really underrated when he was motivated, Dempsey would have ran over him no matter what though.
  11. Coffin Surfer


    Well, the bust is a little vague. Eh, I really don't think Cruise bares anything more than a vague passing resembalance, mostly cause their chins and noses are so damn different. Odd, since that was such a strong selling point for his casting. He just doesn't look offensively unlike the real guy and they seem to share the same barber. Though not really a big deal, Stauffenberg was also said to be in the tall six foot range while Cruise is of shorter stature even in lifts.
  12. Coffin Surfer

    workers who get called great but you disagree

    To the thread starter, Rhodes was a very successful babyface. He had fantastic charisma, sold beatings incredibly well, staged exciting comebacks, and had just enough fun offense to carry his end. I don't think he transcended the babyface role like a Bret Hart or Jumbo, but he was very excellent at it. He did usually need a great heel like Tully or Flair to get that excellent or great level. But he could have good matches with a Lugar or even the Road Warriors. But yes, I don't think believe was great in the overall sense. Same as Hogan actually, who is about at Dusty's level or a little inferior.
  13. Coffin Surfer

    Albums gary floyd Listened to Today

    Keep it going, a great way to expose different music. I've been into really dark avant garde as of late: Tartar Lamb(Toby Driver/Mia Matsumiya)-60 Metonymies Shub Niggurath-Les Morts Vont Vite
  14. Coffin Surfer

    This week in the NBA

    Houson and Denver at top, the rest are close with Phoenix probably being the worst. Despite lineup trouble, Dallas will certainly make the Playoffs this year though I have no idea where they will end up. They just went over Portland on the road, dominated the Suns before their amazing trade, and have gave the Lakers, Spurs, and other top teams very tough games. They are not nearly as bad as made out to be and Dirk/Terry are having really great seasons.
  15. Coffin Surfer

    Boxing Thread

    Selective memory? Sultan recently beat Holyfield pretty soundly; as did Toney, Byrd, and Larry Donald(who interestingly got robbed against Valuev). As much as we all hate Ruiz, he didn't do that bad against the late 30s Holyfield that had just took Lewis to a close and somewhat disputed decision; even dropping him late in their second fight. It also isn't hard to see why Holyfield's has not been stopped more in recent years. Outside of mutliating Rahman with headbutts, all his wins have been against unranked hand picked tomato cans with all his losses coming to ranked fighters or belt holders not known for big time power or aggressiveness; Valuev is big but hardly a knockout artist. Holyfield has also always been a great survior and unless someone goes all out like Toney he is going to be tough to stop even in his advanced years. Though not a terrible fighter, Valuev has hardly been the most trumped up heavyweight of the last decade anyway. He's an alphabet title holder who's badly struggled against questionable competition for some time now. If someone like Wlad barely edged out a decision against Evander than you can make a post like this but Holyfiled/Valuev is hardly the measuring stick of a division that is struggling but picking up some steam as of late. I say again there is decent talent out there, the right fights just aren't getting made at the moment because of a combination of injuries and politics. Wlad/Povetkin and the possibly more competitive Vitali/Gomez are steps in the right direction if they ever come about. In a perfect world I say put Holyfield against a young up and comer like Arreola and see what happens. Arreola could score an attention grabbing knockout or Holyfield could make a credible case for himself. Hopefully Chagaev can put his injuries behind him, take the title from Valuev again, and unify with either Wlad or Vitali. Arreola stops Walker in a wild sloppy brawl.
  16. Coffin Surfer

    Boxing Thread

    Wlad actually brought good offensive variety to the Thompson fight. Thompson just ate big punches, he was also at least game enough to bruise and pound Wlad's body. Actually Wlad's most difficult and competitive opponent since Brock. The more exciting Wlad fighting Mercer, Wlad bringing similar offense against the difficult Thompson. Against Rahman, Wlad also threw right hand leads and left hooks frequently. Rahman just spent the fight laying on the ropes, ducked low with his gloves high. Wlad could have pushed and forced the issue more, but he is the Champion and maybe the challenger should be taking more risks in making a fight of it. I agree completely with Agent of Oblivion. And by the way, Adamek and Cunningham was a fun dramatic fight that I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned yet. Should have aired on HBO or Showtime, VS. commentary is just horrible.
  17. Coffin Surfer

