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Wow.... these shoots should be a regular feature on the splash page, since teke doesn't do the shoot interviews anymore...

You liked the Nash one, then.


Scott Hall


Hall had great charisma, and was a really good worker and could be very good to have on the roster. Hall’s demons are well known, and it’s a shame that he is unable to beat those demons while involved in wrestling, because Hall probably still has something to add to wrestling in some fashion.


Bobby Heenan


Heenan was a great manager, I guess, but he never did anything for me. I hated him on commentary because he was terrible at getting people over and focusing on the product, and seemed more interested in playing off of Gorilla in a vain attempt at being funny. I never liked Heenan as a manager, I never liked him on commentary, and I really have to fight the urge to turn the television off when he appears.


Terry Funk


Funk is a legend, and for good reason. In his prime, Funk was incredibly entertaining in everything he did from interviews to matches, and could make just about anyone look good.




Goldberg gets a very raw deal from a lot of people, and they put him down to an absurd degree. His attitude could have done with some improving when it came to upping his game, but he was still a decent worker. He could sell well when he had to, which he did far more often than he should have, and he could be carried to some really good matches. Goldberg could have been something really special in WCW, and he was until Kevin Nash killed it dead to feed his ego (thanks Nash, you fucking cunt), and he could have been something special in WWE but the usual suspects put paid to that.


Owen Hart


Owen was an exciting worker and was really fun to watch, but despite what emotion has told people, he was not a Hall of Fame level worker.


Hiroshi Tanahashi


Tanahashi is the future of New Japan, or at least he should be if New Japan get off their Nakamura fixation. Tanahashi has Nakamura beat in every department, be it talent, charisma, personality, or whatever you care to name. If Lesnar gets the IWGP title, either at October’s Dome event or January’s, then Tanahashi should be built up to be the guy who beats Lesnar for the belt.


Naomichi Marufuji


Marufuji can play a great babyface in peril. He can fly like crazy, sell like crazy, and he gets those high pitched pops, so you know he’s got the babyface act down pat.


Ultimo Dragon


Ultimo was a great talent, and he could have been an even bigger name if not for a dumb surgeon who fucked his elbow up. Dragon is also a great trainer, having trained some really great talents.


The Road Warriors


The Warriors drew a lot of money and could do their thing very well. Trouble was they couldn’t do much once it came time for them to do something other than squash people.




Sting was a guy who could have been a big thing in wrestling, but Sting couldn’t carry things on his own without someone strong to play off of, and that really held him back when it come to really shinning.


Barry Windham


Windham had all the talent and raw ability to carry a company; Meltzer has even said Windham was a better wrestler than Flair. It’s just a shame that outside influences kept Windham from reaching the level his talent warranted.




You seem alright.




I can live without Ripper.


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Austin Aries


Aries is a good worker, and I thought he was put in a very tough position in ROH with having to follow Samoa Joe as ROH Champion. I don't think he reached that real top level at ROH during his reign, but I think he definitely raised his stature. If the TNA booking team have any sense, they'll do something good with Aries.


Kevin Steen


I don't think I've seen him wrestle.


Super Dragon


I've seen few SD matches, and I've not been impressed by him at all.


Ric Flair


Flair gets overrated by a lot of people. He was entertaining on the mic, but he didn't often do an interview that I felt sold tickets. His matches could be good, sometimes really good, but he wrestled pretty much the same match over and over again, with the same spots in the same order.


Milano Collection AT


I've seen MC wrestle a few times in the T2P promotion, and I was entertained.


John Madden


Never paid him much attention, and not really a fan.

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Bull Nakano


Best hair ever. Nakano was a very scary woman, and she did the legdrop off the top of a cage long before Matt Hardy did it. She was a great worker, and if you only saw Nakano in the WWF then you didn’t see her at her best.


Robbie Brookside


I’ve seen him wrestle a few times, and he looked ok. I haven’t seen enough to give a more in-depth opinion.


"Squire" Dave Taylor


I liked watching Taylor wrestle, and he and Regal made a great tag team.


Scotty Riggs


Bland and uninteresting, I wish he really would get the clap so I never have to see him wrestle again.


