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Guest My Pal, the Tortoise

TSM Poster Tournament 2008: The Round of 32

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The Milk - Still awesome

Ripper - Ripper hates me less.

Venkman - Kicked my ass.

KKK - Keeps me busy during football season.


KKC - Good dude.

King - Rancho!

Slayer - <3

Mole - Upset!


Alf - He's not Czech.


VX - I Hope thy Pack wins today too.



BL - Goin to the final 4.


Cheech - This was tough, but I gotta stick with the home team.


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I went to bed at 12:30 this morning and woke up at 6:30. This thread hadn't even been posted when I left and it already has 30 posts


Anyways, it already gets hard to write good captions that don't devolve into "sorry X, I like Y better" when the shit gets weeded out


Indian Basic Silk

Milky - MIB is good, but Milk is Milk (it is what it is)

Agent - If he wins he's gonna blast Stratovarius at his victory parade

Venkman - I haven't seen an Ontarioan Civil War like this since the Rudo-Curry MMA bout/knife fight

KKK - Two kidneys are greater than one


Help I'm The Rock

NYU - The noose broke once. Will the second time be the charm?

909 - Koh-ab alternates between doing alright and trying to hard

Slayer - A rematch of the Final Four from two years ago. Where're your gimmicks now

Treb - Treb would have nothing to say about this, and neither do I


Counterculture Beat

Czech - sorry X, I like Y better

Kinetic - In his honor I'm, putting punctuation where; it doesn't belong?

Vitamin X - He'll be unstoppable when the Mexican vote finally kicks in

Barron - I like EHMEl Dandy, but again, I need to feel better about last year. Think of it as a strength-of-schedule thing



Kreese - Even though Lushus will probably flop his way through the bracket

Inc - Some of us still remember how it used to be. There were concerts in the park... People seemed to laugh more then.

Al Keiper - Wins the battle against Al Keiper-Lite

Smues - I still like Smues

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Indiana Basil Silt

Milky - There's no stopping him

Agent - For doing drugs and "viciously" moderating

Venkman - He's been published on wrestlingobsever.com, so I know Dave would vote for him

Matt Young - KKK beat me last year and I hold a grudge

Help I'm A Rock

NYU - I've always been a fan

909 - KOAB's "drunken ramblings" gimmick wears thin at times

Slayer - Even though he still hasn't given up on the Kreese = Inc stuff

Treble - A penny means NONE for you, Mole!


Culture Beat

Czech - He's been going through a tough couple of weeks, what with the chance of a Barry Obama presidency, he needs support in these trying times

Kinetic - I'd like to help him pursue perfection

Vitamin X - I know who Ashley Tisdale would vote for

Barron - He's Bob freakin' Barron



Kreese - I don't like my chances

Inc - My hero

Al Keiper - For being a northeastern PA'er

Smues - Leave Leena alone!

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Milky: No offense to Man in Blak who is a pretty cool dude but this is another squash for the mighty Milky.

Ripper: A real close one, both are mainstays here and great posters but it came down to the fact Agent voted against me.

Dr. Venkman: One of my favorites. Canadian Guitarist is pretty good but Venkman in a walk.

kkktookmybabyaway: Matt Young doesn't really deserve to advance after last round's debacle.



Me: Sorry NYU

King: Another toss up. I just wanted to see the Clash of Two Kings in Round 3

Slayer: Slayer has just been around more this year and is a rock here.

Treble: Another toss up here, can't explain why I really went with Treble. Think I just like him a bit more.


Czech: I like Alfdogg but I really like Czech

Kinetic: My 2nd favorite poster here

Gary Floyd: Nice guy. I like Vitamin X too so this was a close one.

El Dandy: Another coin toss one.


Black Lushus

Incadenza:The master beats the pupil

alkeiper: See above

Scroby: Eh, I don't really know either that well. But I like Scroby's blog

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I'm not one to bitch about seeding.... wait a minute, yes i am. Slayer in the 2nd round! c'mon, fuckin czech. oh well, here goes.


