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    WWE suspends 10 wrestlers

    Steroids DO NOT BUILD MUSCLE MASS!!! This is one of those fallacies I really hate. What steroids do is keep your muscles from developing an enzyme (I don't remember what its called at the moment) that causes pain when you're physically working them. Basically it allows you to work out harder and faster without succumbing to the ill effects of doing so. They do not build muscle mass if you don't use them for such. Thousands of Americans regularly use them as anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, and prescription pain relievers.
  2. thuganomics

    WWE suspends 10 wrestlers

    Well, from what I read in some of the links, this was a Human Growth Hormone investigation. If that's the case they had no way of detecting the drug use. HGH only can be detected through a spinal tap which is by no means an easy routing procedure. 1 out of like every 1000 or so of them end in paralysis for the recipient, so they're generally considered a bad idea for a routine test. HGH would be the same drugs to cause uproar in many other sports, specifically Barry Bonds and a variety of NFL players. So, yeah, you can't really blame WWE for not detecting HGH. Also, a lot of this also seems to involve illegal prescription buying, and the wellness program allowed the steroid and painkiller use as long as it's by prescription. So the fact they bought the prescriptions instead of receiving them from a reputable doctor could be the reason for the suspensions. This isn't really a failure of the Wellness system, although it does point out that they need to monitor HOW MANY drugs some of their stars are taking.
  3. thuganomics

    WWE suspends 10 wrestlers

    Cena's a fitness nut, and I would guess, not a steroid user. Anymore. Go find some pictures of him as The Prototype in UPW. That was when he was 'roiding. Honestly, he really isn't roid-ripped. Of course, neither are some of the stars on the list, but I assume they are pain-killer abusers, especially Regal.
  4. thuganomics

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    Typical "roid rage" and maliciously murdering your son and wife are two different issues altogether. By saying steroids caused this or even supplimented these actions is ludicrous. Incorrect. Dismissing steroids out of hand is ludicrous. You really have no idea what happened, and it's quite possible that a naturally hot-headed person could be pushed over the edge due to hormone-fucking steroid usage. I don't even fucking believe either way, but you're being completely unreasonable by flatly saying the steroid usage couldn't possibly have anything to do with this behavior. It might lead to his off the wall behaviour in general, but I refuse to accept the steroids lead to him actually killing/torturing his own family in cold blood as he did. And I want to point out that HGH is not steroids and has been repeatedly linked to mental health problems. Knocking your thyroid out of whack literally effects every system in the human body. Mixed with prescription painkillers and a schedule that keeps him on the road 200 days a year, the likelihood of manic depression and psychosis become far greater. That doesn't mean every wrestler would do something like this, but if in a rage Benoit killed Nancy, a mental break likely lead to his actions with both his son and his own suicide. No matter what, it's still a heinous act. We're all just trying to grasp at what could cause this kind of breakdown. And Benoit's use of HGH, steroids and prescription drugs are definitely a factor, albeit far from the only one.
  5. thuganomics

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    hey, maybe Chris Benoit takes religion literally. What do you think is better, this world, or heaven!??????? It's kinda hard to go to heaven when you MURDER your wife and kid. Um, i meant the kid going to heaven. Wasn't that one of hte theories? that he killed Nancy, and then decided to kill the kid and was sending his kid to a better place? I mean, hey, if you took religion literally, killing your own kid would send the kid to heaven, right!?? The kid was probably a good kid. Now he'll have a better life in heaven than he would have with no mother and a psycho dad!!! Good people go to heaven when they die!!!!!!! Doens't religion say that???? No, at least in Christianity's case. Belief in Jesus dying for your sins and repentance for your own sins will lead one to heaven. And, honestly, that could very well be the reason he killed his son. With mom dead, him going to jail or already planning suicide, his obviously demented mind saw it as the best alternative for poor, poor Daniel.
  6. thuganomics

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    This makes me sick with anger and rage, but mostly sadness. The fact that we may never know what caused the obvious mental breakdown that would make any man do this kind of thing. We can fathom guesses about thyroid/mental imbalances, which I think would be obvious to anyone after seeing the news. But to wrap this around someone I looked up to as the wrestler, just clouds things too much. A great wrestling legacy has evaporated in a span of less than 24 hours. My condolences to the surviving children and to the friends of the family. To the wrestlers, let this be a wake up call about what those things you're injecting every few days can do to you. To Vince, let this be proof that an off season might be a good idea. As a Christian, I pray for Nancy & Daniel's soul to rest in a better place. And despite all of this, to Chris Benoit, I pray God have mercy on your soul.
  7. thuganomics