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Kevin Nash smile.gif

I was hoping someone would ask this one...


Kevin Nash


Kevin Nash is human fucking scum, and is one of the lowest forms of life to ever infest the wrestling business. This talentless piece of fucking shit only got over thanks to leeching off of far more talented or charismatic people, and because of Vince McMahon’s fetish with trying to create the next Hulk Hogan. Nash was never any good in the ring, possessing six moves at most, though that was bumped up to seven if you include slicking back his hair, and eight if you include tearing his quad from walking. Nash was the lowest drawing WWF champion of all time, and with good reason, because he couldn’t draw flies, which is a surprise because he’s the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever seen not called Triple H. He couldn’t make it on his own talent, because Nash having to make it on his own talent would be like asking a quadriplegic drowning in the ocean to make it to safety by swimming. When in WCW, he managed to latch onto one of the biggest money drawing angles of all time and actually was part of something that drew, but let’s be honest here; just about any WWF personality put in that position and booked like supermen would have gotten over. Nash’s reign in WCW was lowlighted by his beyond inept booking reign, that saw this egotistical fucker book himself to be the first man to pin Goldberg which was a major part in WCW falling from its lofty perch, and was done purely to inflate his already huge ego, and eight days later he and Hulk Hogan figuratively jacked each other off in the ring to put the final nail in the coffin of a company that would take almost two years to finally die.


This nauseating pile of puke managed to smooth talk Vince McMahon into paying him $750,000 for two years which saw Nash wrestle maybe three matches in the first year, and he injured himself in two of them, though it was one of those injuries that gave us the highlight of Nash’s lousy career as he managed to tear a muscle simply by walking, which I will openly admit to laughing my ass off at.


Nash’s streak of being lousy fucking scum and a totally worthless human being even saw him rip off the fans at one of the Brian Pillman Memorial Shows, when he said he would pay $25,000 to the Brian Pillman fund if Missy Hyatt would take her top off. Missy would only go down to her bra because there were kids there, but Nash said he would make the $25,000 donation anyway. And then this piece of shit refused to pay up, making some bogus bullshit claim that he didn’t know if all the money was going to actually go the fund, and the fund never saw one cent of the donation that Nash said he would make.


Kevin Nash is a lousy human being, a terrible wrestler, he has no redeeming features whatsoever, and the day he dies is the day I hire a marching band to play at his graveside while I drink a six-pack of beer and spend the night pissing on his grave.


Everything there was great and point on, except the Pillman thing. Nash might have just been a prick but considering the fact Melanie Pillman wasn't using the money for the kids but rather on herself, kinda lessens the "asshole" factor of that.





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Is it me or has Goldberg's ability to sell always been overlooked? I agree that he has not always seemed motivated enough at certain points in his career to push himself to deliver great performances, but, when he *wants* to (like Shawn Michaels, as HTQ said) he can bust out very convincing matches where some of his selling is superb.

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Is it me or has Goldberg's ability to sell always been overlooked? I agree that he has not always seemed motivated enough at certain points in his career to push himself to deliver great performances, but, when he *wants* to (like Shawn Michaels, as HTQ said) he can bust out very convincing matches where some of his selling is superb.

Goldberg's selling, and his ability overall, has always been overlooked by a lot of people. His problem appears to be the same one Shawn has; they have the ability in their hands but their ego and attitude won't let them use it to the fullest. That said, Goldberg really shouldn't be selling a whole lot or he isn't the Goldberg that gets over or that people want to see out of him.

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Special ECW Edition!



Mikey Whipwreck




Steve Richards


Public Enemy

New Jack


Bill Alfonso

Tod Gordon

Paul Heyman

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Sandman is a heck of a character, and when he could still go he was a really good brawler and was good enough that he could be carried to a decent regular style match. Now he’s just an entrance and a cane, as injuries have reduced him to a shell of his former self. I think he’d make a good addition to a booking committee or at least having some sort of role in creative.


Mikey Whipwreck


Mikey was better when he was playing the underdog role. He could do that better than just about anyone, thanks to his willingness to take insane abuse. However, after growing up he had to stand more on his own, and he wasn’t really able to get over as well. Had a good team with Tajiri, managed by James Mitchell, and I think as a unit they could have gone over really well in WWE with Paul Heyman behind them.




