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  1. Austin3164life

    And I'm 21 now.

    I find it hilarious that you guys still cry over nothing. It's the internet, big deal. I pretty much posted it 'cause I thought I was banned already but when I was allowed to log on that night I started laughing and wanted to see if anyone actually remembered that episode. If you guys feel the need to ban me, that's fine. This will probably be my last visit anywho. Just wanted to see if the same women were still posting here.
  2. Austin3164life

    And I'm 21 now.

    Ask Damian Gonzalez or any of the other wannabe Shakespeares over here. I conned them into accepting a wrestling report I "wrote."
  3. Austin3164life

    And I'm 21 now.

    I once stole a report from another smark website, passed it off as my own, and the owners bought it and posted it up. It was fun.
  4. Austin3164life

    Vince saying "Nigga"

    It's not offensive when morons like 50 Cent use it, but because Vince is white it's offensive. I think some of these hip-hop moguls and artists should ban the word. If blacks are willing to call themselves that, then it won't stop anyone else from using it as well.
  5. Austin3164life

    Most famous wrestler...

    El Santo Jumbo Tsuruta Mitsuharu Misawa Rikidozan Lou Thesz Dick Beyer
  6. Austin3164life

    Brock to compete in New Japan

    Brock is one of the most gifted athletes I've ever seen in any promotion. Anyone who can F-5 and superplex the Big Show, all the while working the mat smoothly with someone like Eddie or Kurt is a phenom. He has unlimited potential and if he does win the lawsuit and ends up in Japan, I think he can make it huge there. Though Brock in NOAH >> everything else.
  7. Austin3164life

    Which wrestler, dead or alive, past or present but

    Harley Race Barry Windham Tully Blanchard Giant Baba Jumbo Tsuruta Billy Robinson Owen Hart Steve Austin Stan Hansen Ricky Steamboat
  8. Austin3164life

    Match with Most Crowd Heat EVER

    Takada vs. Hashimoto- 4/26/94 Tokyo Dome The most heat I've ever heard or seen in any match around the World. The finishing stretch is one of the most exciting ones in NJPW's history.
  9. Austin3164life

    Why idiots shouldn't drive SUV's....

    Does Damian still have all the posters believing TSM is a slice of heaven? Douches.
  10. Austin3164life

    Shawn Michaels vs British Bulldog

    The SNME IC match from 10/27/92 is a great, ****ish, match which sees nice work around the abdominal stretch, and its kept to a time limit which never sees a gassed Davey. Better than KOTR 96, fairly easily. One Night Only is also a pretty darn exciting match.
  11. Austin3164life

    Dave Meltzer's Top 100 Workers

    Dave Meltzer is the biggest douchebag. I can't believe people still read a guy who rates Bruiser Brody over Harley Race. Harley Race is the greatest, most innovative wrestler in US history (and certainly in the World). Apparently, Meltzer's only seen the Starrcade match. Him and his Ric Flair cock-sucking. He's never seen 6/13/83 or 6/17/82 or 10/21/83. Bruiser Brody is one of the most overrated wrestlers in all of history. Great for tags but a worthless ring-bully as a singles competitor. It's why he got stabbed in Puerto Rico probably. What is he fucking kidding me? Apparently Meltzy has never heard of Jumbo fucking Tsuruta.
  12. Austin3164life

    Colin Farrell

    Colin Farrell does this to cover up the fact that he's a worthless actor who killed Alexander the Great.
  13. Austin3164life

    Why idiots shouldn't drive SUV's....

    Why the fuck do you care what his signature is? Weren't you too busy slurping the Dubya shaft to notice? EDIT: SUV's cause the most accidents, use up the most gas, are the most expensive to maintain, and are constantly returned due to dissatisfaction from the customers. Not to mention they pollute the air.
  14. Austin3164life

    Worst ring attire of all time?

    Brutus Beefcake's ripped up attire was fairly horrible, as was Ken Patera's in the late eightees.
  15. Austin3164life

    Flair vs. MDM????

    Kerry Von Erich was never good. He was good at snorting, but that's about it.