Milky - even though he voted for Slayer

Ripper - toss up, both are ok dudes.

CanadianGuitarist - golf club, plus venkman voted for slayer

Matt Young - sorry kkk, had to repay the vote


KKC- whatever

KOAB - squashed the beef

Carnival - c'mon y'all UPSET, LET'S DO EET!

Mole - i hope he wins so i can beat him, HA


Czech - all the way!

Snuffbox - whatever

Gary Floyd - i'm a little hurt he voted for slayer, but not hurt enough to vote for VX.

Bob Barron - Toss up.


Black Lushus - he wants the crown this year!

MacPhisto - why not.

Cheech - i think Al's a slayer mark

Scroby- repay the vote!


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Man in Blak - Milky's a nazi faggot.

Ripper - Black Power

CanadianGuitarist - Venkman's a whiny vagina, plus a faggot

KKK - The only way I'll vote for a man with KKK in his name, Matt Young touches little boys balls.


NYU - KKC admitted he is a faggot and sucks the cock.

KOAB - Black Power >>> Faggot from Cali

Carnival - Based on the fact that Slayer beat JN News, that is the biggest load of shit!

Mole - random vote


Alfdogg - Random vote

Kinetic - snuffbox's a faggot

Both are faggots, neither are not worthy of my vote. They can go suck each other off for all I care.

Barron - Barron's a faggot, but EHME's Torn Condon is a creepy, faggot, e-stalker.


Black Lushus - Black Power

Edwin - Randon Vote

alkeiper - Cheech is a fag

Scroby - He's good people.



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Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Milky-again, I must post in other folders than MiB

Agent-edges out Ripper because of humor and fewer asinine arguments

Canadian Guitarist-stands out more to me than Venkman, also, I guess I came here post-Tuxedo Mask, or missed it somehow

Matt Young-see, I found it annoying and lame that he trolled for votes, but Cena's Writer's meltdown in the last thread made me sympathetic to Matt




NYU-I'm just not all that familiar with KKC for some reason

King-easy vote

Slayer-another easy vote

Mole-Battle of Who Gets to Get Slaughtered by Slayer in the Next Round






Vitamin X-brings the pain in the food folder

Torn Condom-solid poster




SJK-I don't have any problem with BL, but I don't get the crazy love he gets

Edwin MacPhisto-this was the toughest vote of this round, but Incandenza's cock posts pushed him down a notch

Al Keiper-meh


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Indian Basin Silt


Milky---Again, always entertaining.

Agent---See Milky.

Venkman---Quality every time. Nice guy, too.

Matt Young---Close call. I flipped a coin.



Help, I'm a Rock


KKC---Should be on everyone's radar as a poster to watch for this year. Came on strong!

KOAB---Another tough one.

Slayer---Not even close.

Treble---How did Mole win?



Culture Beat


Czech---I like both of these guys, but I don't converse with Alf as much anymore.

Kinetic---He has been bringing the funk. Not like girls that don't wash.

gary floyd---Good all-around poster.

El Dandy---I like Bob, so losing to him wouldn't be bad.





Lushus---In a CLOSE battle, Lushus gets the nod. I cheer for both guys.

Inc---This is a tough round to select from.

Cheech---I flopped back and forth on this one, but I am going with the newer phenomenon of the two.

Smues---That was meant to be a tongue in cheek remark in the PM, Smues. Sorry!

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#1 Milky

#5 Agent

#7 CanadianGuitarist - Nothing personal, I like both these guys.

#6 KKK



#1 King Kamala Classic - Yeah, I hold grudges.

#4 Kingofthe909

#2 Slayer

#6 Treble



#1 Czech

#12 snuffbox

#2 VX

#6 Bob Barron



#1 Black Lushus

#5 Edwin

#7 Cheech

#3 Smues - Sorry, I can't vote for anyone Carlito thinks is "good people."

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1. Man in Blak - Previously mentioned reasons & Milky refuses to vote for me.

