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    Your Collection in picture form

    Body Harvest is one of my favorite game on the system. Never managed to finish it as it was always a rental, but I had a lot of fun with that game.
  2. Kapoutman


    I love Oasis. A lot of people stopped caring when "Be Here Now" bombed, but they got better eventually, to the point where "Don't Believe The Truth" is actually a great album. Hell, even now, when listening again, Be Here Now has some great catchy tunes, it's just that some of them sound really loud because they overproduced it. If you just want single songs, "Acquiesce", "The Importance of Being Idle" and "Underneath the Sky" are some of my favourites.
  3. Kapoutman


    At least Konami's trying. I didn't get Elebits, but Dewy's Adventure looks fun even though it looks a bit childish.
  4. Kapoutman

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Great graphics Great story Great score Great environments Great characters Challenging Multiplayer Need I say more? I saw everything you mentioned in that game. The graphics were hot, the music was good and I liked the story, but it's when it came to playing it that it crumbled down. It just didn't feel fun. At least to me.
  5. Kapoutman


    Fuck EGM! I loved Killer Instinct.
  6. Kapoutman

    Best writing in video games

    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The writing was so funny. It's one of the only games that's able to make me laugh out loud.
  7. Kapoutman


    Red Steel is not as bad as I thought it would be. The cut-scenes suck, the graphics are average, and the control takes some time getting used to, but everything still works well enough to be enjoyable. It's about a 6/10 in my opinion. I enjoy picking out bad guys with the sniper rifle, as well as shooting guns out of their hands. However, since it does get a bit repetitive, I usually play through one level each day. Never more than that.
  8. Kapoutman


    Nintendo Power say 200+ microgames.
  9. Kapoutman

    The OAO Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Thread

    I finally finished the game yesterday, and I already feel like playing through it again. I think I'll grab what I didn't have time to get before doing that however, just to have that feeling that I did finish it completely. I have about a dozen heart pieces, 9 golden bugs and 30 poes soul left to get. Oh, and I still have all those rollgoal levels to clear and some fishes left to catch. Damn, that game is huge.
  10. Kapoutman

    Microsoft Zune

    "Zune" is to French speakers what "Wii" is to English speakers. A name full of penis jokes.
  11. Kapoutman

    NHL Thread: It's December Now.

    They said that Bonk could be included in a trade for Fedorov. If they give up our faceoff and penalty killing specialist for a hasbeen like Fedorov, it would have to be the worst trade I have seen in a while. Fedorov hasn't done anything significant since he got out of Detroit. And I like Bonk. He has a funny name AND he plays well.
  12. Kapoutman

    Wii Numbers

    Yeah, I just received your Mii in the parade, and I must say, you look nothing like I expected. Which is pretty much true for everybody I have received.
  13. Kapoutman


    Yeah, I just picked some songs for each tracks, and it remembers them. So it's like each track has its own custom theme. Pretty cool.
  14. Kapoutman

    Zelda vs. Final Fantasy

    I voted Zelda because there are about five games from that series in my top 10 games. Final Fantasy never really hooked me. I'm not saying they're bad games, it's just that I connect more with Zelda. Something about the story has me waiting for the next installment just to see the next twist in the legend. The last time I played a Final Fantasy game (FFVII), I found the random battles and hour-long attack animations very annoying.
  15. Kapoutman


    I got Zelda, which is pretty much the most addictive game I've played since Lego Star Wars, and I also have Excite Truck and Red Steel. I know a lot has been said about Red Steel, but I actually like it. It took me about 30 minutes to get used to the control, then it was all fun. Excite Truck is ridiculously fun, even more with the custom soundtrack option. It's just a really simple racing game, but because of the way you control it and because they take the focus out of finishing first in each race, it all feels new and fresh. And the multiplayer mode is a lot of fun too.
  16. Kapoutman

    Star Wars Battlefront II

    I got this game for the original price (about 50,00$) for PC and I still play i over a year later. Replay value is pretty high because of the Galactic Conquest mode, which gives you a couple of different scenarios and is pretty fun to play. Playing online isn't that bad actually. With the experience I had with other shooters and people cheating and screaming at the sight of a noob, I was disgusted by online play until I tried this game. It looks like people are a lot more relaxed, and even though I'm not that good at shooters, I can still manage to get a lot of kills. I'd say buy it, it's well worth it.
  17. Kapoutman

    Obscure Videogames

    Sunset Riders for SNES. Me and my cousins are apparently the only people who have even heard of that game around here.
  18. Kapoutman

    Wii Numbers

    All I got was normal people like Ted, Andy and two girls which I can't remember. Leena or something.
  19. Kapoutman


    Press the "Home" button, select your remote and there will be the options attached to it.
  20. Kapoutman

    Wii Numbers

    Anybody received my Mr. Miyagi?
  21. Kapoutman

    Your Favorite Gaming Moments

    The first time I beat Ocarina of Time. That was for two reasons. 1) I love video games, but I suck at playing them. So my brother had already finished his game, while I was still only at the Water Temple. My girlfriend, who got the game a whole month after me, was about to catch up. So when I finally beat the game just before she did, I had a huge feeling of satisfaction. That's a bit stupid, but I still felt pretty good. 2) The ending to that game was just incredible. The big party scene in Hyrule Field with all the major characters was a lot of fun to watch, and just left me with a big smile. The first reason also means that finishing The Wind Waker was also a lot of fun because it's the first Zelda game ever that I finished before my brother. Seeing Link bury his sword in Ganondorf's skull was also pretty cool. Finally, the numerous nights and week-ends I lost playing multiplayer Goldeneye with my brother and my friends are the reason I am such a big multiplayer games fan. I keep buying a lot of games mainly for their multiplayer mode, but I don't think I have found one that quite captured the fun we had in Goldeneye.
  22. Kapoutman

    The OAO Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Thread

    I heard about these issues, but apparently, there are ways to get around both. I don't know what it is for the first one, but for the second, only his texture is out of position. the icon that says to press A to talk still appears if you go where he should be, and you can finish the scene and move on.
  23. Kapoutman

    The OAO Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Thread

    Ah, I see. Thanks a lot.
  24. Kapoutman

    The OAO Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Thread

    Might be spoilers, so I'm not taking any chance. I got a request for you guys. My cell phone rang during the cutscene that happens after Anyway, I forgot to press "home" on my Wiimote to pause it, so I missed the cutscene and I don't want to check GameFaqs because of the spoilers for the rest of the game. Could somebody just recap/tell me what's said in that cutscene?
  25. Kapoutman


    As horrible as it is, it still worked to get a Wii without any real hassle.