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    Bizarre is an odd word for the police to throw about, though. Because, even as horrific as it is, a husband killing his wife and son then himself does happen, sadly, and wouldn't warrant bizarre in its own right... With the rumored time table and the fact that a firearm wasn't used makes the entire situation rather strange. If Benoit did do all of this himself, it really has to be the story of a complete mental breakdown.
  8. thuganomics

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    I still can't wrap my head quite around all this. To take someone whose work I respected for so long, and then to go to this... It blows my mind. At this point I need more information. Just in the hopes that I can grasp a little bit about what could be going on with the case.
  9. Hush has two hardcovers, and I believe at least one (probably both) are now in trade. Not missing much though IMHO. I liked 1602. It isn't as good as it could have been, and the end seemed a bit rushed, but Gaiman & Kubert delivered an excellent story nonetheless. If you like Gaiman's fiction, you'll probably enjoy it as well.
  10. thuganomics

    Hard Gay Austin Aries

    I actually like the strange little push TNA is giving their "Generation Next" unit. It's strange but it works, at least with Aries & Shelley. The X-Division at times (i.e. everyone but Joe/Daniels/Styles) lacks personality, and this gives it a little without hurting the wrestling product than I'm all for it.
  11. thuganomics

    Women's division

    I highly doubt that after building up Trish vs Mickie James for the last two months we're going to throw it all away and make the champ at WrestleMania. That being said, I'll be thoroughly shocked if
  12. thuganomics

    "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan & Goldust - Tag Team Champions?

    I do. Wrestlecrap > Bland, run of the mill crap I wish I didn't agree with that statement, but I do. I'd take Goldust/Duggan as a comedy team of champions over Show & Kane doing nothing with their titles in a heartbeat. Maybe they'll actually be entertaining too...
  13. thuganomics

    Early Smackdown Spoilers

    So, we'll having a six way match on television for the ECW title? And JBL is going to find himself ECW champion?
  14. thuganomics

    5/14 FCW results from the Grand Olympic Auditorium

    I know this promotions been advertising Lucy (aka Daffney aka Shannon Ward) at their events. Has she actually made any apperances?
  15. Muscatine averages 200, the old location in the Quad Cities drew around 90-100. NLW does pretty well for themselves.
  16. thuganomics

    Road Warriors DVD

    It's getting harder and harder for me to care about WWE's current product, but at least they keep on releasing some great DVD's. I'll most definitely be picking this one up.
  17. thuganomics


    Anybody got pics of Alexis Laree from OVW's most recent show. Kinda curious what the "enhanced" Alexis looks like.
  18. thuganomics


    Vengeance is so much better than Dark Secrets....
  19. Who in the blue hell is he working for?
  20. thuganomics

    3PW gets weird

    April Hunter posted a bit about this in her Yahoo Group as well. She made sure to state that everyone was paid something who performed. It would really suck if this was 3PW's end, but it has had a pretty good run...
  21. thuganomics

    WWE-sponored ECW pay-per-view questions

    We're interested because it prove to be a really great show, just because many of the ex-ECW stars are really good workers. And it will be interesting how they organize it, as they will have to reintroduce the titles and organize the talent from both shows to promote it. (Not to mention they'll have to hire Danny Doring and Roadkill, as they had the tag titles.) And will they have some kind of tournament for the Television title, as Rhyno held both it and the World title at the end... Oh, and will Steve Corino get to appear on WWE television? That's the greatest question right there.
  22. thuganomics

    Tell me about these indy wrestlers

    Mike Shane is 1/2 of the former NWA Tag Team Champions, The Shane Brothers. His brothers name escapes me a the moment, though they are twins. They are perhaps most infamously known from the early TNA days, where they wrestled as Richard and Rod Johnson, and wore giant penis suits....
  23. thuganomics

    Live Smackdown Report

    Defiitely not Smackdown's best, but then again, Smackdown's best was two years ago now. Oh, how I long for the days of the Smackdown Six...
  24. thuganomics

    Best Game Boy Advance Game

    I've been playing my GBA again, and with it nearing the end of its run, I started to wonder waht the best game for the system is. Any opinions?
  25. thuganomics

    Self shill

    while people are at livejournal they should go to my list of indy wrestler's livejournals.