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SWF Storm Card for February 21, 2007

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From the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington, as the Pacific Rim tour continues!


If no marker is listed, send to Ace309



Landon Maddix, #1 Contender to the SWF World Championship, vs. Tracey "Big Bully" Bruner

~ As precipitated by the events on the House of Marvelous!

Standard rules.

Word limit: 5000


SUB-MAIN - With prizes for all!

Alan Clark © vs. Michael Stephens

~ Stephens won this shot by defeating Alan Clark last week. This makes Tom Flesher unhappy. Tom Flesher will rectify this situation.

Standard rules. Clark's title may be won in the normal fashion. If Clark wins, however, he'll receive a shot at SWF World Champion Gabriel Drake before Landon Maddix gets to him!

Word limit: 4500



The Cadillac Boys vs. Insane Luchador and Jimmy the Doom vs. Asia Underground

~ When do two guys who have faced each other more than Annie Eclectic and Xero end up as teammates? When they're hardcore! With the newly-returned Asia Underground on a winning streak and the Cadillac Boys coming off two tough singles losses, the hardcore heroes are set to play the spoiler!

One fall. First pin or submission wins.

Word limit: 5000



JJ Johnson vs. Zyon

~ Zyon took Matt Myers to the limit and took home the win in a hardcore match last week! Now, the plucky Unique Youth will take on the Silent Assassin, JJ Johnson, in Johnson's environ of choice - the pure wrestling match!

Pure rules. Three ropebreaks, closed fist costs you a ropebreak and then leads to a DQ, 20-count on the outside.

Word limit: 4000




Ricky Barbosa vs. Matt "Insert Gimmick Here" Myers (with James "Insert Adjunct Gimmick Here" Matheson) vs. Manson

~ Myers took a tough loss to Zyon. Barbosa took an entirely expected loss to Gabriel Drake. Now, one of these wrestlers will have the chance to bounce back, but they'll have to go through MANSON to get there! The winner is very likely to have the song Yakety Sax in his future.

No rules. First pin or submission wins.

Word limit: 4000



Gabriel Drake gets the night off. He'll probably promo or something


Showing goal rate: 72.7% (8 written matches, not counting Bruner, who WC may or may not write depending on time)

Edited by Ace309
added a marker for johnson/zyon

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Lovely. I get not only my worst type of match a three-way, but I get the added bonus of hardcore rules.


Sweet, I love self-inflicted punishments. *goes off to find out just what the hell "Insert Gimmick Here" is for*

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Myers was a jobber. We made fun of him by giving him a different gimmick every show. He's the Cosplay Master.


Now Bruce Blank is writing Myers. He kept the "Cosplay Master" gimmick, and James Matheson, who is functionally Jim Cornette, has been forced to play along by taking a complementary gimmick.

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Clark vs Stephens.


*Ding-ding* Round Two.


...and I'm all outta bubblegum!


Tom, I can mark a match if you need me to.

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Well it beats Batman & Robin that's for sure (I mean Matheson with those winged boots and green undies?), if not this time maybe... hmmmmm.... *brews a plot*

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