Tajiri is a really good worker, and it’s saddened to see a once great talent apparently deciding to leave the business altogether. For a guy with that level of talent, and who went through some really hard times in his personal life, he deserved more than the stereotypical bullshit from WWE.




Saturn was a good worker at his peak, and while ‘only’ average after entering the WWF he still deserved more than that stupid mop angle.




Kronus was riding on Saturn’s coattails. With Saturn gone, there was nothing for Kronus to do because you can’t really do much with the guy on his own.


Steve Richards


Stevie was a great talent who never got the kind of push he should have received. It’s a shame that he’ll be best remembered on the national stage as the founder of Right to Censor. I wonder what would have happened had he been able to accept the WWF offer he got in late 1997?




Eat something. For the love of God, eat something.


Public Enemy


PE was the best example of Paul Heyman’s ability to hide weaknesses and accentuate strengths. All PE could really do was bleed and use weapons, but Heyman was so good that he had Bischoff and McMahon thinking that they were one of the best teams in business. PE weren’t that bad, at least during their peak, but Heyman had people thinking they were far better than they actually were.


New Jack


Dynamite on the mic when you get him riled up, but there isn’t much to New Jack outside of weapons-based brawls. Then again, that is about the only reason you bring him in.




Sabu was an innovator who was very unfortunate and he never got the break that someone of his talent and dedication deserved. Somewhat a Paul Heyman creation in that he was made to appear better than he actually was, Sabu still should have been able to get an extended run on the national stage during his prime. Still, at least he has the distinction of being the only wrestler in history to have to call up a 900 line to find out he was fired. Bischoff always was a gutless, lacking in balls and a dick pussy when it came firing people.


Bill Alfonso


A great Indy level manager, but Alfonso didn’t have what it took to make it on the major stage.


Todd Gordon


When the history of ECW is talked about, Gordon is shockingly overlooked a lot of the time. Todd founded the original ECW, and it was Todd who gave an unproven booking commodity in Paul Heyman the chance to revolutionize the business of professional wrestling.


Paul Heyman


Heyman has one of the best minds in wrestling. Heyman is one of the very best at hiding people’s strengths and presenting their strengths in the best way possible. Heyman is great at getting the most out of the least, and for all the good he is doing in OVW, Heyman would be best used in WWE, though that will never happen.


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Dr Heiney


Vince, if you want to jerk off, do it in private. Don’t make the viewing public suffer through you self-indulgent, egotistical, masturbatorial fantasies.


Jose-Luis Rivera


A solid hand.


Barry O


Barry looked like he could have been a decent opening match heel. I’d have put him just above jobber status.


Iron Mike Sharpe


A good heel jobber.


Barry Horowitz


What idiot came up with trying to make something out of Horowitz? Was only ever good enough to be fodder.


Jim Powers


Nice body, shame about the absolute lack of talent.


Salvatore Bellomo


I’ll remember him most for that Piper’s Pit, and for doing that Gladiator gimmick on the Indy scene later on in his career.


Sharmell in her current role


Sharmell will get over a lot in the role of the mouthy woman, because a lot of the WWE audience hates that sort of character. Booker will probably end up with no heat because those same fans treat men who take that sort of thing as total pussies.


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But Book isn't "taking it". It's 1 thing if all Sharmell did was yell at Book, but they seem to be equal partners in the deal. The only time Sharmell was "giving it" to Book was before he won the belt, and that was revealed as Booker being in on the plan.

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That makes Booker even more of a pussy, because he stopped complaining and is just taking it. To the average WWE fan, Sharmell pussywhipped Booker into submission. And she did. WWE fans want guys to turn heel because they want to or because they feel betrayed, not because the guys wife thinks so.

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I'm not sure if you've commented on any of these before


Trish Stratus



Traci Brooks

Gail Kim

Jackie Gayda

Christy Hemme


Torrie Wilson

Stacy Keibler

Dawn Marie



Candice Michelle

Ashley Massaro


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