    Boxing Thread

    Partly, but Wladimir hasn't been the most entertaining guy to watch for a while now. His safety-first style has made him that much harder to beat, but I doubt you're going to find many people who'll argue it makes him much fun to watch, especially compared to the more offensively varied if also defensively flawed fighter he was a couple of years ago. Besides, Rahman is as shopwarn as a fighter can get, and was wasn't even in great shape coming in, so a plodding, seven round jab fest was hardly what most people would expect against such competition. I would personally like to see more of this but than again Austin was trying to box Wlad and got caught with his hands down. Yeah, Wlad especially now is not a fast finisher. He is very methodical and patient but his more recent run of overmatched survival minded opponents haven't helped matters and should share the blame. While the Sultan fight was unwatchable, I think the boredom of Wlad fights is greatly exaggerated. The Brock and Thompson fights for instance weren't that bad.
  18. Coffin Surfer

    Scott Walker Thread

    The Drift is a great, very ironic and funny in a dark twisted way. I like the Daffy Duck freakout and the song about Elvis' stillborn twin. A very badass song and fanmade video.
  19. Coffin Surfer

    Hugh Jackman to host 2009 Oscars

    But that will ruin the Oscars. It's not an award show for the most popular movies of the year, but the best ones. That is what the MTV Movie Award are for. And they don't even get that right most of the time.
  20. Coffin Surfer

    Boxing Thread

    A fine performance from Wlad, who finally dusted off his big left hook. Not viewer friendly because a terrified Rahman spent the fight hiding in a shell and refusing to fight but what can you do? Shame Povetkin pulled out of the fight. Looking forward to him and Haye being put to sleep.
  21. Coffin Surfer

    Friday The 13th (2009)

    Off topic but on the Michael Myers sympathy thing: He was simply an unstoppable evil destructive force with a logic known to him alone in the first film which is what I assume most fans are pointing to when speaking of original series. It isn't until the second less beloved film and much lesser later day sequels that semi-sympathetic tones were established to a mixed reaction, "The name calling/head tilt" and "sister twist." Even than he is still presented as an unreasoning killing machine for the most part. "The dialog worked better in "The Devil's Rejects" (which is also a much better movie) because those characters are suppossed to be white trash killers. When I think of Michael Myers, "white trash" is the last thing that comes to mind." Exactly. The Devils Rejects is by no means even a great genre movie but I think it is by far Rob Zombie's best effort. There is a good solid story buried underneath the usual Zombie crap and some very good performances.
  22. Coffin Surfer

    This week in the NBA

    Ha, now Phoneix really is a questionable defensive team. They certainly could have used Marion during the Dallas game with Dirk going off.
  23. Coffin Surfer

    De La Hoya vs Pacquiao

    Yeah, Margarito is a big welter at 5'11" with huge power, noway Pacman should risk fighting him. He might as well try his luck with Pavlik, you have to draw a line somewhere. Hatton is the most logical choice and that would actually be an interesting match up though Pacman would most likely win. It would be good bait for Mayweather though I doubt he'll come out of retirement for a Pacman fight the same way he didn't fight Cotto, Margarito, or Paul Williams. Hopefully I'm wrong, would love to see it.
  24. Coffin Surfer

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    Yeah, I worked at Best Buy back during one of the big Lord of the Ring DVD releases. They were selling the DVD near a loss but cutting a profit by bringing so many people into the store where he would push the hell out of them to buy other products. Chinese Democracy, same deal.
  25. Coffin Surfer

    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    "Heartwork" over "Slaugher of the Soul" at the moment, it just grooves better and the production is incredibly clean, I also like the hissy hag vocals. "..Eclipse" over "Dusk," the atmosphere is somehow more convincing and evil, which is what counts in Black Metal.