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  1. Jacques

    UFN: Stephens vs. Lauzon

  2. Jacques

    Joey Styles JKO's JBL overseas

    King confirmed the Styles story on-air. When Joey came up with Alicia Fox to give the Slammy he said "Obviously Joey can't dance, he can box though".
  3. Jacques

    Recommend me a PC online multiplayer

    I am more into FPS games, followed by Sports and then RTS. The problem with Sports games is that I usually get a ping of 200 minimum and I don't think I can compete with a ping like that in a sports game.
  4. I am pretty new in online multiplayer thing but I love it to death. Currently I have COD 4, COD2,CSS and all the Orange Box games. I am looking to buy a few more but can't decide which games to buy. I prefer FPS games but like other genres too except MMORPGS. So recommend me a bunch of good online multiplayers guys. Keep in mind that I don't really care about the singleplayer aspect of the game.
  5. Jacques

    WWE General Discussion - September 2008

    How big is he?
  6. Today I bought the orange box mainly for Team Fortress 2. The problem is that the drive is not recognizing the DVD. So unless the shop returns the DVD and gives me a new one I am left with just the cd-key for the orange box. So I've got two options. Either download Orange Box from a torrent or through Steam. So my question is if I enter my product activation key in Steam, am I going to get the option to download all these 5 games through Steam without having to use my Orange Box DVD or is the cd-key going to get wasted?
  7. Jacques

    Guys who you KNEW sucked

    I thought Rey Mysterio sucked. He had no business being in the ring with big guys like Jindrak/O'haire, let alone beating them up with his flippity.
  8. Jacques

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    I am trying to remember the Pride in which during the fighter parade, the song played was the mixture of the theme of every fighter on that card. I think it may have been a Shockwave. Anybody knows?
  9. Jacques

    Ongoing Impact spoilers for Thursday

    My take on Eric/Super Eric thing is that Super Eric really doesn't know that he is Eric Young. It's like the Black Reign/Dustin Rhodes split personality thing. Eric isn't really himself when he is Super Eric. That's why he doesn't gets scared of the pyro as Super Eric.
  10. Jacques

    Questions from a Wrestling Fan 10 Years Ago

    According the the Observer, they did three dozen buys in Canada and 19 on the Dish network. That's the biggest problem with catering only to internet fans. Most of us can wait a few hours and download the torrent of the event. I know I did.
  11. Jacques

    WWE General Discussion - March 2008

    Anybody knows why JR never ever smiles? Has he lost his ability to smile because of stroke or is he just a completely miserable man?
  12. Jacques

    American Gladiators

    The female gladiators are just way too generic. The only two that stand out from the crowd are Gina and Hellga.
  13. Jacques

    WWE General Discussion - January 2008

    Was Dave Lagana the old ECW fan who was in the ECW R&F DVD or was it Brian Gerwitz?
  14. Jacques

    My TNA house show experience

    Speaking of house shows, does anyone know the official attendence of TNA and ROH shows in Dayton. I've heard that TNA beat ROH, which is pretty surprising.
  15. Jacques

    WWE General Discussion - January 2008

    Meltzer must be feeling like shit. Poor guy got fired for helping him for free(?).