5. Agent - The Boxing Clause

2. Dr Venkman - Thanks for the vote, friend!

3. Matt Young - He voted for me. What a buddy.



Abstain - Kamala is trying waaaay too hard these days to fit in. And he just can't seem to figure out how to type in 'snuffbox' rather than my opponent's name. I'm not familiar with NYU

4. King - Easy vote here. Boxing vs. a guy that didn't vote for me when I needed it most.

2. Carnival - He voted for me. Slayer wont acknowledge the depth of our friendship and I resent that.

14. Mole - Keep the dream alive!



1. Czech - I thought alfdogg had my back in the second round, but no. Is vyce keeping tabs of my votes for Czech?

12. snuffbox - I've already surpassed my expectations for this tough second-round matchup vs. the resurgent (and perfection-pursuing) Kinetic. I hope you are all as proud of me as I am.

2. VX - Tough choice here as both have supported me in this tournament, and I like both posters. In light of today's football game I give my vote to VX.

11. Bob Barron - I haven't seen him around here much but he's still one of my favorites.


The Powder and the Finger

8. Sensei - Tough vote. Lushus doesn't need any help, Sensei deserves recognitions for all his efforts over the past year.

4. incandenza - His awkward-moments thread turned out pretty well.

10. Cheech - Does Al Keiper need professional help at this point?

6. Scroty - He voted for me. Smues fucking forgot he had me in his sig for OVER A YEAR and voted for my opposition.

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Indiana Silt Basin


1: Milky

4: Ripper

7: CanadianGuitarist

6: KKK


Help, I'm a Rock


1: K Kamala C

4: King


14: Mole


Culture Beat


1: Czech

4: Kinetic

2: Vitamin X

6: Bob Barron




1: Black Lushus

4: Incandenza

2: Alkeiper

3: Smues

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Dr. Venkman

KKK - I can't believe anyone's voting for Matt Young. Dude's seriously the worst poster on the board. What the fuck, people.









Culture Beat



snuffbox - This was tough. Kinetic's a great poster, but snuffbox nominated me and voted for me over Edwin. Debts must be repaid.

VX - gary floyd is probably the dullest poster here. Good taste in music, tho.

bob barron




SJK - Our most underrated poster

Edwin - I don't want the dude who beat me to get bitched out in the very next round.

al keiper

I'm going to abstain from the last one because I don't care about either one.









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Man in Blak over Milky — Milky didn't masturbate to me.

Agent over Ripper — Ginger Snaps lost??? Ok, here's a make-up vote, but you did start a thread called Hi, I banned Anglesault. :(

Dr. Venkman over C-Gui — I could have turned heel on you here for not nominating me, but you're too charming.

KKK over Matt Young — fat fat fat fat fat


King Kamala Classic over NYU — I picked Kamala in the death pool.


Carnival over Slayer — Even though Carnival ranked Ohio State over USC in his final poll. That's just silly.

treble over Mole — I think treble viewed my profile once.


Czech Republic over alfdogg — Sorry alf, I love Czech even when he's a stupid idiot.

Kinetic over snuffbox — I eat raw egg yolks. Not the white or the bag or the string, just the yolk.

Vitamin X over gary floyd — Take THAT, Lovecraft Numbers.

Dandy Condom over bob_barron — Fuck the heck.


SJK over Black Lushus — HEY Sensei I like you!

Edwin MacPhisto over Incandenza — Inc's a fag

Cheech Tremendous over alkeiper — Leena did masturbate to me.

Scroby over Smues — He worked with the Great Muta.

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Vitamin X over gary floyd — Take THAT, Lovecraft Numbers.

Lovecraft was devoured by a Shoggoth.

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Matt Young









Vitamin X

El Dandy


Lushus - I'm pushing for Lushus to win this.





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Guest My Pal, the Tortoise
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Every time someone wrote IBS, this is what I thought.

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I had a roommate that has IBS and mild narcolepsy. We nicknamed him "Poopynap." Maybe I should relate a story or 6 in the "Awkward" thread.

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1- Milky; He's our Pats only more open about his bi-sexuality.


4- Ripper; Still my Darkhorse vote.


