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  1. ant_7000

    This week in the NBA

    That sucks they both are gone now, and they both were still working recently(Red did work some this season) atleast Van Lier knows that Joakim Noah is finally in shape. I thought Norm was in his in seventies.
  2. ant_7000

    Notorious BIG biopic

    I don't know how movie is going to turnout.I'll probably go see it, because its Biggie. I already know the story, having watched documentaries and other news on him, I just have a feeling im going to be disappointed for the movie.
  3. ant_7000

    The sports coverage and announcing thread

    Who knows, D.J. could be a good announcer but he just kinda there for the ride working with Hawk, sometimes he'll call Hawk out on the goofy shit he says, so it'll probably be the same with Farmer. Singleton is a better baseball analyst than commentator, so it worked out for him, Farmer wasn't giving him a chance to talk. Hawk is definitely going to step it up be less of a homer now he has Stone as his partner.
  4. ant_7000

    Weekend Box Office Report

  5. ant_7000

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    Since I work at a cellphone store, where a lot of customer stupidity happens. I get alot of people annoy me, that I want to beat them with their phone. I got a guy that came in the store today pissed, because I told that I couldn't take a required data feature off his phone to save him money. Im like you had phone for 6 months, and now you don't the phone more. Then he goes into typical "Im the Victim of they cellphone business" mode saying were screwing him. Then had this old man getting pissed at me because I couldn't cash his rebate check at the store, do we look like a fucking bank muthafucka? Oh, another thing I hate when people return the phone, usually stuff is never put back in the box and they're missing something that came with the phone. So when tell them I can't it back they get the nerve to get mad, im like shit did we sell this to you like that?
  6. ant_7000

    San Francisco

    Im going to SF in october for a wedding, so what kind of hip hop clubs can I go to? What other tours that haven't been mentioned that I can go to?
  7. ant_7000

    Bernie Mac Dead

    RIP, man. I liked him in Above the Rim, and Friday.
  8. ant_7000

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    I work in the cellphone industry, it has to be worst retail known to man. I got to deal with idiot customers all fucking day. Some customers approach to a cellphone is similar to crack, they're addicted to phone and something happens to phone they go thru withdrawal.
  9. ant_7000

    The NBA Offseason Thread

    Milwaukee is not a bad city, There things to do in the summer, like summerfest is cool, and trips to to Wisconsin Dells is fun. Now that I got an itch for gambling, i'll probably going to the casino there frequently.
  10. ant_7000

    The NBA Offseason Thread

    I was a little a bit of that Warriors and Mavs game, and I have to say Anthony Randolph was impressive. I don't think he'll have a low post game, he's more of a slasher/ball handler more of a Lamar Odom type of player.
  11. ant_7000

    School me on the ATL

    Its like part of the culture there, its like "after work lets go to the strip club." "Im bored, lets go to the strip club." You have neighborhood bars in the other cities, over there its neighborhood strip clubs.
  12. ant_7000

    School me on the ATL

    I went to Boomers because that my first time visiting in ATL, so I didn't know what kind of club it was. It was a backup plan to go there, because originally I was going go to 20 Grand nightclub, but someone with me wasn't able to get in. Then we went to Boomers, then I find out this is a white strip club that do only table dances and serves no alcohol. They fucking charge me almost 4 dollars for a sprite in a glass. There was bald white chick there wasn't bad, and there was one black dancer there too, she wore alot of makeup (might be the same person your talking about) my brother got her number. She was going to hangout with us, but she ended up not going. Now, Strokers I had some fun. Alot of variety there, I was broke when I went so me and brother was just fucking with strippers and shit. They were getting pissed because we weren't tipping them. I mean they walking around giving other dudes lap dances naked sitting right next to me, thats good enough for me. Pleasers was a last minute bachleor party, wasn't feeling the girls that much, bunch of hood chicks that happen to strip.
  13. ant_7000

    School me on the ATL

    I stayed in Norcross the last time I went in May, for a 70 dollar a night hotel it had a kitchen. Im staying there for now on. But as far as the malls, Lenox is my favorite even with the gays hanging out there, its the building thing that got me sold. I like Atlantic Station too, so much to do there but the stores there are expensive. As far as strip clubs go the only ones i've been to was Strokers, Pleasers, and Boomers. Strokers was fun, eventhou I was broke at the time I went. I want to move there now, after my fbrother and dad said its been good for them money wise, and job market is solid since they move there.
  14. ant_7000

    School me on the ATL

    Despite the traffic and everything seems far away. I still want to move to the ATL. The atmosphere got me sold, I usually go every year now. The thing I don't like about the A is, Its a little too materialistic as far as women goes, they want guys with fancy shit. I mean going to the mall is like going to a club. Also, its the "black mecca" for gays, Chicks assume your gay off the bat as defense mechanism. I guess the fine ass women and strip clubs make up for the gays I guess. I do like the public transportation thou, its like easiest and conveinent (if live you near the city) transportation I've seen.
  15. ant_7000

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Damn, 50 is wrong for recording this conversation with Young Buck, which pretty much is Buck crying and pretty much begging to getting back into G-Unit. Link