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  1. crusen86

    Next question:

    Did you just deliberately quote Rapper's Delight? Well, it's close enough to a quote. Metal.
  2. crusen86

    Thoth Report 3-12-06

    65 mb? 30k download speed? Your servers suck. * waits * Ok, so listening - Thoth's line about Zed & Kibs guide to life = stunning. And Thoth = right noise. Zed = too freakin' loud and breathing. Muzz = echo. Pete = too quiet. Learn to internet, as a man once said.
  3. crusen86


  4. crusen86


    That was actually intentional, DUHHHHHHHHHHH.
  5. crusen86


    lol, u suk
  6. crusen86

    Thoth Report 2-26-06

    Like they tried to bring back the IGNWF 6 times. They failed each time. I try and delete all new posts. It's fun. And my god Thoth, that was actually entertaining. I want to be in it now. And wow you said all of that as the show finished. Scary.
  7. crusen86

    Thoth Report

    All your base are belong to us? It's like I'm in the year 2000.
  8. (5:05pm) (@MrGalatea) Like 20 years from now I'll be happily vacationing in Australia, and I'll get blindsided by a punch out of nowhere. Remember that G? Watch your back. Also, Kingsmas sounds a lot better than Kingmas. Just sayin'.
  9. crusen86

    SWF Olympians I

    Ah, but your mother.
  10. crusen86

    SWF Olympians I

    This is true. Bruce, it appears you're the one who is deluded. And Fury, you think a that grid iron, a game where the ball hardly ever touches any feet, is more appropriate called football than the game were it hits almost nothing but feet? That makes sense.
  11. crusen86

    Clusterfuck Comments

    Congrats Muzz. (Y)!
  12. crusen86

    Favorite Match Stip of All Time

    The Sugar Hill Gang.
  13. crusen86

    The New Chat Thread

    Because lord knows that having an extra program in the taskbar is just not right.
  14. crusen86

    The New Chat Thread