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November Reign Feedback

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Alrighty. Very, very solid show, from the gigantic writing efforts of guys like Alf, PFL and what will be a very long IronTag; to the entertaining title matches, surprising title changes, and even more surprising alignments and returns. Yes, I knew ahead of time that I was returning, but even I was surprised to see that I had written something. I'm off to read the show in much greater detail, and until such time as I return, well done guys.

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Seeing as I've still got my two main characters' matches to come, I'll hold off on feedback. I will say PFL did an awesome job in particular with the Torneo Cibernetica. Also, I hope Tony is okay with the ending to Bohemoth/Brannigan. Had I time last night, I'd have run it by him just incase, but I didn't, so meh.

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Here's my feedback.


Wow this show in real life would have been like 5 hours long! I had to read in shifts because it was wearing me out, but I mean that in a good way.


What an opening match. The hate between the Rockers and NNMX/SCM was great. I'm glad to see the Sooner Bruisers come out on top as they're one of my favorite teams.


LOL @ The Crazy Vampire~!! commercial.


Man the Women's match was long...I don't mean that in a bad way though. When the knife was pulled out I thought we were going to have another Tank Abbott/Big Al incident. Nice to see the El Chica/Pantera feud still going. I want to see a singles match between the two.


Tony/Bohemoth was a great old school back and forth beating. It's good to see the Originals get a win. We'll see what the other side of this equation looks like when the Black/Wright match goes up.


I'll feedback the Tag Title match when it comes in.


Deadly Alliance/S.H.I. was great. I thought it was going to be an outright squash for a bit. The "everyone jump to the outside" bit did get a little outrageous, but the rest of the match made up for it.


Vitamin X/Otaku II surprised me in it's shortness. I guess this feud will continue after that.


Awesome "Climax" graphic.


I'll review Black/Wright when it comes in.


Whoooo new X-Champ baby!


I loved Axel's promo as it leaves you wanting to see how it pans out.


Okay the main event. I'm going to be honest here and I don't mean any offense but I've gotta give my opinion on this. All in all it was an entertaining match, but it kept bugging me when PRL would hit a good sequence of moves and then instead of making a cover would pull SJ up and whip him to the ropes only to have it reversed. I guess this is a character quirk though. The ending came out of nowhere and then PRL and SJ make up and are buds again. I thought we were actually going to get a face turn. In real life the fans would have been highly pissed about this.

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Also, I hope Tony is okay with the ending to Bohemoth/Brannigan.


Perfectly fine. Enjoyed every sentence of it. I honestly wasn't expecting my character to win.


From actual written advertisements to the pacing of the show, NGA did an fine job on what I believe was the first PPV he's ever posted. If I'm wrong on that, and I might be, my apologies.


Liked the opening. Much different than the "video packages" we're accustomed to.


Torneo Cibernetica: Long, but wow. Just wow. Helluva job.


S.H.I.-DA: I think the recap may have been longer than the actual match! :lol: I was about to say Sandman's entrance is hilarious if you imagine Michael Buffer saying it when I read Alf's side comment. It's funny because it's true.


As far as the match goes, it was very good. Alf being the first member of his team to be eliminated really surprised me, especially since I thought it was going to be a clean sweep for the DA after they got a couple of quick eliminations. The squence between Brock & Sandman was great.


VX-Otaku: Solid bout. Did a good job playing up Otaku's concussion.


Whoa! The Climax logo is cool.


Parka-PK: Good match. Liked the post-match activity, with PK attacking Parka after Parka offered his hand in respect. Congrats to the new champ.


Very good promo from Axel. I like how he's playing it netural but asking to be woo'd at the same time.


Reading the intros of the main event, I'm glad NR isn't a WWE event. Imagine all the WWF edits. I would of gotten a big laugh if the "F" was cut off after the WW, though.


PR-SJ: The match was fine, but I was a bit disappointed with the finish. Not to the match, but the aftermath. This summed it up best: "This doesn’t make any sense. PRL and Stephen Joseph were just tearing into each other not even ten minutes ago! And now, they’ve reformed their alliance? How is that possible?"


Maybe if that would of been saved for HD.

