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    MLB 09 The Show & MLB 2k9

    It isn't just walks. It's throwing a 4 seam fastball on the outside part of the plate and seeing it take off up and in to a hitter. And that's while hitting the yellow accuracy bar in the pitch meter perfectly. Missing by a few inches is understandable. I like realism but I dread using breaking pitches a lot of the time because I have no clue where the pitch is gonna end up. It wouldn't be a huge problem if I weren't still playing on Veteran difficulty. There should be a bit more leeway on easier difficulties. I will say that The Show is miles better than the 2k games. I got 2k8 used and cheap and I've still gone back to MVP and The Show 08. And I love that you can actually work a walk on offense in the Show.
  2. Big McLargeHuge

    MLB 09 The Show & MLB 2k9

    That particular part of The Show frustrated the hell out of me. I understand the intention to make it realistic but it was frustrating when it would happen on every pitch and no amount of adjusting the sliders could stop it even a bit. I think it's a neat feature to add a challenge to pitching but there should be a sense of customization to it instead of being at its mercy all the time. I'm with Al, the MVP series is tops for me. Nailed everything just right. Made you actually wanna play a game instead of simming an entire season. I've only got 360, Wii and PS2. I'll probably stick with MVP '05 for now, though I'll probably rent The Show.
  3. I guess "The Doctor" is supoosed to be Mindbender. Didn't know he was in the movie.
  4. Big McLargeHuge

    Favorite Beatles song?

    Same here. There're like three or four that are in constant contention. Likewise. Although at the moment, I guess I have a favorite as I'm listening to it quite a lot lately.
  5. Big McLargeHuge

    Whats the first pay per view you saw live?

    First PPV ordered: WrestleMania 14 First PPV I attended: Royal Rumble '98 PPV I didn't attend and really regret: No Way Out '04. SummerSlam '01 a close second, but I was out of the country when that happened.
  6. Big McLargeHuge

    The Game Your Most Looking Froward To

    Smash Bros. and MLB '08: The Show.
  7. Big McLargeHuge


    You need an ethernet-to-usb adapter. I got one off Nintendo's web site.
  8. Big McLargeHuge

    Worst promos ever

    Warrior promos It's there at the end.
  9. Big McLargeHuge

    The Dark Knight

    I didn't know the Crow was in this movie. But seriously, those pics of Ledger look great. I agree with some that the make up and hair could be tidied up and still not lose any of the insanity vital to the character. The pics where he's looking up with a cold stare are very effective. The one's of him smiling, not so much. Looks drunk in those. I'm still not fawning over these movies like the rest of the internet is. And the batsuit looks even worse than it did in Begins.
  10. Big McLargeHuge

    Xbox 360

    Damn. Tried MVP '05 and it isn't working. The 360 says it isn't supported. The earlier two versions are, though, which is weird.
  11. Big McLargeHuge


    I always wondered why they didn't just sub in Taker there.
  12. Big McLargeHuge


    Great news if true, but how the hell would it work? It would have to be used exclusively with the classic or GC controllers.
  13. Big McLargeHuge

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Nightman / Dayman For anyone who didn't see it the first time. The old video was taken down. I like Charlie's 'lyric sheet'.
  14. Big McLargeHuge

    Guitar Hero.

    Raining Blood was the one song on Hard that gave me problems excluding the Battle with Lou. The HO/PO section in the beginning is killer. Even with star power I just barely managed to get past it. I was about two missed notes from failing the song. Took me about 5 tries. The last battle is ridiculous. They don't give you any power ups until a good minute into the song.
  15. Big McLargeHuge

    Alex Rodriguez to opt out of Yankees Contract

    Nah, they like throwing big money at crappy players. Arod wouldn't come here anyway. He probably wouldn't want to spend the next decade in the cellar, and if any other team throws the same or less amount of money at him, it's an easy decision. He signed with the Rangers after they finished in last place in 2000. Touche. Or however you spell it.
  16. Big McLargeHuge

    Alex Rodriguez to opt out of Yankees Contract

    Nah, they like throwing big money at crappy players. Arod wouldn't come here anyway. He probably wouldn't want to spend the next decade in the cellar, and if any other team throws the same or less amount of money at him, it's an easy decision.
  17. Big McLargeHuge

    Bret Hart "heart to Hart"

    Did Bret just go over the match they planned or did he completely change things up?
  18. Big McLargeHuge

    MLB Off-season Thread

    They won 2 titles in their first decade of existence. I know Loria's evil and their star players always leave, but I'd kill for that kind of success. To quote another Giants fan: "Christ, if the Giants win the series they can publicly behead the entire 40-man roster on Thanksgiving and I'd still be ecstatic."
  19. Big McLargeHuge

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Yeah, I just started watching and it's hilarious. The bit when they were trying to break the 'private' door down of the Korean restaurant had me in stitches. These are the worst people in the world and I can totally relate to them. I don't know how I feel about that.
  20. Big McLargeHuge


    I can't stand the Wonder Twins. They're right out of a bad Telemundo novela. Nothing's really happening right now, but I'll forgive it since the season just kicked off.
  21. Big McLargeHuge

    FOX Sunday Night - 2007/2008 Season

    I'm with Spiff. I haven't cared for FG in years, but I'll give it a shot tonight.
  22. Big McLargeHuge

    Metroid Prime 3

    I got this a couple of days ago and it's fantastic. They nailed the controls. Easily blows away any FPS on the Wii so far, which isn't saying much, I know. Note to third parties: Copy this! Even visually the game shines. I can't believe this a Wii game. It's probably pushing the hardware enough as it is, but it's hard to believe this a first generation game given the crappy third party offerings. Activision blew that nice Call of Duty Thrii control scheme away with PS1 level graphics. I rented the original Metroid Prime and wasn't feeling the controls much. If ported to the Wii I'd pick it up without even thinking about it. I agree with WWM about more shooters and action games on the Wii. Even the Godfather was ace on it. And I hate sandbox games.
  23. Big McLargeHuge

    Resident Evil 5 trailer online

    Looks great. But like others have said, I would love it on the Wii. The controls were just outstanding. I'm sure we'll get a scaled down port or spin-off, which is fine by me if it looks better than RE4 or even as good as it. I'll likely pick this up for the 360 until then.
  24. Big McLargeHuge

    Orlando Theme Parks

    Yeah, park hopping Disneyworld is way too time consuming because of how far apart they are. I'd go to the Universal parks. Better rides and the parks are literally right next to eachother. You could ride everything in a day with those express passes.
  25. Big McLargeHuge

    Smackdown Vs Raw 08

    Yeah, I get those all the time. That's why I fitted my CAW with a counter that wasn't a strike. You can't reverse a arm drag takedown, baby. I'll rent the new smackdown game for the Wii just to test it the waggle controls. Definitely won't be buying it. I fell for that last year and haven't touched SvsR 07 since February. Any improvements made are minimal/cosmetic. I'll probably just go back to playing No Mercy and Revenge.