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  1. ivpvideos

    Vince Mcmahon calls TNA programming "Reprehensible"

    You guys are totally overthinking this. I bet Vince has never even seen TNA. He said what he said to get over being PG now, it had nothing to do with TNA. He was putting his company over. As for smackdown ratings vs. TNA ratings, network TV is rated differently than cable so the ratings are not even remotely close.
  2. ivpvideos

    Squash Matches

    1. They were running low on time for the Event. 2. JBL was pretty banged up and injured. I do not think he could have taken too many bumps and I believe it was stated that he was fine with the way things went. He just wanted his last match to be at WrestleMania and in his homestate of Texas. Plus, JBL has stated that Rey is a close friend of his, so I don't think he minded. I bet it was even JBL's idea, it makes perfect sense. Evil heel hypes a big announcement for weeks. Evil heel talks trash to the ring. Babyface shuts him up in 23 seconds, making the evil heel look like a fool Evil heel cowers away into retirement due to shame. Not everyone deserves a Ric Flair farewell. JBL got to go out at the biggest show of the year putting over his good friend Rey Mysterio huge. I doubt he would have wanted it any other way.
  3. ivpvideos

    Was Chris Kreski's run really that great?

    The thing that truly killed Tazz's push in the WWE was the signing of the Radicals. He was put over huge in his debut against Angle, and then a few weeks later WWE has four new guys to push hard and Tazz gets put on the backburner.
  4. ivpvideos


    Pretty much how I feel. Too many episodes were dedicated to the storyline if that's it I have a weird feeling his father is going to try to hunt down the "Cheerleader from California" with the healing powers that Sylar mentioned.
  5. ivpvideos

    Where are they now?

    Baby Doll is doing an autograph signing in Houston for Booker T's thing Wrestlemania weekend. www.bookertlow.com is the website.
  6. ivpvideos

    Biggest "Drop the Ball" Moment in Ever

    But said angle stopped doing big business about a month later. It isn't even just a matter of the money you pay them. Say you give Hogan/Hall/Nash huge contracts, then when renewal time comes around Austin/Rock/Angle want huge contracts as well. Then it trickles down to the midcard and they want more money. It would have completely changed the WWE pay scale not just for that time, but for years and years in the future. Vince made the right choice to wait until the Turner money dried up and then give those guys WWE scaled contracts.
  7. ivpvideos

    Weekend Box Office Report

    I am always under the belief that if Chris Farley didn't die, he would be looked at today the same way we look at David Spade.
  8. ivpvideos

    NFL Week 17

    the indivdual players are fighting to be allowed to stay on the team next year. That is why losing teams play hard.
  9. ivpvideos

    Scott Hall arrested

    To be fair, I don't even think that Hall knew it was a roast. He staggered in drunk about halfway into it right before that comedian started. Hall wasn't part of the roast and was just wondering around booing and for whatever reason yelling that B. Brian Blair kills territories.
  10. ivpvideos

    Scott Hall arrested

    The roast itself was pretty funny in the beginning, but then after the Hall incident all the drunk idiot fans wouldn't shut up so I ended up just leaving and missing the ending. Highlights include "Hey Nikolai, can you see Sarah Palin's house from your house?" "Bill Apter, you have real bad dandruff. Wipe it off before Muraco comes over and starts snorting it" Bob Backlund gets up on the podium, doesn't say anything for over a minute. Fan starts yelling so Backlund gets in his face and starts screaming at him to shut up, using a ton of big words. Then he goes back to the podium, says thank you, and sits down. "Tom Brandi says in his shoot interview that he was happy that he was in the Rumble for three minutes, while JBL was in the rumble for 37 minutes. Yah, great to be happy about that, one guy is a millionaire and the other goes from town to town selling photos of Del Wilkes"
  11. ivpvideos

    Scott Hall arrested

    I was there. Cops came but hall wasn't arrested. The joke was "iron sheik, your career has fallen faster than owen hart did" Hall rushed the stage and shoved himagainst the wall. No punches. The crowdhated the owen joke and cheered hall coming in
  12. ivpvideos

    NFL Week 6

    When I went to a Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens game in Cleveland with Raven gear on, some random 50 year old drunk guy tried to tackle me and beat my ass. Luckily I was with ten other people and it was taken care of. Good times.
  13. ivpvideos

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Given Morishima's position in NOAH, it's a pretty safe bet he's making a fair bit more than $50,000 a year. Not only that, he gets several weeks off a year, gets trans and hotel paid for, and doesn't have to deal with a lot of the bullshit that he would if he were to go to WWE. If Morishima were to get a good push, and that's a very big if, he could earn comparable to what he's making in NOAH, but he'd probably wind up with less at the end of the day because of the expenses he's liable for. On the other hand, and this is the major lure a spot in WWE offers, if he does have a good run in WWE, or even a half-decent one, he's going to return to NOAH a much bigger star than when he left. Long-term, Morishima, and NOAH, might feel it worth taking the hit, because of the potential rewards, both to Morishima and NOAH. Considering americans like Nigel and American Dragon get paid thousands per tour, I am sure the main eventer and heavyweight champion gets paid a lot more than $50,000 per year.
  14. ivpvideos

    Tales of Restaurant Misbehavior

    One time in High School we took a field trip to downtown Baltimore, and during lunch we could go wherever we want. A group of 10 of us went to the nearby hooters. We had this foreign kid in our class and after we ate, we were talking about dessert. We convinced him to order the "putang pie" which he believed to be a chocolate pie. He ordered it and we all just about died laughing as we got thrown out of the hooters. Great times.
  15. ivpvideos

    Wrestling Observer Newsletter - Canadian Stampede

    Oh yeah... the "staticus" as we would call it in our youth. I know I'm pathetic. Never called it staticus, but man... I "listened" to a ton of ppv's that way. I did that a lot too. Scramble-vision is what we called it. Back before I had the internet, this was the absolute best and I would go to sleep listening to the matches.