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Are all the matches in now? I read the shorter matches (S.H.I./DA, VX-Otaku), Tony/Bo, my match (once again, nice job Parka) and the main event (and I also thought PRL and SJ suddenly being buddies again was kind of off).


The presentation was pretty good, but I'll hold off full beefbaq until the other matches are up.

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Tag Title Match feedback.


Great match. For awhile I thought GPX were going to win it, but it's nice to see a Iron Man Match end clean and without the dramatic SUDDEN DEATH that seems to happen most of the time nowdays.

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Good main event...I was REALLY feelin' the SJ/PR hand slap at the end. I'm excited as to where it might lead. If it goes how I think it might, I could really get into PR as a legit main eventer.

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Feedback from me!:


-Cool opening. Christian Wright always makes me laugh whenever he talks like that. PIMPOETH~! That has to be used again.


-I'm disappointed there wasn't no video package to open the show. I was thinking of writing one myself in the style of those old NBA on NBC openings narrated by Marv Albert. I was going to use the NBA on NBC theme song and everything. Also, I was thinking, can I be like the pay-per-view theme song guy? I'll choose what song will be the theme song for the pay-per-view, so that you guys can add the song to your video packages and it can be used in the opening, etc. I was thinking of having "Falling Apart" by TRUSTcompany be the theme song for November Reign 2005.


-I remember when the teams wrestling in the elimination matches at Survivor Series use to have names like the 4x4s and the King's Court. I miss that. Nice to see it being brought back with Jim Cornette Enterprises vs. Rock N' Wrestling. Good match. I always love Survivor Series Elimination Matches. Loved The Sooner Bruisers being the sole survivors.


-A Jay Richards DVD? Well that one came out of left field. But I liked the commercial. The line about "a crappy gimmick" made me laugh. I wonder how well a Jay Richards DVD would sell?


-The OAOAST has a bigger Women's Division than WWE. I don't know if I should be happy or sad about that. I've never heard of the Torneo Cibernetica so this was a learning experience for me. Phoniex Fury Legdrop has done a great job with the Women's Division and this match proved it. It reminded me of the women's match from Survivor Series 1987. The one where I think the Jumping Bomb Angels got over by wowing the crowd. If this match was real, I could see all the women getting over huge. The part where Confusia and Generico were discussing a gameplan and El Dandy's name was mentioned and then Generico "hulked up" for no reason made me laugh. Great match. Long, but great. Hey PFL, you can use Ms. Lindsay Gonzalez anytime you want to in your Women's Division matches. It's all right with me.


-I just like to say that the Erotic Awakening of B is the funniest name for a finishing move that I've ever heard. I liked Coach heeling it up during the T-Bod/Bohemoth match. Good match. I always like big man vs. big man matches. If I was Meltzer, I'd give this match ***. Tony countering the spinebuster with a DDT was boss. I was surprised that Bohemoth kicked out of the Rude Awakening the first time. The Goldberg cameo at the end was great. "...I like motorbikes."


-Ha! The OAOAST November Reign contest winner can't speak english!


-White guys with dreadlocks looks funny to me. Whatever happened to putting the OAOAST Title belts on the shoulders of the titleholders? I liked that. Zack had the the World Title belt on his shoulder for his matchup graphic for like 4 months when he was the World Champion back in 2004. Anyway, the 30-Minute IronTag Match for the OAOAST World Tag Team Championships was awesome. Awesome. Awesome! I can't say awesome enough. I wish this match was real, because it would be the Match Of The Year. Oh yeah, it was that good. I thought for sure The Global Party Exchange would finally dethrone The Usual Suspects. I also thought the match would go into Sudden Death. Turns out I was wrong on both accounts. Either way, this match rocked the party that rocks the body. You guys should give yourselves a hand.


-I haven't read much of the 2002 OAOAST. I think the only show I've read completly is Bloody, Battered, and Beaten, so I'm clueless when it comes to the original Deadly Alliance. I know about the Deadly Alliance that appeared on IntenseZone in 2003, but that lasted for about 3 weeks or so. I do know who Sandman9000 is, so it's cool that he came back for one night only. Good match, although it seemed short even though Alfdogg timed the match at 15:02. Like I wrote earlier, I'm a mark for Survivor Series Elimination Match so I'm bound to like it, but this was pretty good. The double team moves from ThunderKid and Reject were interesting, and I liked that part of the match where everyone did a high-flying move to the outside. Sandman hitting Brock Ausstin with a billy club disguised as a lighttube was genius! Genius, I tells ya!