2- Dr. V; Ghostbuster's is still awesome


6- KKK; Matt's good, but KKK is one of the first posters I could remember on this board since I was on a Misfits kick when I joined, so... there you have it.


Help, Rock!


1- KKC; Digital Kamala to photo of Kamala? Loves it, that and all I remember about NYU is him in the Joe Torre thread... it wasn't pretty.


4- King (but not of All Blacks); I dig his sports knowledge and his battles with Ripper are fun reads.


2- Slayer; Carnival's name always reminds me of a Juggalo, don't know why, but he do. Metal > ICP


14- Mole; For a seeding "Cinderella" if for nothing else.




8- Alfdogg; His Pacers got ass raped by Utah recently, I figure I could cheer him up with a vote.


4- Kinetic; Snuff took out Pbone which was good, but Kinetic changed his fugly av... which was better.


2- Vit-X; No real reason...


3- El Dandy; Bob knocked out my Upset special in the opener, so I'm holding a grudge, but Dandy would have taken this vote anyways.




1- BL; Indeed...


5- Edwin; Prince told me too.


2- Al; Meh...


6- Scroby; Muta association gets the nod. I love me some Muta.

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Guest My Pal, the Tortoise

Tight races all around, guys.


You're a point guard. You're supposed to distribute.

Milky: I love it when Man in Blak goes into Sports or Music to totally smack down some idiots, but Milky is just a non-stop fountain of entertainment.

Agent: Ripper defeated Ginger Snaps, much to my chagrin, and is not a Bears fan.

Canadian Guitarist: Yes, Venkman is sneaky funny, but CG is obviously cool. How's he not getting more votes? and hey cndngtrst while you're here I cut redbaron because he only had one nom from you, and you two are like the same person

KKK: Because I don't love a close race, not after last time.


Kansas, Kansas, doo-dee-doo-doo-doodoo

NYU: KiKaCla hasn't paid his dues yet. Tony and I have been board buds for three and a half years.


WOW! Look at this. A battle of two Los Angeles Kings. For assistance in voting, I'll consult the greatest Los Angeles King of them all, Luc Robitaille!



"I don't know, eh. Zey are both tres bon dere, eh. Mais zee half-breed, he's too drinky, eh."


I won't defy the will of Lucky Luc. Kingofthe909 it is.


Slayer: Because even though Carnival is endearing, I'm voting for the better poster of the year.

Treble: Polkaroo.


Call Me Insane

Alfdogg: When I won last year, I assumed control of the tournament. When I lose this year, I'm passing it off to someone else. I don't even care if it's Alfdogg. He'd do well.

I will determine this vote by the score of the Packers game at this very moment at 4.37 Central. WHOA IT'S SNOWING LIKE DAMN UP THERE. Clear skies down here at the state line. Okay, fuckin' Packers are winning. Kinetic needs my love more than snuffy does. Kinetic it is.

OH GOD, TWO PACKERS FANS IN A ROW. I'm fuckin' you over too now, Leo. This is a Gary Floyd vote.

Bob Barron: A true Poster of the Year candidate, year in and year out.


Big John's Been Drinkin' Since The River Took Emmy Lou

Kreese: Fuck the heck is this Black Lushus thing? Are we going to re-enact the 2007 brackets every year from here on out? Of course Kreese is better than Lushus. Don't be retarded.

Incandenza: I really respect Edwin's knowledge of music and cooking, but the roommate thread is too good.

Keiper: Don't worry, Cheech, I'll have him shot so that you can assume his role in the Sports folder.

Smues: Oh, hey, let's go with "Guy ''Whitey'' Corngood" for my new name. This is a blatant quid quo pro.

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#1 Milky

#5 Agent

#2 Venkman

#6 KKK



#1 King Kamala Classic

#4 Kingofthe909

#2 Slayer

#6 Treble



#1 Czech d

#4 Kinetic

#7 gary floyd

#6 Bob Barron



#8 Kreese

#5 Edwin

#2 alkeiper

#3 Smues

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