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  1. AlaskanHero

    TNA Spoilers for 4/2

    From the spoilers I read, AJ turned it down and asked Jarrett to lead because Jarrett stood behind the Frontline through thick and thin or something like that.
  2. AlaskanHero

    ODB's Boyfriend

    Probably not, but I could see them doing a "Backmassager" on a Pole match, parenthesis and all and having everyone make "cute" little jokes alluding to what it really is, that are amusing at best, but not very funny on the whole.
  3. AlaskanHero

    YO! TSM raps: John Cena in 2009

    I sorta agree with Cena's problem with The Rock. The Rock doesn't need to come back and do "one more match" or anything like that, but why can't he show up on Raw everyone once in a while? If he wants to use his name value to promote "Race to Witch Mountain" to wrestling fans watching Raw, why not show up on Raw instead of just doing USA-made bumpers telling us to watch the trailer after Raw. He doesn't have to wrestle at all to show he still loves the wrestling business, but pretending it doesn't exist isn't a good way of showing that he still cares. It's like wrestling is some nerdy, unpopular girl that he claims to love when they're together in private, but ignores and denies knowing when he's with his popular friends. And maybe I'm off base here, but isn't the only The Rock really has over Cena is the fact that he was really popular during wrestling's hottest period in history?
  4. AlaskanHero

    TNA Impact - March 19, 2009

    Didn't Sting hit Foley with a chair at Destination X? I'd assume that would be all the reason Mick would need.
  5. AlaskanHero

    The One...The Only...The Destination X thread

    Wow. That was hilariously bad.
  6. AlaskanHero

    Bonaduce: Shaking the TNA Foundation

    Fuck Bonaduce, I want Todd Bridges. Best damn part of CCW IMO. Anyways, they stick him in a dark match, it'll probably be fine. Match him up with someone who can carry him, pop the crowd, and if it's not horrible, stick the match on the DVD as an extra. Seems pretty harmless to me. Then again I wouldn't be surprised if TNA suddenly started to think they were clever and smart and try to do more with him only for it to be horrible and embarrassing to everyone involved.
  7. AlaskanHero

    Would WWE ever take Kurt Angle back?

    If Vince thinks he can make money with Kurt, he'll bring him back.
  8. AlaskanHero

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    Nope, didn't know there was one.
  9. AlaskanHero

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    Just got back from a Smackdown house show. Had some pretty good seats, right next to the guard rail. It was a lot of fun. If someone really cares, I can post the results. Made a few observations though. Outside of Khali and Big Show, I was as tall or taller than everyone on the show. That threw me off. Then again, I'm 6'4. Vince needs to give me a contract. Primo's hands are very soft. Carlito has really bad bacne. I don't think I ever saw the bacne on TV, so this is my first time ever noticing it. One guy who looked around my age got really excited about getting Jeff Hardy's sweat and various drippings on him. I found that amusing. And creepy. On a side note, those armbands that Jeff wears look good on him. They do not however look good on people who are NOT Jeff Hardy.
  10. AlaskanHero

    CHIKARA King Of Trios 2009

    I loved watching Michael Nakazawa's antics last year, quite hilarious. Glad he's coming back. Also, the last member of Team Uppercut has been announced and it is "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson. Yup, there goes my $60.
  11. AlaskanHero

    Cowboys release Terrell Owens

    He won't, but if he did somehow, I'm driving up to Cincinnati to punch Mike Brown in the throat.
  12. AlaskanHero

    YO! TSM raps: John Cena in 2009

    Cena talks pretty normal from what I hear and I didn't know doing a salute = acting like a Marine.
  13. AlaskanHero

    WWE Raw - March 2, 2009

    For you, JHawk.
  14. AlaskanHero

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Should I feel bad about being amused at the fact that Houshmanzadah has found out the hard way that he's not worth what he thought he was worth? From what I've read, he's not been getting the huge offers from teams he expected to and seems to have pissed off the Eagles to the point of eliminating any chance of being signed by them. It would do my Bengals-loving heart good if he had to eat a big plate of humble pie, accept that no team in the league is going to pay a 32 year old possession receiver who's only really had 2-3 good seasons $10 million a year, and re-sign with the Bengals. Also, I'm rather surprised the Eagles gave such a large contract to Stacy Andrews. He's coming off reconstructive surgery to repair his ACL after a season where he pretty much sucked.
  15. AlaskanHero

    Impact spoilers for Feb. 26 and March 5, 2009

    To be fair, heel announcers do tend to be more fun. I mean, Ventura, Heenan, Heyman, JBL, mid to late 90s Lawler and so on. West isn't anywhere near as good as any of the folks I mentioned, but who knows? He might be more tolerable as a disgruntled dick heel instead of super-shilling face announcer. Hell, he may even surprise everyone and prove a competent heel announcer.