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This week in the NBA

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Sun, Jan. 4

Orlando @ Toronto, 12:30

Cleveland @ Washington, 1:00

Detroit @ LA Clippers, 3:30

Dallas @ Memphis, 4:00

Boston @ New York, 6:00 NBATV

Portland @ LA Lakers, 9:30


Mon, Jan. 5

San Antonio @ Miami, 7:30 NBATV

Sacramento @ New Jersey, 7:30

Toronto @ Milwaukee, 8:00

Indiana @ Denver, 9:00

Golden State @ Utah, 9:00


Tue, Jan. 6

Boston @ Charlotte, 7:00

Washington @ Orlando, 7:00

Houston @ Philadelphia, 7:00

Minnesota @ Memphis, 8:00

New York @ Oklahoma City, 8:00

Sacramento @ Chicago, 8:30

LA Clippers @ Dallas, 8:30

New Orleans @ LA Lakers, 10:30


Wed, Jan. 7

Orlando @ Atlanta, 7:00

Charlotte @ Cleveland, 7:00

Toronto @ Washington, 7:00

Houston @ Boston, 7:30

Memphis @ New Jersey, 7:30

Philadelphia @ Milwaukee, 8:00

Oklahoma City @ Minnesota, 8:00

Miami @ Denver, 9:00 ESPN

Indiana @ Phoenix, 9:00

New Orleans @ Utah, 9:00

Detroit @ Portland, 10:00

LA Lakers @ Golden State, 10:00


Thu, Jan. 8

New York @ Dallas, 8:30

LA Clippers @ San Antonio, 8:30


Fri, Jan. 9

Atlanta @ Orlando, 7:00

Charlotte @ Philadelphia, 7:00

Memphis @ Toronto, 7:00

Boston @ Cleveland, 8:00 ESPN

LA Clippers @ New Orleans, 8:00

Houston @ Oklahoma City, 8:00

Washington @ Chicago, 8:30

New Jersey @ Milwaukee, 8:30

Detroit @ Denver, 9:00

Miami @ Sacramento, 10:00

Indiana @ LA Lakers, 10:30

Dallas @ Phoenix, 10:30 ESPN


Sat, Jan. 10

Charlotte @ Washington, 7:00

Milwaukee @ Minnesota, 8:00

Oklahoma City @ Chicago, 8:30

New York @ Houston, 8:30

Detroit @ Utah, 9:00

Golden State @ Portland, 10:00

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Well nice to see Boston has gone from being the best team in the league to jockeying for the top position with 3 other teams. Yay. (that was all sarcasm by the way)

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I didn't know winning the NBA Title and then being one of the best teams in the NBA the next season was a bad thing.


It's not. But with the way they started I really got my hopes up for them to tie or beat the Bulls single season record. Of course I'd rather have another NBA title.

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Whatever gets you through the day, pal.


In somewhat related news, the Boston media is preparing to give Stephon Marbury the Randy Moss treatment ("We can rebuild anybody, give him a chance!"). The Celtics bench as constituted is a significant weakness, but I don't really see how the Marburys and Alonzo Mournings of the world are going to be the solution.

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One of the guys on PTI just made a good point. They can sign Marbury, and if he doesn't help any, they can just get rid of him or make him ride the bench. I'm not sure how big of a salary cap they would take off it, but I am assuming the risk would be worth it. He has been an effective player when he actually bothers to try.

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Marbury would go to Boston with a huge chip on his shoulder. He's playing for a contract and knows that GMs around the league would be looking to see how well he assimilates himself as a role player on an established team. He may want to start but he's smart enough to know that he can do a lot to rebuild his image with an opportunity like that. He played hard and unselfish in the preseason expecting to earn a spot in D'Antoni's rotation, and I'd expect him to do the same if he ends up in Boston.

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Scoring and ball distribution aren't the only needs though. Even if Marbury does go to Boston and succeed, the lack of an effective big is a far more pressing matter.


James Posey and PJ Brown were such effective bench players because they could hit the big shot and played great defense. Best case scenario, Marbury is half that.

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Just finished watching the Lakers game off the DVR. It is both a blessing and a curse when both the Lakers and the LA Kings play on the same night, because I end up spending 5 and 1/2 to 6 hours in front of the TV just for those two games.


Once again, the Lakers blew their lead in the 4th, but this time, they didn't recover and the Hornets won. New Orleans, meanwhile, has been looking more and more like the team that took the Lakers to the last game of the season over the 1 seed in the Western Conference last year. David West was beastly with 40 and 11, while Kobe had 39 for the Lakers.


The Bulls also beat the Kings, but of course, I didn't get to see it. Next Bulls game I'll see is a week from Thursday on TNT when they play the Cavs. Speaking of the Cavs, how odd is it that they can beat most any team, yet they lost to lowly Washington after barely scraping by them last time around on Christmas day?

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Brilliant. NBA players are perhaps the most entertaining guys off the court in sports. Check out SeeJoeDunk.com as well, Joe Alexander is a funny man.


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4th Returns for the All-Star ballots are in:


Forwards: LeBron James (Clev) 1,940,162; Kevin Garnett (Bos) 1,375,814; Yi Jianlian (NJ) 1,216,348; Chris Bosh (Tor) 751,927; Paul Pierce (Bos) 486,656


Man, I did not think the gap would close even more.


Let's face it folks,



PPG: 10.4

RPG: 6.20

APG: 1.1


With those numbers is an All-Star starter. Who knew the trade to New Jersey would bring in so many new fans for YI.

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That'd be a travesty. I hate the Pacers, but love Granger. He's been huge for my fantasy team. I had never even heard of the guy before this season, and now he's an elite player in the league.

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