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Chuck Woolery

SWF Storm Card, 5-13-05!

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The Smartmarks Wrestling Federation presents...


(10:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM PST; check local listings)


The SWF invades Sydney, Australia on the eve of two VERY big matches, neither of which has been announced yet but both of which will occur on next Wednesday's super-Lockdown, LIVE from Japan! Until then, however, the SWF will touch down in Sydney with a preview show that you WON'T want to miss!






Wildchild (SWF Cruiserweight Champion) v. Insane Luchadore (SWF Hardcore Champion)

-> It's a night of firsts for the new, more hardcore-centric version of SWF Storm. This is the first time that the Hardcore championship will not be defended, as Insane Luchador chases 'better' things -- Cruiserweight gold, against the Wildchild! Will the Cruiserweight title find a home with the only actual luchadore in the fed, or will it stay with the Bahama Bomber?

Rules: None.

Word Limit: 6500

Marker: chirs3



SPECIAL GUEST COMMENTATOR: Toxxic, the SWF World Heavyweight Champion

Ejiro Fasaki v. "Maniac" Bryan Rodgers

-> When the World champion is sitting in on your second match in the federation, you know you've got it made. Such is the case for the SWF's newest Maniac, Bryan Rodgers, who pulled off an impressive victory over Martin Hunt on Smarkdown. Rodgers is a bad, bad man, and he looks like he'll fit right in on a bad, bad show on Storm. In his first appearance on Storm, he'll be taking on Ejiro Fasaki, who's run off a string of victories since bringing in his sister Melissa to keep him on the straight and narrow. Under the watchful eye of Toxxic, something is bound to go wrong for one of these two men... but which one?

Rules: None!

Word Limit: 5000

Marker: Justice




Lil' Buck v. Jay Hawke (SWF International Champion)

-> This match is also known as the "Drink and Drink and Drink and Drink and Drink and Drink and Fight" match. Hawke sips on chardonnay, while Lil' Buck is all the time sippin' drank and blowin' dank, and when these two types of drunks collide you better watch out, it's gon' be ON. Can Jay Hawke maintain his technical focus when he's in the club gettin' tipsy, or will Lil' Buck's half-drunken brawling prove effective once again?

Rules: A coin will be flipped at the beginning of the match. Whoever loses this coin toss will take a shot of Hot Damn! 100 proof cinnamon flavored alcohol at the one minute mark. The winner of the coin toss will take a shot of Hot Damn! at the two minute mark. They will alternate shots until a pinfall occurs. Also, no rules otherwise, and the International title is not on the line.

Word Limit: 5000

Marker: Chuck Woolery



"Hollywood" Spike Jenkins v. "The Franchise" Mak Francis

-> Why are they fighting again? Spike lost to Mak... but needs to avenge himself, if only in his own eyes, before he can go after Toxxic again. Mak, meanwhile, is sliding, and feels that an old opponent may be just the thing to get him back in the swing of things. Can Mak keep his Franchise tag, or will Spike show just how Hollywood he is?

Rules: Normal wrestling rules.

Word Limit: 5500

Marker: Ace309



SPECIAL GUEST ANNOUNCER: Johnny Dangerous, one-half of the SWF Tag Team Champions!

Arch Griffon and Manson v. Martin Hunt and Danny Dagda

-> Arch Griffon and Manson are on a tear, and if the rumour mill is working properly they're going to get some VERY good news on Storm. Until then, here's a couple of jobbers. Kill them, would you?

Rules: None.

Word Limit: None, although I'm sure it won't take long.

Marker: chirs3


Also Appearing: Too many names to mention. Just watch the show!

Edited by Chuck Woolery

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Wow, the first show in weeks where I'm fully available to write, and I'm not booked.


That is NOT a complaint, by the way. Merely an observation.

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No love for Adelaide, the place that brought us more Aussies than any other city?


Meh, it's just Australia, not like they matter.


So, let me get this straight, every minute, either Buck or Jay will be taking a shot of Hot Damn!, but nothing else, or am I confuseded?

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You're wrestling. Every minute the action stops, or presumably if you're in a hold it continues, and the designated wrestler takes a shot of cinammon schnapps.

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I would probably hate this match if I was watching it on Raw.


But I could definitely use one to just have fun with, so I'm gonna thank you, win or lose.

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