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Cran Da Maniac

Stand up Comic Draft

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Saw this in the idea thread, thought it'd be a good idea.




Same rules as all the others (12 hour time limit/3 missed picks and you're out/Serpentine Order). 20 people and 10 rounds.


If your name is in bold italics, you have missed your pick.





1.)Bill Hicks

2.)Redd Foxx

3.) Eddie Griffin

4.) Jimmy Carr

5.) Richard Lewis

6.) Katt Williams

7.) Paul Mooney

8.) Dr. Ken Jeong

9.) Mike Epps



1.)George Carlin

2.) Dave Chappelle

3.) Sam Kinison

4.) Jim Carrey

5.) WC Fields

6.) Rodney Carrington

7.) Joe Rogan

8.) Billy Crystal

9.) Aries Spears

10.) Brian Posehn



1.)Bill Cosby

2.)Bill Maher

3.) Bob Newhart

4.) Richard Jeni

5.)David Cross

6.) Kathleen Madigan

7.) John Pinette

8.) Alonzo Bodden

9.) Jay Leno

10.) Jeff Foxworthy


4.)Antwon Mitchell

1.)Richard Pryor

2.) Rodney Dangerfield

3.) Martin Lawrence

4.) Steve Martin

5.) Robert Klein

6.) Chris Tucker

7.) Dick Gregory

8.) Michael Blackson

9.)Russell Peters

10.) David Alan Grier



1.)Bernie Mac

2.) Ron White

3.) Damon Wayans

4.) Don "D.C." Curry

5.)D.L Hughley

6.) Rickey Smiley.

7.) Bruce Bruce.

8.) George Wallace

9.) Earthquake

10.)Bill Engvall


6.)Twisted Intestine

1.)Chris Rock

2.) Eddie Murphy

3.) Dane Cook

4.) Robin Williams

5.) Harland Williams

6.) Ralphie May

7.) Carrot Top

8.) Brent BUTT

9.) Bob Saget

10.) Tim Allen



1.) Brian Regan

2.) Jim Gaffigan

3.) Maria Bamford

4.) The Amazing Johnathan

5.) Randy Sklar

6.) Jason Sklar

7.) Gabriel Iglesias

8.) Christopher Titus

9.) Greg Proops

10.) Louis Ramey


8.)Smartly Pretty

1.)Mitch Hedberg

2.)Jerry Seinfeld

3.) Demetri Martin

4.) Kyle Cease

5.) Stephen Lynch

6.) Christian Finnegan

7.) Nick Swardson

8.) Andy Samberg

9.) Eugene Mirman

10.) Michael Ian Black



1.)Dave Attell

2.) Denis Leary

3.)Don Rickles

4.) Dennis Miller

5.) Milton Berle

6.) Andy Kaufman

7.) Gilbert Gottfried

8.) Andrew Dice Clay

9.)Henry Rollins

10.) George Lopez



1.)Eddie Izzard

2.) Louis CK

3.) Patton Oswalt

4.)Doug Stanhope

5.) Zach Galifianakis

6.)Sarah Silverman

7.) Norm MacDonald

8.) Neil Hamburger

9.) Woody Allen

10.) Craig Ferguson



1.) Lenny Bruce

2.) Jim Norton

3.) Larry Miller

4.) Lewis Black

5.)Jeff Dunham

6.) Robert Schimmel

7.)Lisa Lampanelli

8.)Dana Carvey

9.) Steven Wright

10.) Nick DiPaolo

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I'm on the fence about that one, if enough people think it's a good idea I'll allow it


And I'm going to be randomizing the order, so that everybody gets a fair shake.

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Geez, Cran's late for his own draft. :lol:


I'm in the same boat -- easily 6-7 guys I could go with here, and some probably better than my pick, but I've been listening to him since I was about 6:




Bill Cosby

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