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Guest Czecherbear

2009 TSM Poster Tournament: The Round of 32

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Dandy- Tough call, but Dandy makes me laugh a lot. Both are very good posters in different ways.

EHME- Mah nigga.

Cheech- He's tremendous.

Slayer- Not sure who Ortonsault is, and Slayer has his moments even though we don't get along.


Kinetic- I still don't like voting against a fellow Packers fan, but Kinetic is one of the best.

Matt Young- Me.

Mellow- Bored's great in baseball talk, but Mellow's "Pictures I Like" give him the edge.

Fazzle- Just a really cool dude.


KOAB- Like Kinetic, one of the best.

Smues- Likes hockey and video games.

Pbone- Pretty hair.

Agent- See Dandy.


CanadianGuitarist- A good guy who enjoys hockey and gaming.

Black Lushus- Mah nigga.

King of the 909- Love both guys. Milky's a better poster than, well, everyone, so he doesn't need my help anyway. Besides, Kings fans, y'know.

Vitamin X- Another hard choice, but I have to go with VX. I've actually talked to him and know him better.

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these votes were chosen by my wife, solely based on which user names she preferred:








canadian chris


edwin macphisto





agent of oblivion


sensei john kreese

black lushus


lord of the curry


names she laughed at the most: edwin macphisto, lord of the curry, and KOAB (once i told her what it stood for).

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This has been the dullest Poster Tournament thread ever. We need a vicvegas post to liven this bullshit up./


No... Because she will vote against me. Figures you wish the worst for me! Fuck you Byron!

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In news no one cares about (judging by how many votes he got); twiztedmind is the first casualty of the tournament. Will I quit the board in frustration if pbone comes through with the upset? Only time will tell. Vote Kamala!

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Guest Czecherbear

Byron choked away a pretty big lead.


I'm closing this at 9 p.m. Central tomorrow, by the way.

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Loser leaves town tournament?

TSM-ThunderDome: winner gets banned

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Matt Young






King Kamala



Canadian Guitarist

Black Lushus

King of the 909


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Venk - I don't really know dandy.

Inc - Duh

Cheech - I just reread some posts and liked what I saw.

Slayer - Xavier's been the savior of the CE folder, but this is a year-in-review competition.



Matt Young









Kreese - The Separate Ways theme was the best


909 - pity vote

VX - brutha

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Pity vote, pfft. You know 909 is gonna win.


Not that it matters. Everyone who won this shit, raise your hand.


That's what I thought.

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Guest Smues

Dr. Venkman - I love Dandy too, really tough choice. Coin flip for the win.

EHME - The gimmick sucks, the non gimmick posts have been decent. I had some specific reason I was going to vote EHME, but I can't remember what the hell it was. So just pretend I had a better reason!


Slayer - That was a good seven years.


Snuffbox - The shortbus of TSM?

Canadian Chris - Canada is the only foreign country I've been too since I was 3. (Other than Alaska ha ha ha it is to laugh.)

Bored - The moneyballboarding strategy pays off!

Fazzle - Nominated him, gotta vote for him.


KOAB - For the record I pronounce the letters individually

Smues - For the record I'm fine with any way you pronounce it, other than 'douchebag'

Kamala - Another coin flip

Al Keiper - And yet another


S.J. Kreese

Treble - Sorry Lushus, the reverse reverse reverse pyschology didn't work on Ajax me.

King of the 909

Vitamin X

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Dandy - He makes me laugh, me and Venk don't get along.

EHME over 4. Inc. I'm in EHME's 'real nigga' Hall of Fame.

Byron the Bulb over Cheech- Not a huge fan of either guy, but I guess I'll go for Byron.

Slayer Slayer has been good all year. Just getting to know Xavier, and he seems pretty good too. I just haven't been around the CE folder much of late.


Kinetic over Snuff. A third close one!

CanadianChris - Fellow (sort-of) Vikings fan, just as he voted for me

Mellow: I understand that mellow likes his pancake stacks short and sassy. He calls them "sassystacks."

Edwin - One of my favorites.


KOAB - A crushing first round victory keeps KOAB on pace to, maybe, win the whole thing.

Smues - Its a real tough choice, Smues, a mod, against MattDotCom probably best newcomer... oh wait he's not a newcomer, he's been here since 2002. Only just really noticed the guy though, but that isn't saying much as people have probably only just noticed me too. I was going to go with MattDotCom, seems a good guy but Smues is Smues and doesn't have some strange Vampire thing AV. Saying that though, I have enjoyed MattDotCom's WWE posts, he does seem to kinda give a shit without shitting on the whole thing

2. Kamala - Is this Kamala's year for a dream run? I guess that depends on how far he wants to go, but I'm backing him until at least Round 3. Maybe even beyond!

Fuck, I have to choose? I'll go with Al.


Kreese: I like your avatar.

Treble- He wears a tie to the board. What does Black Lushus wear? I don't know if we want to know.

Milky: Royalty sticks together usually but I can't go against my man Milkhawk and King changed his name to 909.

VX - Poster tournament needs more west coast mods.



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Venk - an all round great poster. Not a bad word to be said about him

EHME - gimmick or not, I kinda like the guy.

Cheech - Tremendous

Slayer - I voted Brody in the 1st round and then regretted it. He gets my vote now.


Kinetic - great videos.

Matt Young - Fuck the haters. Matt Youngin' it all the way.

Mellow - his recent spat with "theone" was all kinds of genius

Fazzle - Fazzle Sucks.


KOAB - I dig the guy. For the record, I also say it Kay-Oh-Aa-Bee.

Mattdotcom - I like Smues, but Matt gets the vote.

KKC - Along with Venk, this man makes this place look better.

Agent - would have been a coin toss, but Al beat me in the 1st round.


Kreese - coin toss.

Lushus - I don't care if he doesn't want me to vote for him. I will anyways.

909 - Even if he is a Liverpool fan, got to go with the King.

VX - Voted for me in the 1st round and I feel bad for not voting for him back.

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9 more votes (because I assume the gimmick doesn't count) and I get to face EHME instead of Inc! Keep those votes coming TSM! EHME ran a great chat last night.

And you just automatically think that your 31-10 lead is safe?

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