-A Six-Man Championship? Cool! Haven't seen those belts since WCW in the early 90's!


-Yea! The Vitamin X-Otaku II match is the sixth match on the show! Woot! The match was going to be longer, but I wrote this match Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. and I still hadn't written the PRL-Popick match, so I had to cut this match short. That's why it was only about 5 minutes long. Hey, VX finally gets a win on pay-per-view!


-That is a damn good logo for Climax. I thought it was Climaxxx with three X's. Either way, everytime I read the word Climax, the word "orgasm" pops into my head.


-I'll feeback the Christian Wright/Dan Black when it's posted.


-THE DREAM MACHINES EXPLODE! That never gets old. When was the last time Peter Knight was a heel? Early 2003? Good match between The Dream Machines. PK heeling it up was nice. Parka's suicide dive into the guardrail reminded me of when Chris Benoit did a suicide dive into the announcer's table backfirst on SmackDown! a few weeks ago in his match against Booker T. PK throwing Parka onto Eddy Kalm was sick, yo! And the Day Of The Dead from the top rope was boss! Way to go Parka! I guess Peter Knight is now a heel, although he's still teaming with Zack Malibu and Leon Rodez in the Six-Man Championship tournament, so I wonder what's going to happen next? So much for a Dream Machines reunion. Still, good match.


-Nice entrance for Axel. Nice promo by Axel. Wow, Axel really hates Stephen Joseph doesn't he? It's good to have him back, and I am really interested in seeing which side he chooses in the OAOAST Civil War. Should be some interesting T.V. (or in this case, interesting writing.)


-Ooh main event time! Glad to see you liked it, Popick. Hope everyone else also enjoyed the match. I wrote this match without sleeping for 31 hours. I was going to save the drawn out introduction for another pay-per-view, but I felt like it fit in here. Why did PRL decide to stick with Popick? TUNE INTO HELDDOWN~! TO FIND OUT!!!


Bottom Line: A great show, better than World Without End, and no, I'm not just saying that just because I main evented. This was a really fun show to read. The matches were solid. I am interested in seeing what happens next with PK, Axel, The Originals and The Upstarts And where was Chicks Over Dicks? I wanted to see them on the show!


So, all in all, I give this show a major thumbs up.


Match Of The Night: OAOAST IronTag Match for the OAOAST World Tag Team Championships: The Usual Suspects (Champions with Candie) vs. The Global Party Exchange (Challengers with Jamie O' Hara)

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Freakin' awesome IronTag match. Unlike past Iron Man's matches that could've used more falls, everything clicked together in this one. And bonus points for breaking out the airplane spin.


Co-MOTN: IronTag & Torneo Cibernetica

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Ok, I stocked enough provisions to read both the Iron Tag and the Torneo Cibernetica. The IronTag was a nice crescendo on the GPX/Usual Suspects rivalry, but, unlike Tony, I'm of the mindset that an Iron Man match should have a bunch of falls and be kind of like a hockey game or a baseball game, where either teams trade falls until one gets the deciding fall in the last minute, or one team builds a lead and the other makes the comeback to tie it, leading to them winning or losing in a heartbreaking fashion. That's just me, though.


The Cibernetica certainly was different. It was a tad confusing to follow at first, but PFL did a good job explaining what was going on and kept the action going.


I was a tad surprised to see Tony win, to tell you the truth.

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8-Man Elimination

Much longer than it seemed scanning through. Tony's writing style is like that though, using 10 words where I'd end up using 30...and believe me, if I could write the other way freely, I would. Anyway. Entertaining stuff here. I was surprised at how long the match seemed to go with no eliminations, until the double (or quadruple, I guess) DQ, when it all made sense. Once Simon went, it might have been better to have Ned run for the hills rather than try and fight 2 on 1. Seems more in character. Depends on who's being protected more though, I guess. Other than that though, thumbs up.


