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    The Savage / WWE bad blood

    I think there's some truth to how Savage left the WWF causing a strain in the Savage/McMahon relationship. From Bret Hart's book If Savage ever goes in the Hall of Fame, we might see a McMahon/Savage matchup. It will be horrible, but in a train wreck I'm curious to see it.
  2. Naked Snake

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    We didn't need backstage segments and the fact that they didn't talk showed how intense/serious they were for the match. It's like when a pitcher is pitching a no hitter. Everyone in the dugout avoids talking to the pitcher because he has to keep his intensity level high.
  3. Naked Snake

    The 'Unwritten' rules of WWE

    Yeah, that's what I thought. Only main eventers are allowed to use the physical trainers and chiropracters. Any mid carder or jobber will immediately be deemed a pussy by the other wrestlers.
  4. Naked Snake

    Vince Mcmahon calls TNA programming "Reprehensible"

    McMahon saying ratings are close for TNA is a joke. Didn't he freak out a few weeks ago when SmackDown! did a 1.9 rating. Hasn't TNA's highest rating this year been a 1.7/1.8? I'd say that's pretty close McMahon.
  5. Naked Snake

    Resident Evil 5

    I love the boss battles in this game. Love them!
  6. Naked Snake

    WWE Raw - March 23, 2009

    One of the best video packages ever done by WWF.
  7. Naked Snake

    WrestleMania Roundtable Part Four:2000 to 2004

    WrestleMania X-7 was a great show, especially because it wasn't built up very well. Most matches were decided a few weeks before the event and the rushed buildup lead to lower expectations. My favourite non wrestling match part of the show, is where Austin is staring at himself in the mirror before the main event starts. It's a great shot. It's sets up his actions in the main event.
  8. Naked Snake

    WWE No Way Out 2009

    Michaels wins clean. I'm watching a Spanish stream here http://fusionwrestling.net/
  9. Naked Snake

    Joaquin Phoenix

    This has to be a work.
  10. Naked Snake

    Best Live Show that you've attended

    WrestleMania 24 in Orlando. Never got to see WrestleMania 6 or X-8 in Toronto, but going to WrestleMania 24 was awesome.
  11. Naked Snake

    WWE Raw - February 9, 2009

    Shane McMahon saved the Undertaker from a beatdown. Wow.
  12. Naked Snake

    WWE Raw - January 26, 2009

    There has to be something to this. They wouldn't just kill the heat of the most over heel in the company in one segment like that, would they?
  13. Naked Snake

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    This makes it even more confusing as to how Vince didn't get exposure to AC/DC prior to 2000. Vince hadn't seen Scarface in 1992 when Scott Hall was pitching the character of Razor Ramon to him. He thought Hall was a genius for coming up with the gimmick on the spot. Vince is in his own world...Unbelievable...
  14. Naked Snake

    Most Unique Wrestling Entrances

    Austin, WrestleMania 13...glass shattering. Cena, WrestleMania 24 with the band playing him down. I was there live and was like WTF...didn't realize it was Cena's music until he came out. And the spot n the card threw me off too.
  15. Naked Snake

    Finish Him!

    The whole El Dandy interview is great http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZe6LvqQaVk
  16. Naked Snake

    Weekend Box Office Report

    I can't believe someone actually green lit Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Now it's the #1 movie in North America! WTF?!?!?!
  17. Naked Snake

    Royal Rumble 2009

    I just hope the Royal Rumble winner actually main events WrestleMania. They've diluted the drawing power of the Royal Rumble to me by 2006: Rey wins Rumble but wrestles for the title in the undercard of 22. The fact they did some screwiness with Orton and the title shot didn't make me happy. 2007: Undertaker wins the Rumble and is on the FIFTH match of the card at 23. The last man in the Rumble that was thrown out, Shawn Michaels, is in the main event at WrestleMania 23 even though he LOST the Rumble 2008: Cena wins, puts the shot on the line at No Way Out and then is the third match from the top at 24.
  18. Naked Snake

    Attitude Era Timeline in your opinion?

    I used to think that, until I watched a lot of shows from late 01 awhile back and saw that it was still very much attitude era-ish. The promo where Austin and Rock sing together happened in late 01. How could the Attitude Era have ended before that? This is THE Attitude Era promo. http://www.megavideo.com/?v=NZMT38GR http://www.megavideo.com/?v=SLL1EYKY And if you watch that, what did Austin shaking hands with Vince actually do? Only a few months later and they're right back to Austin and Rock being the two most popular babyfaces in the company. The Alliance and Austin's relationship with McMahon are about to be dead and forgotten about. It might as well not even have happened. So did they really go in a new direction? Not really. For a little while they did, but then they were back where they started. Wrestlemania X7 didn't actually close anything. Based on that, I'd say Jebus is right. The Attitude Era definitely extended past WMX7 and probably went all the way up to the brand split. Austin was never the same after he shook hands with McMahon, especially after his heel run. After Survivor Series 2001, his character seemed kinda flat because of the screwy booking of 2001. Hell, look at his placement on the card for WrestleMania X-8. That would have never happened to Austin from Mania's 14 to 17. The major storyline of the Attitude era was McMahon versus Austin. Once they concluded that, it went to a new era. Remember, a lot of the Attitude era has a role in the Monday Night Wars...the Attitude era is a by product of the Monday Night Wars. Once you have WCW and ECW in the mix, it is no longer that Attitude era but a whole new era.
  19. Naked Snake

    TSM Talks (to the voices in their head): The Legacy

    I like the idea of the stable but these guys all have "the gay porn look" going for them (thank you Ring of Hell). They all look the same...very generic. They have to distinguish themselves. Also, I feel Orton is at the best position he has ever been in the WWE. He finally recovered from late 2004/2005.
  20. Naked Snake

    Aronofsky's "The Wrestler"

    Tried to see it yesterday at the Cumberland and it was sold out. I can't wait until the release date because these reviews are making me want to see the movie so bad!
  21. Naked Snake

    The bodyguard angle

    I've always loved the bodyguard angles in wrestling. Wrestler is the target of mulitiple enemies. In order to ensure the champion keeps his title, he enlists the aid of a bodyguard/insurance policy/etc to make sure he doesn't lose the title. This topic is to discuss some of the worst and best angles in history. For me, Shawn/Diesel is the tops
  22. Naked Snake

    Discussion: Outdoor Shows

    Any stadium with a retractable roof is a good idea. I always thought they could sell out SummerSlam at the Rogers Center in Toronto. If there's any chance of rain, they can always close the roof.
  23. Naked Snake

    The 2008-2009 NHL Video Games Thread

    Do any of these games have downloadable rosters?
  24. I liked Wrath in 1998, but when big Kev put himself over Wrath, that was it.
  25. Naked Snake

    The Business Side of WWE

    Back in the day, and referenced in Bret Hart's amazing book, McMahon used to pay whatever he felt like for an event. For example, Bret was complaining to George Scott that he got $2,000 for his WrestleMania 2 pay and Bret said he didn't want the money because it was too low. He was lucky that Scott took care of getting Bret's pay bumped to $4,000 because McMahon probably would have fired him. Nowdays, it's different. Batista, for example, according to the latest Observer makes somewhere around $2 million per year. I think that's because he has a decent spot on the card. It's not like he's moving crazy merchandise or anything.