Torneo Cibernetica

Yowza! Hell of a long match. I haven't seen any Cibernetica matches, personally. And I got lost a couple of times and had to check who was on who's team again, with the divided allignments. Each of the eliminations seemed to have some story to it, rather than just happening, which for a match with 11 eliminations is impressive. One WTF moment with the knife. Certainly different. But, seriously, awesome stuff.



This is the first match in forever that I've wrote and felt really good about afterwards. Most of my matches for the past 4/5 months have for one reason or another either been horribly rushed, gone to cheap finishes or had finishes tacked on at the end to meet deadlines. Luckily, I actually managed to finish the bulk quite early by not being so 'wordy' and focus on the finish.



...which is probably because I did pretty much dick all for this. :P So, kudos to Zack first and foremost. I'm not sure what moveset he's using for me, but I still seem a little too flippy at the start. Oh well, no biggy. Is it sad that until this match, I didn't know what a "hat rack" was? Bitches be trippin'. The finish was all Zack's idea and it came off brilliant. Kudoses again to Zack.


SHI/Deadly Alliance

Hey, a videp recap. We don't do enough of them. Spot-O-Mania to begin with. That fourman Fallaway Slam was crazy. If it were anyone other than Sandman, I'd probably question why there's a lighttube under the ring, but it's Sandy. Big surprise that Alf went first for the DA. I like how Stevens is basically letting Brock do all the work. More lightubage and for some reason, No DQ? Then again, I guess I wouldn't argue with Brock if I was a scrawny referee either. The third lighttube spot bugs me a little though, because there seems to be no way the referee didn't see it are wouldn't call the DQ. Maybe this one should have been No DQ, but besides the relaxed rules, still very good stuff. Alf's really done great with the CSI since he took them up.



A short match...thank God, a short match. About damn time. Obviously, PRL had other stuff to concentrate on so it's understandable that this is short. At least it makes sense to be so short though, with Otaku's concussion angle.



Man, PK's a dick here. Like it. The story with PK and his recent attitude adjustment is handled very well, although at times he seems a little too heelish, for a tweener. Decent match. I had to check PK's stats again, because with his picbase Nash, I subconsciously expect him to wrestle like Nash. Kinda like Axel with his Taker picbase. But yeah, decent match, brutal finish. I liked the beatdown at the end and the spot where Kalm was taken out was fantastic dick heelism.


Axel Promo

Man, people never use songs I've heard of for theme music. Axel is back! Huzzah! I guess he didn't find an opponent after all, because he's got THE STICK~! Yay, I got a mention. Ooh, he's shooting. Axel's shooting, brutha! World Cup mention flies over 90% of the fed's heads. Nice little promo, sums up where Axel stands. Or rather, doesn't stand.



Yay for full Buffer intros. Hell, we even get the physicians named. Lightning Crew, most feared stable in wrestling? Eh, you guys don't have Prince Nana, so you're nothing. So, does Popick like being called Popick or not? I guess so, but I swore I remember reading something from someone on one show where he didn't. Not including my match the other week. Oh well. Maybe I imagined it. I know PR's moveset is 'kinda' 'slightly' plagarised from a few people and his similarities to The Rock are...well, 'kinda' 'slightly' obvious...but I enjoyed this match a lot. The dynamic between Popick and PRL was played up very well. The handshake at the end didn't bother me too much. Might have been best left until HD, sure. But PRL is loyal to SJ anyway and PRL needed to do something to go back to heeldom. To be honest, I kinda liked the finish actually.



I, personally, am not all that keen on the way the early 2 counts are hidden in amongst the prose...which isn't just a PR thing, I noticed it in a couple of matches. Just a personal quirk of mine.


That very minor thing aside (and that's me being pretty anal), one hell of a show. Reading every word took me a long ass time, but I managed it. So, I'm going to pass out now. But, from what I can recall with my haphazard memory, this is probably getting my vote for PPV of the year come Year End Awards time. Thumbs way up. Kudoses to all and sundry. Great show.

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I had to check PK's stats again, because with his picbase Nash, I subconsciously expect him to wrestle like Nash.




You're off my Christmas card list this year, KC. I couldn't find a good pic of blonde, buzz-cutted Nash (which is as close as I can get without having to post my SD CAW of PK), but think of him when you envision PK.


Only PK isn't horribly lazy in the ring.

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